Weekend Update: June 22nd – 28th

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Weekend Update Addicts

After our last update, SATURDAY: Bunny brought you a post about the TSTO Emblem Prize Glitches.  And Wookiee brought you his take on “The Order”

Now for this weeks fun!!

SUNDAY: Bunny hopped in bright an early to bring you a little hint/help with the Parchment Puzzle #20.

Sacred Parchment open

The Addicts Team then announced a SURPRISE contest where you could win Donuts JUST FOR COMMENTING!!! And boy did you guys comment!

Alissa rounded out the night with another fun Sunday Night Open Thread!

Chester Lampwick 2

MONDAY: Bunny hopped in with a hint at Parchment Puzzle #21.

Alissa then brought back our Monday morning giggles with another Caption This!  She then broke down the ins and out of Chester Lampwick, and if him and his Rocket Car are worth YOUR donuts!  A little later in the day she was back with a look at the 5th Sacred Parchment Prize, #59!

Wookiee closed out the day with a look at where that super fast Rocket Car came from.  Did YOU learn anything new?

#51 phone home 1

TUESDAY: Bunny brought you another Parchment Puzzle Hint, this time for puzzle #22.  Were you able to figure it out on your own?

Alissa was then back to bring you the super quick tap guide to Number 51 in Turbo Tappin’ Swamp Gas! She was then back later in the day to break down the Stonecutters and how all those items impacted the Conform-O-Meter.

The Addicts Team then revealed the winners of the Amazing Addicts Giveaway!!!  Keep watching the blog…MORE awesome giveaways are coming soon!

Homer get paddled by Jasper

WEDNESDAY: Bunny started the morning off with another Parchment hint for puzzle #23.

Alissa then broke down the ins and outs of Level 42 and the Conform-O-Meter, how’s your meter doing?  She was then back to give you the lowdown on the Eighth Emblem prizes Numbers 5, 12 & 14, have YOU unlocked them yet?

The night closed out with a conversation with our June Tapper of the Month, Weeksy2.  What do YOU think of his town?

gil gold

THURSDAY:  Bunny started off the morning with a look at our FINAL Parchment Puzzle #24

Alissa then broke down the ins and outs of the newest Gil Deal for Lampwick’s Gold Mansion!  Did you take the deal?  Or did you say NO DEAL?!  She was then back to bring you the details on the 6th and final Parchment prize, the Ark of the Stonecovenant!   What did you think of it?  She also brought everyone a quick reminder about this week’s Showoff and the Shout Out entry deadline to be considered for July’s Tapper of the month.

Wookiee then closed out the night with a look at where the Itchy & Scratchy Studios came from.

KBBL station

FRIDAY: Alissa kicked the morning off with a look at the 9th Emblem prize, the Stonecutter Table.   She then brought us a look at the details behind unlocking the KBBL Radio Station as the 9th Friendship Prize.

Wookiee then gave us a detailed look at just where the KBBL Station came from, and who are the characters with shows there.   He then closed out the week with another Wookiee Ramble about Spying in Springfield.  Did you check out this great read?

So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out!

And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

36 responses to “Weekend Update: June 22nd – 28th

  1. Hi folks first of all u all r great 2nd I had to reinstall the game and now everything gone. Its gone right back to the beginning with the Simpson house. Don’t see any were to log in with my name what do I do please help

    • Play the game up to the point where you add neighbors. At that point from the neighbor’s screen you’ll get the login option. (tap on bart and milhouse from the main neighbor’s screen) You’ll be able to get your town back 🙂

  2. Like the Frinthetic Egg Generators, will the Sacred Chest give you money instead of what it gives you : emblems?

  3. Had anyone had the game miscount their emblems for the bonus? I got my first bonus at 37000 as expected, then when I hit 40,000 the counter in my task menu said I was only at something like 2971/3000. Then when I got the emblems I needed I got 2 bonuses! Paid to get 3 donuts and then the bonus screen popped up again and I picked right this time for 3 more. Not complaining about that one!

  4. Do we know if number 1 will disappear with the end of the stonecutters event?

  5. Well im not sure if I found the right thread but it was listed under tech support lol. So im sure youve heard this a time or two, Ive just blew up my whole hard work , and many many many hours of finger tapping love. Well I began to rebuild the new design ive been thinking about when *poof now I cant even get the game to open. I get the first part when you wait and sometimes wait more to tap it to open. But after that it closes with the frustrating message of tapped out simpsons has unexpectedly closed. Grrrrrrr my poor neighbors only have about a dozen buildings to tap. Which im sure has been done by now. Ive deleted cleared cache file and reinstalled 3 times. I think its time for me to contact EA? But wanted to run it by you guys first so I dont look stupid. Maybe something else can be done first? Help pleeeeeease. =o/

  6. Did anyone else see that they posted three parchment riddles on facebook this week hinting at a secret prize? I have to go look again but they had to do with homer being the chosen one. I was hoping you would have a post about it with more info.

  7. Best. Intro. Ever

  8. Thanks for the recap. ****

  9. Great event indeed, sad it’s almost over. Hope EA will offer more events looks this, makes it fun, and makes you play multiple times daily, instead of once a day. Glad they didn’t do another wheel.

  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Well good mornin Furry One 🙂 It’s been a great week at TSTOA, and the event has been awesome! I’m sad to see the parchment prizes to go. It was part of the fun, but adding another FP level was great! All in all, great fun to be had 😀

  11. my mate has accidently logged out of his tapped out he has logged back in but its started him from the beginner level 1 hes logged out of that one logged back in but still put him back on the start he was on level 17 any ideas on how to get him his springfield back?

  12. I just rewatched Homer the Great and was hoping Herman would get his robes. He seems to be the only character in the game who appears in the episode as a Stonecutter yet neglected by EA. Maybe a last minute surprise?

    • Hmmm interesting. Could be….

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Sneaky Alissa… your new nickname 😉

      • ME: “Hello…is this W.H.A?” (Wall Hoarders Anonymous)
        W.H.A.: “Yes sir, what can we do for you?”
        ME: “Um…I would like to report my friend..um…I think she may have a problem”
        W.H.A.: “Well it’s only a serious problem if she has passed the 500 mark”
        ME: “Oh, it’s VERY serious then!”
        W.H.A.: “We are sending a team over now, try to keep her calm. We suggest showing her pictures of the Great Wall of China, this usually works!”
        LOL… 😛

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