Last Call For Christmas Items

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Christmas Event is winding down…and one thing we know for sure is all of the Christmas items in the shop will leave come tomorrow morning.  So make your final decisions before time runs out!

Let’s take a look at what items will be leaving the store in just over 7hrs from now (3am EST, 0800GMT)….


New Stuff…

Ice Palace- 120 Donuts.
Should I Buy Post here
WDTCF here

Ski Lift/Stupid Sexy Flanders- 150 Donuts
Should I Buy Post here
WDTCF here

smallisland03_transimageSmall Island- 30 Donuts
Should I Buy Post here
WDTCF here

smallisland01_transimageSmall Island- 90 Donuts
Should I Buy Post here
WDTCF here

smallisland02_transimageSmall Island- $10,000
Should I Buy Post here
WDTCF here

Returning Stuff…

Returning items and their Should I Buy info can be found here

springfieldskatingrink_menuSpringfield Skating Rink- 85 Donuts

ico_xmas_happyelvesride_mdHappy Little Elves Ride- 30 Donuts

ico_xmas_springfieldmall_mdSpringfield Mall- 90 Donuts

charactersets_theyesguyThe Yes Guy- 100 Donuts

Holiday_TreeHoliday Tree- 75 Donuts

presentdepot_menuPresent Depot- 50 Donuts

ico_xmas_elfhome_mdElf Home- 60 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Krusty_Themed_Totem_Pole_snowChristmas Totem- 50 Donuts

Note the Christmas Lamps could also be leaving….(while there’s no timer on them, it’s better to be safe than sorry)

If you’re thinking about making any purchases, be sure to make your final decisions before they’re pulled from our games.

Remember…they leave the stores at 0800 GMT (3am EST) on 1/13/15.  

What were your thoughts on the premium items up for sale?  Did you make any purchases?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Last Call For Christmas Items

  1. The Yes Guy was a funny Freemium Character (I don’t think He, or most of the Premium Items, are worth the donuts, except the Elves Ride for Krustyland – cause a Theme Park needs Rides & Characters visiting Krustyland get to ride it) 🙂

  2. So after an update, my game is now showing an extension of 1 day and both countdowns match. But the actual date on the countdown is January 14th, 2014, so I guess EA’s date proofreader was asleep at the wheel.

    If this is the final be all end all date, I am kind of glad that people will have an extra day but also kind of glad it’s not going to go on another 5 days.

  3. Following the patch all the items that disappeared at 8AM GMT are now back in the store.

  4. So it’s been extended for a day and I have 800 bells to go. Could be tricky with 10 friends playing this update but challenge accepted.

  5. With just 2 hours to go to get the last 200 bells I need for the Tropical Island, I just opened the game and now it says “1d 02h 46m.” I guess they added a day? Can you confirm?

  6. I just got the island last night with 12 hours to spare on the old timer, first time I’ve got the top prize in an event, I’m a freemium player and play twice a day so even with the connectivity issues most players will probably have the island prize in around 2 days , ok here’s the problem ea have given us no further reason to keep tapping elves and firing the cannon, there’s nothing to buy with our bells and cogs,I’m not going to waste my time tapping elves for no reason they can just float around my town until this disappointing event ends, in coc I kept collecting (sending nerds to attack) so I could buy more castle walls etc, Halloween event I kept tapping rigellians so I could get another hut and more rigellian shrubs, worst event ever, I don’t even think I will play for the next 5 or 6 days as there is no point , I think as an apology for worst event ever and ruining a lot of people’s xmas by taking real money and not delivering donuts stressing people out and making them waste time trying to contact ea when they should be enjoying xmas you should give away santa for free, I didn’t buy donuts nor did I have connection errors I’m just speaking up for those that did anyway Springfield see you in about a week when this pointless event is over

    • Though I feel for those that had issues during the event let’s be careful what we call the worst event ever. The prizes weren’t bad, you can get extra donuts when you’re done so there is a reason to continue collecting elves, and there’s no prize wheel! Last years event was worse than this, but nothing compares to Easter for Worst…Event…EVER! Anyone need any pink fences?

      • I dunno I think Clash of Clones was pretty bad…it’d make an interesting Poll to see what people think is the worst event. Easter, Clash of Clones or Christmas 2015. Of course we’d have to wait a little while to do it, since people tend to pick what’s closest and fresh in their mind.

      • Well the 1st part with tunnels and stuff was fun I just found the 2nd part to be boring apart from firing the cannon, with fairness and collection of prizes the event was good , and yes last xmas and Easter was a nightmare but I didn’t lose interest in any previous event this one in phase 2 I had lost interest and it felt like work playing the game instead of fun,

    • I keep clearing my towns so I can help my neighbors continue to collect bells.

      For what it’s worth, in my roughly 18 months of playing TSTO, I actually consider last Easter to be the worst of my experience. The “Wheel of Hair Pulling Frustration” was horrible. My inventory is still crammed with fence pieces.

  7. So should I not put any characters on task? I hate missing out because I accidently put everyone to work. Thanks ! You guys are awesome. Don’t know where I would be without you guys.

    • Not sure if something would hit or not…you can always put them on short tasks (like 4hrs) but I wouldn’t put them on any over night tasks to be safe 🙂

    • Whenever there’s an upcoming event change, I keep my ‘main core’ characters on short tasks. (Homer and Lisa in particular seem to start nearly EVERYTHING, although occasionally it takes Apu or someone else who arrives early on in town building.) C-list characters, those won as event prizes and premium characters I continue to use as normal because they’re almost never involved with kicking off new events.

  8. My happy little elves ride is locked so I won’t be able to purchase before it’s gone. Any idea why?

  9. Last night I bought a whole bunch of the $ small islands, and one of each of the donut islands. I also won the last prize which is a bigger island. While the 90 donut island is insanely priced, I’m okay with it because the whole island theme is insanely wrong and therefore hilarious. So, I’m happy to pay donuts to reward EA for such a crazy theme. I like my water area so much more with all the islands in it!

    I did get the ski lift and the ice palace. The ice palace is so pretty and different, I think it’s worth it. Even though it’ll be sad when(if) it melts, I’m pretty impressed with it.

    I meant to be more frugal with my donuts, but I just can’t turn down airplane themed items!!

  10. Hello! Sorry if this is really obvious – I clicked the link for the returning items but I can’t find a Should I Buy for the Skating Rink or the Springfield Mall?

    Maybe they don’t exist as they were prizes last year so if not, can I ask your opinion/s really quickly – do you think they are worth it? Would you spend donuts on either of them if you didn’t already have them?
    (The mall I’m just asking out of curiosity as I already bought it lol! Still tossing up on the ice rink…)

  11. Wanted to get the train wreck, but doubt I will get there. Still a few hundred away from the elf. Oh well.

  12. So does that mean the event is extended to collect bells and the prizes, but the purchase of the premium items is gone? I keep seeing conflicting information and am super confused.

    • The first time we talked to EA they said it was going to be extended. The last time we talked to EA (which was today) they advised a patch was going to hit the game either today or tomorrow (at this point it’ll be tomorrow) that should clarify the timing issue. As soon as that patch hits we’ll know. However, the items will leave tomorrow…

      • Thank You for the clarification. Hopefully it’s extended I’m so close to paradise island.

      • Hopefully it will not be extended. If it is extended, then those of us that were able to easily obtain the prizes should be rewarded for our efforts

        • They do extensions every so often…and usually because of mass outages. (they did one last Christmas) EA won’t directly give you anything for completing before the original end date…however look at it as 5 extra days to earn free donuts 🙂

  13. This is so frustrating. I’m about 500 bells away from the last prize and no elves left. 🙁

  14. Even if the event is extended, the sale might not be. Assume it won’t be.

  15. its the items , not the event!!
    Thats my guess!!

  16. sissy punch face

    What an incredibly long (and therefore boring) Christmas update. I got tired of having to visit my Springfield 4 or 5 times a day to clear elves and put a dent in the bell count about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t get half the stuff I would have liked to get but this game tries to hard sometimes.

  17. isn’t this event extended another 5 days? Press the ? button. The countdown says another 5 days? Correct?

    • We’ve talked to EA multiple times about it. What they’ve advised today is that either today or tomorrow (and at this point it’ll be tomorrow) a patch should be hitting that will correct the date issues.

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