HEY EA!!! Here’s some more of what the Addicts Want

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Boooooooooooooooo! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… EA stole my beautiful snow and made future so bright I gotta wear shades! Boo hoo!

Oh hey there Addictereenos… so I’m still lamenting the thaw in my town.  I really love snow-time in TSTO.  Of course that made me remember reader ideas about a weather button in our towns to bring back snow which got me remembering more of the great ideas you guys and dolls have.  Every so often, I try to highlight these ideas into one big post and here it is.


All the ideas here come from the Addicts forum, the previous wish list post and other posts where I saw the idea and typed it down.  I even included your ideas from my last What a Wookiee Wants. By no means is this a perfect system (especially the cull from unrelated posts) but I do the best I can.  If your idea got missed or written down wrong, I apologize but you can always comment on this post and add it again.  Trust me when I say this is a time and brain-intensive process so any failures are the authors but I do the best I can. I’m more than willing to add your name to items if it was missed and the addition is important to you.

As for EA… I sincerely hope you read posts like this because there are some boffo ideas here.  Seriously, the awesome readers of this site hopefully make your lives much easier.  If you’re not reading, than you’ll miss me say I wrote Santa to give you coal for the early removal of my beloved snow.  P.S. I think Rudolph is gonna pee on said coal too.  Said holiday sadness might just be averted by guaranteeing you’re on the NICE list next year.  Helping others is the first step.

Anywho… I broke down the ideas this time by category.  Take a gander.  You’ll see that a lot of folks had the same ideas, we want a lot of things and people are pretty creative.  For the record… I excluded MORE LAND from the list because I’m sure we all agree MORE LAND would be nice.  Did I mention MORE LAND. Hey EA… maybe you can save yourself from the ammonia smell of Rudolph’s golden shower by bringing us MORE LAND?

Ok… I’m rambling and this post will be long enough without all my words.  It should be said that items from previous wish lists have made it into the game. Some examples would be Mrs. Muntz, Hugo, Brandine, Lurleen, the Clash of Clones nerds as NPCs, Janie, etc.  Without further ado but with much aplomb… here’s what the Addicts want:

– Maggie (Barbemi1961/Aaron/jeanroux1993/charrey85/Luckbuck13/ chrislynw/Connor Addict/hungryhomer/Vicki Bitner/Sandra Shill/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/c0mpu73rguy)
– Helen Lovejoy (Barbemi1961/wilki1999/Nick/M1RU12/Amanda Reese/ Homer & the BHL/L M/thizzmonk/BA_Brisk/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/Justin)
– Mrs. Sarah Wiggum (Barbemi1961/wilki1999/Nick/ Homer & the BHL/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/Justin)
– Cookie Kwan (Barbemi1961/Nick/M1RU12/ Homer & the BHL)
– Lindsay Naegle (Nick/M1RU12/Homer & the BHL)
– Snake’s girlfriend with Julia Louis Dreyfus voicing would be a dream come true (Barbemi1961)
– Mona Simpson (Nick/M1RU12)
– Lionel Hutz (Nick/dendran706/Randy/biggil86)
– Troy McClure (z-Man/M1RU12/Randy/pewpewshazaam/biggil86)
– Yakuza Characters (Joseph Ryder)
– Fit Tony (JT)
– Old Jewish Guy (Colbysande950/ Homer & the BHL)
– Rabbi Krustofski (Colbysande950/Nick/gogormagog14)
– Krusty’s Daughter Sophie (Colbysande950)
– Frank Grimes (Colbysande950/will/death2lois12)
– Dr. Marvin Monroe (Colbysande950/M1RU12)
– Bleeding Gums Murphy (Colbysande950/Dustfire8/Louis Trapani/Ganon56/Connor Addict/Conner Orr/Aaron)
– Baby Gerald (Aaron/Luckbuck13/Thomas/M1RU12)
– Ned Flanders’ parents (Aaron/Harmonium)
– Radioactive Man (c0mpu73erguy/duffmanx/Thomas/M1RU12/draino91)
– Hans Sprungfeld (Thomas)
– Captain Lance Murdock (Thomas)
– More female characters (theunderdog/TVs Josh)
– Gil Gunderson (wilki1999/M1RU12)
– Sideshow Bob (wilki1999/alunited1961/chrislynw/Wilfen/M1RU12/ hungryhomer/Randy/Josephine Kick@$$/Nicola_HL/TVs Josh)
– Lunchlady Doris (wilki1999/Nick/M1RU12/dendran706/santasLTLtapper/ DOUGLES)
– Roy (wilki1999)
– Senor Ding Dong (and his van) (death2lois12)
– The nerds whom attended college with Homer aka Benjamin, Doug and Gary (death2lois12)
– Dean Bobby Peterson (death2lois12)
– Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo (death2lois12)
– The tall guy who drives the VW Beetle (tasks could include forcing Nelson to walk around town with his pants down while everyone laughs) (death2lois12)
– Johnny Tightlips (death2lois12)
– Worker and Parasite (in Krustyland) (death2lois12)
– Isabelle Gutierrez aka Lisa’s Republican friends (Harmonium)
– Return of Shauna (DatherBoo/stiller/Danny Fresh/Franz)
– Herb Powell (DatherBoo/M1RU12/L M/milpool)
– Harrison Ford (Sten Marcus Kallas)
– Ray Park (Sten Marcus Kallas)
– Furious D (Ryan)
– Jack Larsen (Ryan)
– Sam, Larry, Charlie – other barflies from Moe’s (Nick/milpool)
– Spiderpig (Alpine1M/lekittynoir/jfalk18/M1RU12/Aaron)
– Harry Plopper (Aaron)
– Gabbo (ryanrockers)
– Molder & Scully (Toni Lynn)
– Chewbacca (Toni Lynn) <Toni is my new hero!>
– Belle from La Maison Derriere (William Bergheimer/M1RU12/c0mpu73rguy)
– More treehouse of horror characters like those Giant Neon Signs & Batsy (z-Man)
– LT Smash (David/Griffico)
– Jessica Lovejoy (KGhoul/M1RU12/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/BA_Brisk/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/Justin)
– Wendell (M1RU12/ Homer & the BHL)
– Cecil Terwilleger (M1RU12/Randy/Nicola_HL)
– Ruth Powers (M1RU12/dwresin490/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/Justin/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
– Gray haired Man aka Raphael aka Sarcastic Guy (M1RU12/biggil86)
– Little Vicki Valentine (M1RU12/The Lizard King)
– Mrs. Glick (M1RU12)
– John (Waters) (M1RU12/Thegiltre)
– Coach Krupt (larsyuipo)
– More kids (larsyuipo)
– Matlock (SPCIG)
– Laura Powers (TheJungle7/dwresin490/stiller/Justin/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/dwresin490)
– Babysitter Bandit (TheJungle7)
– Kearney Jr. (Homer & the BHL)
– Grady (Thegiltre/milpool)
– Julio (Homer & the BHL/Thegiltre)
– Ling (Homer & the BHL)
– Lewis (Homer & the BHL)
– Richard (Homer & the BHL)
– Doctor Colossus (Homer & the BHL)
– Leopold (Homer & the BHL)
– Michael D’Amico (Shawn)
– Judge Constance Harm (dendran706/biggil86)
– Roscoe (Elaine)
– Bongo-playing elf (Lena)
– Return of Mindy Simmons (Dan/Franz)
– Moe’s girlfriend Renee (Kimberlyah794)
– Return of Kumiko (Kimberlyah794)
– Love interest for Mr. Burns (Kimberlyah794)
– Sven Golly (lukeiscyric)
– Loveable Valentine’s Day teddy bears that go on an evil rampage (Sandra Shill/stascia769)
– Karl aka Homer’s assistant (milpool)
– Colin (avmswm261/AlegnaH)
– Mary Spuckler (Justin)
– More Spucklers (Kimberlyah794)
– Return of Brandine Spuckler (4kidsandacatdog/M1RU12/The Lizard King/ greenglassbottle/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/Shat/Franz)
– Luca$ Bortner (wingz666)
– Giant Lard Lad NPC (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
– New Rigellian alien to interact with Kang & Kodos (Franz)
– Australian Guy with spoon (finegamer)
– Stradivarius Cain (Jun)
– Squirrel that shoots acorn with laser eyes (SizzlyK)

– Secret Service/Bodyguard Skin for Homer (z-Man)
– Firefighter Skins for Homer and his cohorts (Delenn)
– Heat Miser and Snow Miser skins for Patty & Selma (lardlad737)
– Stretch Dude, Clobber Girl & The Collector skins (Shawn/c0mpu73erguy)
– Pieman (c0mpu73erguy)
– Cop Marge (c0mpu73erguy/Mando/JamesBrewski69/alunited1961)
– Muscle Marge (c0mpu73erguy)
– GI Grampa & Burns (c0mpu73erguy)
– Shirtless Flanders (c0mpu73erguy)
– Fallout Boy skin for Milhouse (Thomas/M1RU12)
– Bartman (themoose681/M1RU12/Chris)
– Jockey skin for Bart (Ryan)
– Little Miss Springfield skin (Ryan)
– Party Posse skins for Bart, Milhouse, Nelson & Ralph (David/Griffico/ M1RU12)
– Flaming Moe’s skin (@TappedOutKing)
– Pin Pals skins for Homer, Apu, Mr. Burns, Otto and Moe (matt)
– Love-Matic Grandpa with task for Moe to drag it through Springfield (orionsriver/Kimberlyah794)
– a Space Mutant “human” skin so he can “blend in” (Franz)
– Tracey Ullman show skins for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie (c0mpu73rguy)
– Island of Dr. Hibbert animal skins (jaybro777)

– Troy McClure’s Mansion (z-Man)
– Springfield Fire Department (Delenn/Louis Trapani)
– Return of the Cool Brown House (charrey85/Franz)
– Office Buildings (Hyro)
– Burns’ Casino (Hyro)
– Le Maison Derriere (Marco/Ol Dirty Hank/the gargoyle Bart knocked down/ Willaim Bergheimer/M1RU12/Robert/faultytower/c0mpu73rguy)
– Springfield University (death2lois12/Andrew/cloyescapade/ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
– Springfield A&M (Andrew)
– Return of Mapple Store (fittin2/Julia/Franz)
– Springfield Airport (Ryan)
– Laramie Factory (Ryan)
– Lovejoy House (Nick)
– Hal Roach Retirement Apartments (Nick)
– Are We Hair Yet (Nick)
– Red Blazer Realty (Nick)
– I Can’t Believe It’s a Law Firm (Nick/Wilfen)
– Springfield Synagogue (Nick)
– The Bloated Liver (Nick)
– The playhouse from Stop The Planet of the Apes I want to get off (William Bergheimer)
– Story Town Village (Natureboy)
– The Magic Palace with the Great Simpsina (chrislynw)
– A Cathedral (chrislynw/beehivejim)
– Lil Lisa Slurry Factory for Squidport (jonathan daniels)
– Ayn Rand School for Tots (Luckbuck13/Thomas/Sandra Shill)
– Leftorium (Wilfen)
– Other Springfield Mall Shops (Wilfen)
– Smash Records (Griffico)
– Ajax Steel Mill (Elaine/Thegiltre)
– She-She Lounge (davidboy7338)
– Krusty Klown Kollege (cloyescapade)
– Record Store (formerly Good Vibrations) (cloyescapade)
– Return of Howard’s Flowers (Kimberlyah794)
– Return of Happy Little Elves Ride (Kimberlyah794)
– Shot Kickers country western bar (Hugh Jassole)
– Little Vicki Valentine’s School of Dance (M1RU12/The Lizard King)
– More houses/different colors (Hugh Jassole/Kimberlyah794/Kevin Leigh Gerhardt/AlegnaH)
– Donny’s Discount Gas (Azul)

– More cars (JamesBrewski69/TheJungle7/yornocnaes83)
– Return of Springfield Falls (Poloman67/Abasye/fittin2/Franz)
– Railway (0mcclure0)
– Highway/freeway (0mcclure0)
– Dirt paths/roads (thebat25/librarydev/AlanF/yornocnaes83/Marylyn/ patman151/Mike not S/AlegnaH/Michael/Someone stole my burritoTM/Julia/Franz/Wozza/Shawn/FDNYrigs520)
– Leaf strewn grass tiles (librarydev)
– Traffic lights (alyndra/Someone stole my burritoTM/Wozza)
– Crosswalks (alyndra)
– School crossing signs (alyndra)
– Telephone poles (alyndrya)
– shopping carts, vending machines (yornocnaes83)
– The Homer, the car made by and for Homer (c0mpu73rguy/yornocnaes83)
– The best bonbon ever made (c0mpu73rguy/yornocnaes83)
– The uranium bar (c0mpu73rguy/yornocnaes83)
– The Canyonero (c0mpu73rguy/yornocnaes83/alunited1961)
– The Ultimate camping car 1000 (or something like that) or the family camping car from “The Call of the Simpsons” with Sasquatch Homer (c0mpu73rguy/yornocnaes83)
– Marge’s car (scflyboy)
– Sand to place along rivers/lakes (rebel2035)
– Individual sidewalk squares. Multi colored, brown, gray so on. And only one square big, the pavement squares are too big for some areas.(kpalbicki842)
– A bridge (Ol Dirty Hank)
– Paved tiles half the size of normal ones (yornocnaes83/marylyn/Franz)
– An actual parking garage (c0mpu73rguy)
– Skate park for Bart to skateboard at (patman151)
– Parking lots with cars in them (kevin)
– Hills (0mcclure0)
– Bicycles (0mcclure0)
– More playground stuff like a jungle gym (0mcclure0)
– Sand blocks (0mcclure0)
– Return of regular limo (Bob Banks/Hondo)
– New flowers – white, yellow, blue mutant roses, tulips, springtime plants (OSebhlen/Sandra/lekittynoir/AlegnaH/chrislynw/Franz/c0mpu73rguy)
– Water in Krustyland (lekittynoir)
– More Krustyland items (aluinited1961/Michael/Zoe)
– Aircraft carrier (David/Griffico)
– Hedges in Krustyland (JamesBrewski69)
– Rocks (fmurdog2728/chrislynw)
– Springfield Tar Pit (thizzmonk)
– A casino boat (fmurdog2728)
– More types of roads like snow road, dirt road, puddles to add to streets. (TheJungle7)
– Guatemalan Insanity Pepper (IgwanaRob)
– Unique Canadian content (Lisa)
– Picnic tables for the park/beach area (delenn)
– A zen garden and Buddha statue for the Buddha Temple (delenn)
– Nuclear inspection van (cloyescapade)
– Chinese tank (cloyescapade)
– The pool mobile (cloyescapade)
– Swimming pools of different sizes (Hugh Jassole/Kimberlyah794/Julia)
– Cobblestone roads (Michael/Someone stole my burritoTM/Julia)
– Clash of Clones stuff in Krustyland (Michael)
– New pond/water options (AlegnaH)
– Different trees (AlegnaH)
– New fences (AlegnaH)
– Manhole covers from files (Someone stole my burritoTM)
– Green camping tents from files (Someone stole my burritoTM)
– Potted ficus bush in files (Someone stole my burritoTM)
– Animal that hangs out in ocean like a sea lion (Julia)
– Decoration signifying you completed corn growth (etamni/Julie)
– Land pieces with snow (Zoe)
– Carousel in Krustyland for Valentine’s Day (Christina)
– Strawberry patch (Kendra)
– 1/2 width paths of all kinds (Franz/FDNYrigs520)
– Different kinds of bridges, like wooden/stone/garden ones (Franz)
– More stuff to put on all kinds of water (Franz)
– Hyperloop (VCB)
– Springfield Gas Sign (etamni)
– “Zipcar” or taxi contributing to consumerism (Uncle)
– More fireworks (c0mpu73rguy)
– Decoration to honor bloggers who’ve been involved with game from the beginning (c0mpu73rguy)
– More boardwalk pieces for Squidport (babypatootie)
– Cars from KL parking lot available as decorations in Springfield (FDNYrigs520)
– Decoration of a boatload of donuts for the Squidport, but you should only get it for buying the $100 worth of premium currency. Or if you bought the store full, the $50 version get an actual store to place in your Springfield. (orionsriver)

– Tasks for cars/characters could drive them on roads (Ol Dirty Hank)
– Tasks for boats (Ol Dirty Hank)
– More tasks for Mr. Teeny (farmbio/greenrhino/thizzmonk)
– More tasks for Stampy (greenrhino)
– Uniform task lengths for all characters (Luckbuck13)
– Ability to pick how long a task lasts (Luckbuck13)
– Send all characters on X hr task (cristina/lekittynoir/Beckyfmurdog2728/orionsriver)
– Tasks for Santa’s Little Helper (chrislynw)
– Tasks for Snowball II (crislynw)
– You don’t make friends with salad conga line (lekittynoir)
– UFO animation from Halloween as task (Mike not S)
– Bumblebee Man task at taco stand in KL (raimiek)
– Stampy to give rides in KL (fmurdog2728)
– Task for Willy to clean up graffiti (fmurdog2728)
– A button which simultaneously releases all characters who have completed tasks (sherideeee23/fyrepuppy218/bren1331)
– Task for Homer & Marge at mini golf course/hot air balloon/Duff Stadium (Kimberlyah794)
– 4 hr task for Bernice Hibbert w/o Marge (Sandra Shill)
– Swimming tasks for characters (Julia)
– Valentine’s questline for Marge (dohhomerdoh)
– Task to release butterflies from butterfly tent (Kendra)

First off the Monorail.  We all want it but here’s some of the folks who included it in a post.  I can guarantee I missed some of you.  As a fun aside, if I wrote alunited1961’s name every time he mentioned it, this post would be three times as long.  Duffmanx, Bill Collins, 0mcclure0, Louis Trapani, Tom Vollano, BeccaM, c0mpu73rguy and VCB were also among the wantees I saw and wrote down.  Here’s some other event ideas:

– Retro update w/ Teenage Homer costume for Homer (missions: drink alcohol, skip class, go to the dance with Marge…) ,Teenage Marge costume for Marge (missions: study, go to school, help Homer to study, go to the dance with Artie Ziff), Teenage Barney costume for Barney (missions: discover alcohol, study, go to the dance, go to school), young Artie Ziff with his house, Clancy and Jacqueline Bouvier with Marge’s old house. If this isn’t enough to make a big update, we could add Abe’s past in the 40’s with Sergeant Abe costume and Private Burns costume, or the 60’s with Mona Simpson, young Homer, lazy Abe costume and Duff Gardens (0mcclure0)
– Items coming from the movie like the car they won, the house they lived in, a broken piece of the dome still standing to put in a corner (hmm, the dome update, that could be cool with food to find for the survivors and the addition of Colin, the old Inuit lady, Russ Cargill and President Schwarzenegger… sound cool)? (c0mpu73rguy/Randy)
– Expansion based on the Outlands from ep 500. Separate map from SF (like KL now) and could come with skins for the Simpsons. Could also introduce Maggie. (Frank)
– Warp to Shelbyville including the Shelbyville counterparts to the Springfield kids (c0mpu73rguy)
– An update similar to how krustyland was, but instead of krustyland the loading screen takes you into the simpsons house. The tasks and levels and objects to buy are things found in the simpsons home. (Mick)
– Mountain expansion event (Connor Addict)
– Australia Day Update (Freddy/finegamer)
– Mardis Gras in Springfield (Kendra)

– Surprising neighbors with a little mischief (lekittynoir)
– FP prizes every 2-3 weeks to keep the game fresh (John Goodhorse)
– An away from town sign (jthomaslife)
– More music in game ex. Have the B-Sharps actually sing when their task is started at the open air theater (Jason Luthor)
– Eliminate notification sounds especially “better him than me” (Bobby)
– Award donuts for completion of character sets (PBR4lunch)
– Trade items/characters with our friends. No money or doughnuts just inventory, buildings and characters. (PBR4lunch/theunderdog/sherideeee23/raimiek/Julia)
– Ability to cancel a task (maartenlubbers1/Louis Trapani)
– A chance to purchase donuts or items where the money goes to charities. Like buying a pet in game would go to the ASPCA or a flag or military vehicle or outfit for a character would go to a veterans charity etc. some people might not spend real money on the game but are willing to give to charities and it would be a cool way to get different in game stuff. (theunderdog)
– An “Are you super sure you want to spend these precious donuts?” box that would pop-up before you actually go ahead with it. (Greg)
– Option to connect boardwalk pieces to land (Marylyn)
– A Scratch-R that could be purchased daily with one donut, had a guaranteed win of at least two donuts, and a highly unlikely jackpot of ten donuts? (potterygrrl246)
– Homer’s Toaster from Treehouse of Horror V. It could “randomly” show up similar to Gil (so I’ve heard, never seen him) and let you select a time period to travel to (Halloween 2013, Easter, etc) and give you a shot at one of the special items you missed out on. (pureval/0mcclure0)
– Ability to use game cash to buy donuts even if limited time (tmet2126)
– Add a gauge to town hall to show how far a character is to task completion (ladyace101)
– Ability to get an image of entire town (eimichan/Lynne/runicgem/Wesley)
– Boats on rivers (yornocnaes83)
– Cars on roads (yornocnaes83/Louis Trapani/TheJungle7/alyndrya/AlegnaH/Franz/FDNYrigs520)
– Ability to turn snow on and off/rain effect (c0mpu73rguy/TheJungle7)
– Increase decoration limit (yvonn64262)
– More cash characters (Bob ongley)
– More short videos of the Simpsons (kimnaii)
– Ability to see tasks being done inside buildings (chrislynw)
– Additions to related properties such as Futurama and Life in Hell (Louis Trapani/Peter/@TappedOutKing/Peter/Thegiltre)
– Ability to customize houses i.e. change colors (Louis Trapani)
– Ability to leave messages in neighbor’s towns (Louis Trapani)
– Buildings to become animated when tapped by neighbors (Luckbuck13/lekittynoir)
– Add on to tell you when a friend last visited (JamesBrewski69)
– Ability to turn items 360 degrees (chrislynw)
– Day and night feature (chrislynw/@TappedOutKing)
– Lard Lad/buildings paying out donuts (chrislynw/radiosilence95/Ella/JT)
– Visit neighbors to be 23 hrs apart (Peppermallow)
– Neighbor visit reset to happen at midnight (chadlamasa)
– Better mystery box items (radiosilence95/bilbocatuzzi)
– Weekly activities, for example you visit the school and solve a word puzzle and get rewarded with cash xp or dare I say it Donuts!! (silentbling)
– A bank in friends towns where you could deposit money (Jerry/Peppermallow/chrislynw)
– More free donuts (Jansen)
– At least one character should interact with each building to animate it (Cy)
– Ability to buy more with in-game cash instead of donuts (teddiemccoll)
– “Secret premium items” items normally priced so that the regular player or even hacking players think twice about giving them. (ten of these and they are always PC/building) now, set a number of purchases (for sake of argument we will say 10) within a set time frame (i would say 20 months) above a certain price amount (10 dollars or more usd) and you get a bonus screen, 2 boxes have items from this secret collection the other pays out a bonus quarter of your payout. (Model punch cards/starbucks rewards) (Rider Mentor)
– Something that will outline the section that you want to redesign. I do not want to redesign my whole town but I do want to redesign part of my town and its a pain in the butt to have to click on one item at a time to store it. It would be nice to have a tool to click on a section to redesign (Tabitha)
– A change-up with the five day login bonus. The wheel would be a great option, it would give us more winning options and it would be great to see a donut option (1-3 donuts??) on the wheel as well as either items exclusive to the wheel or regular items in exclusive colors/ combinations. (AlegnaH)
– Return of community prizes (dohhomerdoh/Kimberlyah794/AlegnaH/alunited1961)
– Chat w/ neighbors (Lynne/runicgem)
– New actions/skins/quests for characters other than the main ones (Franz)
– Ability to put cars on parking lot spaces (Louis Trapani)
– Ability to sell items from previous events (Jason Stout)
– Ability to rotate the map and or all the items in four directions (c0mpu73rguy)

Read more: http://tstoaddicts.boards.net/thread/597/special-level-50#ixzz3Pchqv7gP

Phew!  That enough wants for one post?  Lots of great suggestions and if even just a few of these items make it into the game (especially the gameplay stuff), TSTO will be better for it.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what your fellow Addicts (and possibly you) wanted.  Until next time… stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S. EA… the reindeer are serious lol.

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  1. I think a cool event for Halloween would be an event based on The Walking Dead. I’ve tried to remake my prison after season 2. I think events could include scenes from Season 2 when they’re on the farm, season 3 at the prison and Woodbury, and Season 5-6 at Alexandria.

  2. Just a quick question:
    Is fat Tony in our games the original fat Tony or fit fat Tony! I guess we’ll never know!

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about then read this article:

    Such a good post! I LOVE coming back to this every update to cross off the items that EA have added!
    happy tapping …

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