Math Of Earning Presents

Hey there Grumples.

Here we are another new Event and here you all are panicking you just can’t make it or get enough of items to complete the requirements. Well, as usual, here is some Math to help you out and see how YOU can make it by just playing the TSTO Christmas Event.


All the information is very similar as in past events. The more time you spend in your game, the more characters you have to complete Present Earning Tasks, and the more Feds you get will all contribute to YOUR individual results. 

Now for the Breakdown

Happy Little Elf 2 Happy Little Elf 4 Happy Little Elf 1

You will start out the game with 4 Elves once you complete the Toy Shop build. Each Elf will earn you 4 presents every 4 hrs. As you open a Tunnel, one more is added to the mix. So every day MORE Present earning options. 2014-12-04 00.20.52

So if we take JUST the ones you have to start, 4 Elves giving 4 Presents every 4 hours. 16 Presents Every 4 hours and figure 5 collections each day (for time loss).

4 Elves = 80 or 96 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)

Each Tunnel you open and complete will add another Elf to your collection. So as of now with 9 Tunnels open you can have up to 9 extra Elves. Once won, they head to the Toy Shop and start working. Let’s figure how much they would add to your totals. I will put in a few different possibilities so you can see the difference. 2014-12-04 00.24.28

*5 Extra Elves From Tunnels (20)= 100 or 120 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)
*6 Extra Elves From Tunnels (24)= 120 or 144 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)
*7 Extra Elves From Tunnels (28)= 140 or 168 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)
*8 Extra Elves From Tunnels (32)= 160 or  192 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)
*9 Extra Elves From Tunnels (36)= 180 or 216 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)

On top of this you can get an additional 100 Presents each Tunnel you complete BEFORE the 24hrs are up. This means you HAVE to tap the checkmarks on ALL the tasks and clear them for the day to get the Bonus 100 Presents Per Tunnel.

So to date you could have earned up to 900 EXTRA Presents from the Bonus.

In addition, if you play 5 days in a row…each day will add MORE Presents and on the 5th day ANOTHER Elf for the Toy Shop. 2014-12-07 02.55.08

Day 1: 5 Extra Presents
Day 2: 10 Extra Presents
Day 3: 50 Extra Presents
Day 4: 100 Extra Presents 
Day 5: 1 Elf = 20 or 24 Presents a day (for 5 or 6 Collections)

Now you have a basic idea of how to get Presents from just playing daily. Now for more extras that will add to your Present Totals.

During game play throughout the questline as well as completing the Tunnels, you will be able to get additional tasks for Characters in your game unlocked to help you with your Present collecting. Here is a basic list of what is currently available in the game in Present Earning Tasks both around town as well as at the Toy Shop.

Time Character Task Payouts Presents
4hrs Santa Eat Milk and Cookies 45 XP 2
Homer Make Sargent Activity Dolls * 2
Lisa Make Musical Instruments * 2
Apu (Tunnel 2) Make Executive Stress Toys * 2
Frink (Tunnel 2) Make Virtual Reality Toys * 4
Squeaky Voice Teen (Tunnel 4) Make Piggy Banks * 4
Hans Moleman (Tunnel 6) Make Slippers * 4
Flanders (Tunnel 7) Make Cheery Christmas Sweaters * 2
Barney (Tunnel 8) Make Drinking Board Games * 4
Milhouse (Tunnel 9) Make Dolls * 2
Hank Scorpio (Tunnel 10) Make Radio Controlled Drones * 4

As most of the payouts are at the 4hr mark as well as the Elves, I will factor in the 4 hr tasks.

If you have the basic Characters Homer, Lisa, Apu, Flanders, and Milhouse (5 Total)
Each Character will add 2 Presents or = 10 or 12 Presents a day Each (for 5 or 6 Collections) x5

If you have the Premium Characters Frink, SVT, Moleman, Barney, and Hank (5 Total)
Each Character will add 4 Presents or = 20 or 24 Presents a day Each (for 5 or 6 Collections) x5


And here are some additional tasks you can do too…Majority of them will pay better on 4hrs though. (Minus Flanders)

Time Character Task Payouts Presents
6hrs Lisa Make Snow Angels 55 XP 3
8hrs Lisa Pretend to Ski 70 XP 4
8hrs Homer Pretend to Ski 70 XP 4
8hrs Santa Get Drunk at Moe’s 70 XP 4
10hrs Flanders (w/Rod & Todd) Take the Boys Snowmobiling 270 XP 12
10hrs Bart Be a Nutcracker 90 XP 4
16hrs Homer Make a Snowman 125 XP 6
16hrs Marge Prepare Christmas Presents 125 XP 6


More tasks are coming from the Tunnels as well. This will add additional 4hr earning Characters to your game Toy Shop too.

Time Character Task Payouts Presents
4hrs Willie (Tunnel 11) Make Mini Wheelbarrows * 2
Otto (Tunnel 12) Make My First Bong * 4
Bart (Tunnel 13) Make Hover Boards * 2
Rev. Lovejoy (Tunnel 14) Make Train Sets * 2
Marge (Tunnel 14) Make Karaoke Systems  * 2


presentdepot_menuPresent Depot 8 Presents Every 4hrs = 40 or 48 Presents a day Each (for 5 or 6 Collections)
Tapped_Out_Elf_HomeElf Home 5 Presents Every 10hrs= 10 Presents a day Each
Holiday_TreeHoliday Tree 10 Presents Every 24 hrs Each

Every 24 hrs you can visit your Neighbors to get additional Presents. The amounts of visits you have available will vary, but here is a general breakdown.

First 30 Actions (Approx 10 Neighbors) 2 Presents Each = 60 Presents Each Day
Next 60 Actions (Approx 20 Neighbors) 1 Present Each = 60 Presents Each Day

This will provide you with at least another 120 Presents a Day.

Now if you are able to send Feds in ANY town, do so. It will help you BOTH out.

If your Neighbors are able to send YOU Feds, you will get an additional Present from each one you clear. So even if you only get a MAX amount of 20, that is still and additional 20 Presents Each Day. The more Neighbors that send them, the more this will add up fast.

Throughout the Event a Main Questline will award you 100 Presents for Every time you complete it. So to give you an idea, here is just a sample of extra gifts just for finishing quests.

Jingle Bell Wreck 12 Parts @ 100 Presents Each= 1200 Presents
Green is Good. Green Works 2 Parts @ 100 Presents Each= 200 Presents
Santa’s List @ 100 Presents Each

Also as you win and place the items, a mini quest is triggered on some of them to give you more presents.

ChristmasfloatChristmas Float 100 Presents

Frosty The HitmanFrosty The Hitman 100 Presents

Elf Toy Workshop BellA Punch Below the Bell 100 Presents

churchflipped_decorated_transimageThis God Brought To You By 100 Presents

Festive PlungerTaking the Plunge 100 Presents

First Christmas TreeFirst Ever Christmas Tree 100 Presents

Bone Storm Santa 1Bad To The Bone 100 Presents

nativityscene_transimageOur Home and Nativity Land 100 Presents

Destroyed Holiday WheelGhost of Christmas Past 100 Presents


So there you have it. MANY ways to hit the end target as well as earn the Personal Prizes for Phase 1. YOU just need to put in the time and effort. It may seem like you can’t keep up as first, but as you continue to unlock more and more and get further along, it will get easier and easier.

Where are YOU on the Presents count? What items have YOU won so far from the Personal Prizes? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.




59 responses to “Math Of Earning Presents

  1. So I am about 1000 presents away with a little over 24 hours to go. Don’t think I will make it. I am sending feds to everyone on my friends list but not so many return the favor. Any generous people out there want to help me out? Dlynn0708. I play daily, just got a late update on the game because of surgery.

  2. What did I do wrong? I have played from the very beggining of the event, it’s 2 days till the end of it and I have only 12.000 presents…

    • It all depends on how it plays out. How many Feds you get, characters you have…tasks you have. Still a few days left…so just keep collecting.

  3. Should you send Feds even if they don’t produce gifts at the time of being dropped into your neighbors’ town?

  4. Add Patgrem with level 48 and he will be a happy friend.


  5. This is the first event that had me in the spirit of buying premium characters. Now my town is too full & im wishing like many others for more land.

  6. Elf home
    It’s 10 present not 20

  7. I think you should revise the Christmas Gift Calendar Part 1 image that still appears on home page. From what I can tell, one can still earn gifts for most of Dec 24th, but that calendar shows mostly completing it on the 23rd. As such, some people think they’re “behind” when they really aren’t.

    • As the event ENDS on the 24th and currently that is set for 8GMT aka 3am EST…I don’t think many will have a lot of “time” to earn that day. If you took a peak at my actual Calendar post, you would have seen as to why I make them that way…ALWAYS a day before. So…by end of 23rd…rest.

      • Where are you seeing that it ends at 3am ET on the 24th?

        The countdown clock for me shows that it ends at Noon ET on the 24th.

        Other sites don’t list a 3am 24th end time.

        • I have seen changes from patches coming and going. Certain aspects from the event always shut down around 8GMT. Regardless…ALWAYS better to be safe. Not to mention it IS a holiday and many might want to be with those other humans wandering around their houses and are related to. Lol.

          Why are you still debating it?

      • “Debating” lol, it was just a question. And he’s right, it does end on the 24th and the picture is misleading, whatever your reasons may be.

        • I NEVER said it did NOT end on the 24th, so again…there is no reason for the continued debate. To just intentionally try to instigate something is pointless. If you do not want to listen to my reasoning for making it that way…that is your choice. But to attack the way I do is NOT allowed or welcome here. The calendar even says…in BIG RED LETTERS…it ends on the 24th. It is not misleading in anyway. The info is VERY clearly laid out in the Calendar post with the details it starts a day AFTER and ends a day BEFORE. 🙂

  8. I am starting to think that all my friends are incredibly selfish. I have been giving them feds for over 5 days and only 1 bloke is sending them back. I certainly do not think they have yet to reach the quest line because most of them have about 1-2k more presents than me.

  9. It’s an amusing event to pass the time. I mean seriously does anyone really care about earning x-mas ornaments? I have a hard time justifying digging up ones in real life. It’s going right back in the box the day is over anyway.

  10. Thank you, Bunny, for doing the math so us Homers don’t have to…. 🙂

  11. thanks for this post, most helpful as always.

    I think that banking on 5 or 6 collections for the Elves is a little bit over to be honest. In reality, can only do that 4 times max in a day, and occasionally 5 times unless we have an account sitter or does not need to sleep.

    I just got the first Christmas tree but is on vacation where I am asking an account sitter, but you cannot expect them to be working as hard so I am trying to ensure that I am on track before I hand over.

    So I need roughly 5900 more (just past 8k and they instantly reward you with 100 gifts)

    Got 16 Elves, 4 presents, collecting 4 times a day = 256
    Will get 32 presents with all characters I have in the game (at this stage, I know there would be one or more that can work there), so = 128
    Neighbors max @ 120
    Feds, assuming max 50 a day (I never reach this many but try to look on the bright side)
    Daily Bonus.. well.. not too significant but say max 100 gifts
    Tunnel Bonus, 100 per day

    so that is 256 + 128 + 120 + 50 + 100 + 100 = 754

    that I would expect to complete in 8 days… it is expected that the Tunnel tasks would take out a few of my characters who can work at the toy store and otherwise be earning gifts and 50 Feds a day is an over statement. Also daily bonus is only 100 presents for day 4 and minimum is 5 for day 1, hence, it is very difficult for ordinary players to get the 750 on a daily basis throughout the event.

    EA should really allow more Springfielders to work at the workshop like 2013 where everyone can earn gifts for one task

    also the 128 I have got is an max number since I have got all the premium characters….

    I am also worried about very behind for part 2 where I know I will start at least 5 days late….. sigh…..

    keep up the good work though! thanks again

  12. Great post, Bunny – very comprehensive!

    So far, I’ve found this event very manageable…I don’t even bother to send my characters on those 4-hour tasks for a piddly 2 presents. I just make sure I hit all the 100 present bonuses and visit all my neighbors (leaving feds of course) and clearing right away the feds who come to my town. I don’t find I can do more than 4 collections (not sure how someone could ever do 6, unless they get up in the middle of the night!), but, doing what I’ve been doing, I’ve been tracking about a day or so ahead of the calendar for a few days now. So, I figure I’m okay!

  13. I am way behind I think. I wasnt spamming the 2 gift tasks till yesterday. I am at ~3300 and have earned all the tasks with bonus gifts. whats the odds of me finishing it all without donuts

  14. Currently at roughly 4700 presents, hopefully I will get caught up before the end of part one. Almost finished with tunnel 9 and 10

  15. Santa also eventually acquires other tasks, including what I’ve seen already — an 8 hour “drink at Moe’s bar” task for 4 presents.

    • Yah but not til a while…so it won’t help the prizes now. So left it out.

      • But that job got unlocked during the quest line “Jingle Bell Wreck” part 11, which I unlocked 2 days ago. So it can add up.

        • Wrong comment. Was responding to two at same time…lol

          Moe task IS listed already. Use it when you can. Santa has one more. A third. It isn’t unlocked yet…so wont put it here as it wouldn’t help

  16. Hey, I can’t get into my tunnels – is that because of the storm back West or something personal to my game? Any ideas? Everything else is working fine, though….

  17. I started out two days behind since I was locked out of the game when the update hit. I finally caught up today (just got 5600). I’ve been leaving 3 Feds per neighbor even after I collect my 120 gifts. When I come across a neighbor that is maxed out on Feds I skip them instead of tapping a building. I check on my neighbors twice a day so those I miss at night will get Feds the following morning. Hopefully more people will be neighborly and send those Feds so freemium players who are behind can get caught up. Every little gift helps! Happy tapping everyone! 🙂

  18. I have the feeling that I’m doing it wrong. Because I easily won so far all the prizes to the skin for the church (wait, except if the wheel was in there too and not in the elf tasks categoty) rather easily without even getting into my town everyday. This will surely backfire later, I’m sure.

  19. I’m at 7468 presents, should get the First Ever Christmas Tree tonight… So, confident I’ll get everything by the end of phase 1.

    What’s the “Ghost of Christmas Past” item you have listed?
    I don’t see it anywhere… Looks like Nativity Scene is the last personal item.

    And, is it just me or phase 2 items look kinda tech-y and maybe alien?
    Especially item 2 and 6…
    We did see Kang and Kodos in their ship at the end of the Xmas episode on Sunday…

    I think it bears repeating… Thank you Bunny, Alissa and Wookie for all your hard work; it’s greatly appreciated!

    • It’s the dreaded Holiday Wheel from last year. Smashed and broken…hence…Xmas past. Lol

    • It’s not just you. I too noticed the “tech-y” looking silhouettes on a couple of the prizes in Phase 2. It has me curious. I guess we shall wait and see.

      I too wondered about “Ghost of Christmas Past” in this post. Thanks Bunny for clearing that up. I wasn’t playing last Christmas, so I didn’t ‘get it’ until you explained it.

    • I funny know how he did it, but one of my neighbors seems to have hacked his game. I think of phase 2, the first item’s a sign. There’s also a purple ski lift, a game stop parody (sequel stop), a cabin that blows smoke out the chimney, and a train of some sort. Not sure how to describe that last one.

  20. 5 or 6 collections a day for elves?????????????????
    I think I’ve done well with 4 !!!!

  21. Thank you, Bunny, for taking the time to put this all together! 🙂

  22. How do you start earning Feds? I haven’t heard one mention of them, and I’m doing all the story line tasks..

  23. About 700 away from the first ever Xmas tree. Does the king winter quest line pay off presents? Still have the first 24hr task for homer to do but haven’t yet because I wanted to keep him earning presents

  24. I currently have earned 6692 presents.

  25. Hey Bunny, I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, either here or in a previous post, but in my particular game the task for Homer at the Toy Shop is to make “Sargeant Action Toys” rather than “Make Toothpaste Squeezers”. Have you or anyone else noticed that in your games?

  26. love love love all of the little extras this year!!!
    presents keep on rollin in, feds keep on rollin out, Santa getting smashed at Moe’s and i hear there is a Sexy Flanders costume in part 2!!! Oh Boy, i can’t take the wait!! It’s exhilarating!!
    you stay frosty springfield

  27. Didn’t understand the Math of the decorations.. 5 collections of 8 presents giving 20 presents? 2 collections of 5 presentes equals to 20 presents? Sorry if I’m being stupid, but thanks for another great post!!

  28. I think Feds are 20 max at one time, but if you clear them, you can have unlimited Feds (or as many as your neighbours give you) per day

    • Theoretically, that’s a potential of 300 extra presents per day, although most players don’t have 100 active neighbors who will all send 3 feds each. It’s important for everyone to realize there is no downside to using the fed button and sending feds when they are available — you get the same benefit as tapping buildings and your neighbor gets an extra present for each one!

      • Exactly! I bash the Feds button through my entire friend list, it’s also faster than looking for available buildings. I find it strange that some neighbour still tap on houses in my town

  29. 7024 right now on my account.

    I started up my wife’s account, she has not really played in months yesterday to see if I could get her the plunger (it’s that good to me).

    My focus for her account, which I’ll only log into a couple times per day is the tunnels.

    When you get them, you get more elves, which is like passive income from buying stocks. It also is the fastest way for me to get to the bell, which makes the elves even easier to play.

  30. Where do I get the “Elf Home” and the “Holiday Tree”?

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