Where Did THAT Come From – Tropical Island & Small Islands

How y’all doing? I’m back for yet another origin post from the 2014 TSTO Christmas Event. With new stuff comes my promise to let you know just where the items come from in The Simpsons universe. For this edition, we’ll take a look at the Tropical Island and Small Islands.

Tropical Islandsmallisland02_transimagesmallisland03_transimage smallisland01_transimage

So the Tropical Island becomes available as our 8th Phase II prize once tappers collect 22,500 elf bells. The other three are $10,000, 30 donuts and 90 donuts respectively.  Seems an archipelago wouldn’t fit in with The Simpsons but it does actually. To find their origin, we head on over to yet another Simpsons Christmas episode, this one aptly titled “Simpsons Christmas Stories” (S17:E9).

This episode is another three-part holiday episode. In the second segment titled “I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus”, we discover Grampa Simpson is not a Santa fan. In fact, he’s setting a bear trap on top of the chimney. It all goes back to Grampa’s service during World War II. Grampa was a fighter pilot in the Pacific Theater. Mr. Burns was his tail gunner and they were shot done by Japanese Zeros and crash landed on a tropical island. They find themselves there during Christmas.

Tropical Island

Burns sees something in the sky and mistaking it for enemy aircraft, shoots down Santa Claus instead. Grampa and Burns rebuild Santa’s sleigh using aircraft parts. Burns steals it but thankfully Grampa is able to stop Burns by following on Prancer.

Tropical Island Santa

The sleigh is returned to Santa but he never returns for the downed airmen, hence Grampa’s grudge against the jolly fat man not named Homer. Best part is the episode rounds out with Santa appearing proving it’s not just one of senile Grampa’s far-fetched tales.

Tropical Island Santa 2

So the new decorations are islands with a sleigh, presents, and plan parts crash landed on them.  The tropical island also has WWII airplane wreckage in the water. I think they are a neat way to pay tribute to Grampa Simpson’s service. While I’d say pass on the premium offerings especially considering they have no bonus multiplier, the prize and freemium island are a cool addition to the waters of your Springfield.  What do y’all think? Hopefully lots and lots of tappers earn enough bells to add the tropical island to the waters of their towns.  Until the next post… stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Tropical Island & Small Islands

  1. Thanks for your honest assessment about whether the premium islands were really worth it. They were really tempting. I probably would have bought both if both were 30 donuts, but they seemed like a package deal, and they didn’t seem worth 120 donuts.

  2. Main island has Bobo on it!

  3. While the islands are pretty neat additions to the shoreline, the two premium islands are IMHO insanely priced. They should at least have thrown in some bonus multiplier to make them worth it. I’m fine with just the prize and the smaller $ island.

  4. I love having lots of islands in my water now!

  5. Thanks for the background info on the islands. It’s too bad there wasn’t any sort of in-game lore/questline that reviewed the story behinds the islands. I did like the “reason” why the islands weren’t snow covered like the rest of Springfield. LOL

    Still, I bought them all (several of the freemium ones, in fact), and have them displayed near my lighthouse. They look great!

  6. I’m not gonna make it. I lose a day or 2 as the event launch updates aren’t available for my device when it comes out for others . Don’t know if it’s because I’m in Hawai’i, because I am on a Kindle, or both. I was also part of the thousands who couldn’t log in for almost 24 hours when part 2 updated. So… the question is, what does the Tropical Island have to offer other than being cool looking? Would it be worth the donuts? Don’t need vanity or tree hugging etc.. stat boosts.

      • Thank you Bunny for the link/info! 🙂 You’re so PAWSOME ! =^··^=

        Etamni… Yes!! I was so happy to get Elf Ralph!! He needed more quest time options! Thanx I’ve been tapping away just In case! Wish me luck 🙂

    • Kala, IMO the elf skin for Ralph was the best prize of part 2 of the event, but other people’s opinions may be different. Keep playing however as it looks like the event is going to be extended.

    • Hi, I live in Hawaii as well. I was able to finish the second half of the Christmas update. I have had no problems getting the updates on the day they are supposed to be available. We are about 6or 7 hours behind them. But I notice I still get them at the about same “time”. I also play on one of the older Kindle Fires and have had no problem getting the updates at the same time as I do on my phone…For you question about the prize, I would say that the Island is just a cool additon, but doesn’t do much except add decor.

  7. 90 donuts for a teeny island that is only a vanity item? Waaaaay too much. At least the 30 donut island helps tree-hugging and isn’t too outrageous. Plus like many folks, I’ve loaded up on a bunch of the $10k freemium islands.

  8. Thanks Wookie. Seventeenth Season, ninth episode. For those that may use FX to watch it now!

  9. Thanks Wookiee! I bought a bunch of the freemium islands and placed most of them in storage. Who knows what use they might have, but they weren’t that expensive, and they won’t be available again, so why not.

    Happy Tapping everyone


  10. I remembered the main island but not the small ones. I think they made those ones up?

  11. I guess I missed the episode. Don’t remember it. Thanks for the post, I got it and I was wondering where it came from. As usual, thanks Wookie!


    PS. What would I do without this site?!

  12. Maudlin Monarch.

    Aha! Now it makes sense!
    Thanks Wookie!

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