Where Did THAT Come From – Mutant Peacock

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Wookiee back with more Halloween origin fun that I owe y’all for slacking for over a month. This post focuses on the Mutant Peacock. I know a bunch of folks probably saw this Halloween event prize and had a “What the French Toast” moment. Well… other than having the right feel for a space alien event, it actually comes from a Simpsons Halloween episode. Click more if you’d like to know just where.

Mutant Peacock  2 Mutant Peacock 1

The Mutant Peacock was that very first prize we all earned in the 2014 Halloween event. Basically that one to get your feelings of “Woo hoo!  I want, I want, I need, I need” going to convince you to tapa-tapa-tap for the next one.


The peacock comes from the first segment of “Treehouse of Horror XVI” (S17:E4) entitled “Bartificial Intelligence”.  This segment parodies Spielberg’s A.I. and follows the Simpson family as they replace a comatose Bartholomew J with a robotic kid. Unfortunately for David, Bart wakes up and rejoins the family. None too thrilled that the new him is much better than him at everything, Bart finally has to become a cyborg himself to win over his family.

In one of the scenes in this parody, Bart and David go to the Springfield Zoo. Bart tries to push David into the lion enclosure only to be catapulted into the Peacock Habitat.

Mutant Peacock

Uh oh… it’s the Mutant Peacock Habitat! I love Bart referencing that this is where stem cell research has led us.

Mutant Peacock 2

So, it’s not an alien peacock… just a weird mutant from science on display at the Springfield Zoo. Pretty cool IMHO. Hope you enjoyed the info. Like normal, I’ll be back with more goodness and origin info in the future. Until then, stay classy and keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


5 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Mutant Peacock

  1. I was playing under the anonymous and had the mutant peacock as well as several other things in the session. One day I could not log in and lost all of the pretties. Miss my peacock.

    • I’m assuming your game is now connected to origin? You could always try to contact EA to see if they can restore some of the things you lost. Just explain what happened. Worst thing that can happen is they can’t.

  2. I wish that there was a option to put snow on and off everytime you’d like and it would last

  3. I need one of these in real life, and by one I mean a whole army of them!

  4. I never saw this episode, so let out a ‘what the!?’ when I tapped on the little bugger. It’s actually sorta cute in a nightmarish horror kind of way.

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