Christmas Present Prizes: Breaking Down the First Ever Christmas Tree

Hey Howdy Hey My Elfish Tappers!

Well….unless you’ve been caught in a major snowstorm you know that Christmas has arrived in Springfield! A light snow is falling & Santa has arrived in town!   By now we’re all busy sending those elves and residents to the workshop to make presents!

With this event EA is repeating a similar prize structure to what they did for Halloween, only more prizes, and releasing the event (and prizes) in stages.  For the first phase, which lasts until Christmas Eve (12/24), you can win 8 prizes by collecting Presents.  The sixth prize awarded at 8,000 Presents is the First Ever Christmas Tree.  

2014-12-04 01.10.00

Let’s take a closer look at this first ever tree, and just what happens when you add this tree in your Springfield!

First Christmas Tree

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

Once you’ve collected 8000 Presents the First Ever Christmas Tree will automatically be awarded to you and you’ll see this popup:

2014-12-04 01.10.10

Much like Friendship Prizes, if you’re visiting a neighbor when you hit the 8000 Presents mark this message will still popup and your Tree will be waiting for you in your inventory once you get back to your Springfield.

The Christmas Tree will be placed in your inventory, so you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.  Just tap on the “use” icon to place it in your Springfield:

2014-12-04 01.10.13

Before you even place it in town…some minor dialogue between Lisa and Hank Scorpio will popup.  You will then be prompted with the task to place it and tap on it.  Here’s the full rundown:

First Ever Christmas Tree

Lisa: Just look at all these junky Christmas decorations!  Bland and tasteless, every last one!  This year Springfield should try different Christmas decorations.  Something more in the spirit of the original Christmas tree.
Hank Scorpio: The primitive Germanic warrior clans who gave us the Christmas tree often decorated with the heads of sacrificed enemies.
Lisa: You know, it’s very hard being an eight-year-old girl i this freemium game.
Place the First Ever Christmas Tree
Elf Ralph: YAY!  I want to be a Christmas ornament too!
Completed Task Earns 100 Presents and 10XP

So here’s the deal with the Tree:

-A decoration for Springfield.
-Does not add any bonus %
-Not animated
-Basically a tree version of the Christmas Float.

So that about covers all the details on this Christmas Tree!

What do YOU think of the First Ever Christmas Tree?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Where are you in the present prizes?  Many left to go?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I expect to get the nativity scene tomorrow, so of course I’m wondering what’s next. Do you think the next set of prizes will also be based on collecting presents? I’m trying to figure out whether to keep working the present collecting tasks hard to get a leg up, or to focus on some other things (like the new level).

  2. Like the Xmas Float, the Xmas Tree will serve a purpose (and then it gets stored away for next year in December). I’m just glad EA paid attention to the fact Tappers need Skins for certain Homes & Buildings we DO have (no spoilers, keep playing Elf Mine Quests Tappers & you will see!) 🙂

  3. Good morning info desk at team Simpson. I I have a question for you and you’re probably going to hate me for it, but it’s been bugging me. Anyways see I love the Simpsons and this game, I’m leaning as I go…. ( and I have you guys /gal’s to thank for the help when needed), anyways my question is how does the “Friends” thing work? What I mean is when I go to a friends town and there are different things to pick from, so my question is what buildings payout the most,? Which ones should I shoot for,? And what are some of the different insignias like the bullies heads, the golden ring, etc.. With that do you have any suggestions what do you think? What are the secrets… lol.

      • OMG I’M SOOO SORRY I didn’t even see those… it’s been a very glitchy day I feel like an ***. Again I apologize I was wondering what was going on cause you guy’s / gal’s do such wonderful work for us and you’re always helpful so it didn’t make any sense… Anyways again my apologies thank you for everything. Im a putz lol.

      • Ok. First of all Thank-you very much for putting up with me. And I apologize I don’t want you to be like aggh. But I’m just trying to understand , so I’m just going to ask one more time very bluntly and then I will leave it alone and I promise I will leave you alone and not ask anymore about this inquiry. Now I took all night and read all the posts that you left for me. And I found a very informative and I appreciate it, now I understand this about 60% and if you could help me with the other 40 percent I would be very happy. so I understand the feds 100% I’m pretty good with that, what I am really trying to understand is if I click on say an orange building house it pays me 250 dollars in my game now does it pay out the same dividends in my friends/ neighbors town along with the present XP points and FP points in my game? So if I have 0 dollars in my bank account in my game when I click on an orange house in my neighbors town does it pay out $250 in both townsx I would have $250 in my game, now ? Now the other question is sometimes I see that when I go to my neighbors town it gives me two presents instead of one sometimes….? Other times it gives me one present some money XP and FP points? Now if you can clear that up for me I would very very very much appreciate it and I promise to leave this issue alone and not bother you anymore about it I apologize I’ve tried understanding it through the different post and website different routes, so I really am not trying to be a pain in your ass and your appreciated very much for your hard work and I thank you and your team again apologize for dragging this on. But I’m just trying to understand, Thank you ahead of time.

        • The info was in the links I sent you. You will NOT get a standard building payout for visiting a neighbor and tapping on their buildings. It has nothing to do with what you would normally get in your town. The two are separate completely. It is a very small and limited Neighbor visit payout and is the exact same amount no matter what you tap on while in there… or during this event, what Feds you drop. Fed or Building pay the same in a neighbors. The payout to YOU will be the exact same amount every single tap/item. $15 & 1XP to be exact. If you tap all actions in the neighbors town, you also get an additional 25XP for completing 3 actions. You may notice a variation as YOUR bonus multiplier can impact the payout. But that is the basic amount.

          As you MAX out your FP, that amount will triple so you will get more (You will see a pop up stating you MAXED and are earning triple in neighbors). Also, when you MAX FP you will get a surprise Free Donut now and then if you visit all neighbors each day. It can pop out anywhere.

          The links I sent to you explain the limits of this event. The amount of neighbors you can get presents from until you hit your Present MAX. Then you get no more for another 24hrs. Regardless if it is Fed or a building it comes from. It is all the same. For THIS event, the best thing for you to do is to send Feds. So I suggest to go back to the post link I gave you on Visiting Neighbors for Christmas for the exact amounts we listed on the Presents.

          The same goes for FP, you have limited payouts per neighbors. Also another post we have on it. LOTS of info all over the site. All the same. There are MAX amounts to these extras and once you hit the MAX amounts, no more will pop out other than $$$ & XP.

          OUTSIDE this event, it is good for you to tap on a building that would payout the HIGHEST in town. You still get the same small amount for the neighbor visit, but you help them by making their building restart earning as soon as you tapped it.

          Hope that helps.

  4. I just won the first Christmas tree and the dialogue between Hank and Lisa started, but, the tree isn’t in my inventory. The same thing happened with Stewart Duck. I won him but he never showed up in my inventory.

  5. I love all the FREE items!

  6. Forgot to mention that it is huge! I didn’t count the squares, but it is nearly the size of a house!

  7. Just chucked it on a patch of snow, it’ll be put away after Christmas like many other decorations. Sure makes me love Ralph though! I hope I have a kid one day who is just like him!

  8. The flaming torches on the tree are also animated. 🙂 I kinda like it. lol

  9. I just got Bonestorm Santa this morning. Pretty cool but I was hoping he would actually have done tasks 😞

    • It would have been cool but based on his origin, I figured he wouldn’t. Actually surprised that King Winter had tasks but that’s the difference between free and not free I suppose.

  10. I thought it was very amusing and on point… So many people think of the Christmas tree as a big Christian religious symbol, without knowing its true history, from Druidism/Paganism to the ornaments originating from the gruesome practiced referenced in the exchange between Lisa and Hank.

    But they sure do look pretty! 😊🎄

  11. at least theres sound when you tap on it, the romans groan in harmony

  12. Ha ha. This looks great placed outside the barbarian castle…and fits in with that item.

  13. So po’d right now. Last night I had 40 (or 41, I can’t recall) donuts and now I just noticed I only have 7. No way I could have accidentally spent them. It takes me former to save up donuts for anything good. I’m so upset. Anyone else having an issue with disappearing donuts?

  14. Technically, it is animated. If you look closely, the eyes of the Roman soldiers blink. Which makes it all the more amusing: they are strung up there alive! 🙂

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