Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well here in the US today marks the unofficial end of Summer….Labor Day.  I think it’s funny how here in America we don’t bother using calendars to mark the start and end of our summers…we just know Memorial Day is the unofficial start and Labor Day is the unofficial end.  Sometimes I think we just like the excuse for a good Barbecue!

Of course Labor Day isn’t really about the end of summer…and it isn’t only celebrated in the US (our friends up in Canada are celebrating it today as well…). Labor Day (or Labour Day) is a celebration of the workers movement.  It’s meant to honor those who contribute to the strength and prosperity of their country.   (you can read more about it here)

Anywho… most Americans will spend today soaking up what’s left of their summer and spend time with their families and friends down the shore (can you tell I’m from Jersey?!) at parades, picnics and watching fireworks!  And since Bunny, Wookiee and I are all located in the US… you can throw us into that bunch!  Don’t worry… we’ll still be popping in and out of the comments throughout the day to help you with all of your Clash of Clones questions.  Just keep in mind it might take us a little while to moderate through all the comments, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

We hope you all have a GREAT day!  Do YOU have any plans for today?  Did you enjoy your summer?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


12 responses to “Happy Labor Day from the Addicts!

  1. (Reposting here because I accidentally posted this just a few minutes ago in the wrong section)

    I had a strange thing happened today, I went to collect my nerds but Lisa’s castle instead of 20 only gave me five, so I figured I’d post here after I finish playing and a strange thing happened, I went to use my nerds in other towns and when I got back Lisa’s castle had 20 nerd waiting for me!
    So I guess maybe the game had to sync up or something because the other castles gave me the right amount, but it looks like I ended up with five extra nerds that I used in the invader town I went to get revenge on.
    It’s easy to keep track of because each castle right now give me 20 nerds each.

  2. I’m in Florida on holiday from UK. We spent labor day at Magic Kingdom dressed as zombie pirates for the MNSSHP. Had a great time 🙂

  3. Meanwhile in Australia it’s time to strip off and find those bikinis hidden at the back of your closet because it’s spring time! Bring on the endless summer days and the beach! We have Labour day coming up in October nothing better then a public holiday to give u that long weekend you’ve been dying for. Enjoy your times with family and friends everyone xx

  4. The irony of naming a day where people don’t work and have fun “labor day” is uncanny.
    Yes I know it’s a tribute to the hard work of labourers (yes it has a u in it 😉 (can you tell I’m from UK)), but I’m sure they could have come up with a better name !

    Anyway hope you all have/had a great time.

  5. Here in Barbados, we don’t have Labor Day. Such a pity lol I have friends overseas who just have a blast around this time. Have a great day, everyone!

    • I’ll trade a weekend in Barbados for my Labor Day weekend anytime! Other than a day off work and the start of “American football” as Lisa calls it; most of us in the southeast USA just use it as a chance to catch up on projects around the house or pool time with the kids. It also marks the end of vacation season and that’s why we’re going to the beach next weekend!!

      I finished the Barbarian event a few days ago (didn’t buy any donuts) and can’t wait for the Halloween event! Did anyone else use up a lot more land than what was made available to us? Luckily I still have a lot more to buy, since I only started the game a year ago.

  6. Hey addicts I just started to log in to my game only to find an in game update. Just a heads up and happy Labour day

  7. I’m spending today finishing up the simpsons marathon, might I add that it’s the BEST. MARATHON. EVER.

  8. Too bad we don’t have it here in Brazil ! =\

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