Last Chance: Stonecutters Wave 3

Update: It looks like they brought ALL of the items released for the Black Market Event back for just one day.  So if you missed any of them items be sure to pick them up before they disappear….

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Wave 2
Wave 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little reminder that at 0800 GMT (3am EST) the Wave 3 items for Stonecutters will disappear from our stores!  So if you’re thinking about making a purchase do so before time runs out!

Just what will leave our games?  Here’s what was included for Wave 3:

22-quimby#50 Wiggum111-Grampa#79 Disco Stu#314 Frink ark-of-the-stonecovenant

Number 22, Number 50, Number 111, Number 79, Number 314, ark of the Stone Covenant (these were Wave 3 items)

We’ve got a full breakdown of each item in our Wave 3 items post here.  So make your final decisions before time runs out!

Also…don’t forget to claim your FREE #66, Stonecutter Brockman


He leaves tomorrow too…and you’ll really be kicking yourself if you miss out on the free one! (Remember to claim him you have to go into your store and tap the FREE over him in the Stonecutter area)

Also as a reminder the remaining Stonecutter items will be leaving the game Thursday morning (0800GMT/3am EST) the ones that have been with us for the whole event…

Stonecutter Lodge#1 victoryThe Stonecutter Lodge & Number 1 (remember Stonecutter Homer comes with this too)

Stonecutter Daycare Center Stonecutter’s Daycare Center

All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye

Stonecutter table Stonecutter Table

Hieroglyph Wall 3Hieroglyphic Wall

#51 phone home 1Number 51

Should I Buy on the Lodge Can be Found here

The remaining items here.

Have you purchased any of the items?  Which ones?  What do you think will come tomorrow, if anything?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Last Chance: Stonecutters Wave 3

  1. I just got a notification that ~everything~ is back in the store. I didn’t look at the timer, but I bought as many tube slides as I could lol. Thought you guys would like to know about the return. 🙂

  2. *SIGH* Now that I see everything left in the store, I realize the ONLY things I’m missing are 3 skins, the abandoned store, and the altar… The completionist in me (*cough* OCD in me *cough*) REALLY itches to spring for them all… Combine that with the fact that I recently bought some iTunes cards on a deep sale at Meijer and I’m seriously tempted to pull the trigger. (And I really want a V-day sale. This is my first Valentine’s and I want some of the old stuff from previous years.)


  3. Even though I personally earned all the stonecutters items, I think it’s cool that they offered a couple of the skins for free in this sale. I don’t know if I would have paid that much for any of the skins (except maybe Smithers and Mr. Burns if I could have gotten the pool), but I hope this signals a new trend of giving a little to freemium players.

  4. Missed out on free skinner oh well

  5. Ideally this is what I’d like to see: Mini Valentine’s day update followed by a mini St. Patrick’s day update. The Valentines update could just be a new building for cash and new building for donuts with maybe a new character and a short quest for each. No V-day currency, no wheel. Past decorations for either in-game cash or donuts. Opportunity to buy past characters and buildings for donuts. That is do-able and realistic in my opinion.

  6. I thought this “event” (cough cough…) started last Wednesday? I had my hopes set on Valentines landing today – guess that’s never gonna happen if the items are there until Thursday morning 🙁

  7. I never got the update, only the advertisement that the stonecutters are back. Is it because I live in Europe?

  8. I can’t get stonecutter brockman!! Help! Where’s the free button?

  9. There are still four remaining Stonecutter items, I still need the Money Pool, the Sacred Parchment, the Chest of Sacred Artifacts, and Satans Anvil, are they not getting released?

  10. My favorite task from the Stonecutters is when they sing together at the table. I finally broke down and got number 51 so I could have a full set. Also, now that I am not such a newbie, I was able to get the daycare center. The Stonecutter costumes for Frink & Doc Hibbert wouldn’t have added any cool outdoor tasks, so I’m saving my donuts there. I just started playing last Easter, so I was really looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

  11. Looks like there’s been an extension. I have the skins in inventory for characters I haven’t bought yet and they’ve popped up again with a new timer.

  12. I bought the day care and some walls was not going to spend my hard earned donuts on anything else waiting till 💝 day

  13. Just for clarification, there were only 3 free Stonecutter skins, right?
    • Krusty
    • Skinner
    • Brockman

  14. I really am hoping for a Valentine’s update, just something small and sweet like they did with NYE.

  15. I think you may have confused the end date… Wave 3 items will leave tomorrow 0800 GMT. The other items will remain in the store until Thursday – they all indicate 1d and some hours left for purchase.

  16. Was the money pool not made available? I love having that thing. I did buy Stonecutter Hibbert. Contemplating All seeing eye, but I’d like to save the donuts I have for V-day I didn’t start purchasing Donuts till a few months ago so I missed out on Brandine.

  17. I bought the daycare. I had every other thing from the event but I was still a new player and was too cash poor to get the daycare. So, I’m thrilled they brought this back.

  18. There was a confusion between Wave 2 and Wave 3 in this post. #66 is Stonecutter Kent Brockman. #600 is Stonecutter Skinner. It’s not a big deal. It is just a little name mix-up.

    • This is Mr. Auto Correct again. Did you (Alissa) change Stonecutter Skinner to Brockman because of what I pointed out? If you did, “Mr. Auto Correct strikes again” will be my catchphrase. I just wanted to know.

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