Weekend Update: November 23rd – 29th

Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit me

Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me

Now can you bounce for me, bounce for me

UH OH…here comes Alissa…better stop bouncing on her bed and throwing the pillows n blankets everywhere.

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last Update,  Wookiee gave us a lil insight on how the Universal Studios Hollywood California Simpsons build is going.

And now for this weeks fun…

Greta Wolfcastle Re Read Love Notes 1

SUNDAY: Bunny hopped on in to tell us about the new lil girl that caused a lil rift and fight between two long time friends, Greta Wolfcastle. She also hopped in reall quick between posts to give us the heads up on EA Servers Down.

Alissa then made sure we all set our recording devices for the new Simpsons Episode, Covercraft. Later she came back and got us all talking with this weeks Open Thread.

Jacqueline Bouvier Dress Indecently 1

MONDAY: Alissa started the wee early morning hours with the dialog for this entire weeks Part 1 of Thanksgiving Surprises. Then later brought in the giggles for the morning with a silly Caption This. Then some good info on Should I Buy Piggly’s Super Smorg w/Jacqueline Bouvier. Then rounded out the day with some catching up on the Conform O Meters.

Caged Tom Turkey

TUESDAY: Alissa started the wee early morning hours with the dialog for Part 2 of Thanksgiving Surprises.Then some good details on returning Thanksgiving items to help you figure out Should I Buy. On to a complete Walkthrough for Level 46. Ending the night with a Should I Buy on Tom Turkey.

Heimlich Machine with Puritan Ned

WEDNESDAY: Alissa started the wee early morning hours with the dialog for Part 3 of Thanksgiving Surprises. Then back with some details to help you figure out Should I Buy the Heimlich Machine. Back for some quick quick quest in Turbo Tappin Mrs. Bouvier.


THURSDAY: Alissa started the wee early morning hours with the dialog for Part 4 of Thanksgiving Surprises.


Gil Kneeling

FRIDAY: Alissa started the wee early morning hours with the dialog for Part 5 of Thanksgiving Surprises…an ongoing Gil Deal (with a side of technical glitches… AAAAHHHHH!!)

Wookiee then rolled on in… SEE, I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T LOCK HIM BOUND N GAGGED IN THE BASEMENT!!! … with some Where Did That Come From for Drive In Theater & Space Mutant.

Sideshow Bob 2

SATURDAY: Alissa will start with some dialog for Part 6 of Thanksgiving Surprises...if there are anymore. 🙂 Guess you will just have to come on by and see what hits. 

So do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!



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  1. Nice Jay-Z reference in the opening of this article Bunny!

  2. Boing boing bouncey bouncey

  3. I was storing my guitar central to rearrange some buildings. When I went to place it again it is locked and says null beside it. Any ideas what is wrong?

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