What kind of spy do I eye? Yet another ramble.

What is a spy to do when he gets cold?  Go undercover of course.  Speaking of that, boy do I love my sleep.  The lady Addicts could tell you I’m sometimes in a class all my own.  Is it hibernation maybe?  I don’t know.  Anywho… so today I slept in a little and when I got into my town I was like “Holy Jebus, I’m popular!”

Creepy lurking eyes in pyramids were all over Wookieetown.  Seriously… anyone else think those shifty eyes are a little unsettling?  Do the images at least make you feel the feels?  Jeez those things give me the heebie jeebies.

Eye Spy 2 Eye SpyEye Spy 2Eye Spy

Alright… getting to my point… as I was unspying my town and wishing I’d woke up earlier to earn more emblems, I started noticing a pattern for the spying of my neighboreenos.  Slowly, I’m seeing what kind of spies YOU really are.

Simpsons Spy

The lodge hunter spy- Most of us have at least one of these spies visiting us.  They seek out and surveil our Stonecutter lodges and then disappear without a trace.  Some say it’s greed and the need for 5 emblems but I’m willing to admit they took Number One’s dialogue very seriously.  You know he now controls the sky finger.

Trust No One

Of course, there are lodge hunters we find tapping elsewhere.  Nothing wrong with trying to get 5 emblems when possible.  These are the spies I know have a lot more time than me.  Like full-time James Bond-style spying.  They want their emblems shaken, not stirred.  I’m a little wary of these spies because they mean business and sometimes know a judo kick or too.  Only thing Judo about this Wookiee is ju don’t know what I’m gonna write about on any given day lol.  Some spies are much more serious.  I guess some folks just like to watch.

Simpsons Spy 5

The lazy spy – Kinda what I think of as the Austin Powers spy.  They’re having so much fun being groovy baby so they tap wherever they end up.  Doesn’t matter what you hit since you look so cool while your doing it, right?  You can easily uncover their snooping in quick rows, often close to your lodge.  Jokes on you though because they saved so much time for sexy shagging.

Simpsons Spy 4

The all-over-the-place-perhaps-they’re-lost spy.  You know, like Mr. Bean decided to spy in your town and you wonder what Lincoln’s cabin, the Krusty Burger and a ghost zapper have in common.  Either this spy just wanders around and surveils at random or a historical ghost needs to watch their cholesterol.

The animation spy.  I detailed a lot of the really cool animations that result from all the current acts of espionage and some folks seem to have certain ones they insist on watching.  I admit, if the Bad Dream House or Puppy Dog Store are available… they’re probably getting snooped by this fuzzball.

The Krustyland Security Team – As a theme park connoisseur, I’ll be the first person to admit some sort of surveillance is needed at them.  Just look at Vegas (the sleaziest theme park for adults EVER), lots of spying going on there for good reason.  That being said, the spies in my KL drive me a little nucking futs. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of every creepy pyramid possible, a quick jaunt over to your KL will prove they’re watching you there as well.  I never get my 5 emblems from these but c’est la vie.

In all fairness, there’s also those considerate spies.  Not every spy is a Rosenberg, Benedict Aronold or Mata Hari.  Some people are just doing what Number One told them to and making sure you can find those creepy eyes quickly to gather emblems.  The whole point is to socialize and help each other get all the cool stuff, right?  The price of that this time is the some surveillance of our home turf.  Personally I thank these friends who cluster near my Lodge.  Only time I like going searching is when my Museum of Natural History gets some action.  These spies definitely aren’t the Bond bad guys.

Simpsons Spy 2

Going one step further, you ever wonder what all the spying is really doing?  I mean, Number One told us it was to keep the versions of him in alternate universe’s from getting him but that only make sense with Stonecutter buildings.  Just what exactly is going on at the Springfield Skating Rink?  You think the Grumple is working on an ice spectacular for the next holiday event?  Is Wayne battling Ukrainians?  Does he realize most Ukrainians are actually battling Russia?  Is Anna Semenovich or Maria Mukhortova secretly couples skating with Elvis Stojko?  Now that’d be something I’d be angry to miss.  Beautiful figure skaters certainly would explain the zamboni incident.

We know the brown house is full of shenanigans like paintballing and squatting among other things but is something else going on.  You know those look like cabins straight out of Camp Crystal Lake.  Also reminds me of a couple piney residences I delivered pizza to in my New Jersey days.  Ask Alissa if you don’t know what that means.

The antics in the Retirement Castle probably could be entertaining.  We all know old folks do zany things.  What about the Android’s Dungeon.  Even if CBG is just berating his young clientele, I’m positive there’s some amazing merch to check out.  So much spying to do and it’s all done on the cheap.

Simpsons Spy 3

There must be so much weirdness going on we have no clue about.  Puppies being petted, firearms being greased, moles being silenced, drunks doing silly stuff… the possibilities are endless.  This leads me to just one question, what do you think is going on?  Do you know what kind of spy you are?  Got some examples of either you want to share?

Well, I gotta run because my friend dawn is up to her surveillance shananigans and I think wookieemama probably randomly tapped items like normal.  Keep on spying in the free world and stay groovy my friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

42 responses to “What kind of spy do I eye? Yet another ramble.

  1. I usually do 2 run-throughs of my friend list. I’m a lodge hunter spy for my first, then a lazy spy for the rest. Btw, My code name is Dr. Enforcicle

  2. I think I’m a combination of an animation spy, a lodge hunter, and a considerate spy. When I start my 60 actions, I look for towns with the lodge available. However, I never just tap the lodge. I always do all three taps at once in each town because, when someone spies on my lodge, I end up having to look all over my town to see if he/she spied on something else. I don’t want to do that to my neighbors. Also, I feel like I should leave lodges for other people to spy on too. The extra four points aren’t all that significant for me since I can usually complete Number 1’s tasks and I have cool neighbors who spy on my town. Once I go through this first round of taps, I go back through my neighbor list and do my three taps in each town. For non-lodge taps I definitely seek out fun animation but try to stay relatively close to the lodge or other buildings that have already been spied on so that my neighbor is likely to receive maximum emblems. However, I have certain neighbors that I suspect particularly appreciate awesome animation (or perhaps I’m just projecting?), and I will wander a bit further afield to find the Bad Dream House, Museum of Natural History, Puppies and Fireworks, El Chemistri, Claus Co., Calmwood, etc. I guess I’m actually the overthinks everything spy!

    • I LOVE IT!…….you are an AWESOME neighboreeno!!!

    • Same here. Except since the event is coming to an end, now i’m being the annoying neighbor who wants as many lodges emblems because I want to make the last few items :p. So I go across once but then go clic everyone on a second turn because it gets annoying (and mostly long) to go around just for the lodge more than once. Sometimes I get lucky sometimes not

  3. This is my seventh day playing the game and I am the type of spy that looks around your map and tags something at each corner. I wanted my neighbors to know that I am looking at their towns and admiring what they have done. I always clear my lodge quickly of pyramids so that I offer as many opportunities for my neighbors as possible to earn as many emblems as possible. It is clear at this point that I will not be able to maximize my emblem prizes because of the lateness of my entry to this game (without using doughnuts). What is the most preferred neighbor spying method do you think?

    • I think most like items close to their lodge. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme. As long as your spying makes you happy, the object of the game is satisfied.

  4. I’m a lodge hunter. I want the donuts. I will scroll through my friends list for the lodges until I hit my 60 taps, and then go through and get the rest of my taps…emphasis on that last part. If it’s too late to start tapping (whether it’s because I’m sleepy or I have to go to work), I let people roll over to the next morning/evening – this is rare though. I’d say 90% of the time I tap everyone daily, or at least attempt to do so – some taps might be spaced out by an hour or so, that’s all. Besides, not only do I want donuts, I want money too.

    Once I get my lodge taps, I tend to be the lazy type though I will tap the places with cooler animations if they’re nearby. It’ll be weird when Stonecutters ends as I’ll have to change my tapping habits (both in my town and everyone else’s) back to what they were.

    • I do mostly the same, but my taps will occur throughout the day. Also, I try to keep my town spy free, to give everyone a better chance at getting the lodge taps. I play constantly throughout the day.

  5. You forgot one type of spy: the secret hush-hush undercover spy – I know, I know, spies are SUPPOSED to be secretive, but those take it a step farther. They are the ones who try really hard to hide their spying. You know, when you find a pyramid in the farthest corner, or on a building half hidden behind another.
    Myself, I try to get it done as fast as possible, but also I don’t like to tap normal houses; if there is something more interesting to tap near the lodge, I will tap there. I also tap the lodge if available, but only as long as I get emblems for it (not counting a few accidental taps – those will happen). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to tap as often as I liked, to much work and to little time during the last month. Starting now, I have a few days off, so more spying will be done 🙂

  6. I got so tired of the lodge only spies that never came back that I have left my lodge spied on and don’t unspy it. It worked; I get spied on more now. I have been most of these categories, except the lodge-only, depending on my patience and stability of the server that day. Even though most of my taps are not lodges, I still got all the prizes with to spare.

  7. When the event first started, I was a “lodge stalker”. I’d make a pass only looking for unsuspecting lodges, then return later to check again…lol. This got old very quickly, plus, it became evident that getting enough emblems to unlock all the prizes would not be a problem. So then I shifted to the role of “double agent”. In some towns I would spy on the closes buildings to the lodge, making it easy for the towns player to clear their zones. But with a few other players, some who I had read their comments are “talked” to, I would search out certain buildings that I knew they like to see “lite up”. In my own town, I like all types. Spy anywhere you like, even Krustyland. I always have something, somewhere available to tap. 🙂

  8. I admit to being each type at one time or another. What does that say about me? Do I suffer from multiple personalities? Wait, who said that?

  9. Still behind so I need to lodge. Almost in a fight about the time I hoge the ipad for this. But after missing out a lot a cool stuff from the random games from easter and valentines putting in my time.

  10. I myself am a lodge tapper. I am able to get on early in the morning but come afternoon its hard for me so I make my taps count. Then there’s days me and my husband go camping (love it) and playing on a tablet getting internet in the woods isn’t very easy.

  11. I drop em’ like they’re hot right by the lodge.

  12. I go through once tapping lodges only, if I got 30 or more I go back through tapping whatever (maybe Austin Powers style) trying to be helpful. If I got less than 30 lodges I go through again doing lodges only. At first I would go through my friends 4 times if needed trying to get all 60, now once or twice for lodges and one more time for completion. The last 3 days have been crazy though so I don’t think I’ve made it all the way through each day. I apologize to my friends for that and I hope to have more time this weekend.

  13. When I originally got all the emblems I needed for all the items, I changed from a Jason Bourne style tapper to an Austin Powers tapper. But now that my town was rolled back and I need as many emblems as possible to catch up, I am back to Bourne style. Unfortunately, this means it takes me a few hours to tap only 60 lodges in my first taps because my friends aren’t clearing their towns as quickly as they used to. I’ve even found myself falling asleep as I’m going back through and finishing the other taps in my friends’ towns after getting my first 60 done, so occasionally I’m missing a few extra taps.

  14. Awesome article!! Add me as a friend.

  15. Bad Dream House, Puppy Store and El Chemistri when available but I always spin past Squid Port and tap on the Duff Party Boat and the Whale if there. Love the animation 🙂

  16. How about those of us who are normally dedicated to no graffiti, but now find us free to tap on those buildings as well as buildings that couldn’t be tapped before (like the power plant)? Sorry, just can’t think of a good descriptive name for that kind of spy.
    Also, anybody else notice how hard it is to tap on those pyramids? I swear it will open up anything else within a hundred yards before it will take down the spying eye.

  17. I hate KL security I’m done with everything in there and don’t check it any more and this post reminded me to do that and it was completely full of spies UGH!

  18. Catrina Simpson

    I start with getting all my lodges. The majority of my 60 taps are 5 coined lodge taps. I ALWAYS visit and tap all my neighbors so they can collect their coins. I just wish that some of my neighbors would clear out their Springfield’s. Usually only tap in KL if there is no other available buildings. It takes me a long time, an hour or more. Somedays it can take a few visits to complete all my taps. The best part is sometimes I get blessed with donuts. I received 2 today. I’m a very dedicated tapper. I have earned all the prizes and trying for all the donuts I can get. Wonder when we will get anything new for KL. I’m getting bored with just collecting tickets and nothing to buy. We need more land in general. Running out of room!

    • I’m totally the same. But it’s getting a bit time consuming. And I haven’t been overly lucky with getting the donuts through visiting neighbors lately. Still, very fun and rewarding event!

  19. Bad Dream House was my go to. Loved the animation.

    • I always have to tap the Bad Dream House if I see it open. Best building animation in the game, and the people who bought it hardly ever get to see it.

  20. My friend spies in the further most spots. So people get the least points because they don’t see them right away. I cried fowl on that.

  21. Josephine Kick@$$

    D: All of the above. I think the best spy is an unpredictable one 😉

  22. K so I lodge sprayed when I was within 500 emblems of a goal! However, if I have the extra time, I enjoy leaving my mark & hitting the elementary school & Frink’s lab!

  23. Lol, I admit to being a KL spy, but that’s only because I couldn’t get into your town without my game freezing. But the last update seems to have fixed this for me, so back to being Austin Powers 😉

    • You were actually who reminded me of the KL security category lol.

    • So pleased to see your comment, you are on my friends list. Thank you for visiting me every day and even leaving graffiti. I appreciate you being such a good friend.. I am in Australia.

      • Hi mumsyone! Thank you (for both being a good friend and for your kind words), as well. I really enjoy your town, it’s very creative 🙂 and Wow, Australia! I’m in Canada, myself.

      • Hi, I also am a mum in Australia and now outdoing my kids in this game! Wanna neighbour? I’m LOLLI777. Look forward to visiting!!! 💗🍭

  24. I think I’m a self conscious spy now, :P. In all seriousness, I go through my list once to get all of the lodges that are available and then reverse back down to the “Other Springfield” clicking whatever is free so that I can just get it done. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Guess that makes me a James Powers spy? This article really made me giggle though, great observational humor.

  25. When all eyes are on you: give em a show!!

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