Clash of Clones Glitch Report Take 2

Hey there Hoppereenos. Jumpin in her again for more help on items we are seeing trending in many players games. So let’s hop right to it.


Addict Tech Support


We already discussed a few other glitches going on in the post HERE. Feel free to take a look at that one too.


MISSING SHIELDS: First up, and I think the most important, Defending your Springfield. Many reports are flying in that players are leaving their Shields untapped in order to help out their neighbors to earn more money.

Defend Shield

Sadly, this needs to stop. Players are now experiencing a bad glitch in that when they see the shields, leave to go on neighbor visits, and return…the shields are gone. This is not a good glitch at all. Not only are YOU losing out on that Gold and Elixr collection, but so is the Attacker that put it there. In order to combat that…from now on…I would highly suggest to tap on ALL Shields and clear them out. That way YOU and the Attacker are at least getting something vs nothing at all.

In the meantime, those of you hit by this contact EA right away. This WILL impact your game play. Also, put your info on the Forums to keep this item at the top of the list and on high alert until EA fixes it.


Missing or Locked Castle/Skin combos: This one is not so much a glitch, but more a reminder of how this particular style of Event plays out. I am seeing a lot of comments asking where Lisa and/or her Castle is. Same with Bart and Marge.

Marge throw Fireballs Bart Goblin Check for Traps unlock_lisa_archer

It comes down to this… Lisa does not show until you build her Castle. Bart too. In order to Build them…you have to finish Part 9 of Prince and the Premise. Then it will trigger the dialog, Eco Castle Part 1, for Lisa to build hers. Once complete, she will show up. Then shortly after she’s completed, Bart’s questline to build his, Boxed In Part 1, will trigger and the same thing…once done, he will arrive. Marge comes later on when her task Power of Upgrades asks for her to Throw Fireballs. Only at that point will she open up to be able to use.


Missing Elixr Truck: Now this one is strange as we are getting conflicting reports on both ends. When you have reached the accumulation of 9500 Gold, you will be awarded an 4000 Elixr truck.



Some players state they do get the Elixr right away while others are stating there is nothing there. I am not sure if the Elixr Only Wednesday set up is impacting this. As it is not Wednesday, I am unable to test this theory. So here is my suggestion, if you do NOT get the Elixr added to your total or have the truck tucked into your Inventory…contact EA. It is better to open a ticket now just in case. You can always update it later if your truck does arrive on Wednesday.


We will keep an eye out for any other trending issues in the meantime. Just remember, if you are having issues try some Basic Troubleshooting…if that doesn’t help, Contact EA and post on the forums.

Did this help you out?  Notice anything else odd? Let us know.


165 responses to “Clash of Clones Glitch Report Take 2

  1. When I get money and I come back on it I don’t get the what got before !!

  2. Since the update I see that I no longer get the points for friends. When I click on handshake icons nothing adds up any longer…

    What dat a;; about?


    • Silly question…but just making sure…you haven’t maxed out your Friend Points yet have you?

      • Maybe even sillier… how do you tell?
        Maybe it was just a coincidence that the new update and mailing lout happened at the same time. But I thought I had more stuff to win by adding to that total…

        • If you have Mr. Teeny you’ve maxed out. If you go to your neighbor screen and tap the trophy you should see all the prizes listed. If any are still blank that means you’re missing that prize..

  3. The latest clones update won’t install on either my ipad or phone, it stalls just as it’s completing the download saying it can’t connect, I’ve been trying for over 2days to download the update and reinstalling the app doesn’t resolve the issue. I haven’t been able to access my town since Saturday.

    • Try hard closing, clearing your cache, uninstalling, restarting your device, and reinstalling the game as a fresh copy from the app store. That might help clear whatever it is that’s stalling it out.

      Also, make sure you’ve got good data going. Either via your network (you’ll need a lot of bars if it’s on your network) or over Wi-Fi. Sometimes weak signals on either of those can stall it out as well.

  4. Hi everyone! I haven’t had sound in my game for a few days now, does anybody know of a fix to this? I checked that I have sound on my iPad on other websites and that the in game volume is on. Thanks for the help ( :

    ~ Katiepixie

    • Weird. Other than in your phone and in the in-game menu, not sure what else you could do besides an uninstall/reinstall. If that doesn’t help, EA is the final step. I often play without sound so my first thought was your phone was set to vibrate/silent.

  5. I have a much more frustrating problem. I am level 13, built the barbarian castle and Eco castle. Lisa and homer are both on level 10 and the castles are both not far behind.

    No matter what I do, I cannot get Boxingham castle to appear in my inventry. It’s unlocked (I have 6,000 gold) and despite unlocking Mage Marge she also doesn’t show in my Barbarian castle.

    I have completed all of the Eco Castle Quests to upgrade Lisa and her castle. But for love nor money boxingham castle will not appear.

    This has to be a bug?!

    • Yes, a few others are reporting it as well. Best thing to do is contact EA. They may have to go in and restore it for you.

    • I am having a similar problem. I have boxingham in my inventory, but it will NOT unlock to let me place it

      • You’ve built Bart’s treehouse correct? If that’s the case make sure you contact EA, could be a glitch with your game that needs to be repaired.

    • i had the mage marge problem, but i hadn’t yet built moe’s tavern / unlocked regular marge, so that fixed that. do you have bart’s tree house / regular bart yet? you can’t do any of this stuff w/o the character that goes along w/ it.

  6. Had the glitch at 9500 gold. Even the icon changed to bottles instead of the truck! Have emailed EA so hopefully will get it fixed (fingers crossed)

    • Wow that was quick! Got 4400 elixir added to my account already.

    • I reported it too, before the update fixed the amount. EA very promptly fixed it for me, but the fix didn’t work the first time. The reason they gave was that I was still logged in when they added the missing elixir. The second fix was successful. They were very prompt and I was very happy with the service from EA support.

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