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Hey Howdy Hey Trick or Treating Tappers!

With Halloween being broken up into different phases this time around, many of you are collecting all the prizes in each prize group faster than usual..and you’re left wondering what’s next?  Well instead of EA leaving us dangling while we wait for the next phase to hit they’ve introduced the Prestige Bonus.


The Prestige Bonus will pop up for you once you’ve collected all of the prizes in the Probe Prize Box (remember the Donut Torture Device is the last one in that box).  It’s your incentive to continue earning Probes…even though you’ve already cleared the prize box.


For every 750 probes collected you’ll earn a Silver Treat Bag!


Silver Treat Bags you can use to help you craft more items in at Make-A-Thing!  This can help give you a head start on the items EA will add down the road….

Quick Tip: Remember if you’re close to your goal when visiting your neighbors and you hit and the counter will not rest back to 0 until you return back to your Springfield.  So you’ll still earn the Silver Treat Bag, but any probes you get after that (if you don’t return to Springfield right away) will not count towards the bonus.  So make sure if you’re awarded the Prestige Bonus while out visiting neighbors, return to Springfield right away before collecting more Probes.

What do YOU think of the Prestige Bonus?  I know it’s not donuts, but it’s only phase 1…you never know what EA will have as a bonus for phase 1 and 2.  How are you doing on your Probe collecting?  Have you already won the Donut Torture device or are you close?  What items have you crafted so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I don’t know what my problem is but I couldn’t even get close to collecting all the probes, or the DNA strands. I spend a decent amount of time playing and check progress about 3x a day. I even went through and deleted friends that weren’t playing often enough and made new friends that are very active. Still nothing. Had the same problem with the clash of castles segment. Super bummed!! What is my problem? Do I need to play more?? Don’t know if I can given I hold a job:(

  2. I keep seeing people talk about having 90 action in a friends town in a day, and I still only get 3 actions per town! What am I doing wrong?!?!? This is driving me crazy.

  3. I set an alarm and woke up 15 minutes before the first phase ended. I got the last prize by only 3 probes!!! I wouldn’t have made it if some of my neighbors hadn’t planted their Grem Aliens in my town. Thanks neighbors!!

  4. I have the donut torture device and I also have Hugo. I’m very close to the spooky house and the grand pumpkin. I should have those within a day

  5. Add me! mshanburn

  6. I’ve been waiting and I have lots of Neighbors that say there ready but, I guess I have maxed out. Idk I only need a few more to finish up today. Uggghhh!

  7. Also I’ve stopped being able to collect anything from my squshing my neighbors aliens, I’ve been back to my Springfield over and over I can collect from so many then no matter what I can’t collet from them anymore what’s going on?

  8. Did they put a limit on the probes you got from friends?
    In the beginning I could visit all my friends and get probes, but now after a while I don’t get probes only money and XP. Sometimes a donut. I don’t mind the donuts… But with the timer counting down (23h30) for the Torture device I prefer to get probes 🙂

  9. I have collected enough probes to win 2 silver treat bags but when I collect the bag it doesn’t register and doesn’t show up in my treat bag total.
    help please!

  10. This is killing me.
    I’ve been squishing diligently and haven’t gotten the DTD yet.

    With only one day remaining I don’t know if I can get from 5500 to 8050 probes in time.

  11. What happens if you don’t get enough probes before the time is up, I’m like 400probes away from getting the torture device but I’m not sure if I can get it in less than a day and a half….
    How do you get more probes faster ?

  12. Yay! Crafted Hugo 3 days ago, got the DTD last night, and now have 400 probes toward a silver treat bag! This morning my trick-or-treat bags gave me 2 rounds of ellusive ammo, my second regillian shrub, AND a human test subject (now on display at the Knowledgeum). It seems to be my lucky day, so I’m hoping to shoot down some chocolate bars and/or pumpkins. I really want the Grand Pumpkin, and I need a lot of both those things still.

  13. Not sure if this is the right place but… Ever since the last update I have not earned one torpedo or amno to shot down UFO’s in my neighbors town… Am I doing something wrong?

  14. Yeah I was wondering about something I read.

    I just got the doughnut torture device so if I collect more bags I should keep em unless I need to unlock Hugo’s house as I am thinking the candy gets deleted or does the candy amount stay as it is seperate.
    You’d just be getting Ray guns from treat bags instead of probes after the next sequence.

    Also I love the clock work orange reference to moes new costume it’s kinda hillarious but then again given moes mug and demeanor it fits him perfectly. Got 2 pieces so far they seem pretty easy to get as it im sure is a EA free b gift to the players as long as you tap on any rigelliens you pretty much get it as long as it was that day.

    Keep tap tap tapp a roooooing all.

    • If you use the candy…it goes away. Just like money. Once you buy an item, the amount goes down. You can save them if you want. Up to you. We do not know 100% til the new stuff goes live.

  15. Have you noticed that if you’re visiting a friend’s town aliens don’t spawn, or at least not as frequently. I cleared my aliens, went visiting a few neighboureenos for more than 15 minutes, came back and there was only 1 alien to squish. I’d suspected as much for a while so decided to time it.

    • No. Not really. The spawn does depend on how active YOU are though. Got to give them time to regenerate.

      • So what does that mean? If I’m playing the game a lot they spawn less or more? If I’m in my own Springfield as far as I can tell they seem to spawn every 5 minutes, as advertised.

        • The Bank is there if you are gone a LONG time and there is no more room in your town for more. Like if you dont play for several hours or a day. So they start saving in the bank. If you play constantly, there is nothing to save as you are killing them all. Make sense?

      • Yep, makes perfect sense. Thanks very much for all your posts and replies, they really are very very helpful.

        And, I am definitely 100% seeing that aliens do NOT spawn as often if I’m visiting neighboureenos. Possibly not at all (there’s never more than 1 when I come back and usually none at all). It’s not a big problem but it is definitely happening for me. If it’s happening for me then it’s probably happening for others too. It’s not a big enough issue to report it, but if others report the same thing please let them know they’re not alone!
        Thanks again

    • I have noticed this too. It takes quite a while to get through 100 neighbours (probably half an hour) but when you return to your town there is either no aliens generated or 1. Bit weird.

  16. I am thinking about hoarding eggs, bags, and ammo until the switch to ray-guns. is there any info pro or con to doing this? looking at the max goal for the protein strands ( very high) and ray guns ( lower than probes) it would almost seem necessary to save as much as possible until the very end.

  17. Is that grem-alien probe collecting glitch still going on after this new update? I noticed I wasn’t getting the probes my grem-aliens were collecting so I have just been holding on to my grem eggs until its fixed.

  18. What new items could EA be adding?

  19. Alohaaaa!! Just got the Donut Torture Device!! Smaller then I Thot it would be, but am glad to have it!! Still a Happy Tappereno!!!! 🙂

  20. Oddmollyist (add me, daily player lvl 45)

    Why can’t I buy the spooky house? Do I have to buy Hugo first?

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