Oooo That New Level Smell: Level 49 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we got ourselves a new level to play with!  Level 49 has arrived!  Yay new stuff!


More details as we go through them but for now know that Agnes Skinner starts things off.  You’ll be tasked with building the D’Amico Summer Home which will cost you $1,092,000 and take 24hrs to build.

More details on the way…. Details below the fold

WARNING Mild Spoilers ahead

First…NEW LAND!  EA has opened up another strip of land.  This will be in the lower section of your town running left to right from the ocean.  We’ll have a breakdown on the new pricing shortly.  But enjoy the new strip of Land!

As always let’s start with the freemium stuff…

New Buildings

damicosummerhome_transimageD’Amico Smmer Home- $1,092,000.  24hr Build.  6×12 in size.   Unlocks Michael D’Amico.

oldabandonedwarehouseflipped_transimageOld Abandoned Warehouse- $708,000.  Won’t unlock until part 6 of Baking Bread.  Can ONLY be placed on Squidport.  5×8 in size and a 24hr Build.

New Character

unlock_michaeldamico Michael D’Amico- Comes with the D’Amico Summer Home

Bonus tasks with this if you have Squeaky Voiced Teen!



ranchorelaxo_transimage (1)Rancho Relaxo- 130 Donuts.  6×12 in size.  Unlocks Don Vittorio   Requires Level 20 or higher.

New Decorations

chalkoutlineChalk Outline- 5 Donuts.  0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP

fatchalkoutline_transimageFat Chalk Outline- 5 Donuts.  0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP

New Decorations

suspiciousdirtpile_transimage Suspicious Dirt Pile- Won’t unlock until Baking Bread Part 10.  10 Donuts.  Adds 0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP.  You will get one for FREE once you reach part 10 of the questline.  A popup will appear saying it’s been placed in your inventory.  

New Character

unlock_donvittorioDon Vittorio- Comes with Rancho Relaxo

And for those of you that like to rush things..Turbo Tappin’ on the main questline will be up soon BUT here’s who you need to keep free for the first few tasks

Baking Bread
Part 1
Build D’Amico Home

Part 2
Michael & Luigi

Part 3
Luigi and 10 Guests (Springfielders)

Part 4
Legs and Louie

And now for something a little different…are you seeing this in your game?



This does NOT mean the Chalk Outlines will disappear in 14 1/2 days.  Instead this is EA opening up the ability to buy the two Chalk Outlines to players who haven’t yet reached Level 49.  They’re calling it Early Access.  What it means is for the next 14 days you can purchase the chalk outlines, even if you’re not on Level 49.  But once those 14 days are up the ability to purchase them will be locked until you reach Level 49.  So think of it as a sneak peak for what’s to come in Springfield when you hit Level 49.  🙂

And those are the basic details of Level 49!  Of course we’ll be back with walkthroughs, WDTCF, Should I Buy, Random Changes and more!

What do you think of Level 49 so far?  Thoughts on the characters they decided to add?  How about the buildings?  Decorations?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

138 responses to “Oooo That New Level Smell: Level 49 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. apparently it was on those too. nice. you need to be lvl 6 to get them though i think

  2. You have Rancho Relaxo as requiring level 20 or hire. ☺

  3. Gold Navy didn’t go down in price like I had hoped

  4. Hey, I got the level 49 update, but I seem to have lost Legs and Louie in the process? I got Fat Tony’s son and under the Wise Guys collection and it thinks I no longer have those 2… And then I looked in town hall and thru are no longer listed there either. Help?

  5. Any tips to get 60,000 xp quickly? It’s all I need to level up.

  6. I have not been able to play since they got rid of the snow! I can not get past the Gracie films screen I have tried everything anyone else have this problem? I have a android 4.4.2 tablet.

  7. More land!!! Awesome. Now, an afternoon of redesign! Love this game!

  8. I am happy to see that the previous strip of land released a few months ago has been reduced in price 🙂

  9. Skipped right down to the comments section because I didn’t want to read the spoilers yet…

    Happy to have a new level!! But how do they come up with a price of $1,092,000? Seems like such a random number lol!

    It’s so hard to resist the urge to spend donuts to speed up the building, but I must stay strong! And my fingers are crossed that there’s more freemium stuff besides that first building/character (it probably answers that in the article that I haven’t read yet…shhhh… 😉 ).

    It’s interesting timing for this mafia theme, since I just finished moving around and redecorating my Gentleman’s Club and Fat Tony’s compound last night!

  10. YES! I’ve been waiting for level 49 to come out

    and it’s here!!

    So excellent. Thank you EA

  11. I had finally made it to level 48 and now I am a level behind again! Darn! I get jealous seeing all the things in these level breakdowns that I will have to wait for 😉 Better get tapping! Thanks for the info!!

  12. The update installed but I’m still stuck at level 48. The chalk outlines in the store state “Early Access 14d 13h….” Anyone else having this issue?

  13. Umm I don’t see my first post that had a question so I will ask again… When you level up do EA give you credit for being on level 48 2 1/2 times by adding that to level 49’or do they just take your current level of 48 and that’s your progress on level 49. I have completed level 48 two times and was on my third but on level 49 they put me at 228,000… Please help? Please please pretty please

  14. Is there anything after part cuatro

    • Yes, i just posted the first few to get players who use donuts to advance the build time more info. The rest will be up on Turbo Tappin’ later today.

  15. Do they usually include new friend prizes with a new level? Just wondering!

  16. Nice to see the previously lowest strip of land has reduced in price. I was saving up for one more square of water (and noticed the price was lower now), but now I’ll wait until I’ve gotten the other building on Squidport and the last of the new land. The water is low priority for me.

  17. Why is there a timer on the chalk outlines?

    • If you aren’t on level 49 yet…on any level before…you have two weeks to buy them. If you don’t, they’ll lock up and not unlock again to buy til you reach level 49. Just a way to open it up to most players

    • If you aren’t on level 49 yet…on any level before…you have two weeks to buy them. If you don’t, they’ll lock up and not unlock again to buy til you reach level 49. Just a way to open it up to most players. Cost won’t change.

  18. Well for my B game the classy girls strip club went down from 900,000 to 600,000 and the ziff corp office building went down to 406,400 I forgot what it originally was

  19. since i have an healthy obsession with mafia, i ABSOLUTELY love this level!

    AND i expect big things from Level 50, since 50 is the significant number it is…

  20. Where can the chalk outline be placed? Also, what’s with the timer on it? Mine says something along the lines of 14 day exclusive preview.

    • Looking into it, but it is almost like it is limited time. If you aren’t on level 49 yet…on any level before…you have two weeks to buy them. If you don’t, they’ll lock up and not unlock again to buy til you reach level 49. Just a way to open it up to most players. Cost won’t change.

    • They can go on pavement, grass, squidport tile, or beach. They cannot go over/under other items, nor on the actual street or sidewalks. Also, they cannot go in KL.

  21. i know its just a suspicious dirt pile but dang it if it does’nt remind me of a certain “walking carpet”! LMAO!!

  22. New land……thank you EA.

    Oh that suspicious dirt looks kinda like a certain addict wook closely and you will see.

  23. You know what I’d really love with an update? The ability to zoom out and see your entire town. And now with more land…I would love, love, love that capability.

  24. Many, MANY thanks once again, guys 😀 You’re all awesome

  25. Another building for the Squidport is nice… but I’m running out of room on mine. Surely we could have some more tiles by now.

  26. Lots of oooooos here, love the theme for this level. While I wait for the Summer House to build I’ve already bought a chalk outline and placed it outside the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club 🙂
    Will need to make a few more Squidport tiles before I can put the warehouse in its final position but I’m happy that I’ve got something to work towards.

  27. YES! YES! YES! More space! Thank you EA, my trees are saved!

  28. ooooo… Rancho Relaxo! I am so there. Hopefully Marge will have a few activities to do with that building.

  29. Just need 590000 cash to build it. Probably takes up around 5 days.
    Also 100000 xp for my donut bonus 🙂

  30. OMG! What happened to Wookie?? I admit I wanted dirt but I meant dirt roads not this! Gotta say that Suspicious Dirt Pile looks suspiciously a lot like a dead Wookie! Perhaps a sleeping Wookie on the job?? lol immortalized in game!?

    Seriously we really need dirt and Snow would be nice too! Ice Castle/Cave looks funny on grass and concrete doesn’t look right either 🙁

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