Level 48 Has Arrived! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well just when you thought it was safe to go into Springfield….EA drops LEVEL 48 in our Tapping devices!!!

2014-12-16 14.28.54

More details as we go through them…but for now know that Lisa kicks things off!  You’ll be asked to build Gold Navy.   Which costs $724,000 and is a 24hr build.

Details below the fold…


2014-12-16 14.30.17

Ahh that new Level smell!  Is anything better?  It’s even better when items appearing in the level are items our very own Wookiee predicted would arrive…or demanded make it into the game.  (Check out his post on Janey here & his post on Lurleen here)!

Anyway here’s what’s inside Level 48…


Gold_NavyGold Navy- $724,000.  24hr build.  Earns $35, 3xp/1hr. 4×5.  This unlocks Janey!

BBQBarbecue Pit- $100,000. Improves Vanity.

krusty_oilrigKrusty Burger Oil Rig- $8,000,000.  Improves Vanity.  This is an Aspirational Item…therefore it does not earn income.

janey_jumprope3Janey- Comes with Gold Navy


beer-n-brawlBeer-N-Brawl- 140 Donuts.  Comes with Lurleen.

Lurleen_guitar2Lurleen- Comes with Beer-N-Brawl

And that my friends is everything that comes with Level 48!

It’s a fairly straight forward level.  The standard 1 Freemium and 1 Premium character.  Nothing too crazy.  A nice Level to work through along with Christmas.  We’ll have  a Turbo Tappin’ up soon so you’ll know who you need to keep free and when…so it doesn’t interfere too much with your Present Collecting.

What do YOU think of Level 48?  Anything your really excited to see?  Anything that’s kind of a letdown?  Thoughts on it hitting during Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I’m wanting to put a source of alcohol by my strip joint, since that seems appropriate. I’m torn between ‘lotto and liquor’ and ‘beer and brawl’. I’d appreciate opinions on which to go with, and who of the two characters has better outside animations?

  2. Ok cool stuff. for lvl 48.
    I like there’s a freemium charachter as usal.

    Just hope level 49 doesn’t come too soon. I’d like to cap just so I can be at the stage where if I play reasonably I can also benifiet from those extra doughnuts as well.

    Maybe they should expand the water area so the oil rig looks cooler off in the distance.

    Happy early Festive tappings.

    • I put my oil rig near my seaside nuclear plant but I get ya that it would look more appropriate further out at sea. I’ll hold out for more land before more water though.

  3. What does the Beer-and-Brawl add as far as the Conform-o-meter goes? Gluttony? Consumerism?

  4. Do you know how much XP is given after purchasing the Oil Rig?

  5. So, I am curious about an item that suddenly appeared in my inventory. It’s a snow plow (blue, green, and grey in colour) and is called “Plow King’s Plow”. There was nothing before or after placing the item in my town that mentioned its existence. I also want to note that the game I’m playing is completely legitimate, and not modified in any way.

  6. Can’t find gold navy In my inventory I’ve got everything else in the update level48 expect gold navy can any help me thx

  7. The level update came just in time so that the game and I were in sync number-wise for one day. It was only a day though as my number changed today. Yep, The Simpsons and I share the same day, as it was on this day in 1989 that the first episode of The Simosons, ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” was broadcast. Unfortunately, we don’t share the same number. Happy 25th, The Simpsons!

  8. Tsto family. So would you spend $10,000 to get 203 Simpsons characters tattooed to your back look it up. The love is real.

  9. Thanks for the updates.I just have two questions: 1. When I placed the Barbecue pit there was a sound bite. Could you tell me what it was and who said it? I thought it was Lurlene, but it didn’t sound like her. 2. Does the Oil Rig go in the harbour or on land (or both?)

    • I placed it in my B town and the only sound I heard was the standard “da-duh” i.e. when buildings complete. Unfortunately, Lurleen isn’t voiced. The oil rig only goes in the sea.

  10. I always drop in feds if I can but when I can’t get back to the maxed out towns I will tap presents instead. Only way to let my friends know I’m still there
    Sometimes the game does seem to delay with the feds so I just assume everyone is doing their best and stay happy with all

  11. My App store is still showing no update & for 2 days now stuck with the bart screen of death. Again making me miss out on the bonus 100 presents, plus unable to visit neighbours. Feeling a bit sad not being able to play.

    • Yesterday’s update was an in-game one. You can try a full uninstall and reinstall to see if that helps with the Bart screen. If not the next step is to contact EA.

      • Thankyou Alissa, right after I posted my little winge I did another uninstall/reinstall, then I twigged it might be my wifi. I got a android tablet for my birthday which I now play on. So I used my mobile data from my phone to connect the tablet to the internet & bam working & quick. And that also explains why I couldn’t find update in store lol looking for it there because game not working thinking O had missed out on something. Thankyou for your help 🙂

  12. Will Gold Navy increase our Consumerism?

  13. A Level update is nice (since I’ve cycled thru Level 47 twice already)
    But I think it could wait until after the Santa / Elf Mine Quests (I’ve over 12,000 Presents earned, with 22 Elves, and will need Lisa to complete things) – 2 Donuts free (thank you EA for some Freemium surprises, now I have a reason to earn 8,000,000 Simpson Dollars)

    Squidport & Krustyland don’t look Festive as both are missing Xmas related content (hint hint hint @ EA) – Jingle Jangle Tappers 🙂

  14. I sent Santa homer on 24 hr task fly santas sleigh it’s completed but I don’t get a thumbs up to tap on to finish task. It jus sends me to workshop and homer says “hey” or ” what the” am I missing something ?! I need him free to finish tunnel tasks. 😕

  15. You know what I wish a level update would include? An updated “Other Springfield” It’s been fooooreever since it had a new one. I’m hoping they at least do a new one for level 50!

  16. After I have cleared my 20 Feds limit, exit games, and then come back again say 1 hour, I noticed I got some friends that still decide to tap my buildings instead of dropping Feds to me. Has this anything to do with the 20 Feds limit not yet reset? But then I do have say 6 new Feds running about.

    I am thinking if it is because the friend feels I am already too high in my gift points? I am now above 12000. These friends they should already be able to drop Feds based on their high gift points too.

    • I’m not quite sure why some people do the things they do. One day the person will send me Feds and he next day tap buildings whilst there are no Feds in my town. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the reset, because several times I have cleared all my Feds and soon after people have sent some more.

    • Do not make ANY assumptions about what your neighbors are or aren’t doing, fed-wise. I believe that there is a big and random time delay between what they do and what you see. For example, I have never once awakened after a 9+ hour overnight shutdown to find ANY feds in my town, although I do get them all day long. (And its not a time zone issue, as has previously been suggested, since I do awaken to a town full of handshakes.) So there’s obviously some serious disconnect in time between your actions (clearing feds), their actions (leaving feds, if it looks to THEM like your town isn’t “heaving,” which may not be connected to when you last cleared your town of feds), and what you see.

      It’s a bit silly to think that your neighbors wouldn’t want you to have any feds because of your present count…if nothing else, leaving feds is easier for them than looking around for buildings to tap.

      Best thing is to just do your thing (clearing feds when you get them and leaving feds for ALL of your neighbours whose towns aren’t “heaving”), and trust that most of your neighbors are doing their best to leave you feds when they can.

      • One of my neighbors is a RW (Real World) friend, and we’ve been talking about and testing theories with feds. Frankly, we’ve not been able to get consistent results as to when one of us clears all the feds, and when the other doesn’t see any feds in the town. Same thing with handshakes, by the way — we can see buildings ready to clear in our own towns, and they don’t show up as tappable in the other person’s town. It’s strange, though, because newly built or moved buildings seem to show up fairly quickly, while alerts that the other person visited our Springfield can be delayed quite a bit (but “can be” doesn’t mean they are always delayed, so go figure!)….

        (For those who wonder about such things, my friend is on an iOS device, and my current device is Android-based.)

        One other thing…. On more than one occasion, I’ve started tapping the feds button, only to have a building near that button register the tap on that building, instead of on the button itself, resulting in a split. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m confused (and if they’ve ever looked at my Springfield, they probably have no doubts on that issue…. :P).

      • I agree Sandra.

      • Thanks, etamni, for confirming what I had suspected! I would have loved to have been able to do a test like that myself, but I don’t have any IRL friends who are TSTO tappers.

  17. Not that I’m complaining, but is this level drop why I seem to have auto-upgraded from level 45 to 46? I had a bit to go but when I first signed in this morning the first thing that popped up was a level up box.

  18. My Christmas tasks won’t open 🙁 I’m on 15 its unlocked but won’t open and let me do them anyone else having this issue ?

  19. Random, but I didn’t know where else to comment: I’m getting a random error with my Writer’s Building. Every time I go to the game, there’s $150 waiting for me. I can go to Krustyland, come back, and another $150 is there. It never runs out, and I keeping getting the money, ad infinitum. No complaints, I’m just wondering: is it only me? (FWIW, I’m currently on Level 31)

  20. Level 48,in your inventory, anyone notice crazy winter cat house, not yet unlocked?

    • It is not her house. It is just the decorations. A “skin” for her actual house. You still need her house purchased first before you can put a “skin” on it. Similar to the “skins” for the Characters. You have to have the actual character first before you can get that additional “costume”.

  21. Anyone else getting crashes when visiting friends–especially when dropping Feds? Been trying all evening to get thru my friends in 2 games– get tossed out like a bum!

    • Is it the same player? Or all of them? I ask cuz two possible causes.

      If same neighbors…it could be THERE town.

      If all…then you have to look at crashing/lagging issues and causes. Like Memory drain.

    • happening to me too. both my towns, different neighbors even the “other springfield” crashed. I gave up collecting for it tonight. I logged back in a few times for it to crash again. crashed on feds and also when collecting from houses

      • I tested it on numerous devices and platforms and they are all having crashing issues when visiting other players, so it is not just you. Looks like EA needs to seriously look at allocating some more servers to TSTO. C’mon EA, I know you’ve got the money to do some proper provisioning.

    • I’ve been having this problem all week. Much worse tonight. 🙁
      Sorry neighbors

    • Bunny, do you not know your there, THEIR and there’s! 😉

    • I get it too. Seems to be when dropping the 3rd one. Only happens sometimes.


    • I’m getting the same problem. It’s usually only three friends out of a little over 50 neighbors. And sometimes I don’t have any problems at all. The weird thing is that I can’t see anything that would trigger the problem. They are all fairly big Springfields, but they aren’t the largest, or have the most premium items, or the most gifts, etc,

  22. Now that we have a new level, will you be doing that post again where you go through the buildings and multipliers that they now have (the price changes)?

    Wow, must be getting tired… That last sentence was not completely coherent, but, hopefully, you’ll understand what I’m taking about. (I think it’s Bunny who does that post, but I’m not sure.)

    • HAHAHAHHA yes. Random Changes. It is sitting in the drafts in wait actually. Had a few other main things to post, then I will put it up. In the meantime, just check out our Realty Guide page. I updated that too.

  23. Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place for this comment, but: Has anyone else noticed a glitch with the Writer’s Building? Since 12am GMT it has been paying out EVERY TIME I start the game or visit a neighbour and return. $$$

  24. I really wish it was Homer’s failed BBQ pit

    • I wish you could buy both. The one in game and Homer’s failed attempt with the kit from the episode where he becomes a ‘modern art sculptor’ by accident. (Aka by ‘pulling a Homer’)

      I know I’d buy one of each. (Watch EA add it, but the failed sculpture bbq kit will cost donuts)

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