WABAC Where Did THAT Come From: Carved Ice Sculpture & Weather Station

Hey howdy hey Addicts! In the steady grind of tapping in the free world, we sometimes see decorations and buildings and take them for granted. While this is understandable, we may not realize that a great majority of items in TSTO actually come from the amazing show the game is based on. With that in mind, Bunny and I aim to periodically provide you the origin info for decorations and buildings we missed, ignored or haven’t covered yet. Time is a fickle thing (timey wimey even) and as Einstein said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” There’s often not enough time in the TSTO continuum to do origins for everything, but while we have some, we’ve called on Mr. Peabody to help us along. We’re using his WABAC (pronounced way back) Machine to go back in TSTO time. With that premise, we bring you WABAC WDTCF (Where Did THAT Come From). This particular journey is for the Carved Ice Sculpture and Weather station.

Carved Ice Sculpture TSTO imageTapped_Out_Weather_Station

The Carved Ice Sculpture becomes available for purchase in Level 31. This level also brought Rainier Wolfcastle so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the decoration has to do with him. In the very beginning of “Last Exit to Springfield” (S4:E17), we find ourselves watching part of a McBain film. Mendoza is unveiling his most diabolical creation… swank… 10 times more addictive than marijuana. The ice sculpture is seen on his table.

Carved Ice Sculpture TSTO

Of course, McBain has been hiding inside it the whole time, breaks free and justice is served. I laugh every time I hear McBain utter “Ice to see you!” I’ll admit it’s not that funny but it is punny. I also have to admit to laughing at the puns of Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin. Definitely a similarity between this scene and Arnold’s performance.  “One thing in life is certain.  Everything freezes!” lmbo

The next decoration we’ll look at is the Weather Station. It unlocks during Level 23 and adds a task for Channel 6 News. Of all the decs in TSTO, this one possibly makes me the most nostalgic for a great episode. It comes from “Marge on the Lam” (S5:E6). Ruth Powers and Marge friendship and resulting run from the cops is great. Prior to the cops being after them, Marge takes Ruth up to the Springfield Sign and mentions Homer and her used to go up there on dates. Flashback to Homer beating the crud out of it.

Weather Station TSTO

I love any flashbacks of my favorite power couple in their youth. Of course, our weather station is more likely the new one Homer finds when he’s wandering to the old make-out place and doesn’t destroy it because it’s just no fun without Marge. I must be demented for wanting the banged up version.

Weather Station TSTO 2

So for placements of these, I personally made sure Wolfcastle’s mansion had a bunch in its area.  I’ve put the weather stations all over but there really should be at least one by the Springfield sign if you have it. So there’s the origins of two decorations you may not have realized come from the Best. Show. Ever. Keep on tapping in the free world.

“Sunshine, lollipops and…  rainbows everything…  that’s wonderful is what I feel when… we’re together.”

TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “WABAC Where Did THAT Come From: Carved Ice Sculpture & Weather Station

  1. Oh its another clever article chock full of witty puns you can only find in the Simpsons episode (yes)! : -)

    This Tapper misses Phil Hartman, because he voiced so many clever Characters for The Simpsons (a shame this talented actor is no longer with us, as it would be pointless to offer one of his Characters here on TSTO without his voice) ….

    So scratch Troy McClure & Lionel Hutz off my wish list !

  2. I’d love to have the banged up version lol. There’s so many items I want from the golden era. Patiently waiting for the inanimate carbon rod to make an appearance.

  3. I actually completely forgot about the weather station in that episode. Time to get a new one and put it by the Springfield sign when I log back in.

  4. Great article! I like to place items in corolation to where they were seen in the episodes. Now I will definitely be placing an ice sculpture at the Wolfcastle mansion! Once again you guys always have great information! Thanks!


  5. I’m sure you been asked this a few times so please excuse the duplication. Do you know why the game doesn’t let the different buildings light up when we know they can? It would be nice to have everything working. Thanks.

  6. I always thought it was the ice version of the gummy Venus de milo. I hope they bring that decoration into the game. Maybe as a Valentine’s day or halloween candy.

  7. There’s a weather station in my Rigellian compound — it looks like something they’d own, so I put one there. Of course, the bounce house (with Janey in it) and the BBQ and the bloodmobile are also in there too — you can draw your own conclusions but if you need a hint, the “How to Cook Humans” book has a section called Shake and Bake!

  8. Love the weather station (and the episode), if only because my husband often says “‘You have real pretty hair…’ I feel like smashing a weather station” 😀

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