Oooo That New Level Smell: Level 49 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we got ourselves a new level to play with!  Level 49 has arrived!  Yay new stuff!


More details as we go through them but for now know that Agnes Skinner starts things off.  You’ll be tasked with building the D’Amico Summer Home which will cost you $1,092,000 and take 24hrs to build.

More details on the way…. Details below the fold

WARNING Mild Spoilers ahead

First…NEW LAND!  EA has opened up another strip of land.  This will be in the lower section of your town running left to right from the ocean.  We’ll have a breakdown on the new pricing shortly.  But enjoy the new strip of Land!

As always let’s start with the freemium stuff…

New Buildings

damicosummerhome_transimageD’Amico Smmer Home- $1,092,000.  24hr Build.  6×12 in size.   Unlocks Michael D’Amico.

oldabandonedwarehouseflipped_transimageOld Abandoned Warehouse- $708,000.  Won’t unlock until part 6 of Baking Bread.  Can ONLY be placed on Squidport.  5×8 in size and a 24hr Build.

New Character

unlock_michaeldamico Michael D’Amico- Comes with the D’Amico Summer Home

Bonus tasks with this if you have Squeaky Voiced Teen!



ranchorelaxo_transimage (1)Rancho Relaxo- 130 Donuts.  6×12 in size.  Unlocks Don Vittorio   Requires Level 20 or higher.

New Decorations

chalkoutlineChalk Outline- 5 Donuts.  0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP

fatchalkoutline_transimageFat Chalk Outline- 5 Donuts.  0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP

New Decorations

suspiciousdirtpile_transimage Suspicious Dirt Pile- Won’t unlock until Baking Bread Part 10.  10 Donuts.  Adds 0.25% Bonus on all cash and XP.  You will get one for FREE once you reach part 10 of the questline.  A popup will appear saying it’s been placed in your inventory.  

New Character

unlock_donvittorioDon Vittorio- Comes with Rancho Relaxo

And for those of you that like to rush things..Turbo Tappin’ on the main questline will be up soon BUT here’s who you need to keep free for the first few tasks

Baking Bread
Part 1
Build D’Amico Home

Part 2
Michael & Luigi

Part 3
Luigi and 10 Guests (Springfielders)

Part 4
Legs and Louie

And now for something a little different…are you seeing this in your game?



This does NOT mean the Chalk Outlines will disappear in 14 1/2 days.  Instead this is EA opening up the ability to buy the two Chalk Outlines to players who haven’t yet reached Level 49.  They’re calling it Early Access.  What it means is for the next 14 days you can purchase the chalk outlines, even if you’re not on Level 49.  But once those 14 days are up the ability to purchase them will be locked until you reach Level 49.  So think of it as a sneak peak for what’s to come in Springfield when you hit Level 49.  🙂

And those are the basic details of Level 49!  Of course we’ll be back with walkthroughs, WDTCF, Should I Buy, Random Changes and more!

What do you think of Level 49 so far?  Thoughts on the characters they decided to add?  How about the buildings?  Decorations?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

138 responses to “Oooo That New Level Smell: Level 49 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I’ve had Agnes storyline & task saying build the summer house but yet when I go to build its says unlock level 49? Didn’t receive 2 donut level up either. Any thoughts? ☺

  2. My morning TSTO chuckle: As long as they’re not too long, I enjoy sending Springfielders on group tasks. (I hope Berniece H. wasn’t too embarrassed the whole town attended her intervention last night) I like watching them all spill out of the building and the combined cacophony of their catchphrases. Not to mention the huge cash pay off at the end. Right now I have virtually all my characters (even Matt Groening!) at Rancho Relaxo looking for the Don’s help and then amused myself by simultaneously sending him elsewhere to relax with his cat. MuaHaaHaa HaHa!

  3. Just got the warehouse. Had to really redo the boardwalk. It would be nice if ea let us get more squidport sections. Need more space for mine. Fun update so far.

  4. do we know if the chalk outline can go on the street or is it just grass and pavement

  5. Curses! Saving money takes me so long and i’ve just been delayed another day by spending $100k to up my XP level prize from 1 donut to 3.
    Oh well, patience is a virtue, so they tell me. I wouldn’t know, I’m more a ‘vice’ guy than ‘virtue’!

  6. I’m disappointed Stampy couldn’t attend the party. Poor Stampy. On the other hand, maybe it reminds Stampy of his circus days, the chains, the beatings. Back to the Simpson house for you Stampy!!!

  7. They could have added prizes to the Friends Points. I’ve had them all for ages and don’t have any incentive to visit anyone.
    Might come with the Valentines tasks???

    • The incentive for visiting your neighbors (aside from helping your neighbor’s like they help you) is to get free donuts!! I’m not even sure I’d want another Friend Prize (especially if it was an NPC or a dumb decoration), because, as a freemium player, visiting my neighbors is the best way to get fairly steady flow of free donuts.

      • How often do you find you’re getting donuts from your neighbours? I never seem to get any even though I’ve had all the friend prizes for ages and visit everyone daily!! Is it a rare occurrence or am I just unlucky?

      • sdl – It’s basically luck, but there are odds….I think there’s something like a .05% chance per tap (maybe it was .03%?).

        If you tap all 100 neighbours, it shouldn’t be that rare to get 1 or 2 donuts, but folks have reported even getting 6 in one day! (Unfortunately, I’ve never been as lucky as that.) It’s not unusual to go without getting donuts for several days. Personally, I’ve found that I get donuts maybe half the time (more in streaks than alternating, though) and I usually get one to three donuts when I get them.

      • I’ve never had a free donut when visiting friends!! – bevheron

  8. What’s the Squeaky Voiced Teen bonus? Does it start at a certain time?

  9. whats the use of more water land when I have made all the Squidpoint bordwalk I am allowed to ?

    • I like to spread them out. Make an “exclusive” area where there is a little amount for a private deck for the “Mansion” area then add LOTS of stuff like speedboats and DUffliner. Lol.

  10. Part 6 of Baking Bread Won’t start any ideas?

  11. Finally something to do. I knew when they released the previous level in the middle of the Christmas event, there will be a long time of boredom afterwards… Well let’s tap, slowly don’t strain something

  12. Nice to see that the previous land expansion has gone down in cost. I don’t need it yet, but perhaps it will go down even more when the next expansion comes out as well!

  13. I seemed to have lost Kang as part of this update. Anyone else experiencing this?

  14. Thank you for the info (o^-^o)
    Happy about getting a new level n new land but not too happy about the price of the new building lol n just as I was about to buy an aspirational building too…

    • Remember… this isn’t timed. Take your time to get it. Focus on other things if you want. It will still be there when you come back later. 😉

      • Haha I know but I can’t help but buy the new building as soon as I saw it >o< otherwise I know it'll just keep calling my name lol

  15. Anyone else not getting the land expansion? I got the new buildings and characters but when I click on the button to expand land, I’m getting the same dark tinted surrounding area, with no option to buy more, that I’ve had since we last got land with the Stonecutters event.. :/

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