Glitch Updates, Event End Date, And MORE!!

Hey there Hoppereenos.

Bouncing by to give you all some clarification on a lot of things going on within the game. Sit tight as I break them all down.


So many different things going on in the game and I am sure it is driving all of us mad. Lol. So I put in a call to EA to get some help. Spoke with a great Rep, Bill. He was very helpful and a pleasure to talk to. Love the reps on the phone. These are the results of our conversation…

UPDATE BUNNY: So I AGAIN called EA and all I can say is this… watch later today or tomorrow for a patch on the date. EVERYONE will know by then the End Date. 🙂

(Can I just say again, I adore the guys on the EA Call line. They are most kind and most helpful. Always fun chatting with them.)


Right now there are TWO dates in the game causing confusion of WHEN it will end. No worries. I got clarification on this from EA. Due to all the glitches and players shut out of game… they DID extend the end date. So if you tap on your Trophy Icon and go to the Personal Prize screen it will say roughly 3 days left (end date Jan 13th). EA knows players need more time, so they extended it 5 more days now making the End of Event January 18th. Giving you all almost an extra week. WOOHOO!!! To see the countdown (still not 100% if the info will change on Personal Prize or not), tap on the ? icon in the top right corner of the Personal Prize Pop Up Screen. It will show you the new countdown with the 5 extra days. See above. 😉

UPDATE BUNNY: As everyone can see now, EA finally pushed a patch on the date, though I am laughing it STILL says 2014. I guess we are traveling back in time now. I still see the 18th for a few things (not visible in the game) however Christmas Bell collection is now noted and listed in the game to stop on the 14th. So overall at least ONE more day to try for your Personal Prizes, which it seems many are getting or have already. So set your sites for the 14th for those Bell Collection items. To see all the extra items for donuts and info now available with the update… see the post HERE.



Personal Prizes Part 2

Personal Prizes Part 2 Countdown




As all of us are aware, there was a MAJOR Glitch during Gil’s Deal and sadly many players paid for but did not receive their donuts. Many of you contacted EA and were told to wait. In talking with the EA rep myself, PLEASE CALL THEM. They want to get this fixed for you. They are needing to do it on a one on one basis now. If you only have the chat option, request the chat rep set up a call for you (it is possible) otherwise keep trying at different times to initiate a call as those reps have MORE access to the games and can help.

To make the process go quicker, have a copy of your donut purchase receipt handy. Usually this is emailed to you from the App Market you went through to make the purchase. Here is an edited copy of mine to give you an idea what one may look like from iTunes. Not the entire thing…but it will let you know what to look for and what they are going to be wanting. Your TSTO account info for the game the purchase was made from will usually be on it.iTunes Receipt


Once you open a ticket/case # with them, you can go back to the help page and attach the file to the case #. Here are some images to give you an idea of what to look for. Yours may vary depending on your region, so just look for something similar for you. Mine is for U.S.A.

Go to the EA Help site and look for ACCOUNT. Once you tap on it, you will see a drop down of many options. Look for MY CASES and select it.EA Help My Cases


This will then take you to a screen with all your current cases. Closed, pending, open, etc. Find the one you just made for the Missing Gil Deal Donuts and select it.EA Help My Cases Case #

You will then see the Case itself. If you scroll down a little bit, you will see the option to ATTACH FILES. Select it and follow the steps to locate a copy image of you receipt of purchase from your app store and attach it directly to your case. (This helps with pretty much ANY issue as they can visually see what is going on.)EA Help My Cases Attach File

Once the EA rep sees the receipt, confirms it, and verifies your TSTO game did NOT get the donuts, they will be able to correct the error for you. Again, this is usually best done with a rep ON THE PHONE, so try as hard as you can to get that option. They have the access needed to get into your game and get the donuts added.



Zutroy 1

For those that STILL have not received Zutroy after completing all the Elf Tunnel 19 Tasks, please first check your Inventory to make sure he is not there. If he is not, then reach out to EA. Same as above, PHONE CALL is best as they are more likely to have the access to put him into the game for you while you are on the line with them.



Elf Tunnel and Cannon Handshake

Several players are having the issue still with the Elf Cannon losing the 3 shots if a Handshake is under the Fuse Icon for the Cannon. Most players state they tap on the Cannon and both the Handshake from a Neighbor as well as the Fuse Icon disappear. Essentially taking away those 3 shots they should have been able to fire. EA rep was not able to recreate this issue and it is being passed on to be looked into further.

If you are having this issue, please reach out to EA BEFORE clearing that handshake and try to get a PHONE CALL rep from EA. This way they can go into your game and tap on the Cannon to see if they run into the same issue. Also, if this has caused you any Bell loss they should be able to help with that as well. Just let them know.



Elf Tunnel Ready to Tap

Seeing many readers state that they go to clear the Elf Tunnel but are not getting the 4 Elf payout from it.

Let’s first make something very clear here in case there is any confusion on this. 99% of the time you will NOT see the Elves being released. There is a reason why… they do NOT pop out of the Elf Tunnel. Instead, they actually come crashing down in bottles out of the sky in random spots in your town. The bottles hit the ground, shatter, and the Elves burst out and take off. If you are lucky to catch a glimpse of this, it is quite a cool animation to watch… fast too (this happens when they spawn as well). So don’t be watching the Elf Tunnel for the 4 to pop out as that just won’t happen.Elf LandingElves are random, that means they can be anywhere in your town. Even hiding behind buildings and decorations, so they may be there…but you may not see them.

If after all this you still believe you are missing Elves from the Tunnel and not getting the 4, please reach out to EA.




Every now and then you can get a Random Donut from clearing the Neighbor Handshake from your Elf Tunnel & Cannon. They are rare, so getting one is sweet. Mmmmmmm Donut. Now for some reason when you are lucky enough to get one, it adds to your game… but then… for an odd reason… it just goes away. Whether during a trip to Krustyland or leaving the game and coming back later. (I had this happen in my game too.)

If you run into this, please let EA know right away so you get your pink sprinklies earned. (The are looking into it in the meantime.)  Same as above, try a PHONE CALL option.




This is an issue ongoing for a very long time now. They are very well aware of it and continually making changes and trying things to get this to work better. Mainly, it seems players are hitting this part of the Walk throughs and sidetracked. Mostly by an event. So the Character flow is broken and the Characters normally trigger the needed tasks are pulled away for other things. It’s the trying to get back on track that gets it stuck.

We have many options to try to see if you can trigger the General Hospital build. You can see those here.

So if you try everything there and STILL no luck, just as above… reach out for a PHONE CALL to an EA rep to see if they can get you back on track.


Those are the main things we are seeing in the game. Mainly, if you are experiencing an issue try some Basic Troubleshooting to see if that issue will be resolved… and if no luck, Contact EA for further help as they are only ones with ability to go into your game.

For Sideshow You Balloon Pop & Kwik-E-Mart… look here. They are both known and both being worked on.

Let us know if this helped you out. If you had these issues, how was your EA experience? Did you try more than once? As always we are here to help all we can.


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  1. Is anyone else having problems with the building/placing the “abandoned warehouse” task on Baking Bread Pt. 6? I am the correct level (49), have sufficient funds to buy it (currently at 2,466,702), and have plenty of real estate to place it. Notwithstanding, it won’t go to “green” for me when I place it in a completely empty square. Help!!

  2. There was a huge update (200+MB) and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed except there’s a new offer from Gil. Why such a large file?

    • Were you changing over from Christmas still? The initial update to remove Christmas is MASSIVE because they have to put every building back into your Springfield, but this time with out snow. So it’s a huge update. The one for just Gil was much smaller…

      • Yeah, it was from Christmas. I just wonder how large this file is going to get.

        • It gets pretty bloated when there’s an event going on. Just the basic file is massive, remember it’s been around for 3 years almost so there’s a TON of content packed into that app.

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