Last Chance Valentines

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that as of tomorrow morning (2/17) at 0800 GMT (3am EST) all of the Valentine’s Day items will leave our stores.  So be sure to make your final purchases before they’re gone until next year!


Just want will leave our stores?  ALL of the Valentine’s Day content will leave our stores…

You can find complete details on what arrived with Valentine’s Day & will be leaving in the morning here.

Need some help deciding on which premium items to buy?  You can find the complete Should I Buy for returning items here.  And the new Animatronic Bears here.

Also…Don’t forget to get your Sidekick Milhouse Skin before it’s gone tomorrow!  

So what will happen tomorrow, if anything?  Well no one quite knows for sure.  All we know is the content will be leaving at 0800 GMT (3am EST).  Something could hit later that morning or later that afternoon.  To be safe, I wouldn’t send any characters on long quests tonight.  Figure nothing more than 8hrs and be conservative who you send on tasks tomorrow, and for how long.

What are your thoughts on the Valentine’s Day mini-event?  Any items you picked up or something you choose to pass on?  Thoughts on what might be coming tomorrow? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “Last Chance Valentines

  1. thirty doughnuts earned, did not see anything worth spending on for Valentines and I wasn’t going to buy another 30 Donuts to get the tunnel of love for krustyland (wake up EA, you are ignoring krustyland again) :-/

  2. I think fallout boy may be a freindship prize or comes with a fallout boy ride in crustyland 🙂 hope something with long quest line rather then 2 quests and done..

  3. it’d be nice if they would release some new non-premium restaurants and stores. My gluttony and consumerism ratings suck, but I refuse to fill my town with an endless sea of Gulp N Blows, Krustyburgers, and Kwik E Mart’s…a little more variety would be nice…also these lvl 45+ quest buildings are getting absurdly expensive…600k for the strip club…starting to get bored saving up for it. a few new lower cost non-unique buildings with halfway decent payouts would help raise funds quicker and keep me more interested in making small daily improvements to my town as I save up for the big quest items. Just logging in to collect and resend is getting dull…

    • To improve your gluttony rating, try the Khlav Kalash stands. They are small and cheap, I think it’s $760.

      • Seconded. And you can hide them behind big buildings if you don’t want them on display – much like training walls.

      • Thanks, I didn’t realize the carts/stands helped with gluttony, I just assumed they were all like the peanut cart (vanity).

  4. I was happy enough with it only being a mini event. I picked up a bunch of freemium items (I especially regretted not getting more trees last year) and also Phineas Q Butterfat’s. I’ve been doing a fair bit of town redesign in the past month so this gave me an opportunity to continue with that without too much disruption. Let us not forget that Easter is early this year, so a big Easter event may be just around the corner!

  5. Too bad they didn’t bring the valentine bushes back. Or… Did I miss them? Oh well, there’s always next year. Next logically will arrive… Super heroes! Super heroes! Super herooooooooooes!!! Hem… And I’ll also prepare the farewell to my money that I won’t really regret losing to that. Gotta buy them all (for once)!

  6. I’m glad it was a mini-event, though adding a couple more asked for characters like Shauna or Kumiko would have been a nice touch. I think that would have been a nice improvement without out going into a huge event. Maybe a new character too. Similar to how Jacqueline Bouvier was released on Thanksgiving. Also wish the Valentine’s gift was more than just vanity, even a 1% bonus would have been swell.

    I bought the Mindy combo and Brandine. Also stocked up a bit on the freemium stuff.

    I’m looking forward to the next coming weeks- hopefully more levels (including an updated Other Springfield for level 50!!!), a TSTO anniversary event and I like the idea of the superhero event. Onward and upward!

    • Yah. I was hoping for Kumiko and Shauna, too. But I was happy at least to have gotten Brandine and Mindy. The return of old items was nice for newer tappers, like myself, but overall, I was underwhelmed by this Valentine’s day.

      • Completely agree! I ended up just having enough sprinklies for the Mindy combo and Brandine, so if they were added I would have had some very tough decisions to make haha!
        I think if they use this event, with the superhero hints, to lead in to a bigger event it’d be very smart and extremely understandable why it was only a mini-event.

  7. I loved this Valentines Day update, I bought enough heart shaped shrubberies and Rose Arches for my town, and it made my town that much happier than before! I bought one Cupid Topiary, and because I’m saving my donuts at this time, the only thing I didn’t buy are the Music Bears.

  8. Just had an update. 257mb for nothing what’s up with that? Had to remove some things from my phone for storage lol weird..

  9. I have quit playing the game a few days ago I’ll keep an eye on this page in case something good happens, but I doubt that will happen ,sorry neighbour’s but this game has become to boring to continue with ,

  10. I got Brandline and stocked up on all the freemium things!! Wanted to get Mindy but i only gave 72 donuts remaining after buying the lodge….oh well whats next! PS:- love this site

  11. I bought the three things that I really wanted just now. I guess you could say I’m mostly freemium until an event happens, then I try to get what I can in a budget lol

    I have a question though, is Ea going to cap the levels off at 50, do you know? There’s a lot of hubbub about level 50 and I got curious.

  12. So far the 2015 events have been pretty disappointing.

    One new level and a new skin and an episode tie in is all.

    No returning presidents, no new characters for Valantines Day, nothing for Superbowl or Groundhog Day.

    I sure hope theres gonna be a big payoff soon. Tomorrow maybe?

    • I’m with you. I love this game, but as a level 49 player, who has all the friend level prizes, I find it hard to stay motivated. Grinding it out for aspirational prizes is a grind.

  13. I predict next is a super hero event, with Fallout Boy and all. It would be nice synergy with Age of Ultron coming out soon.

  14. I got myself the Up Up & Buffet an am happy with it. I don’t really need the other stuff. I thought about getting Brandine, but passed on her, since I don’t have a lot of donuts left and want to wait what comes next.

  15. Sent Homer and Mindy on a 16-hour task at 8:30 this evening, so I hope that, if something hits, it won’t put me too far behind the 8-ball.

    I hope that, whatever comes next, it includes a good freemium building or two and something freemium that has a nice bonus multiplier (or that has a small one, but in large possible volumes, like the Spooky Walls did). I feel like I’ll pretty far behind other Level 49ers in my bonus multiplier!

    • Sandra, I’m hoping for the same. I’m on a meagre 23.25%.

    • That really depends on how long the person’s been playing… I’m strictly freemium, have never bought any premium decoration, but I think my bonus multiplier is pretty decent due to the fact that I play since October 2012. 😀

  16. Hoping for a Level 50 Spectacular App Store Update that includes a new influx of Levels. Im expecting a big update tomorrow, either Level 50 or something that includes Fallout Boy like a Superhero Event!

  17. Already had all of the old stuff so this was almost a non-event for me. What I would really like from EA is the ability to sell all the fences, fountains, etc.. from last year.

  18. The mini event was alright. But they do have me quite exited for what this next update could be. If it is any thing close to what I’m thinking/hoping it might be then they will have redeemed themselves for the lack luster black market sale.

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