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Christmas 2014 and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As Christmas nears an end in Springfield…it’s time to look back on ALL of the items that were added/at one time for sale through this update & try to make them fit somewhere in our Springfield.  Through the 4 weeks of Christmas there were 60 new/returning items available for purchase or to win…that’s a lot of stuff to fit into an already crammed Springfield!   With all of the new items  added to Tapped Out I thought now would be a good time to take a look at how all of these items impact the Conform-O-Meter ratings (especially since this might help you decide what to keep out & what to put into storage).

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Christmas event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, level 48 did though, it did bring us a ton of new items to add to our Springfield.  Let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating: Continue reading

Weekend Update: December 28th 2014 – January 3rd 2015

1bottle of Bunny water on the wall

1 bottle of Bunny water

Take it down

Chug it down….

And hide the evidence before Bunny comes home….

Weekend Update Addicts
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Weekend Update: December 21st – December 27th

Wow, wow, and wowza… Christmas Week is over!

Part II of the TSTO Holiday Event is in full swing…

Chewbacca presents are strewn all over the floor…

Anyone know how to get Cheetos dust out of fur?

Oi to the world and all my favorite tappers and addicts!  How the heck was your holidays? Get anything good from Santa?  Enjoying your game?  Since another week has come and gone in our lives… it’s time again for another Weekend Update to “wrap” up all the posts you may have missed or simply want to see recapped.  Our resident Lady Addicts are busy compiling all that lovely info you’ve come to expect so it falls to the fuzzball to let you know the latest from the past week.  Without further ado… let’s get to it…

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Weekend Update: December 14th-December 20th

I ain’t gettin nuttin for Christmas

Mummy n Daddy are MAD…REAL MAD!!!

I ain’t gettin nuttin for Christmas

Cuz I ain’t been nuttin but BAD!!!

…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😛

Weekend Update Addicts

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Troubleshooting 101- “Done” Stuck!

UPDATE: Getting scattered reports that many of these tasks are now starting to clear. I hope lighting the fire helped many of you out. Please let me know if many of you are still having this issue. Keep posting to forum and contacting EA as well if you are. 

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by to try and help out with an issue that is hitting all over the place. Many different results. Many different issues. All seem to revolve around one thing, the task is stuck on “Done”.


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Random Changes Level 48

Typical of EA fashion… release another Level into our games while we are in the midst of an Event. WOOHOO!!!


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Weekend Update: December 7th-December 13th

Bunny got run over by a reindeer

Walking out of the Addicts Office Christmas Eve

You can say there’s no such thing as Santa

But as for me and Wookiee we believe!Reindeer

Stay away from the Egg Nog Bunny!!!!

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Diary of a Wookiee: You spin me right round Santa right round

So I guess I should apologize first off if the title of this post got an awesome 80s song stuck in your head but I’m not going to.  First off I like the song and second off it makes me think of The Wedding Singer movie and that’s A-O-K in my book. How the heck are my favorite Christmas spy-catchers and elf-smashers doing? Enjoying all the snow in your towns?  You can ask Alissa and Bunny, I love when my town is full of snow.  Seriously take the time to scan your town for all the little details that go into TSTO Winter.  It’s sooooooooooo cool (pun intended)! Anywho… I was in the middle of doing Where Did THAT Come From posts for the 2014 Christmas Event and got to the destoryed holiday wheel and said to my self, “Self… you haven’t done a Diary of a Wookiee post in a while… maybe this new decoration would be the prefect excuse for some shenanigans?”

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Addicts Question Corner: Fed Detail Redux, Stuck Tasks, Crashing & More!

By Reader Request…we’re pinning this post to the top of the site for a short while so more players can see the details on Feds.  So if you have questions on Feds…this is the post for you. 🙂
12/9 update:  Today’s update added a locked task for Santa and  the Kwik-E-Mart now no longer earns a “tax” rate.  We think it has to do with done crashing issues and the ScratchRs.  We’re digging into this a bit further…but it is widespread.  Yea

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With a new event upon us…everyone has lots of questions regarding what to do and when. We do try to answer each one individually, but I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

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Weekend Update: November 30th-December 6th

1 little, 2 little, 3 little elves,

4 little, 5 little, 6 little elves,

7 little, 8 little, 9 little elves,

10 little elves are yelling at Homer….

Happy Little Elf 1

Uh oh..they’re drunk again…Watch out for the flying Candy Canes!!

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