Tapped Out Special Event Walkthroughs: Valentine’s Day 2015

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Valentine’s Day has arrived in the streets of Springfield!  And this year’s Valentine’s Day theme revolves around Lisa and her true love Fallout Boy Sidekick Milhouse.

As we mentioned in the Valentine’s Day Rundown post, Lisa gets things rolling for the event with her never-ending Valentine writing, including sending one to a boy!  Fall Out Boy!  And now that the event has left our games I thought it’d be fun to take a look  back at the at the dialogue this year’s event brought us.  Just in case you missed any of it while your fingers were busy tapping…or if you just want to relive all the fun, let’s take a look at the super hero action of Valiumtime’s Day!


Fission Impossible Pt. 1

Marge: Hey sweetie, how are you valentines coming along?
Lisa: Almost done.  I’ve sent cards to “Friends of the Forests”, “Black Rhino Buddies”, “Hers Helping Him-alayas”, “The Million Malayan Tiger March”… and I have one very special valentine for one very special boy.
Marge: Thank goodness. Someone a mother could cry at a wedding for.
Lisa: I’m sending a card to Fallout Boy.
Marge: Oh. For a minute there, I thought you meant a real boy.
Make Lisa Send a Valentine to Fallout Boy- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Fission Impossible Pt. 2

Bart: Milhouse, c’mon. We’re s’posed to be cherry-bombing Dr. Nick’s organ donor deliveries today.
Milhouse: Sorry, but I’ve got a stack of valentine’s cards to write.
Bart: Breaking hearts comes before blowing up hearts? I’ll never understand you.
Milhouse: Bart, “you’ve got to give love to get love.”  I read that on the side of a very wise Squishee cup.
Bart: These are all addressed to stuffed animals and action figures!
Milhouse: Not all of them. There’s a bunch for Lisa in there.
Bart: You’d better stick with Puppy Goo-Goo and Headless Hellraiser instead of my sister.
Reach Level 8 and Build the Van Houten House
Make Milhouse Send a Valentine to Lisa- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Fission Impossible Pt. 3
Homer starts

Homer: Lisa! Our mailbox is jammed with valentine’s cards!  How am I supposed to get my junk mail? If I miss out on 2 for 1 carpet cleaning or a vinyl-clad window deal, I’ll be very upset.
Lisa: Let’s see… Milhouse, Milhouse Van Houten, Master Van Houten, The ‘House, Milli-Van-Illie-Houten…no Fallout Boy…I know he’s a superhero with the fate of entire nations in his hands but geez… how long does it take to write your name on a card?  I’m going to do something that goes against every fiber of my being… play the victim.
Make Lisa Put Herself in Fake Danger- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Sidekick Milhouse Rush to Lisa’s Rescue- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Sidekick Milhouse will be awarded to you after a short amount of dialogue between Milhouse and Kirk.  This will start up once Lisa has reached Bart’s treehouse.  So be sure to send Lisa on the task first..and then you’ll be awarded Sidekick Milhouse.  

Milhouse: Dad! Quick! There’s an emergency!
Kirk: You have clean underwear in the laundry room.
Milhouse: Not that kind of emergency. Lisa’s trapped in a tree! I can save her and finally be her hero!
Kirk: Take an extra pair of underwear just in case.
Milhouse: Any true hero would.
Lisa: Milhouse! You’re ruining everything! I’m waiting for the REAL Fallout Boy!
Milhouse: I’m as real as he gets. I have Fallout Boy’s cuddlebug cape, orthopaedic gloves, prescription eye mask and corrective boots!
Lisa: But I want the REAL Fallout Boy to rescue me and carry me off to his Treehouse of Solitude.
Milhouse: I’m confused. This calls for one of Fallout Boy’s super-power anxiety pills!  Darn! I left my pill purse at home.

Here’s where Ralph’s Return to Sender Questline will start up.  We’ll cover that below.

Fission Impossible Pt. 4
Sidekick Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Lisa, could you please come down from the tree so I can save you?
Lisa: I’ll only come down for Fallout Boy.
Milhouse: Fine. In the meantime, your Mom sent over more valentine’s cards that came in the mail.  The desperate ones are from me. FYI: They’re sealed with real teardrops.
Lisa: *sigh* Where’s a hero when you really need one?
Milhouse: I might need one myself. My foot’s stuck in a woodchuck hole. But this means we can wait together!
Make Lisa Wait in a Tree- 24hrs, Earns $1,200, 300xp.  Requires Sidekick Milhouse
Lisa: Milhouse, wake up!
Milhouse: Huh?! Whuh?!
Lisa: One of those valentine’s cards was from Fallout Boy! He finally replied!

Fission Impossible Pt. 5
Lisa starts

Lisa: “Dear LISA SIMPSON, your fan mail to Fallout Boy was received.”  That wasn’t fan mail! I spent $2.95 on that card! “Fallout Boy can’t save you for Valentine’s Day but you can save on merchandise every day from Fallout Boy’s online store.”
Milhouse: That’s nice of him.
Lisa: No, it’s not nice. This is just a robo-reply from Fallout Boy’s heartless, corporate shills.
Milhouse: What are you going to do?
Lisa: I am going to spend Valentine’s Day with the boy who actually came to my rescue.
Milhouse: Who’s that?
Lisa: You! But no physical contact and you have to wear the costume the whole time.
Make Lisa Go on a Date with Sidekick Milhouse- 24hrs, Earns $1,200, 300xp.  Requires Sidekikc Milhouse

Fission Impossible Pt. 6
Sidekick Milhouse Starts

Milhouse: I asked Lisa for a goodnight kiss and she said no…which is way better than last time when she ran away screaming!  A “no” is practically third base for a guy like me!
Make Sidekick Milhouse Celebrate- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Return to Sender Pt. 1
Ralph starts

Ralph: I got a valiumtime!
Wiggum: It’s “valentine”, Ralphie. A valentine with no name. I think you might have a secret admirer!  Lucky for you, I’m a cop and can solve mysteries…by hammering confessions out of little girls who don’t have the guts to sign their names.  Ralphie, I’ll need you to send out valentines to set the trap.  Yay! My cop daddy is going rogue!
Make Ralph Send Out a Valentine- 12hrs, Earns $200, 50xp

Return to Sender Pt. 2
Ralph starts

Ralph: I sent out one valentine and got one back!  Then I sent out two valentines and got two back!
Wiggum: Looks like the ladies all want a corner cut of Ralphie cake.  Since I haven’t shaken a confession out of any of your school chums, we need to cast a wider net.
Ralph: I’ll send cards to every girl, kitty-cat and horsie in Springfield!
Make Ralph Send Out More Valentines- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Return to Sender Pt. 3
Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Ralphie, all these valentines are coming from the same dopey girl. She can barely scrawl her name.  Let Daddy see the envelopes they came in.  They’re all marked “Return to Sender.” Did you forget to put stamps on the cards?
Ralph: Those yummy thin mints? I ate Star Spangled Banners and Shirley Chisholms!  My tummy’s gummy for Valentine’s Day!
Make Ralph Enjoy All His Valentines- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

And that completes the Valentines Day questlines!  All in all it’s a fun little questline.  Of course you can’t have Valentine’s Day with out Ralphie and his Valiumtimes!  If you run from start to finish, with out using donuts, it’ll take approximately 3 days to complete!

What are your thoughts on the Valentine’s Day update?  Thoughts on the questline?  How do you feel about Sidekick Milhouse?  Thoughts on what they might do to introduce Fall Out Boy to the game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

39 responses to “Tapped Out Special Event Walkthroughs: Valentine’s Day 2015

  1. There was an event this year? The mission did not begin in my game

  2. That update was a let down. No sending valentines cards or collecting points for free stuff of any kind? Ripped off :(. That makes it fun, now we have to wait til the next one for something to actually do in the game….

  3. Seeing as Fallout Boy has been confirmed I expect we’ll see Radioactive Man in there as well. I’d also like Bartman and Comic Book Guy/Homer as Everyman (either will do as they both don the tights in the episode)…….wasn’t there an episode where Mr Burns became a superhero as well?

  4. I never got Fall Out Boy, just Milhouse

  5. I dont get it I never got the valentines update on my phone or ipad at all? Did anyone else experience this? I tried to update the game,log out and in and it downloaded an update but no valentines (I did this when valentines was present) I’m gutted as I always play :/

  6. Worst. Update. Ever.
    What did EA ? I hope it was a joke… Last year was a huge update with Mindy and a cool scenario… This year, we only have a bad costume for Milhouse (which will be supplanted by the true superheroe soon…)
    I’m sad 🙁

  7. PROS – Tappers we’re not stuck having to collect points that gave you a chance at spinning the wheel to obtain prizes & stuck winning the same prize I felt was like a cheap freemium gift

    CONS – EA put zero effort into Valentines 2015 (one free skin, two small quests, one free talking bear = meh!) and there was 0 interaction with neighorbreenos (or most of your Simpsons characters)!

    2015 isn’t starting out very well for TSTO long time Tappers (I hope we get something great for St Patricks, or a brand new Quest) :-/

  8. Kind of tired of the same old commercialized holiday related events year after year. Seems lazy. Earn a bunch of decorations that I don’t really want to see year round. I’m glad this v day I wasn’t bombarded by pink, red, white, and lavender colors for weeks. That stuff gets old fast.

  9. I agree a bit of easy fun, should have intraduced some new decorations though instead of just the old ones, I understand it may have been for the new players to get them, but some extra stuff for the established players would gave been nice. Millhouses skin is pretty funny though.

  10. I have only been playing since the Clash of Clans event, so I was happy and to be quite honest, I was glad we didn’t have a long drawn out Vday event. I was finishing up on the Stonecutters quest lines and was ready for a break.

    I am now wondering if we can expect a new event this week, perhaps something with Fallout Boy? A super hero event would be fun!

    • Something will hit this week, but I don’t know if it’ll be an event just yet. They might be waiting a little longer to launch an event. We shall see what happens! 🙂

  11. Sidekick Milhouse’s 4 hr “celebrate” task is so freaking cute!

  12. i’m glad it was an easy event. I’m still reeling with the constant tapping events of recent. Nice to be able to take my time and not have to worry about if i’ve collected enough hearts in a day in order to get my next prize since there weren’t any. I’m very happy I got a free skin for Milhouse.

  13. No Presidents’ Day update this year?! Was looking forward to the opportunity to add Abe or George to my town…

  14. It felt a little dragged out, multiple 24hr tasks in such a short event seems a little cheap.

  15. Brockman chimed in this morning talking about terrorist attacks on Springfield? Wonder what that’s all about

  16. Been a tapper for 3 years now. Really disappointed in the X-mas and V-Day events. Would like to see more events that reward you by visiting neighbors. How about some more Krustyland quests/rides? Hopefully they have something cool for us over St Patty’s and Easter.

  17. I had homer and Mindy do the same story from last year’s event. Was that supposed to happen? I haven’t read about it here.

  18. As I’ve said previously, I’m glad it was a mini-event. However adding a couple more asked for characters like Shauna or Kumiko would have really topped it of. Maybe a new character too- similar to how Jacqueline Bouvier was released on Thanksgiving. I also really wish the Valentine’s gift was more than just vanity, even a 1% bonus would have been swell.

    I like the eluding to a superhero event or introduction, especially the collection Vigilantes. It opens for the doors for the some fan favorite costumes and characters! I am hoping it’s a big enough event, like the Stonecutters event last year.

  19. I enjoyed it, cute storyline. Thanks for posting this! I missed a few dialogs from tapping to fast. I didnt pick up all the items (donut shortage) but I did get Brandine so I’m happy! Oh, also picked up the Tunnel of Love, nice addition to Krustyland. I think our lazy days are almost over. I foresee a big event/level coming. I think a new friendship prize is on its way as well, it’s been awhile.

  20. It sucks actually I was disappointed 😞 I expected some good stuff like last year but meh :/

  21. Oh, so it’s finished is it? I thought there might be more, but apparently not. Wouldn’t it be nice if they gave some kind of indication when a quest-line was finished? Or is it just me?
    Thankfully you guys come to the rescue every time!

  22. It was nice and quick, nothing stressful. I know that veteran tappers may have been disappointed that there was really nothing new except for a few odd decorations and a non-premium-earning Milhouse skin, and newbies (like myself) didn’t get a chance to get Shauna, but we’ll survive. I liked having a bit of a lull to rebuild my cash coupled with the chance to get a few things I missed (Mindy!).

  23. It was a fun quest would have been nice to have got something at the end

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