Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 10

Now hopefully you all are back in your games now. Some of you may have to log back in again. In case you missed all the fun…SEE HERE! 😉

Hey All You Merry Grumples! 😛

Here we are again with the Elf Tunnels aka Santa Daily Tasks.

Santa 1

If you want ALL the details for Santa’s Daily Tasks aka Elf Tunnels (including Character Groups), please go to the MAIN Santa Daily Tasks Post.

Now for today’s Santa Daily Task. Just tap on the Elf Tunnel itself to be taken to all available Tasks.


Or tap on the Santa Daily Tasks Shortcut Icon in the top right corner of your Springfield. Santa's Daily Tasks Icon

Santa's Daily Tasks


Remember, if you have a task “stuck” or can’t get the next Tunnel to open try to go to Krustyland/Neighbors and back. Or exit out of game then go back in again. (It won’t let you start the new task until the other one is complete, this means to make sure ALL the money and items are collected.)

Here is today’s Santa Tasks.

Tunnel Task Length Character/Group
10 Make a Glutton Binge on Candy Canes  6hrs (x3) Glutton
Make Apu Stock Up on Candy Canes 4hrs Apu
Make Brainiacs Research Elves 4hrs (x3) Brainiacs
24 Hour Complete Bonus Prizes Options (The Game only picks ONE to give you)
100 Gifts Pink House Christmas Decorations OR Festive Candy Cane, 1 Elf generichouse03_decorated_transimage

Again, you have plenty of time for these tasks. The 24 hour timer starts as soon as you being the first task. You can still complete the tasks past the 24 hour time, but you will NOT get the bonus 100 Gifts. So I suggest plan ahead to hit the timer BEFORE 24 hrs if you need those Extra Bonus 100 Gifts Each day.

There you have it. A general idea of what to anticipate for the Elf Tunnel Santa Daily Tasks. Have YOU completed any yet? Get the Bonus? What do you think of it all so far? Like the gifts? Let us know below.


55 responses to “Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 10

  1. I don’t have the daily tasks at all how do I get it ??

  2. Level 10 not allowing me to send Lisa on brainiac portion of quest, is anyone else having this issue? I have tried leaving app and re-entering. Quest seems to want me to wait until I earn Martin which I do not yet have.

  3. I never got my extra elf and I am unsure about the 100 extra gifts. How do I go about contacting the EA? I already lost an extra six donuts during this event. I had to rush a tunnel because I forgot to plan it out. But when I looked at my donut count, I lost an extra 6. Did not notice at first till my sister pointed it out, by then over a day passed and now this.
    These two times are actually the very first problems I had with the EA since I started a year ago, besides an occasional “progress did not save on some other device”. No clue on why that happens, I only have Tapped Out on one device, my Kindle and have never logged in on another.
    Sorry for the ranting.
    Can anyone offer advice on what to do?

  4. Who are the brainiacs??

  5. I sent my 3 gluttons on their candy cane tast, when it was done i tapped on the thumbs up and now its making me do it over again with 0/3 18 hours remaining? Is their anyway to fix this?

  6. As these tunnels start at 8am GMT and my alarm is set for 7am GMT, I’ve got the bonus every day

  7. anyone else having trouble getting into the Tunnel task screen?

  8. Going to miss my bonus today. I started with 3 gluttons available, or so I thought. But Fat Tony doesn’t count! Wha??? It’s in his name! LOL, at least I’m ahead of the schedule otherwise.

    Also, does anyone else have a problem where visiting one particular neighbor’s town will *always* cause the game to crash?

    • Sounds like that particular neighbor is having issues not accessing their towns. When this happened to me, all my neighbors couldn’t visit either. As for Fat Tony, you’d think he’d be a glutton but I suspect it’s actually Fit Tony lol, hence the exclusion.

  9. I have looked, but can’t find anything on this so I’m sorry if you have already answered. .. so I noticed that santa can now be sent on a 4 hour task. However, he doesn’t show up in My list of people who are available in the top left corner when you are on your task assignments. This is really harder to explain than I thought it would be so i hope you understand. .. anyway, I’m trying to say that the only way i know if santa is ready for another task is to track him down and click on him. Is this right? Or is something wrong with my game? Thanks so much!

    • Santa is currently not linked to Town Hall or the Character Finder. If he stays after the Event…they may add him then. For now he’s a temporary character

      • Guess it would make sense for him to be temporary (and possibly be brought back next Christmas(es). Otherwise you’ll have Santa wandering around your town when it’s 100 degrees and that’s just a little weird!)

    • Eventually Santa acquires other tasks. I can also send mine to Moe’s Bar.

  10. When it comes to prices, what decides what prize you when? Am I getting the house decor because I don’t have them from last year’s event? Is there a way to get the secondary prizes later on? Any information is appreciated. Thanks

  11. Darn – the tasks aren’t stackable today. Oh well, guessed that means another late night for tappin’!

  12. Finished university for Christmas and now my days are planned around getting the 100 present bonus lol (probably are better things to focus on but hey ho)

  13. What time do these tunnel tasks start? I usually start at 6 am, when I wake up. Do they start earlier?

    • They start at 3am EST

    • They’re available at 8am GMT, which is 3am EST, which is Midnight PST; BUT, if your concern is the 24hr clock on tunnels, you should know that the timer starts when you initiate the first task of the tunnel, so you don’t need to worry about waking up earlier if you don’t want to (you could leave a tunnel untouched for days after it’s available, and so long as you don’t start the first task, the timer will still give you 24hrs when you do decide to start the tunnel).

  14. Festive… Candy Cane? You mean the really cheap non-unique lawn decoration? Odd prize considering that everything before has been unique and new! Oh well, It really is asking a lot to have fantastic prizes every single day for over 3 weeks! The Elf and bonus presents are the real prize today.

    Also, I just unlocked the plunger and I am SO happy about it! I am really looking forward to the write up about this little gem. =D

    • Well not everything…there was the nutcracker from last year 😉

    • Right there with you. Battled the Great Christmas Lockout of Last Night and then played feverishly to get through the tasks today and all I got was ONE lousy candy cane. I would have loved to have gotten a few of them, and since they’re not premium (don’t add to your bonus) I don’t see why EA couldn’t have given out 4 or even just one pair. All of the other holiday decorations (Easter fences, anyone?) came as a set of 3 or 4. I’ve played for a while so I already have some from years passed, but if I were just starting out and this year so far I only had the option to win ONE I’d be pretty bummed.

      Ditto with the nutcracker decoration, except I don’t like the aesthetic of that one as much so I’m not as sad about only getting one. 🙂

  15. Which characters are “brainiacs”? Hoping at least Lisa, Martin, and other freemium characters since I don’t have Frink.

  16. I’m curious. What happens to the prize option the game does not give us. Will they be available to purchase or win later? Just gone forever? Returned to the store for what we really wanted in the first place but no one actually listens to us and instead just gives us what they want us to have instead of what we actually to want to have and you know it is our present so it should probably be for us but isn’t because it is all about the gift giver and not the getter?

  17. with these daily tasks do you have to wait until the first task is completed before starting the next task, or can you pre-start a task early and time it so that it finishes after the first (providing it is an existing job).

  18. Thanks for these daily updates! Ensures I earn 100 gifts with every one. It’s nice the game tells you who works & in what order but until you start the second task, it’s hard to judge how long it will take and when you need the third character(s).

  19. At level 16 and my only “glutton” is Homer. No idea how I am supposed to make it in under 24 hours without donuts

  20. This is just cruel! If you are a low level player and dont yet have Comic Book Guy you will not get the bonus! Homer is the only Glutton, so that is 18h + Apu 4h, only two Braniacs, Lisa and Skinner so that is an additional 8h… 🙁

  21. Don’t miss your flight Bunny!!! I hope everyone got back in as for some reason my devices weren’t affected by the terminal crash. I think all the problems and glitches is coming from this event. What u think? Aww finally I am yawning insomnia sucks!! Goodnight/morning

  22. apparently willie’s unlocked job @ toy shop is not present today. Maybe tomorrow?

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