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Where Did THOSE Come From – Stonecutter Event Characters

Hey Stonecuttereenos! “ a man who called himself ‘You Know Who’ just invited you to a secret ‘wink wink’ at the ‘you know what’.” How much cooler is life now that the “stupid idiots let (you) in their crappy club for jerks”? Of course, this means we all are Stonecutters now (I call dibs on number 504) and are willing participants in the “weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” that may or may not be going on in our Springfields.

So, of course we got a really rad Stonecutters event for TSTO with lots of new bits and bobs for our games. This of course means it’s also time for more Where Did That/Those Come From posts from your resident furry companions here at TSTO Addicts. Problem is, most of it comes from the same dang episode.

Because I like y’all way too much to be glib and just say watch the episode for yourself, I thought it’d be nice to just bunch everything together by decorations/buildings/characters and show you what they look like in TV animated form. Of course, you could skip all my words and just spend 22 minutes of your own time… up to you.

The episode most of our new items come from is of course the legendary 12th episode from Season 6 entitled “Homer the Great”.  For this first edition of Stonecutters WDTCF goodness, we’ll be looking at CHARACTERS.  For clarity, I’ll be showing them all as they appear in the episode.

#50 Wiggum #600 Skinner #2 Hibbert #50 Wiggum 21-moe 111-Grampa#29 Burns #36 Krusty 67-arnie pye#14 Carl #12 Lenny59-smithers 66-brockman 22-quimby#85 Willie #51 phone home 1#5 Jasper

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What’s The Delay??!!

Many of you are sitting patiently waiting for the change to hit. Trust me, I am too. Level 37 is just sitting there waiting to jump on in, alas…technical issues with its release created a delay. Just how long I do not know yet.

weekend update

As the usual cruel Bunny that I am (I got horns under this halo), I will not post any spoilers just yet as to the new content. But if you REALLY want some…and ask nicely…I just may. 🙂 I can tell you that we will be getting a new male and female character. Both will come with new buildings. One for in game cash, the other for donuts (you know EA is gonna do that from now on). We will get a new decoration, a new vehicle (kinda), and another random donut item.

The quest lines look pretty cool so far. Something to keep yah busy anyway and take your mind off the Halloween mist and ghosts. We will start posting the first of the Walkthrough’s once the new level is released. Also, as usual, we will go into detail as to where those new items came from and give you a little background.

So sit tight, keep on tapping, or crying, or yelling…just don’t throw your phone…you’re gonna need it.


Behind the Game: Why Do Some Characters Have Voices and Other’s Don’t?

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!
When Levels 30, 31, & 33 were introduced into TSTO fellow Tappers saw, less than regular, Simpsons characters unlocked and they they were all voiced (Eddie, Lou, Wolfcastle, and even Herman!) But, Mrs. Krabappel, Martin and Milhouse are all regular characters on the Simpsons, yet their voice is strangely absent from The Simpsons Tapped Out.  Why is that?
TSTO homer thinking
In all honesty? I don’t really know but I’m sure it has a lot to do with royalties and licensing. Here’s what I do know, so far the only characters in the game that are voiced are those that are voiced by the 6 lead Simpsons actors – Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

Wonder what that means for future characters added to Tapped Out? Well here’s a list of characters that are voiced by the main actors. With this list we should be able to figure out which future characters are likely to have a voice and which ones will be permanently on mute!

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