Weekend Update: December 28th 2014 – January 3rd 2015

1bottle of Bunny water on the wall

1 bottle of Bunny water

Take it down

Chug it down….

And hide the evidence before Bunny comes home….

Weekend Update Addicts

After last week’s update… Bunny hopped on in to bring you the details behind our newest contest..What’s in Santa’s Sack…  Have you been participating daily?

Now for this week’s fun…

SUNDAY: Bunny kicked off the morning with the Sunday entry for What’s in Santa’s Sack.


A Sunday wouldn’t be a Sunday without another Open Thread for all your random discussions, etc.  Alissa kept the tradition going of course.  We love these and hope you do too!


MONDAY: Bunny was a busy busy wabbit, as she brought us not 1, not 2…not even 3 but FIVE posts throughout the day…

She started the day out with Monday’s Edition of What’s in Santa’s Sack.  She was then all over new new limted-time items that popped up in our games for New Year’s, with a Limited-Time redux post.  AND she gave us another look at Giuseppe and Fireworks with the Limited-Time Redux Part 2 post…did you purchase any of the explosives?

Guiseppe avoid losing fingers 2

And of course she didn’t leave us hanging with Part 2 of the Winter Event info.  She first broke down the math of earning Elf Bells & then was back late in the day to give everyone a how-to on the Elf Zapper (aka the Bottler)

TUESDAY: Surprise, surprise…Bunny was at it again Tuesday.  I think someone added some Red Bull to her Bunny water!  She kicked the morning off with Tuesday’s entry into What’s in Santa’s Sack.  Are you getting excited for the winners?

She then gave us more details on the latest phase of the Winter Event…with the details behind the Cannon Levels Ups, what level is your Cannon?  And ever ready to “Storm the castle”…or EA…she broke down the details behind the two latest glitches hitting our games, Sideshow You and Kwik-E-Mart.

Elf Canon 3

Alissa then showed her “face” on the site and broke down not one but two of the Elf Bell Prizes.  Check out the details behind the North Pole and just how you can get the Elf Bottler in your Springfield.


WEDNESDAY (New Year’s Eve):  Bunny started the last day of 2014 here at Addicts started off with Wednesday’s chance to enter the What’s in Santa’s Sack contest. Which did you prefer…Coke or Pepsi?

Cool Homer enjoy Blue Ribbon

Alissa then closed out 2014 by breaking down another Elf Bell Prize.  This time she gave us the ins and outs of the Cannon Control Building.

And she brought us the very last post on Addicts for 2014…a look at some Flanders Eye Candy…as she broke down the pros and cons of adding Stupid Sexy Flanders to your Springfield.


THURSDAY (New Year’s Day): Happy 2015!  Addicts started off 2015 with a glimpse into our lives and a peek at our New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.  What are your resolutions for this year?


Bunny then hopped in with Thursday’s entry into What’s in Santa’s Sack….and started a worldwide search for just where she disappeared too!  (were you able to find Bunny?)

The day concluded with FREE DONUTS!  As Alissa gave us a look at how EA decided to start 2015…and free donuts for all! (Provided you could get into your game of course!)


FRIDAY: Bunny got the weekend rolling with Friday’s entry into What’s in Santa’s Sack contest.  Time is running out…are you ready for the winners?

Everyone’s favorite Fuzzball, Wookiee, pulled double duty Friday afternoon.  First he gave us a look at just where in the Simpsons history Stupid Sexy Flanders came from.  Then he broke down the other phase 2 premium item and gave us a look at where the Ice Castle came from.


SATURDAY:  This morning Bunny gave us our final shot at entering the What’s in Santa’s Sack Contest.  Be sure to enter before time runs out!

So what’s in store for today??  Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out!

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And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

34 responses to “Weekend Update: December 28th 2014 – January 3rd 2015

  1. My cannon is at Level 12- twelve elves per shot every 2.5 hours. Problem is, I never accumulate enough bottled elves for even ONE shot in that amount of time, much less the 3 shots available each time. I guess my question is… What is the point of increasing ‘elves per shot’ and decreasing the ‘cannon cool down’ time, without the elf-count to match it? Pointless. Why not just increase the ‘bells per elf’ so that there will always be enough elves for each shooting period?

  2. How are we supposed to be able to level the cannon to level 20 when they decreased the spawn rate for the elves? Less elves=less cogs=extremely slow leveling of the cannon. That plus the constant connection issues have me really frustrated. Part 2 of this event is awful.

  3. If we cannot make the bell quota for the last 1 or 2 prizes will we have a little grace period to buy them, like we ‘be had with Phase 1?

    I was staying at a consistent one day ahead of Bunny’s calendar for Phase 2 until they cut elf numbers to 6 per hour. Now I’m heading toward a day and a half behind and losing ground. 🙁

    Any idea why they gave us 15/hr at first and then yanked half away? Even if they’d reduced it by a third to 10 it would have been more humane..,

    I am very curious why EA cut elves down and by SO MUCH. It wasn’t the best PR move, especially given all the glitches throughout this event.

    Thanks for your wise words A, B & W. You are really awesome and thanks for all you do for us and the game!

    • Unfortunately not (at least nothing has been announced).

      I think people were moving too fast…similar to what they did with the elixir during Clash of Clones.

      And thank you for the kind words 🙂

  4. Just a thought have you considered a review of 2014?

    I thought it was a good year a lot of thought into the events WTC though a ski lift isn’t a monorail.:-( 🙁 🙁

  5. About ELVES, again! I NEVER got my 4 elves from the cave, every 8 hours, even when my town was cleaned up from them or had only one elf left after tapping!! Tapping on elf on top of cave shows NO result! As well, they are coming SOOOOO painfully slow or not at all for many hours! Bad,bad! Very difficult to play! :(( AND… on a lighter note, better late then never, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, all three angels! A warm THANK YOU and THE BEST for you and your families! :)) xxx

  6. The red sprinklie looks mighty fine! I really enjoyed the Santa’s Sack, besides the winning part- it was great to answer random questions and see how others answer them too.

  7. So just now i went to fire my cannon but instead of firing it just reset the timer. 🙁 I skipped a nap so i’d be up to fire it. Now i’m sad and tired. 🙁 was it because i have a handshake (from a neighbor’s tap on my cannon?) I tapped the hand shake and the the fuse, but no firing. 🙁 anything I can do to avoid thos happening again?

  8. I have not been able to get into the game all afternoon. I get past the login screen, it shows me the daily prize and before I can click it and claim it, it forces shutdown. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I can’t play it on my phone or my android tablet.

  9. Thank you Bunny, 🙂

  10. And to think Tappers couldn’t log into their game on 01/01/15 because of 10 Free Donuts (c’mon EA, its the 3rd year into Tapped Out, please don’t mess up, I don’t like losing Neighboreenos) ….

    The latest Quest has been funny (especially if a Tapperobtains Elf Suited Ralphie Wiggum) but obtaining Elf Bells isn’t so easy; since Tappers are ONLY rewarded via cannon fire (3 hours daily) & visiting Neighbors
    (maximum allowed daily is minimal , in my opinion) …

    But we’re all having fun, right? 🙂

  11. Ok super random… No way in h e double hockey stick am I making it to level 30 canon… Also I have an amazing glitch going on with my Lisa statue that I can place it on top of things… So I put in on my fountain in squidport

  12. Super tempted in getting Mr Plow! The 150% extra bonus is tantalising…

  13. stephane lussier

    Good question here, i have a little bit more than 1000 donuts thank to the girlfriend Xmas gift and Gill super deal. I never buy premium item, except i buy 2 at the Halloween event to help me.
    What will be the best thing to spend my donuts on (building and/or person ) and why not what will be he worst one to buy, lol.
    Thank you and happy new year.

  14. Has anyone besides me run into the problem of not getting the elves needed to fire the cannon? I have been having to miss a couple shots because I don’t get enough elves to fire my cannon. So instead of firing every 3 hrs, it has been more like every 9 hrs. Is that the way it should be?

    • Yes. If you are in your town every hour on the hour…you won’t ever keep up. You only get 3/30 mins. Allow them to pile up then fire if you want. That or fire with what you got, up to you. You don’t HAVE to have a full load. 😉

    • I have the opposite problem. I can’t seem to get below 200 elves waiting to be shot. The cannon doesn’t fire enough and upgrading the cannon isn’t helping.

      • emily, at what rate are you elves appearing (6 per hour? 12 per hour?) and what cannon level are you at?

      • I have the same issue, at the moment it’s sitting at 175 elves, my cannon is at level 10 and I seem to have endless elves spawning.

      • SB, I am at cannon level 11. I don’t know what rate the elves are appearing. I don’t have time to check the game every hour, so things build up. I know that my cogwheels are coming very slowly though.

    • I’m having the same problem-not enough elves. I don’t think we will have any problem getting all of the prizes, but it seems weird to be sitting around waiting for elves to show up.

  15. Oh geez I found little Ralph……….SIGH

  16. Not sure this is the right place to ask, but a few moments ago I got a message saying I go Little Ralphie.Or at least I think that was the name it popped up and off so quick?.So who is he?, and where did he go?? Even went to the town hall looking for little somebody?
    And….. while I am here, am having bell problems not getting as many as I should with my level 11 cannon and have not sine I hit level 9. I only get two. Nor, do I get any bells when I click on handshakes and after doing 25 of my 77 friends I no longer got any bells.. I shut down and thought that would fix my problem but Nope still not getting bells like I should.Thanks for letting me sound off.

  17. I am confused as well but….
    I hope Santa’s bag contains all the donuts he could not finish during his Xmas deliveries.

  18. I’m so confused??? Is that a good comment?

  19. Thank you Bunny for the tip on collecting elves.. I felt like I gain some extra Greyson trying to find them lol… Oh by the way I sent yall an email with a nice neighborly poem…. I hope yall get it this time..

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