11/26 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Phase 4 of Turkey Day is now active…as you may have seen when you finished the first part of the Thanksgiving Questline this pops up:

2014-11-24 02.58.48

And well…today is Wednesday November 26th…so what’s in store today?

Homer gets things started today…

You’ll continue the Black Friday questline, Gear up for Savings..with a 4hr task for Homer.

And then *GASP* a second questline!

Puritan Flanders will start another part, once Homer is done talking.

This time you’ll actually get a reward, prize!

For those that don’t want to know…details on the prize are after the fold. 

Once you run through some dialogue with Puritan Flanders you’ll be awarded a free Outdoor Feast Table!

Outdoor Feast Table

And as part of today’s quest you’ll be required to Place the Feast Table and then send Lisa and Puritan Flanders on a 10hr task..using the table.

And that’s it for today!

Remember…there’s 1 task released each day.  Some task award a “reward-a-roony” while others are just tasks.  So far no prizes have been awarded, but stay tuned tomorrow to see what’s in store for us then!  

What do YOU think of the slow Thanksgiving roll-out?  Thoughts on the short task for today?  Did it trigger for you or were you still finishing the first part?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

65 responses to “11/26 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

  1. I also cannot do the Sacagawea hosting puritan Flanders peace feast please help!!!

  2. Im also unable to complete the Puritan Flanders quest..what’s up with that?

  3. I cant do the quest either I have lisa flanders and the table and I dont have the option to do the the task either

  4. I’m not behind on tasks and I cannot complete the task triggered by Lisa today either, which is host a peace feast for Puritan Flanders. I know that was a few days ago since I already have the table and already did it once, but Homer triggered his today and then I got another triggered by Lisa, which there is not even an option to begin in her task menu. Maybe a glitch since it’s one that’s already happened?

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