Limited Time Items Redux

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

So EA is following tradition and re-releasing items from Holidays Past. What YOU will see up for grabs will depend on what you already have in your town.


You can see some of these items in the main Phase 2 post HERE, but here is a continuation of even more items. Some have dates so we know exactly when the go, the others…we are still looking into to see just how “Limited Time” they are as they have no timers.


charactersets_snowmonsterSnow Monster, 70 Donuts, NPC

Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_SnowmanSanta’s Little Helper, 20 Donuts, 0.75%  Bonus $$ & XP to all jobs, 1×1 Decoration

Tapped_Out_Snowball_SnowmanSnowball II Snowcat, 20 Donuts, 2.00%  Bonus $$ & XP to all jobs, 1×1 Decoration (Best Bonus Payout of the 20 Donut range)

Homer_SnowmanHomer_Snowman_MeltingHomer Snowman, 20 Donuts, 0.50% Bonus $$ & XP to all jobs

Lisa_SnowmanLisa_Snowman_MeltingLisa Snowman, 20 Donuts, 1×1 Decoration

Bart_SnowmanBart_Snowman_MeltingBart Snowman, 20 Donuts, 0.50% Bonus $$ & XP to all jobs,  1×1 Decoration

Marge_SnowmanMarge_Snowman_MeltingMarge Snowman, 20 Donuts, 1×1 Decoration

Maggie_SnowmanMaggie_Snowman_MeltingMaggie Snowman, 20 Donuts, 1×1 Decoration

Ice GodMelted Ice GodIce God, 30 Donuts, 2.25%  Bonus $$ & XP to all jobs, 2×2 Decoration (Good Bonus Payout)

ice fenceIce Fence, 1 Donut, 1×2 Decoration

Be aware, the snow people/animals WILL melt (see the melted versions next to some of them) once the event is over (at least they did last year). We do not know and will not know til the event is over if the Ice Fence will too.



icepalaceIce Castle, 120 Donuts, 11×10 Building, $55 & 5XP every hour, Multiple Tasks for Ice Princess Martin



ico_xmas_happyelvesride_mdHappy Little Elves Ride, 30 Donuts, for Krustyland Only, 90 Tickets & 30XP every 12hrs, 7×11 Building

heltershelter_menuHelter Shelter, 60 Donuts, 4×6 Building, $500 & 45XP every 24hrs

springfieldskatingrink_menuSpringfield Ice Rink, 85 Donuts, $135 & 15XP Every 4hrs, 11×8 Building

ico_xmas_springfieldmall_mdSpringfield Mall, 90 Donuts, $200 & 22XP every 8hrs, 12×11 Building

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_2Festive Bell Lamp Post, $385, 1×1 Decoration

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1Festive Bow Lamp Post, $385, 1×1 Decoration

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3Festive Wreath Lamp Post, $385, 1×1 Decoration


Most items do lose their snow once the Winter Season is over as well. We will know more once this Event ends just what will happen to each item and let you know. Just make sure if you see something you want that you grab it before it is gone…again.

Have you purchased any of these yet? Had some already? Like the Ice Walls? Let us know below.


91 responses to “Limited Time Items Redux

  1. Is there any way to save your meltable items? Like what happens if you store them while they’re still intact? If they melt, do you still get any bonuses from them? Will they “re-freeze” next winter?

    • They’ll still melt no matter what. It’s just coding in the programming. Yes, you’ll still get the bonus for them (as long as you have it out in your town and not in inventory). And yes they will re-freeze next winter 🙂

  2. I already had one Snowball II from last year, but I picked up five more. As you noted Bunny, it’s the best donuts to bonus XP/money value they’ve ever had. Just 20 donuts and you get a full 2%.

  3. Any idea what the melted Snowball II statue looks like? Or is that one new this year?

    • I just didn’t go back and pull them all. Similar to the others. Just a head. Santa’s lil helper is like his long nose poking out. I will update it a lil later.

  4. Thanks for posting the melted versions. It helps to visualize when decorating. They still look good except the Ice God, which u can’t really tell what it is once it has melted. The Ice Castle is really beautiful. I hope it won’t melt completely. 💎

  5. just wondering, is the skating rink or Springfield Mall a good donut investment or should I save them for a possible limited time character later in the event?

  6. ‘Best Bonus Payout of the 20 Donut range’ not only, but the best of the all bonus payout items, best ever % to donuts ratio in the game. I wish I have more donuts..

  7. I won the snow monster on the wheel of awesomeness last year, and I keep him working around town to tidy up (he doesn’t like graffiti). If anyone wants to save a few doughnuts you can always add me and tap away !

  8. Hi everybody! I only have a little question: will the ice palace melt (or look melted) after the event?
    I only have enough doughnuts for either the ski lift or the ice palace…
    Sorry I am sure that some of you asked the question before, just cannot find the answer.
    Thank ya 🙂 !

  9. I find it weird that the pets and male snowmen give a percentage bonus, but the female characters do not. EA seems to be a tad sexist… *raises one eyebrow*

    I really like the snow monster, but I can’t see spending the donuts on him. I bought the twonicorn for the same price, but snow monster doesn’t vomit rainbows…

  10. Those were great items last Xmas
    I wouldn’t pay donuts for them
    (they were free last year via completion
    of quests and/or group rewarded)

    Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get something from last year
    Tappers have plenty to obtain this year
    (besides , next year new Tappers have to pay their dues)

    Remember, have fun 🙂

  11. I cant do the computer has Internet quest or get moe or marge is my game not doing the quest right

  12. When buying the ice castle, the dialog made me chuckle. Do the files show another image for when the winter update ends?

  13. The ice sculptures only melt slightly and the percentage it adds to your conform o meter doesn’t go away. I’ve had them all since last year and I always see the sculptures half melted in the front lawn of the simpson house where I put them. Don’t worry, your donuts weren’t wasted. 🙂

  14. I’m loving the Ice Palace! So glad that they continued on with the Ice Princess Costume thingy questline for Martin. It’s been nothing but laughes for me so far, AND I can now treat Martin’s costume as a full premium character instead of half of one with only two unlocked tasks (stupid Stampy =P).

  15. Good thing i got the snowmen and the ice god from the last year for free,so i get a free xp bonus

  16. By “melt” they don’t mean disappear. The statues just look like a goopy mess when EA determines winter is over. I didn’t mind the messy appearance, so all the bonuses still worked over the summer in my town.

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