Diary of a Wookiee: Stonecutter Downtime Valentine Edition

Hey hey hey Addictereenos! How’s life?

So… in the midst of this downtime period for EA, I figured I’d pop in with my two cents. Gonna ramble about Stonecutters, EA downtime and my thoughts on the Valentine’s Update. Nothing game specific but figured I’d chime in with some thoughts if you were interested. If not, just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

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singstonecuttertableBoy has this sale brought out some ire in all my favorite tappers. I will admit I was hoping for Valentine’s last week too but I don’t hate this sale and here’s why. In the past, when cool things were in the game, tappers who missed items had to wait a long time or never to get the things in game. Yes, the items are higher priced than I’d like and yes I know some folks already had items, but I like to see the items brought back. Stonecutters is considered by a lot of people to be one of the best events ever. I loved all the items and am glad newer players at least have the chance to consider them.

As far as pricing, when things come back they are expensive. It’s really nothing new so ultimately it’s up to tappers whether the price fits their budget/desire. If I didn’t have things, I must admit I’d probably get the Stonecutters Lodge, Daycare and table. I’d even probably splurge on the Abandoned Store. Probably pass on the others but the free skins in each wave are a big bonus for new players. Frankly, I’m just happy to see the hieroglyph walls come back for the design opportunities. “Homer the Great” is one of my favorite episodes so having items from it makes me and my Springfield happy.

Let’s just chalk this up as a good chance for noobs to get stuff, huh?


Oogle Simpsons

TSTO is a town design game with the added bonus of The Simpsons. The joy I find in this game comes from creating my very own Springfield. I put lots and lots (sometimes too much) thought into where I put everything and how it makes sense. Downtime for this fuzzball is the best. During events, it’s hard to tweak all my little items so any lull makes the inner-designer in me super happy. Sure it’s nice to have quests and dialogue boxes to read but take the time and start designing. I honestly considered another complete nuclear overhaul of Wookieetown this week but alas, down time also equals more study time for this college kid. I’d challenge you to design that one area you’ve really been meaning to. The next event (whatever it is) will come and then you may wish you’d taken my advice.

Another bonus of downtime is earning that game cash. When neighbors aren’t visiting as much, you can clear your buildings and make your bank account a bit more healthy. We all know we’ll want more cash when the next big items come along. Send your characters on the task which fits with your life and earn those greenbacks. Did I mention if you don’t want the new premium stuff, your real life bank account remains healthy too?

Honestly, having a bit more time away from the game isn’t a completely bad thing either. Maybe make that real garden in your yard a little prettier or watch an episode of the Simpsons or something. I know some tappers have real life snow that might need shoveling. Do your kids need a haircut? The dog a walk? What have you been putting off around the house that might bring you or others joy? There’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to experience it. TSTO will still be on your tapping device when you come back to it.


Valentine's Panorama

This kind of goes with downtime. I can tell you I have heard from many tappers that when they talked with EA, that the rep on the phone mentioned Valentines. This leads me to believe that we may still see an event. I’d be really surprised frankly if we didn’t. Some of you know of another game based on an animated “family” and so far, EA has seemed to be in competition with them. I see no reason for them to not mirror holiday extravaganzas with them. It is after all a business. No new stuff equals no new purchases.

My thoughts are EA needed some extra time for Valentines and wanted to still offer something last week. The coolest thing last year IMHO event-wise was Stonecutters. I’m sure EA thought it’d be much more popular but that’s business. You win some, you lose some. Me thinks this coming week brings us Springfield love.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that American Greeting Card/Flowers/Chocolate Day is actually coming in the real world.  Did you buy your special someone something yet? There’s no time like the present to make sure the day is special for them even if it is all a corporate conspiracy to make us spend money on a fake holiday.  I choose to let my loved ones know they’re loved year round but it can’t hurt to make one day even more fancy.  You think a Mickey dressed like cupid is a good gift?


I’m happy last week wasn’t without anything. For every comment I’ve seen of a happy tapper who got something from Stonecutters they wanted, I’ve been happy right with them. This site is a community so even when there’s no new goodies for me, I’m thrilled others get stuff. Do I wish there was something super dope for veteran tappers? Sure, but I got over not getting anything new real fast. I spent the time I could have been bummed to tweak by D’Amico Summer Home design and make it as close to the episode it came from as I saw fit. I also bought a bunch of Stonecutters fences and have plans for them in future designs. Only one side shows the hieroglyphs so the plain side can be used in all sorts of ways.

Ultimately we are all entitled to our opinions and how we feel about updates and offerings. I choose to stay on the bright side of things. TSTO is the only game that has kept me playing for a long, long time and there has been downtime and sales I wasn’t terribly thrilled with before. Most likely, there will be in the future too. What keeps me tapping is the events and levels that make up for the lulls. Hopefully this week sees all sorts of lovey dovey stuff in our towns and the extra week brings us a smooth roll-out if the goodness arrives.

Well… that’s my two cents. Take it for what you will but know this fuzzball always roots for every tapper and knows good stuff is gonna come soon enough. Stay classy and much love… TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. As a newbie tapper ive always drooled at the sight of the stonecutters lodge and other stonescutter related items whenever i visit my more senior neighbors. Ive always thought that i would never be able to get a hold on stonecutters stuff which is why i was so surprised and extremely happy with this update! Thank you so much EA!

  2. We still have 4 days, i would not be too surprised to see something happened for Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Why wouldn’t EA sports take advantage of having people spend money like every other store instead of just being with friends and family which is what valentine’s day should be it’s all about consumerism. That is why I think they’re waiting, spend money on the bring it back event.( The Stonecutters event) which i think is a great thing I asked about bring back events nobody really knew about it or didn’t have an answer rather, no big deal, it’s never been done, so I’m glad that they’re doing this and I hope they do it more often because I’ve been playing this game (which I love ) only been playing maybe a year or a little less and I would love to see some of the things that I see in other towns. I’d love that opportunity to put them in my town that would be awesome. But the writing above is wonderful it’s very well put together. I enjoyed reading it. So we’ll have to sit back and see, also Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner as well and I think they’ll take advantage of this and do something but I like that they are doing this and have more bring back events and I hope EA will read some of these forums so that they know what their fans and game players are wanting but rather than rambling on I enjoyed reading the blog above and I think it was well written, it was a good opinion and I love the bring it back event and I wish they would do that more often with others, don’t get me wrong I am definitely enjoying the down time as well…. But I think we’ll have to hold off and see what the guys and gals come up with, when it comes to the upcoming holidays Springfield have a good one. Thanks,

  3. I am enjoying the downtime. The holidays were so crazy and I played TSTO so hard for months it’s great to check once a day now. EA isn’t getting my money right now and that’s ok too. I need a rest before the Easter fences take over my life for a while 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day Addicts!

  4. Are u guys going to do a Valentine’s event with the Simpsons

  5. I’ve had my fingers crossed since I started played (halfway through the Easter event last year) that they would bring back Mindy to buy as I missed her and she’s my favourite simosons character EVER!! Still holding out hope for this valentines seeing as they seem to be bringing out alot of old items with events recently.

  6. I’ll add in a late comment. I’m personally on the fence about the current stone cutters reprieve and downtime. On the one hand I quit playing Quest for Stuff late in the comic-con update as I just found the game to be too laborious. There was never down time, there were mini events within events, space was always lacking, and I just found they wanted way to much of my time. So I can certainly appreciate getting a break. I’ve also got no problem with the stone cutter stuff returning, even though I have a complete set. On the other hand, I was actually having some fun unlocking people like fully voiced Patrick Stewart, Felicia Day, and Ron Perlman, where as the stone cutters event was probably the last event within tapped out to really have me excited, so having a long break after some “meh” updates has seen my interest in Tapped Out at it’s lowest point in a long while. I won’t complain too loudly, as I do need to do some redesigning, but the idea that the next thing I’ll see will likely be an update with a character that has appeared once or twice or a new costume for someone, doesn’t exactly have me looking forward to continued play.

  7. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed really, more anxious to experience a Valentine’s day event.
    I decided to nuke my town and plan it more. So now I have “theme areas” and more thinking instead of a big mess of stuff and “Oh, hey, I have room here, shove the event stuff there”. Sol I think my SF is looking a lot better with some open spaces for new stuff when it does come around.
    I’m happy the Stonecutters came back; gave me the chance to get the daycare (which I couldn’t afford the first time around – and love it!) and slides and especially fences. Got over 100 for future design opportunities.

    As for the Vday event coming. I hope for something even if not too big.
    I like the ideas that some are sharing; Stonecutter machinations, small Vday, big Easter, etc.
    Maybe they’ll do something more like a Spring event; Vday/St Paddies/Easter mix.
    Xmas was more Winter event than just Xmas.
    We’ll see.

    As for frustrations with EA… I hear you and sometimes agree, sometimes not. We play because we enjoy it. So wanna continue to be engaged. And new stuff and quests and plot lines do that.
    The one thing I think EA should really do, as it would address a lot of frustration is… COMMUNICATE.
    Tell us when events are hitting, even a rough timeframe. Don’t necessarily say what the event is, just that one is coming. And if there’s a problem or delay, just tell us and most will be fine with it; we’d appreciate knowing vs. guessing.
    I work with companies to help them be more effective and the 2 main problems that I see at the root of almost everything is… Clarity and communication. Same thing going on here.
    My 2 cents.
    Happy tapping.

    And, again… Wookiee, Alissa, Bunny… A huge thanks. You help us through the droughts and tough times. 😉

  8. As long as EA is giving a chance to get stuff you missed, I would like a chance to get the up, up and Buffet, and Springfield Falls. I built and Air Base and I need a Fixed wing for it. I have all the Stone Cutter’s stuff. Of course it does not help that I am a Mason in real life, so the Stone Cutter’s appealed to me. As far as V- Day goes, i got divorced in OCT. so who really cares. Friend me if you want robertabro736. I don’t care either way about vandalizing my stuff.
    Thanks have a great Tapped Day.

  9. The Valentine’s Day Event might just turn into something like St.
    Patrick Day’s event with just quests and no main prizes.

  10. I’m all for a chance to get old items and would LOVE to get the stonecutters 50 doughnuts a hit hell no! If 300 or so got me the temple and all the skins i’d be on it like Homer on a pork chop who am I kidding 400 for the package would get serious thought.

  11. EA should employ you 3 as public relations for this game. You r great and me out a lot.

  12. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the downtime. I was burned out after the last three events. As far as the Stonecutters items returning, I was able to grab the Daycare Center which I missed out on. I agree, it was one of the best events and my favorite so far. Same goes for the episode.

    No VD event I’m okay with. No St. Paddy’s Day? I’d move to Shelbyville.


  13. Thanks Wookie! Reading your article put a smile back on my face and a positive feeling back into my game too. I am sure there will be a next big thing to look forward to but I am happy at the moment to be taking the time over level 49, redesigning my town, visiting just once or twice a day (more here than there) and adding to an already well established stonecutter area with the freemium items made available. I like the fact that some of my newbee neighbours are now building their own …lots more to look at when visiting! Thank god for this site, keep on tappin and smiling as there will be something new before we know it : )

  14. Nice article Wookie,
    I was happy also (like John K Grater) to grab some items I missed out on, I started playing about midway through the Stonecutters event.
    Just waiting for “Springfield Falls” now 😉 (hint hint EA).
    I’m kind of enjoying the break from events at the moment actually, bit of extra quality time with the family catch up with some mates etc.
    I think EA has left the Valentines event a bit late, but it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
    In regards to an event (after Valentines) I’d like to see one in “Krustyland”, I think that part of the game gets neglected quite a bit imo, maybe an Easter event perhaps?
    Anyway enough from me, Happy Tapping Tappers! 🙂

  15. Wookie, I’d love to see the D’Amico Summer Home design you did! Please share.

  16. I’ve been saving for about 6+ months for Brandine or Shauna (freemium player that had no real idea how to get the most out of this game last year). As long as they pop up in my store this month I don’t really care if we get Valentine’s day or not. The down time has been good for me personally since I have school, an internship, and new job so I’ve been able to focus a bit more without worrying I’m missing out on any prizes from an event.

  17. I’m actually really cool with a low-key update for Valentine’s day with some neat stuff. No huge event or anything and then have an Easter Extravaganza! I think a part of me is still tad exhausted from everything at the end of last year. So for me just some nice little updates and maybe a level would be really nice.

  18. If there’s no Valentine’s Day event, I’ll be eyeballing pre-existing premium characters. I’m very disappointed so far, but hoping there will be an event.

  19. I like the fact that they have allowed players to get Stonecutter event items and characters as a special. However, I think that it is also a bit of a cop out. I mean, if they had a Valentine’s event planned out, they would probably have already released it to match their competition game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Their Valentine’s event is already in full swing, and rather impressive as well. Honestly, I think that TSTO has fallen behind on the 8-ball a bit lately, with average level and content updates, and average events and special promotions/sales, just to fill in the time, so that players forget that it takes them so long just to come up with their average level stories. I still play because I hope to see improvements. I really hope we see something BIG for level 50, the game really deserves something big for a big level. Let’s just hope they don’t let us down.

    • With so many people posting that they’re expecting something “really big” for level 50, I can’t help thinking that there’s no way, short of some massive giveaway, that EA’s going to live up to these expectations. It’d like to seed an extra something special for that level, too, but I wish people would moderate their expectations a bit, so that they’ll be more likely to be pleasantly surprised, rather than horribly disappointed.

      • In all honesty, why shouldn’t we expect something big? I mean, level 50 should be a milestone level. It deserves something big, especially after the mediocre additions to the game in the past year. For example, Roger Myers Jr appeared in maybe a few episodes at most, with only about a half a dozen being decent roles, the rest as background. Princess Penelope appeared in a single episode, with a couch gag on another. Michael D’Amico appeared as a background character to a few episodes, but only ever really played a major role in one episode, the one about him wanting to be a chef instead of a mob boss. The fact is that recent levels have had poor choices in characters, compared to what could have been added. Helen Lovejoy, Kookie Kwan, Lindsay Naegle, Lunchlady Doris, all characters which have had recurring roles in the series, with some of them even having their own characteristic that distinguishes them and makes them stand out, eg Helen Lovejoy’s “Think of the children”, Kookie Kwan’s “Stay out of the west side”, Lunchlady Doris’ don’t-care-attitude ect. There is so much that this game could do, but the creators seem to continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel, instead of taking what they need from the top. I think people will be disappointed with level 50 one way or another, because if it is anything like some of the recent levels, it will be disappointing. Michael’s level was good, but it was the first good one in ages. I just think that we deserve something good for level 50, instead of a bottom feeder character with maybe 2 appearances under their belt.

    • It’s funny – although I agree that Roger Meyers is a rather minor character, I love having him in my town, because I absolutely adore the animation of him sitting on a bench smoking his cigar for some reason. It just looks so natural! (Plus, you can never have too many bench-sitting characters…can make for some great tableaux!)

  20. I have a theory as to why EA reintroduced the Stonecutters before Valentine’s Day (and not just because they want people to buy donuts).

    I think that Valntine’s Day will be revealed to be… drumroll…

    A Stonecutter’s plot!!

    After all what could be more insidious than forcing millions of people to buy useless gifts, crappy candy, and pointless greeting cards for a made up holiday.

    EA wanted to make sure people had the chance to get Stoncutters stuff before their Valentine’s Day plot is revealed!

    At least that’s what I’m hoping.

    And no, just in case you all were wondering, I am not bitter about V Day. My sweetie and I will just be celebrating each other in a much less commercial way.

  21. Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave… LOL… those penguins crack me up.

  22. Love the positivity here! 🙂

    I was happy to get the Lodge and daycare and free skins and tube slides and walls (yay, nice new walls!)! Wish the table had been more reasonable and still would like the gate/parchment thing, but, overall, a positive experience. 🙂

    As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve also appreciated having some downtime to get caught up with IRL stuff and not have to worry about keeping up with event stuff. But I’m really hoping one comes on Thursday or Friday!

  23. I have been locked out of my Simpson’s account for over two weeks, thought it was a glitch. does anyone know how I can fix this problem. I have so much money wrapped up in my Springfield. is there a way for ea to fix this or who to contact? thank you.

  24. Well written! Just keeping busy doing a lot of other real life things & other games. Still hoping for Springfield Falls!

  25. Hello Springfield people, quick question when the premium character says 50 % is that just on the jobs that they do or does it factor into your XP points? Thanks,

  26. I’d be very happy if patiently waiting for the event means that they took extra time to make sure it was higher quality before releasing. It will be even more fun that way :).

  27. Love the article. I’m one of the noobs that missed the Stonecutters event – started just before CoC – so I missed out on getting items from one of my favorite episodes. I’ll admit to buying a skin or four. I figure, this sale might not come around again? so why not?

    Also digging the lull. Been considering a nuke and redesign.

    And with the Christmas event going past the holiday, who’s to say that maybe Valentine’s Day will start this week and go a little longer?

  28. Well, at least this break gave me the chance to work on Krustyland. I just had everything all over the place. But now I need something else to do.

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