Should I Buy…Returning Halloween Items??

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Halloween time in Springfield! Leaves are falling, there’s a dimness to our towns, something is floating in the water…oh and items from Halloween Past have returned to our stores!

As with Halloweens past (and other events) EA has decided to make old items new again, and give players who might have missed out on something a second chance to get it.  Of course that second chance doesn’t come with out a price, as many of the returning items that were once free are now premium.

Recently EA brought back several items from 2013 and 2012, Frog Prince, Freak Mobile, King Snorky, House of Evil, Krusty Doll, Bad Dream House, Devil Flanders, Heck House & Witch Marge (with her Cauldron)..oh and we’ll even cover Booberella here too!.  Now many of you are curious if any of these items are worth your hard earned donuts, and we’ve broken a lot of these down for the previous events…however we decided it’d be great to give them another look in a Halloween Should I Buy reboot post!

So now let’s take a look and see if these items are worth YOUR donuts!


This will run a little different than our typical Should I Buy posts.  Basically I’ll give you a quick overview, some pros and cons & my opinion on it now…but I’ll also link you to the previous Should I Buy for more insight…

Oh and before we get started, for those that don’t know NPC= Non-Playable Character.

Let’s get started with…the Frog Prince


Character: Frog Prince
Cost: 25 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: This was a community prize awarded last Halloween.  So it was free to those that played.
What Does it Do: Essentially a NPC.  If you tap on him he’ll make a blarf noise and say something funny like, “Once I was an innocent frog, then an incompetent boy wizard turned me into this nightmare of agony.  Please don’t tap me.  It just makes it hurt worse.”
And then of course…

-He’s REALLY funny.  And has a great sound when you tap on him as well…
-Inexpensive for a premium item

-Too easy to accidentally tap on him.  I do it often by mistake and it hangs up my game for a second while I’m waiting for his dialogue.
-Was once free and is now premium, with no added benefits.

Final Thought
This was my FAVORITE Community Prize last year.  He’d make me giggle every time I tapped on him.  But the novelty did wear off eventually, and now I don’t really tap him…unless it’s by mistake.  While the donut price is reasonably low, I don’t know if i’d shell out the dough for him…especially when there are other premium items with more use.

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king snorky 5200goo

Character: King Snorky 
Cost: 40 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: This was a personal prize awarded last year.
What Does it Do: Essentially a NPC.  He does come with a small questline but he does not have any tasks, instead you have Homer and Bart do all the work (questline here).  After that a complete NPC.  If you tap on him he’ll do a flip.  

-3 part questline, so it will give you something to do.
-Snorky was one of the most requested characters in TSTO…

-Will just roam around your town, really no purpose to him.
-Was once free and is now premium, with no added benefits

Final Thought
I have him, he was free last year.  But I never think about him.  Heck half the time I don’t even see him hopping around my Springfield.  Unless you LOVE Snorky as a Simpsons fan…pass on this one

Post from last year



Item: Freak Mobile
Cost: 35 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: This was a premium item last year.
What Does it Do: It’s a decoration, so it doesn’t do much.  But it is a premium decoration so it does at a 0.75% bonus to all cash and XP and boosts your vanity rating.

-Relatively inexpensive for a premium item that will give you a decent bonus
-Looks cool with your Halloween area.
-Another “car” for Springfield

-Only improves vanity, the easiest to max out of the Conform-o-Meter Categories
-Doesn’t really do anything beyond the bonus %

Final Thought
I own it.  It’s part of my Springfield, but I often forget about it.  I purchased it because of the design look of it, and I liked the idea of putting it with my Freak Show tent.  However, if donuts are limited you might want to pass on this one and save them for a more useful character/item.



houseofevil_menu talkingkrustydoll

Combo: House of Evil/Krusty Doll
Cost: 90 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: These were  premium items last year.  Although not a combo.  The combo price is less than buying the two separately was in the past.  In 2012 you earned these via collecting Event Currency.  (so they were free)
What Does it Do: House of Evil is a building & talking Krusty is a doll that will walk around your Springfield.  Talking Krusty is an NPC.  When you tap on him either little hearts will fly our, or he’ll come at you with a knife.

-Cheaper than buying then individually last year (House of Evil was 45, Talking Krusty was 60)
-House of Evil boosts consumerism (+10)
-Talking Krusty Doll does talk

-Doll is an NPC, so another character that will just walk around Springfield.
-No character interaction with the House of Evil
-No unlock quests with either the House of Evil  or Krusty Doll
-Krusty Doll is REALLY small…you might miss it in your town.

Final Thought
I own the House of Evil and love it.  I do not own the Krusty Doll.  Just not a fan of the NPC aspect of it.  This one is a hard one because I would buy the House of Evil again, but still don’t want the Krusty Doll.  If you’re a fan of the doll I say go for it or if the House of Evil is something you’ve coveted for a while in another neighbor’s town now’s your chance to grab it.  But if you’re on the fence, pass on it.  There are other items with Halloween that are better worth your donuts.

FYI….if you already own one of the items, you can get the other for a reduced price.  For example, I already own House of Evil…but I can get the talking Krusty Doll for the 60 donuts he cost last year.  I would assume you could pick up the House of Evil for the same price as last year, if you already have Talking Krusty.

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Building: Bad Dream House
Cost: 85 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: Premium item in 2013.  In 2012 you earned it via collecting Event Currency.  (so it was free)
What Does it Do: It’s a building, so it doesn’t do much.  There are no tasks associated with it..but when it does get used it has AWESOME animation! (previously used Halloween 2012, 2013 and Stonecutters 2014).

Animations Bad Dream House

-Awesome looking building.  One of the more coveted ones for a while from a lot of new Tappers
-Looks great in a Halloween area
-Adds 10 points to Indolence.

-No tasks associated with it, so you won’t see it animated until something uses it.
-No questline associated with purchasing it
-It’s pretty big, 9×9.

Final Thought
I own it, I love it!  Always makes me smile when I see it.  While it doesn’t get used very often, I haven’t once regretting purchasing it.  The rarity of it’s use just makes it more special when it does get used.
This is one of the most requested items we see you guys asking for in the comments, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by to pick it up now!

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heckhouse Devil_Flanders

Combo: Heck House/ Devil Flanders
Cost: 120 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: These were  premium items in the past (2013).  Although not a combo.   In 2012 you earned these via collecting Event Currency.  (so they were free)
What Does it Do: Heck house is a facade for the Springfield Church, much like Christmas lights.  Devil Flanders is a skin for Flanders.  Does come with a full set of tasks.

-Heck House is animated.  The letters in the sign flash.
-Devil Flanders has some great animated tasks

-Expensive for a facade and costume, nothing new associated with it
-Combo is more expensive than they were to purchase individually last year.
-No questline associated with it.

Final Thought
This one is hard.  I can tell you I passed on BOTH of these last year.  While Devil Flanders is cool and all I just didn’t think it was worth the donuts.  And to me the Heck House, really isn’t worth the donuts.  But I’m not a big Halloween fan so that could be why (i have no issue spending donuts on Christmas lights).  I can tell you Devil Flanders is a highly requested skin so if you’ve been looking for him, now’s your chance to pick him up.  Don’t miss out again!

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                                   Devil Flanders


Character/Combo: Witch Marge & her Cauldron 
Cost: 75 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2012
How Did You Get it Before: Premium item in 2013 & 2012
What Does it Do: Skin for Marge, comes with a full set of tasks.  Cauldron is a decoration, but does give a nice 2.25% Bonus with it.

-Premium tasks for Marge, that will earn 50% more Cash and XP
– She can speed up crops!  This came in handy during Easter for growing carrots to get more Bunnies.
-She can Trick Or Treat during this event, which will earn you more treat bags

-No questline associated with it.
-75 donuts is pricey for a skin and decoration

Final Thought
If you have the donuts, buy it.  This is the MOST useful item from Halloween.  She’ll help you speed up crops, which can earn you more money in the long run.  No only that  but she can help you earn even MORE Treat Bags for this event! Out of all the returning items, Witch Marge is a MUST HAVE.  Get her before it’s too late!

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Character: Booberella 
Cost: 100 Donuts
First Introduced to TSTO: Halloween 2013
How Did You Get it Before: Premium item in 2013.
What Does it Do: New character for Springfield.  Full set of tasks and questline.

-Premium character, earns 50% more cash and xp
-Really funny outdoor animations

-Not voiced

Final Thought
I own her, I love her.  Her burn at the stake task is probably one of my favorites.  While she’s not as useful as Witch Marge, I do think she’s another must buy.  So if you have the donuts and can swing her, pick her up!  However…between the two (Booberella and Witch Marge) go with Witch Marge.


So that sums up all of the…”if you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you” premium items!

What do YOU think of the items?  Have you purchased any?  Have some from previous Halloweens?  Any advice on what to buy for TSTO Noobs?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


154 responses to “Should I Buy…Returning Halloween Items??

  1. I *LOVE* my krusty doll. When I’m feeling sad I just tap on him and he says “I’m krusty the clown, and I love you VERY MUCH!” Or he says “KRUSTY SAY DIE” which I assume isn’t him valiantly attempting to vanquish all my foes. Either way, I’d buy him if I didn’t have him. Then again I got him free so…

  2. hi, I’m jst trying to figure out how to add new friends to my game. a lot of ppl I kno don’t play & there are some amazing prizes I would like to receive. plz help me out.
    thanx 😄

  3. I read that The Raven was to be released in a combo with the Bad Dream House but this wasn’t an option for me – any thoughts on this?

  4. Is there going to be a should i buy returning… Part 2?? Thoughts on Particle accelerator?

  5. In regards to the bad dream house when/how does it get used so that I can see the animations?

    • It has to have some kind of action in it to show the animation. Right now there’s nothing for it, but every once in a while EA gives an action to animate it.

  6. On an unrelated note – have you ever noticed that the windmill from the clash event is the exact windmill in the minigolf thing? Just noticed that today. 🙂

  7. How does Witch Marge speed up crops? Does it tie her up for a time or is it just a click?

  8. Is there anyway to activate the Bad Dream House animation? They should make it happen

  9. You guys missed a HUGE opportunity with the snorky rundown..c’mon: ‘no purpose to him’ how were you able to NOT write ‘No PORPOISE to him’???

  10. As a freemium player I just bought witch Marge, (I had 149 pink sprinkles saved). I had always wanted her but the reminder about the Easter event sealed the deal. Totally worth it!!

  11. Freemium player with 100 doughnuts, should I spend out now or is there likely to be more items brought out in the shop?

    • More items will be coming…just not sure when, but you never know when what’s there is going to leave. It’s up to you if you want to spend them now or wait (especially with Christmas coming up)…but I can tell you Witch Marge is a great buy. Since she’ll earn a premium rate and you’ll get a bonus % item in the cauldron. But beyond that if nothing’s jumping out at you…hold onto them since you never know what’s around the corner. 🙂

  12. I like the NPCs they add more “character” to ur town haha

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