Diary of a Wookiee: More Dialogue Speculation/Potential Spoilers?

Hey hey hey Addicts!

So it’s late-ish in the evening and I was pottering around the mass screenshots and dialogue I save when I realized it’s been a little since the last time I threw out some speculation on the site.

EA sometimes throws out little items in their dialogue boxes that get all us nerds frothing at the mouth for potential new items.  Could they be showing us glimpses of the future?  I figured it’s no fun to have all these thoughts and questions up here in the attic so why not share.  If you’re curious, go right on ahead and click for more.

Wookiee Attic

So first up, new characters.  I’m sure you all noticed Mrs. Lovejoy and Lindsey Naegle in the dialogue if you bought Stupid Sexy Flanders.

Spoiler Dialogue

Oooohhhhh… more ladies for the town.  It must be said that Cookie Kwan showed up way back for the Level 34 unlock screen though and we still haven’t seen her.  My good bud Drew Dabble also pointed out Cookiee appeared in Zutroy’s dialogue so maybe we’ll finally see her too?

Cookie Kwan TSTO Dialogue

In case you missed it, none other than Wendell Borton was also mentioned in Martin’s Ice Princess dialogue after purchasing the Ice Castle.

Spoiler Dialogue 2

You may know him as the kid who throws up in the bus.  Since the addition of Great Wolfcastle brought us a “More Kids” character collection, maybe he’s slated to join us somewhere in the future?  Maybe Mrs. Lovejoy will think of the children and Lindsey will protest against them with Wendell caught in the middle.

(NOTE: There’s also room in the “Barflies” and other collections too so no need to hold your breath for poor Wendell.)



Of course, the Apu’s octoplets appeared in a dialogue bubble too.  Me thinks we’ll only see them during Apu and Manjula’s tasks a la Maggie but who knows.  We did get to birth Spucklers.

Spoiler Dialogue 5

I really think that dialogue sums up me whenever I speculate about future TSTO stuff lol.  Here’s some other dialogue which I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Spoiler Dialogue 4

Of course, these are just funny bits and probably just as likely as the following:

Spoiler Dialogue 3

Funnily, the Steelworks Sausage Fest really got me wanting the Ajax Steel Mill but that’s also probably because I love the “Homer’s Phobia” episode and think its addition could have some hilarious Smithers and Dewey involvement.

Suffice to say, I just felt like sharing and I know some of you addicts like speculation.  In fairness, we never saw any of the items I speculated about from the Level 42 dialogue so take all this at face value.  I’m still waiting for Senor Ding Dong, Babe Judith Underdunk and Rabbi Krustofski.  Speaking of we got the Stonecutters but never a proper Sideshow Bob or monorail or cars on roads or…. well, you get the point.  Only EA knows what’s on the horizon but as long as it’s there, I’m a happy fuzzball.

Feel free to chime in below with any speculation you might have or items of dialogue past you’re still pining for.  What do you think of it all?  If nothing else, you got to see a couple bits of dialogue you may have missed or tapped right on by.  Y’all stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

43 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: More Dialogue Speculation/Potential Spoilers?

  1. Three words: “Guatemalan Insanity Pepper”

  2. I know there has been a few like it, but the Maison Derrière would be cool. I wanted that more than the other ones that we did get.

  3. Rosco in the gay steelmill please!

  4. I really want the She – She Lounge

  5. I’ve been waiting for a Mrs. Lovejoy for a long time… Need more non-premium women characters. Maggie should also be an unlockable character with her own tasks. Never gonna happen though….

    I’m also really hoping for a Springfield Tar Pit decoration so Stampy can have more stuff to do.

    And maybe a “smoke cigarettes” task for Mr. Teeny or something to do in Krustyland because I hardly ever do 12 hour tasks and Mr. Teeny just roams Springfield and his icon in the corner bugs me.

  6. A level introducing a playable Sideshow Bob and his brother would make me SO happy. I sense it’s highly unlikely but if they were voiced by kelsey grammer and David Hyde pierce as well…that would make my year!

  7. More Land!!!!!

  8. i’m actually surprised there wasn’t an update this past week. They’ve been averaging about one every 2 weeks…

  9. I really want Grady and Julio to come with the steel mill, or maybe the character John Waters voiced (I can’t recall his name). The LGBT Springfielders need a place to hang out.

  10. I get the feeling the next update will be for a new episode tie in

  11. I would like to get Bender (if only as decoration for the Simpsons house basement – but to place outside, as we did with Mayan statue head).

    • I’d love to see an update that connected the Futurama world to Springfield (like the Krustyland bus, but a time machine instead). That way we could earn all the Futurama cast. That would be a fun way to extend the shelf life of the game.

  12. The octuplets are in the game already……….but even as NPC running around town preferably in a line.

    Good post but EA promised monorail last year and SSB still waiting.

    What is needed is more land as I’m most upset at losing some of my designs to accommodate new buildings…….

    • EA never really promised anything, it was more of a tease as Wookie has said. Who knows, maybe they tried ti incorporate it, and felt it was too difficult to make work etc. Never knows what goes on behind the scenes. 😉

      • Homer spoke the words at NewYear 2014….a resolution is a promise in my book.

        Everything else but these happened.


  13. My speculation is that ea are going to do something in three days to let us work on fully upgrading the cannon

  14. I’ve read that Ruth or Laura Powers show up in one of the older trailers for the game. Any truth to that? And do you think they’ll show up at some stage?
    I think Laura would be a great addition come valantines day, being Barts first crush and all.

  15. Hey guys! Don’t know where to ask this question… I just went to a new post…as of date! 😜 I am unable to delete or build roads, bridges and all the like. It’s has been since the beginning Xmas quests way back when in 2014! I have a lot to me Springfield… I don’t want to hoard in the box or elminate what I have to build roads…I already have had to trolley around in already placed building and rearrange…I should not have to do that….any insight will help! I’m an up to date player and donut crazed….

    • It really sounds like your town might just be too full. I ran into that when I pushed the decorations/buildings limit. It started first taking F O R E V E R to just place one piece. Then almost nothing. I had to store a lot of items. Even uninstalled and reinstalled app.

      Try tucking a few things away. Keep the memory drain lower. Use good signal to play on. Let us know if that helps.

  16. Still really want Sideshow Bob (and his family, but I’ll take what I can get). But yeah more lady folk in Springfield would be great. Wish they could get them voiced too. That OTHER game is able to get random celebrities, would think the Simpsons could negotiate with Maggie Roswell, Russi Taylor, etc., voice actors from their own stable. :-/

  17. Great speculation post 🙂
    Didn’t Cookie Kwan show up in Zutroy’s dialogue?
    Off topic, but I also wanted to mention the MythBusters/Simpsons episode that airs tomorrow (Saturday) night 9pm eastern US time…

  18. Any of those mentioned would be a great addition. I really would love Helen and Jessica as a combo couple with the Lovejoy household.

  19. Imagine if the octoplets are brought in Spuckler fashion: one kid every 3 months or so. …
    Gah! That would take 2 YEARS for the entire Nahasapeemapetilon Brood!

  20. Whatever happened to the monorail we were promised? I was searching through the TSTO website hoping to find the dialog where they were indicating all the things that were supposed to come out in 2014

    • They mentioned Stonecutters, Monorail and a proper Sideshow Bob. It wasn’t a promise… more of a tease but when the Stonecutter event happened, folks took it as gospel. My furry fingers are still crossed for the monorail but dang it if my fingers aren’t getting tired. So hard to type too lol.

    • Im still hoping for the proper version of Sideshow Bob. Every update that hit last year I had my hopes up but now I think EA was just messing with us on that one.

    • I’ve been wondering if one of the reasons we haven’t seen the monorail is because having it without having Lyle Lanley pop up wouldn’t make it seem complete, and Lanley was voiced by the late great Phil Hartman. Unless they have changed the way they do things in the past several seasons, they have stayed away from featuring Hartman’s stable of characters after his death out of respect for him.

      • Actually, I think it would really *honor* Phil Hartman to bring his characters in…to me, they’re part of his great legacy! (I really miss him… It was so said how early, and how, he died.) And he had so many great characters, too! I can’t imagine that he’d want them all to die with him.

      • You might be right about using Phil Hartman’s characters. There may be some legal hangups as well. Would love a Lionel Hutz or Troy Maclure character but obviously they couldn’t use anything but old recordings. Would love them to come out with a monorail…in the meantime, I built my own with the Choo-choo Choose Me train, some Fleet-a-Pitas and some walls and wooden benches.

      • Excuse my naivety but even though an avid (be that older series, not quite up to date 🙂 Simpsons fan, are there any voiced characters they have included which aren’t part of the last three years or so worth of actors?

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