Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 11

Hey All You Merry Grumples! 😛

Here we are again with the Elf Tunnels aka Santa Daily Tasks.

Santa 1

If you want ALL the details for Santa’s Daily Tasks aka Elf Tunnels (including Character Groups), please go to the MAIN Santa Daily Tasks Post.

Now for today’s Santa Daily Task. Just tap on the Elf Tunnel itself to be taken to all available Tasks.


Or tap on the Santa Daily Tasks Shortcut Icon in the top right corner of your Springfield. Santa's Daily Tasks Icon

Santa's Daily Tasks


Remember, if you have a task “stuck” or can’t get the next Tunnel to open try to go to Krustyland/Neighbors and back. Or exit out of game then go back in again. (It won’t let you start the new task until the other one is complete, this means to make sure ALL the money and items are collected.)

Here is today’s Santa Tasks.

Tunnel Task Length Character/Group
11 Make Homer Shop at Kwik E Mart  1hr Homer
Make Willie Make Mini Wheelbarrows 4hrs Willie
Make Willie Pull Toys Apart With His Bare Hands 8hrs Willie
24 Hour Complete Bonus Prizes Options (The Game only picks ONE to give you)
100 Gifts Festive Fancy Lawn Bell, 1 Elf Tapped_Out_Festive_Fancy_Lawn_Bell

Again, you have plenty of time for these tasks. The 24 hour timer starts as soon as you being the first task. You can still complete the tasks past the 24 hour time, but you will NOT get the bonus 100 Gifts. So I suggest plan ahead to hit the timer BEFORE 24 hrs if you need those Extra Bonus 100 Gifts Each day.

There you have it. A general idea of what to anticipate for the Elf Tunnel Santa Daily Tasks. Have YOU completed any yet? Get the Bonus? What do you think of it all so far? Like the gifts? Let us know below.


57 responses to “Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 11

  1. I waited to start the task until Willie was free, so I could finish it within 24hrs. After Homer finished the first task, I found I had only 4 hours left to complete the task. How the hell did I lose 20 hours? I know for a fact the timer hadn’t started, since I always double-check before starting tasks. Has anyone else ever seen this bug before?

  2. Just completed my 11 daily task and my elf never appeared …I’m supposed to have 17

    4 from the start
    2 from the end of the week prize
    11 from the daily tasks

    Only have 16-.- very annoyed 🙁

  3. Well, I did the tunnel. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything for doing it. Oh well. :/

  4. How many elves is there given to you in total? I played everyday and if I recalled I got 15 yesterday (4 from the cave, 10 from Tunnel tasks and 1 for daily play combo). I just finished Tunnel 11 in 16 hours and I still got 15 elves.

    I’m very much ahead with the presents in conjunction with Bunny’s calendar but it just irks me when something’s missing in my inventory. 😯

  5. Homers on a task for the next nine hours so my timer for tunnel 11 hasnt started yet. Could I still complete tunnel 11 tomorrow, as well as start tunnel 12?

  6. In my game Willy makes “wee little tractors” and Homer makes “sergeant activity dolls”. I’m in Ireland, guess it’s different in different parts of the world.
    I just cleared cave 11 and got the bonus presents, but not the extra elf 😢

  7. Hey is there a glitch with the kwik e mart? I just noticed that it doesnt pay out any more

  8. Annoyed. Had Willie set up for this task, but when he finished, I guess it lumped him in with the other Springfielders who were already on task to make toys as part of Santa’s quest (part 12, I think)… so the tunnel task didn’t mark as complete, so now I have to restart it. At least it isn’t one of those twelve hour tasks! (Btw, I love the way they set up the clocks for the tunnels – I had such a hard time during the Stonecutter event because of the start time issue, but this is way more doable.)

  9. I expected a better prize than one they allow you to buy for under 500 cash they could at least give us a burning trash can or something!

  10. I just want the bonus 100 gifts, the rest is just lining for the bird cage.

  11. Is there any doughnut reward for completing Christmas quests this year?

  12. Why all these minor freemium prizes when there’s a much better solution? These days should allow new players to get the “secondary” prizes they missed from earlier tunnel days. Like when you could have earned the christmas skin for the blue house, or the broken holiday wheel if you already had it. Days like this should be a way for new players to catch up a bit. Speaking as someone who has pretty much everything from the past few Christmases, it seems like the perfect opportunity. I don’t mind getting these little minor prizes if it means that the rest of the community has a chance to get something I already had.

    • Definitely! Same here. I have finally advanced enough that I can buy decorations without cringing anymore, but I remember when just buying flowers was a stretch. Plus, if nothing else, this is one that I don’t have to pay for. 🙂

  13. Any idea why the Kwik e Mart stopped paying out?

  14. While I have to agree that today’s prize is less than stellar, and I admittedly have just purchased a bunch of these bells, I remember that not so long ago (I started playing during Valentines Day) I was still struggling to save in game cash to buy buildings to advance my game,and $385 was a lot to spend on a small frivolous holiday specific decoration. I would have been so grateful to get one for free! So in the spirit of the holidays, I’m happy for anything that EA is willing to gift me with, and happy for newbie cash-poor players that have a chance to win something they otherwise would not have in their Springfields. Secret Santa gifts aren’t always great, but its still fun to get them!

  15. Thanks!!! cave 11, youre going down!!

  16. Thanks addicts for all the info you’ve been sharing on the tunnel tasks. It really helps a lot!

    Kind of a weak prize today, hope tomorrow’s will be better. (Fingers crossed!)

  17. this morning i tried opening my elf cave/tunnel and it won’t let me into it. The icon in the top right just flashed when i tap it. Any idea how to fix this issue??

  18. Were is my agentbutton? I don’t have one…

  19. Did you see the grumple and ebineezer Scrooge appeared? Did I miss anything else?

  20. P.S. Just want to say “thank you” again for getting up at whatever ungodly hour you do to post these tunnel task posts… Checking them out is practically the first thing I do when I awaken, to make sure I get everything lined up just right for the day!

  21. I have to say, I’m disappointed that the prize for today’s tunnel is something that could also be easily bought with a modest amount of freemium $$. That doesn’t seem right, somehow. I’m especially surprised, too, since there are still several types out houses that don’t have lights right now.

    • Agreed. What the heck is that about.

      • I know. It’s even the cheapest of the two freemium decorations. At least give me a candy cane that I can’t buy in the store.

    • This would have been a nice opportunity to give out the DHW for those who didn’t play last year (or didn’t get the Blue House Decorations last year XD). Le sigh… oh well.

  22. The image and the name of the item seem to not quite match up (not here — in the tunnel in tsto), but either way it looks like it’s just one of the two items you can buy with in game cash. I’ve already bought about 50 of each, so this looks like it will be the first meaningless tunnel gift. Oh well. We still get the presents, elf, and ability to have Willy make toys.

  23. Really the only stuff worth this task is the elf and the bonus presents.

  24. Lawn bell ? Is that the one we can buy (not with donuts) ?

  25. Really? The ‘Festive Fancy Lawn Bell’ is the prize? I’ve already bought many of these as decorations for my town and bought some extras. I sure hope there is something different about this one than the one you can buy with in-game money for a few hundred dollars. BTW, in my game, they had the wrong bells pictured as the prize (it had the larger ones, but the description was of the smaller ones). If it is going to be the same exact one from the store since the event started, I’m going to be disappointed.

    Speaking of the store, I noticed a couple new additions in it. The Grumple and the Ebenezer Burns (skin).

    • I know. It’s not cool…but for 19 days they can’t all be super cool prizes.

      • But why couldn’t they cycle some of the other prizes back around? I wasn’t playing last year, so I’ve missed out on all of the prizes I would’ve preferred, like the Christmas Tree, the broken wheel, etc. To give us something we can buy for freemium currency, if we wanted it in the first place, is sort of them giving newer players the bird, like we don’t deserve the other things given for free to everyone else. They’ll probably be available for donuts later, too. Darn EA. 🙁

      • Yep. I know. At least the tasks for it are easy enough and you still get an elf and 100 presents for completing it within 24 hours.

  26. Great timing! My toy-making tasks had just completed and I was about to start Homer but wondered if I should wait until the morning. Thanks to you spelling out the timelines here I knew I was good to go for starting tonight and letting Willie work while I sleep. Thanks!

  27. I think a lawn bell is a pretty weak reward.

  28. Don’t we get the same bells from the store?

  29. Haha In my game willie has to make “wee little tractors” such a scottish thing to say!

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