Tapped Out Special Event Walkthrough: The Devil and the FCC, He’s Got the Power

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday we were hit with a little in game update.  This time EA was prepping us for this Sunday’s Episode of the Simpsons, The Musk Who Fell to Earth,  with a little Episode tie-in!

To prepare for the episode you’ll be able to purchase Slave Labor Willie (for $2,000) as well as a few premium electric cars.  In addition a fun little questline will popup to get us all ready for the episode.  It’s got a few twists and turns…and of course a little cliffhanger.  So let’s take a look at the questlines that will popup during the Musk Episode Tie-In…

unlock_willie_slavelabor electriccarblueflipped_transimage

WARNING Dialogue Spoilers Below…if you don’t want to know details our rundown post has a basic who to keep free list. 

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer: Ugh!  Not another TV sitcom featuring a fat guy who sits on the couch all day!
Marge: Homer, the power’s been out all morning.
Homer: Then what have I been sitting on the couch watching all day?
Marge: Your reflection.
Homer: Man, I’ve really let myself go.  Well, the easiest way out of any hole is through the bottom.  Marge, bacon me!
Marge:  No power means no stove means no bacon.
Homer: NO BACON?!
Make Homer Suffer Without Bacon- 3m, Earns $6, 2xp

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: Hey, Dad, come quick!  Mr. Burns still has power!
Homer: Literally or figuratively?  Don’t answer, just get me my angry mob pants.
Lisa: You lost your angry mob pants during yesterday’s angry mob.
Homer: Then get me my church pants.  I’m usually pretty angry in there too.
Make Springfielders Round Up Into an Angry Mob- 3m, Earns $6, 2xp freemium and $10, 3xp premium
Lenny: Hey, Burns, how come you get power while the rest….most importantly me…don’t?
Carl: It’s not fair!  We’re living like backwoods deadbeats!  No offense, Cletus.
Cletus: None taken…or understood.
Mr. Burns: Springfield Nuclear is now offering “premium service” where VIP clients get access to power before the rest of you.  But there will still be plenty to go around for the poor.  Like lifeboats on the Titanic.  Or scholarship positions at prestigious universities.  

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Willie:  I can stand hundreds of years of British oppression, for being mocked as a foreigner, for making minimum wage to clean up kids’ puke…but Willie cannot stand un-microwaved burritos!
Reach Level 10 and Build Willie’s Shack
Make Willie Create a Business Plan- 3m, Earns $6, 2xp

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Lisa:  This is awful.  Just think what these blackouts are doing to the moth community!  What will they flock to?
Homer: Mr. Burns’s?  His place is lit up like a Christmas tree.  And his Christmas tree is lit up like some sort of SUPER Christmas tree!  Kinda early to have  it out though, if you ask me.
Lisa: Willie is right. We need to do something.  And while I’m not accustomed to backbreaking labor…I am accustomed to committees, bureaucracy, and red tape!
Make Lisa Form a Committee- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp 

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 5
Lisa starts

Smithers: Sir, a group headed by an eight year old girl has issued a stern letter in favor of power grid neutrality.
Mr. Burns: Incinerate the letter and send her the usual response.
Smithers: But sir, she’s a minor.
Mr. Burns: You’re right.  Send her a pony head instead.
Reach Level 11 and Build the Control Building
Make Springfielders Protest Burns’ Premium Service- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp freemium, $420, 105xp premium.

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 6
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: So young lady, does your organization hold any actual authority?
Lisa: Not legal authority but considerable moral and ethical authority.
Mr. Burns: A simple no would suffice.  So unless you are here with a business proposal, I’m afraid I’m going to have to release the hounds.  They’ve got new electrified collars and very, very long extension cords.
Lisa: A business proposal, hmm…what’s nuclear power’s biggest competitors?
Mr. Burns: Giant radioactive monsters that crawl out of the ocean and attack our cities?
Lisa: No, the oil industry!  And I know just the way to drive them out of Springfield…
Mr. Burns: More giant radioactive monsters?
Lisa: No, the electiric car.  All you have to do is promise cheap electricity to everyone who buys one.  You win AND the environment wins.
Mr. Burns: Is there any way to make it just me that wins?
Lisa: I don’t know…You’d have to work pretty hard to pollute the earth more than the oil companies.
Mr. Burns: Then I’ll do it!
Make Mr. Burns Promote the Electric Car- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

He’s Got the Power Pt. 1
Willie starts

Willie: That Mr. Burns really scalds me haggis!
Lisa: I know, but what choice do we have?  His plant is the only source of power in town.
Willie: There’s one source of power Mr. Burns doesn’t have control over –the human spirit!  By which I mean witchcraft.  It’s just like my pa used to say, “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your open wounds, you sissy boy.  You’re the reason why your mother left.  Sweet dreams, son.”
Have Slave Labor Willie Generate Electricity- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

He’s Got the Power Pt. 2
Willie starts

Willie: Ach!  So was I able to man-power-up the town?
Lisa: Um… I think I saw a light bulb flicker.  It could have been a firefly, though.
Willie: Sounds like a job well done!  Now to celebrate with a hearty meal.
Make Willie Subsist on Gruel- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp 

And that completes the episode tie-in questline!

What did you think of the questline?  Thoughts on Slave Labor Willie?  How do you think Sunday’s episode will play out?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

69 responses to “Tapped Out Special Event Walkthrough: The Devil and the FCC, He’s Got the Power

  1. HELP! I never thought I would say this but my Willie IS GONE! I got the update, went through the pt3 dialogue and POOF! My Willie disappeared. Any suggestions on how to get a character back? Laughter is permitted from the gutter LOL

  2. I spent 4 minutes tapping everyone in SpringField to do the 3 minute protest. I protest!

  3. This one was small. I’m hoping we level to 49 soon. Maybe by Valentines. I’ve leveled twice now since 48

  4. Am I the only one who was disappointed in how the questlines end? They seem kind of abrupt.

  5. Slave labor willie rocks. I’m thinking the yellow car is the best buy but I’m gonna hold out for Valentines. Hope i don’t blow my donuts on accident speeding up stuff… Hate that

  6. What’s new goes straight in my landing spot . Wondering when Valentines day event starts. Will be one year since i started the game. I had no friends then. Get a donut from your friends. Lame cars anyway

  7. Lame, there’s no donuts at the end and the cars cost donuts! That’s pretty lame if you ask me, but nobody did HAHA!!!

  8. Since Lisa is trying to promote an environmental slant in this mini-event, would it not make some (albeit contrived) sense to have a GREEN coloured car? That could be the in-game cash version.
    [… OR, maybe an “island surprise” version 😉 ]
    Plus, the C-O-M bonus could go to tree-hugging instead of vanity.

  9. My favorite bit of dialogue from the quest is Burns’ reply to Lisa here:

    Lisa: No, the electiric car. All you have to do is promise cheap electricity to everyone who buys one. You win AND the environment wins.
    Mr. Burns: Is there any way to make it just me that wins?

    So classic Burns! It was a fun, unexpected quest to break the lull I found myself in after all the past consecutive events (CoC, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Winter 2014).

    • Ehm, bless Lisa and her 8 year old heart, but no one wins by cheap energy:
      – in short term: blast out carbon compounds of past million years, or
      – in the long term: find final storage and isolation of nuclear waste for the next million years.
      In either way, our children will hate us.

      And Burns won, already: release the hounds!

    • Oups! caught your post for my reply, sorry

    • I was excited about the comment regarding giant mutated monsters. Reminded me of the classic SimCity on PC, where giant lizard would tear up your city if you were so unfortunate.
      That, and the possibility of introducing a mega-sized npc for our Springfields.

  10. Slave Labor Willie is the best thing about this mini quest (which is what I’m calling it as you will complete it quickly) and now I can’t wait to see Sundays new episode of The Simpson’s! 🙂

  11. Stage 5 has a fun glitch for me: speeding up the citizens charge costs 3.8 billion donuts. I think I’ll wait this task out the normal way!

  12. Nice to have new cars but being back the black limousine.
    The red brick wall is back to full size .

    See Ya Bye

  13. I just finished The Devil and the FCC part 5 and got a popup saying there was a red electric car in my inventory. I don’t have it. Is this a glitch?

    • Did it say in your inventory, or you could now buy it in the store?

    • I was wondering the same thing- fairly certain that it said the car would be in my inventory.

      • Same here, I am pretty sure it said it was in my inventory, but it’s not.

        • Right now the only evidence we have of what it said is this:

          Which says it’s in the store…not inventory. If you have a different screenshot saying inventory let us know and we’ll storm EA. But as of right now this is the only proof we have of what it said (and this has popped up in several different games).

    • As another in these comments posted, I saw the message of a red electric car placed in my inventory, but did not see it there. Glitch perhaps?

      • Are you sure the image said inventory? The only image we’re seeing is this one:

        And we’re seeing the same popup in multiple games. So I can’t say if it’s a glitch or not because this is what we’re seeing & it basically just says store..

      • I am 100% sure it said the Red Electric Car was in my inventory. Why would EA put a pop-up saying it was available for purchase when we already knew that? All three were available for purchase. I will be taking screen shots from now on. I am going to contact EA Monday and see what they say.

      • Thanks Bunny. I got a callback from EA. The have had lots of calls from players about it being their inventory. I was compensated and was told the pop-up was removed.

  14. I want those cars. I can only buy one. Hmmm, which to choose……

  15. I’m very disappointed that they didn’t make at least one of the three cars freemium, like they did with the three islands. I really need some more cars for people’s driveways…everyone can’t own the same orange ‘Onda!

  16. Michelangelo Filippone

    I have been missing lisa since they made the princess castle/dress available. I put her on task and now she’s gone. Am I going to be unable to participate in this update? Anyone know how to get her back?

    • Do you remember WHERE you sent her? If you do, you can store that building to kick her back out. (Unless it is the simpsons house… can’t be stored). Outside that, contact EA for help.

      • I’m missing many of my characters. Buildings are now all accountable, so if I blow away all my buildings will I get those characters back? Currently I can’t continue the campaign because I have no Lisa… If you know I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

        • You can try a Nuke to see if it will help. As for Lisa… she came the Simpson Home which can’t be stored… but…. you may find her roaming town once it is empty. Especially if she was in another building. It will kick her out of it.

    • Click on town hall it tells you what your characters are doing maybe find her that way

  17. Can i ask you something ?? How do you get all those pictures from the cars, willie, island and all the other stuff ??

  18. Question do you know when EA is going to add more levels.. I am on my 3rd time on level 48

  19. Waiting to get the cars for free after episode aired lol (wink wink).

  20. Hey there Tsto family so I haven’t jumped in my game yet you know I have to read the blog before I do. So I’m wondering if there is any chance of these car being and or getting animated Like fgtqfs

  21. With the last update I list half my town and people, but I was able to rearrange/place items with no problems. Now I have everything back and this update comes and it’s back to being a pain in the butt to place stuff again. Ahhhh can’t win. I’ve never received the to many items warning, but I think I must be there. K rant over, thanx for listening 🙂

  22. I previously wrote:

    “What happened to this update??

    An update this morning wiped out my progress (Willie) and the “generator”.”

    Another update *just* hit. Restored my Generator and Willie’s progress (24-hr task).


  23. What happened to this update??

    An update this morning wiped on my progress (Willie) and the “generator”.

  24. Did anyone lose their money pool?

  25. The server has been down for the last 45 minutes in NY, has anyone else been having this problem?
    when it happens out here it usually lasts about 10 minutes and then I’m able to get in but this is been a really long wait.
    Or is it just server overload because of the new update?

  26. I noticed that during part 5 of the Devil and the FCC while setting all the characters to the 8hr task, Marge for who I have a premium skin that should pay out at the higher rate didn’t reflect that pay out even when that skin was selected so I just set her and others like that to that skins premium 8hr task. Seems like a minor coding error. Just something to be aware of when setting your characters with premium skins.

  27. I like the questline, I always do enjoy the tie-ins. Though I am looking forward to the next level update as well.

  28. soooooo bored of waiting. I fell bad putting my town on 24 hour tasks but this garbage time is killer

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