Where Did THAT Come From – Chalk Outlines

Hello hello my friends. Bada bing bada boom… Level 49 dropped on us like a hot canaloni with lots of mafia goodness. At first, I thought about saying fuhgeddaboutit when it came to bringing you info about the chalk outlines that came with the level but after some consideration and a little vino (well Meade which is technically honey wine), I decided the time had come to write about them.

fatchalkoutline_transimage chalkoutline

So, first up, I have to admit this origin post took me forever because of the fat chalk outline. I know it’s an outline of Homer and a donut, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where I’ve seen it. I’ve literally watched at least 20 episodes I thought I might spy it in to no avail. I’ve reached out to all my amicos with Simpsons knowledge like me with no dice… niente… nada… zilch.

At first I considered just skipping this WDTCF, but then here’s the rub. From the release of Level 49, I’ve known where the regular chalk outline came from. After much thinking and some chatting with the lady Addicts, I finally decided to admit I don’t know one and show the other. If you know where the fat chalk outline appeared, please let me know and it can be added with full credit given. It does bear saying though that this outline does resemble the publicity stunt in England for The Simpsons Movie.

Homer Chalk Outline Homer Chalk Outline 2

For the chalk outline, we head to “Holidays of Future Passed” (S23:E9). When Bart goes to Moe’s, our new outline is right there on the floor along with the Capitol City Goofball and Sideshow Bob. (bottom to the right of Bart)

Capital City Goofball Chalk Outline

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good post if I didn’t mention that a chalk outline appeared much earlier in the show’s history. It may not have been one of our offerings but there’s also a chalk outline in “Lisa’s First Word” (S4:E10). Homer and Marge are looking for a bigger house when they find out they’re expecting Lisa.  One of the seedy houses is the scene of a murder and there’s a chalk outline right in the living room.

Simpsons Chalk Outline

Kinda looks like a wookiee. And that’s really it my friends. Short and sweet. Sound off below with any comments, may your first child be a masculine child and stay classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

14 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Chalk Outlines

  1. Just watched “Girls just want to have sums”, 2006. Had a chalk outline on the boys only side of the school on the playground, not homer thou.

  2. The skinny outline looks kinda like Mr. Burns. Maybe a good idea to place it near the nuke plant or in front of Burns Manor.

  3. My game keeps saying that my other device (iPhone) did not save. Have tried to close iPhone completely, turned it off, deleted and reinstalled on my iPad. iPhone also says I need to log out from my iPad. So I am totally denied from either device. Help!?

  4. Oh no! Now Kang is drawing crop-Simpsons. Well, at least it’s not another crop-circle….

    (If anyone was unable to get into the site earlier, it was something with Word Press — I was unable to access any Word Press site, but all other sites were loading fine. It seems to have fixed itself now, and I have no idea how long it lasted.)

  5. I placed the fat one in the simpsons back yard because it reminded me of the patches left in the grass from when homer would pass out after a night of heavy drinking

  6. But why are they playing football…..

  7. I put my Home chalk outline in my prison complex. He finally got what was coming to him for being a snitch. 😉

  8. If you do a google search for the “Tapped out Screen”, up come images of the load screen from the past. One of them shows homer running, in exactly the same style as the chalk outline. (http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/576939-the-simpsons-tapped-out-iphone-screenshot-splash-screen-loading.png) My guess is that the chalk outline is based on Homer running away from the hand, and combined with the Chalk Homer aforementioned.

  9. Wookiee- could it be a variation of the opening sequence of THOH III? When Homer walks into the silhouette a la Alfred Hitchcock?

  10. Do you think the chalk outlines are good bonus % rates for my town.

    P.S. Wookie is number 1

  11. thats the only place I could find the Homer looking outline too (The publicity stunt) I’m thinking I will place next to the Springfield mountain sign to try and replicate the best I can. I am definitely putting the skinny one in front of Moes now! Thanks for letting us know. I couldn’t find that one. I always try to place things in corolation with the show. There are always limitations but Inget as close as I can. Thanks for the article!
    Happy Tapping!

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