Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Black Market Items?

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We’ve got a little Stonecutter Black Market sale going on in Springfield right now.  Items from the original Stonecutters Event are back in Springfield for a limited-time.  While a lot of players will already have the items, I know many TSTO noooobs are wondering if any of the items are worth adding to their Springfield.  So we’re here to break it all down for you!

Wondering if you should add any of the Stonecutter items to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these secret society items to your Springfield!

All Seeing Eye Stonecutter table #51 phone home 1

Remember: These items WILL leave our games (for purchase) on 2/11/15 at 0800 GMT (3am EST)

We’re going to do these similar to how we’ve done Premium rewind items in the past…we’ll break each one down briefly & link back to the older posts about each one.  Let’s start with the All Seeing Eye…

All Seeing Eye

Decoration: All Seeing Eye
Donut Price: 100 Donuts
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10
Earns: $200, 22xp/8hrs

-Limited-Time Stonecutter Item
-Cool item for your Springfield!

-Served a good purpose during Stonecutters, it helped earn more emblems.  Now it’ll only generate cash
-Offers no bonus %
-Can be a bit out of place in Springfield.

Final Thought
Premium OR Freemium…
During the event this is an item I recommended purchasing.  It served a purpose of helping to earn more emblems.  Now it’s another cash generating “building” for your town.  As with all other Stonecutter items, this is one where you’ll have to take a look at what you really want to get it.  I suggest thinking about seeing the item in a friend’s town.  If it’s something you’ve really been wanting now’s your chance to pick it up.  But if it’s something you feel like you can live without, I would save your donuts for something a little better that comes up…

More details
Should I Buy

Stonecutter table


Decoration: Stonecutter Table
Donut Price:  120 Donuts
Conform-O-Meter: Gluttony +10

-One of the more iconic Stonecutter items to return
-Fun outdoor task with it involving Homer, Wiggum, Krusty & Number 51
-Can earn 10 free donuts from it (details here)

-Was previously a free item (prize)
-Cannot be rotated

Final Thought
If you have the Stonecutter skins for any of the following: Homer, Wiggum, Krusty or #51…buy this.  The task is one of the best in the game…and you’ll be singing “We Do!” every time you see it.  (Note: characters don’t actually sing the song).

This one is a toss up.  If you don’t have any of the Stonecutter skins I wouldn’t waste my donuts on this one.  Beyond that it’s really going to come down to how many donuts you have & how badly you want the table.  In the end 120 donuts (110 if you do the donut trick) is a lot of donuts…and a lot to spend on a table that serves no other purpose beyond that task.


More details:
Prize Breakdown
Where Did That Come From

#51 phone home 1


Character: Number 51
Donut Price:
100 Donuts

-Premium character for your Springfield, will earn 50% more on all cash and XP
-Phone home animation is hilarious
-Initially came with a fun little questline

-Pricey.  100 donuts is a lot for a Stand Alone character
-Very minor Stonecutter character, only seen for a split second in the episode

Final Thought:
Unless this is the one character you don’t have from the event and you REALLY want him, I’d pass this time around.  Although I did spend the donuts on him when the event hit, I often forget he’s part of my Springfield.  Plus 100 donuts is really pricey for just a character, especially with so many other things looming on the horizon (still waiting for the Winter Event & then we should see a Spring Event as well).  At this stage in the game I don’t think he’s worth the donuts.
Plus remember EA brought him back during Halloween this past year, so you may be able to pick him up again during Halloween 2015.

More details:
Should I Buy

Of course that’s just my two-cents!  I can’t tell you what you should or should buy.  I can only tell you what I would do & honestly I’d pass on all of these right now.  Although I did pick up the premium items the first time around for the event, but they worked with the context of the event.  It’s up to you to make that final decision.  Just remember…whatever you decide these items WILL leave our games (for purchase) on 2/11/15 at 0800 GMT (3am EST) so make your final decisions quickly!

What do you think of the Black Market Event?  Did you pick up any Stonecutter items?  Thoughts on the items making a coming back?  Anything you already had? Something you hope returns?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

33 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Stonecutter Black Market Items?

  1. If I buy the SC Table and I do the Donuts trick, is it just that once I get free donuts?

  2. Hey Mathewgonemad,, you don’t know me, but made me feel so much better, it’s nice to know I’m not the only fence crazy tapper out there. I did same bough bunch more & stored them but have already used most of them! Have fun & tap on!

  3. Thanks for help! Oh no!!! Think I have way more then 100, and tons of trees & docorations, but most are trees! My tree hugging was my first 5 on comformameter, all my cash was going to trees, my best friend even called & said maybe you should build houses or something that pays, I did & then bought more trees!
    Any way thanks you are awesome and I won’t buy anymore was just going to go in and buy more, was hoping we could take them to KL someday!

  4. Thank you for redoing the Should I Buys for items you had done them for before, so you could include the premium vs. freemium assessments (and take the emblem factor out). I know it was extra effort to do that (rather than just link to the old ones), so I wanted to make sure you knew that the effort was appreciated! 🙂

  5. Hey everyone, I was wondering, I’m a mostly freemium player(I bought donuts from Gil at x-mas) maxed out on level 49 and I try to keep at least one million $. I don’t have all the land yet but I like decorating realistically as possible with bushes and fences and so on and when there are limited time freemium items, I like to get and put in storage as many as I could possibly ever use. When the islands first came out and were marked limited time I bought about 30. My question is how many stonecutter fences is too many?So far I bought about 200 and I doubt I’ll ever use that many but my OCD can’t stop looking at the LIMITED TIME banner. I know that number is different for everyone but I want to have enough in case. Thanx and have fun.

    • It depends on what you want to use them for…200 is probably good if you’re going to just use them for around an area. That’s more than I have 😉

    • Hmm I have 500 stonecutter fences as I have too much money. Use it to gain Xp. And stored them for future use if any.

  6. Hi Alissa, not sure I should ask but you did post about it awhile back… How many stone cutter walls are too many? Any idea.? I love them but don’t want to cause a problem. You can always email me, I couldn’t find your email, my IPad is giving me fits, worried it might be dying a slow death! This isn’t stone cutter related, but do you know if I can download my town on my kindle as well as IPad, I know I can on IPhone but don’t think I have enough memory as phone is full of other obsession of music. My kindle is the first Kindle Fire that amazon released
    Thanks for the help and the awesome job you continue to do!

    • It was A LOT of fences (several hundred), plus she already had a ton of other decorations. I think you’ll be ok with 100 or so 😉

      And yes, just use your Origin ID for Kindle 🙂

  7. Hey guys, I’m new here. I started playing TSTO halfway through the “Clash of Clones” event. So, when the Black Market event started, I was out in a rush getting my money together and got Number 51, the Stonecutter Lodge (with Number 1 and also a suprise Number 908) and I got the Stonecutter Table without even hesitating. I then bought the Stonecutter Daycare Center with my in-game currency. I didn’t buy any of the costumes that were premium, however I did grab up the free ones. So the Stonecutters of my town are a very small group consisting of Number 1, Number 51, Brockman, Krusty, Homer and Skinner. Even though I didn’t really think through the purchase, I’m happy with my decision. I just wish Number 1 had a visual task. I also wish I had grabbed the stone that Homer has a task with (I forgot to grab it haha)

  8. I have all of these from the original SC event. That’s when I got #51. While I don’t regret it, I do wish he was a voiced character for that many donuts which he costs. I often have him singing at the table or trying to phone home in my town. As a tech & sci-fi geek, it was a “must get” for me at the time.

  9. Yes you need to fetch some stuff back for clash of the clones please

  10. I accidentally bought number 51 during the event last year and it always annoys me that he doesn’t have a 12 hour task. Is it worth getting the table just to be able to set him on a 12 hour task?

  11. I think the alien also sings at the stonecutter table, correct?

  12. I am DYING to buy Number 51, but don’t have any donuts at all! Can somebody tell me what I’m missing out on with #51?

    P.S. I think the creators made him #51 because of Area 51. Who agrees?

  13. I got Stonecutter Skinner, the Daycare Center (which I focused all my energy into because I had no cash at the start), and I rounded my wall total to 100 after that. Really happy that I can redecorate to give the Stonecutters a larger area. I already had Brockman, Homer, Arnie Pye (but only in my inventory since i still won’t get him), Krusty, Grandpa, Quimby, and Moe. I got really scared when Arnie showed up in the store locked, but I still have him. I liked the reboot, if only for the Daycare Center.

  14. Anyone notice the pig on the table is the same one that Homer tries to serve when Lisa turns vegetarian?

  15. I didn’t spend donuts on any of the stuff. Still saving my donuts in case of a Valentine’s update! I love me some ladies of Springfield!!

  16. I didn’t know about the Stonecutter table 10 doughnut trick and I’ve had the table since it first came around. Thx so much for re-addressing it in this post.

  17. Not entirely related to the SC event but I really love the premium vs freemium should I buy section. Thank you guys so much for adding that! As a freemium player it really helps me not feel that I’m missing out too much on things I wanted that I feel are overpriced. You guys do an amazing job, thanks for all your hard work!

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