Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Characters

Hey Stonecuttereenos! “ a man who called himself ‘You Know Who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink wink’ at the ‘you know what’.” How much cooler is life now that the “stupid idiots let (you) in their crappy club for jerks”? Of course, this means we all are Stonecutters now (I call dibs on number 504) and are willing participants in the “weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” that may or may not be going on in our Springfields.

So, of course we got a really rad Stonecutters event for TSTO with lots of new bits and bobs for our games. This of course means it’s also time for more Where Did That/Those Come From posts from your resident furry companions here at TSTO Addicts. Problem is, most of it comes from the same dang episode.

Because I like y’all way too much to be glib and just say watch the episode for yourself, I thought it’d be nice to just bunch everything together by decorations/buildings/characters and show you what they look like in TV animated form. Of course, you could skip all my words and just spend 22 minutes of your own time… up to you.

The episode most of our new items come from is of course the legendary 12th episode from Season 6 entitled “Homer the Great”.  For this first edition of Stonecutters WDTCF goodness, we’ll be looking at CHARACTERS.  For clarity, I’ll be showing them all as they appear in the episode.

#50 Wiggum #600 Skinner #2 Hibbert #50 Wiggum 21-moe 111-Grampa#29 Burns #36 Krusty 67-arnie pye#14 Carl #12 Lenny59-smithers 66-brockman 22-quimby#85 Willie #51 phone home 1#5 Jasper

First off, I just have to say how super stoked I am with all the new characters and character skins this update brought.  So incredibly cool and I think I may have red robed peeps long after this event is over.

The first characters we discover are Stonecutters in this episode are Dr. Hibbert (#2), Chief Wiggum (#50… nice pun), Principal Skinner (#60) and Moe (#21).  Homer was spying on the secret brotherhood via the sunlight and of course fell through it.  Anyone else wish this was a task in the event?

Stonecutter Wiggum, Hibbert, Skinner & Moe

We find out that Grampa is a Stonecutter (#111) next although we never see him all dolled up in the ceremonial garb. I think it’s hilarious that Grampa is also an Elk, a Mason, a Communist and the President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Via his father being a member, Homer gets into the super secret organization.  Finally inside the Lodge without the risk of being thrown out, we next see Krusty (#36), Arnie Pye (#67)  and Mr. Burns (#29).

Stonecutter Krusty, Arnie Pye & Burns

Next, although we knew they were members already (Homer wouldn’t even have known about it all if he didn’t witness their membership perks), we finally see Lenny (#12) and Carl (#14)  in their robes.

Stonecutter Lenny & Carl

We also learn just what the heck is up with their numbers.  The lower the number, the higher your rank.  Kind of rad to see Lenny get away with honking Burns’ nose.  If you think of the numbers in TSTO, there’s all sorts of shenanigans characters could do i.e Willy outranks Skinner.  The Stonecutters look into your soul and assign you a number based on the order in which you joined.

Lenny honks Burns

We see Smithers (#59) next during the beginning of Homer’s initiation, the Leap of Faith.

Stonecutter Smithers

The rest of the initiation basically involves spanking Homer’s behind with paddles but at least each pass of the gauntlet has a great name: Crossing the Desert, The Unblinking Eye, The Wreck of the Hesperus and finally The Paddling of the Swollen Ass… with Paddles.  Mayor Quimby (#22), Kent Brockman (#66) and Willy (#85) show up in the paddling gauntlet.

Stonecutter Kent, Quimby & Willy

Being a Stonecutter is great… beer busts, beer blasts, keggers, stein hoists, AA meetings, beer night… it’s wonderful.  You can tell they take their drinking seriously and our next character appearances occur as the Stonecutters sing their famous song around the Stonecutter table to celebrate their 1500th anniversary.  Number 51 and Jasper (#5) are among the celebrants.  We learn that Number 51 is a martian via the Stonecutter song… “Who keeps the martians under wraps? We do! We do!”  His number of course is a joke on another super secret area but that’s a whole different club.

Stonecutter Number 51 & Jasper

Interesting to note that neither Professor Frink or Disco Stu appear in this episode as Stonecutters.

#314 Frink #79 Disco Stu

There ARE however several TSTO peeps who appeared in the episode but didn’t get their robes for this update.  I guess maybe the organization got even more selective.  The forgotten Stonecutters are Sideshow Mel, Kirk Van Houten, Dewey Largo, Herman, Barney and Apu.

Forgotten Stonecutters

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chronological review of all the CHARACTERS in this amazing episode.  I really think this one is worth a watch or re-watch for all you tappers.  Until next time, remember that if you give away any of the secrets of this hallowed charter, we’ll hold you to the sacred oath.  NOW LET’S ALL GET DRUNK AND PLAY PING PONG!

TTFN… Wookiee (Stonecutter 504) out!

21 responses to “Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Characters

  1. What name puns am I missing?
    21 – moe -Drinking age in the US
    22 – Quimby – Day of November when Kennedy was assasinated.
    50 – Wiggum – the 5 0
    51 – number 51 – area 51
    79 – Disco Stu – heyday of Disco
    314 – frink – pi

  2. Apparently the Nighthawk diner returns in this update, but I’ve not got it yet or had the chance to get it. I’ve completed the questline also. I was just wondering if anyone else hasn’t got it yet or was it declared not to be in the event afterall.

    • We never posted on it at all or stated it was in the update. Here at Addicts, we NEVER post spoilers. For this reason specifically. Just because something is in the files does not mean it will release into the game (big giant toilet is still sitting in there). Other blogs and sites like to “jump” the gun and release anything they see in the files before it actually hits the game. The Nighthawk is in there, it was in there last year…but not released until 4th of July event last year. We have NO idea if EA will re-release it again this year. So all we can do is wait. See if it hits the game, then if it hits the game…THEN we will post about. Until then…all is just speculation by other sites.

  3. Was wondering which Stonecutters can sing the Stonecutter song and sit at the table? Is it just Homer and Krusty? Thanks.

  4. My brother’s Kindle Fire Will not let him him get to his town. it lets him past the tap to continue part but not any further after that it closes down and and just repeat it. Can you help me and him please.

  5. Moe being number 21 (the legal drinking age) is a nice touch, but I think my favorite is that Lenny & Carl are 12 & 14. My assumption has always been that they joined at the same time, but the Stonecutters are superstitious enough not to use the number 13 (much like some buildings don’t have 13th floors).

    • A lil FYI…due to superstition, Floor 13 is no longer used for standard items in buildings and no stops on most elevators. It does however still exist and is mainly now turned into the “mechanical” floor. Not accessible by the standard public. 😉

  6. Do y’all know if “The Order” is canon? I cannot find reference to it.

  7. Anyone else noticed that to complete all 3 stone cutter sets it costs this much
    Frinks lab w/ frink – 150
    Jasper w/ community center – 150 =300
    Number 51 (little alien) – 100 = 400
    Arnie pie – 85 = 485
    Stu’s disco w/ stu – 180 = 665
    Number 2 (hibbert) – 60 = 725
    Number 314 (frink) – 12 = 737
    Dats a lotta donuts!!!!!

  8. Did you also notice that just as Wiggum’s number is a play on “five oh”, Fink’s number is a play on the sciene-related value for Pi (3.14)

  9. Josephine Kick@$$

    Interesting that they didn’t include characters who were actually in the episode, I would have loved to have had a skin for them also. Thanks for the write-up Wookiee 🙂

  10. Don’t bother calling 911 here’s the real #912

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