Missing Zutroy Glitch

UPDATE BUNNY: EA is pushing out patches. Let us know if this helps and Zutroy is now in your Inventory. If not, hang in there for the next one. 

Hey there Hoppereenos.

UPDATE 12/21 @1247 PST: Wookiee popping in with info I just got from an EA rep.  They are well aware of the widespread issue of tappers missing the Zutroy character. Programmers are currently working on a fix and hope to have it out soon (i.e. within a day).  Until then, feel free to contact them and add your name to the forum linked in this post. Best advice is patience and yes I know it’s easier said than done. 

Bouncing in with another Glitch Issue many players are running into. ALL 19 Tunnels complete and accounted for, but no Bonus prize of Zutroy.


So you got all the 19 Tunnels cleared out of your game and won all the Prizes you could, but for some reason the Bonus Prize of Zutroy never triggered. Well here are some out of the box suggestions to try and correct it. It may seem tedious, but why not try until EA does something to fix it.


1: Go through all the Tunnels again. Tap on every single one of the 19 Tunnels. Open them, scroll through them, exit them. Make sure nothing was missed and everything triggered. (Even if checkmarked.)

2: Check your Task Menu. Go through all the tasks on the left side in the Task Menu. Make sure nothing says Santa’s Tasks. If it does, tap on it.

3: Put ALL Prizes Won in YOUR Town. This means going through EVERY Tunnel to see what you won and making sure it is live and active IN your town. So activate all those Christmas Lights, go through ALL your inventory, place every single item won out in your town regardless if you want it there or not. (If you have multiples due to won last year or bought more, make sure ALL are out just in case. Not a single one in storage.)

4: “KICK” the Game. Once all items are out, all Tunnels checked, then time to start some troubleshooting. Begin with going in n out of Krustyland and the Neighbors. Then try exiting the game and restarting device. You can even go as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you have an Origin Account linked. Just try all the basics to get the game to sync.

5: Check Character Inventory. After trying all above, double check your inventory for Characters just to make sure he wasn’t tucked in there somewhere.

My Tunnels now show at the bottom a message they are all unlocked.All Tunnels Unlocked


Zutroy showed up in my game pretty quickly after. Zutroy Unlock Screen


See if any of these steps help you out at all, if not….off to EA. Contact EA the same as you would any other issue. Keep them on the line if they say he is in your game now. MAKE SURE he is actually there and you can put him in the game before completing contact with them.

In the meantime….FIRE IT UP!! Here is the forum post currently going for this issue. Keep adding your info to it until this is fixed.



Let me know if any of the steps above helped out. Together we can draw attention to our game issues and get them resolved.


191 responses to “Missing Zutroy Glitch

  1. I have lost Zutroy, Sebastian, Artie Ziff, Kodos and Kang. EA told me to find the building that came with the character place in the inventory, log out and replace. This worked with Artie and Sebastian, but I don’t know what building came with Zutroy, (Don’t think he came with a building,) Kang or Kodos? If anyone can help me with this I would be grateful.

  2. Am I supposed to have the 1 hour task for Zutroy or does that come after the Bachelor Arm Apartments are built. And if I am supposed to have the task how do I get it?

    • Most likely after the Apartments are built. But it’s possible the questline has been pulled from the game since it’s a few months removed from Christmas.

  3. Still no Zutroy for this Kindle Fire user. I’ve been patient, tried re-boot/re-install a few times….still nothing. Finally contacted EA “tech support” chat which was an outsourced nightmare. Was told my issue was resolved and Zutroy would be in my inventory. He wasn’t. Contacted again and got told to wait while they researched my problem….then the chat was ended on their end minutes later

    would have been a 100-120 minute wait to get back on so I said F it

    It’s not even worth the effort at this point, it’s just super annoying. And no statement of any sort on the issues from EA…..while they happen to put Zutroy up for donuts in the store

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