Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 2 …Burns State Prison (And a Guide to Felons!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the first Issue of the Superhero Event, you’ll see action (SPOILER Radioactive Man dies..), crime & pie!  Lots and lots of pie!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 1 you’re tasked with collecting Carbon Rods to unlock each prize!  The second Issue 1 prize awarded at 7000 Carbon Rods is Burns State PrisonThe fanciest Prison in all of Springfield!


So let’s take a closer look at this maximum security prison and just how it can help you earn more Currency throughout the Event!

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve collected 7,000 Carbon Rods you’ll automatically be awarded the Burns State Prison and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-02-19 01.56.12

Once you’ve won it, it will automatically be placed in your inventory.  So remember, you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it and place it in your Springfield.

2015-02-19 01.56.19

Once you’ve unlocked the Burns State Prison some dialogue will start up immediately between Mr. Burns & Mayor Quimby, it’ll further explain the Prison:

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 1

Mr. Burns: Mayor Quimby, I understand you’re suffering a crime wave.  Perhaps I could offer up a new incarcer-arium,,,
Quimby: But we already have a prison in Springfield.
Mr. Burns: Not an architectural wonder like the Frank Gehry Springfield Music Center!  All I did was remove orchestra seating to make it the most wretched hellhole on Earth!
Quimby: Out with the old prison, in with the new!
Place the Burns State Prison- 6sec build…remember you’ll find it in your inventory.
Quimby: Burns, your prison released a dangerous felon back onto the strerts of our fair city!
Mr. Burns: He served two hours for three stabbings.  That’s 40 minutes per plunge.  I can’t ask more of a man.
Quimby: He was given a life sentence!
Mr. Burns: The deal was that I only incarcerate felons, not namby-pamby them for life!  And when this brute is captured again, I look forward to collecting yet another incarceration fee!  I adore the revolving door prison system!
Quimby: Burns, I hate that you came up with this idea and I didn’t!

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 1
Fallout Boy starts

Fallout Boy: Holy Hangman’s noose!  Someone needs to stop those felons!
Pieman: There are too many targets for one hurling Pie Man to hit!
Fallout Boy: We’re going to need every superhero, sub-superhero, slight and insignificant hero to help save Springfield!
Pieman: Since Santa’s Little Helper is sleeping on my couch, I’ll help.

2015-02-19 02.01.44


Send a Super Hero to Attack a Felon- x1
Fallout Boy:  Felons are tougher than I thought.  Radioactive Man always made it look so easy.

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 3
Auto start

Defeat Felons- x3.  Remember Felons will Spawn from the Prison every 8hrs.  You’ll see 1 appear every 8hrs. 

Here’s the deal

Once you’ve unlocked the Prison, you’ll be able to send characters to attack the Felon.  You can send Spider Pig, Fallout Boy, Pie Man and Fruit Batman to attack.  This takes 4hrs per attack and you can only send 1 character at a time to attack. (Note: Spider Pig will take 3hrs to complete it…perk of buying a premium character. Fruit Batman will also take 3hrs to complete.  Remember he’s currently not in the game, but he was released back in 2013 as part of an episode tie-in).
It’ll take approx 3 hits (at least for the first one) to defeat the felon.  So you’ll have to send a character to attack for 4hrs each time.  Again, you can only send 1 character at a time.  This will pay out Carbon Rods as the reward (if you’re still on issue 1.  It will pay Pie Bombs when you’re on issue 2 & Freeze Rays when you’re on issue 3) .

Wait, So What Am I Doing with Felons?

In pictures…

2015-02-19 02.03.07

Basically you’ll send Superhero Characters to attack the Felons, each attack and defeat earns more event currency.  Great way to boost your event currency!

Which Superheros Can I Send?  Can I Send More Than One To Attack a Felon At Once?
Right now, as of Issue 1, you can only send Pie Man, Fallout Boy & Spider Pig. You can also send Fruit Batman, if you currently have him from a previous event. However, it looks like (at some point) you’ll also be able to send Clownface, The Collector & Bartman to defeat them as well.
Be patient with the other Superheros to use…it’ll be a little bit before they can be used to defeat the Felons.  For now you can only send Pie Man, Fallout Boy & Spider Pig.
Currently you can only send 1 Superhero at a time to attack a specific Felon.  However, if you have 2 Felons in your town you can send 2 Superheros to attack…1 to attack each Felon.

How Many Hits Does It Take to Defeat a Felon?
Currently it takes 3 hits to defeat each Felon.

How Long Does Each Hit Take?
Currently each attack takes 4hrs.  However, if you’ve purchased Sipder-Pig he’ll attack the Felon in 3hrs (the perks of a premium character).

How Often Do the Felons Spawn?  Where Do They Spawn From?
They Spawn 1/8hrs.  And they’ll Spawn from Burns State Prison.  You will need to tap on the Prison when a Felon is ready to release it into your town…they will not automatically roam your streets.  Just like you collect from buildings, you need to tap the Prison, when ready, to release the Felon.

2015-02-22 23.33.17


What’s the Max Amount of Felons I Can Have In My Town At Once?
6 is the current max you can have in your town at once.


So What Do I Do When The Felon Is Roaming My Town?
Once the Felon is in your town you’ll see a hand of justice icon over him, that means you need to attack him.
2015-02-22 23.36.06

Tap on the Felon to bring up his health meter and see which characters you can send to attack.
2015-02-22 23.33.34He’ll start with 3 hearts.  Each time you attack you’ll clear a heart.  The Felon will get weaker and you’ll get more Carbon Rods (or event currency):
2015-02-22 23.33.48Until finally his Meter hits 0 and he falls to the ground and disappears.

Alternatively you can also Tap on the Felon Icon in the top right corner of your screen.  This will take you right to any Felons in your town & if they’re not currently under attack it will bring up their health meter.  If they are under attack it’ll show you how much time is left on that attack.

2015-02-22 23.36.01


How Many Carbon Rods (or other Event Currency) Do I Earn For Each defeat?)
With 3 hearts left you’ll earn 25 Carbon Rods
With 2 hearts left you’ll earn 75 Carbon Rods
With 1 heart left you’ll earn 150 Carbon Rods

I’ve Finished All of the Carbon Prizes, Should I Save Felons for the Next Round to Get a Head Start on Pie Bombs?
It’s not a bad idea.  But remember…they spawn every 8hrs & you can get free donuts for every 3,000 Carbon Rods you earn after you get Clown Face.  So honestly I think you’re better off going for free donuts, at least until 8hrs before Issue 2 hits.

Is There Anything Else The Prison Does?
The Burns State Prison also unlocks a new 16hr task for Fat Tony, Legs & Louie…Run Smuggling Operation.  They’ll complete the task at the State Prison, so it will be used.


So that my friends is the full breakdown of the Burns State Prison & just how to attack Felons in your Springfield!

What do you think of Burns State Prison?  Thoughts on the Felons?  Which character is your favorite to send to attack?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

59 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 2 …Burns State Prison (And a Guide to Felons!)

  1. Hi ho, does anyone understand the functionality of the felon icon? I tap it and it takes me to the same felon over and over. Multiple felons in my town. I figured it would cycle thru all my felons. What am I missing?

    • I thought so to. It doesn’t. It usually goes to the one that can be battled. Sometimes it will cycle if they are ALL complete with the fights.

      • SMH…. icon fail… would be so nice if it cycled thru in order to locate those felons and see what they they’re up to. Thanks so much for your feedback! 🙂

  2. Anyone notice how ridiculously expensive the Donut rush is for Felons?

    Yes, the felons give you handcuffs and event currency, but the math seems way off. My current super hero tower will give me much more event currency if I rush it twice than a felon will in total, and the shackles seem relatively inexpensive when you are paying donuts for the collectors items(If you are also paying for lockpicks the donuts add up, but they are much easier to get than handcuffs). To cover 5 hours I think it was like 60 or so donuts on my game, but I think I could spend less than 10 to get the rewards for one felon.

  3. I purchased “plopper” and hes just rolling around in the mud. Also, with felons only appearing once every 8 hours I have 4 heroes to fight them so there’s only one felon running around my town because i have too many Super Heroes! Slowws the crafting process in regards to handcuffs.

  4. All the criminals got sixteen hour tasks with this building

  5. I’ve been sending my Superhero characters in shifts attacking felons. I’ll start with Fallout Boy, then Plopper, and I’ll finish with Pie Man. I figure it keeps my characters involved, and gives me more event currency than keeping one on the felon and the rest on 4/8 hour event currency task Because in four hours, Fallout Boy earns more from the felon than his task. Same with the other two. Any thoughts on that?

  6. Do we know if spotlights and lurking peeps will give pie bombs . If I leave them about now? I have already gotten sprinkles once but wondering if I can just save everything for ml pies

  7. I had read somewhere here that Fruit Bat man could fight felons. I looked on the tsto website to see where fruit bat man came from and found out from 2013. If we don’t have him now – will we get an opportunity to add him? thanks!

  8. I didn’t notice the new tasks for Fat Tony, Legs, and Louie. The 16 hour ones are kind of tough to use since a lot of characters don’t have them, but it’s nice to have a few more of them and nice that a new building has a permanent task.

  9. I don’t think clown face is a hero from the dialogue when you unlock him. So I don’t think he will be helping with clearing felons.

  10. Thank you Alissa!

    It seems that not every attack ends in a success story … last night (and the night before) I sent fallout boy to attack a felon and when I logged in this morning it still showed 4h left … both times with the same character … have not noticed this behaviour with pig or homer …

  11. Any idea if Fruit Bat Man will become available at some point during this event?

  12. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else. But i have 1 felon in my town that no matter which hero i put on him his timer will only go down when game is logged in. Time pauses when i exit game.

  13. Katniss everdeen

    Hi, does anyone know how to shut off air raid siren or Homers dialogue? My push notifications are off!

  14. How can i turn off that siren?! It goes off in the middle of the night. I’ve turned off my push notifications and I’m still getting the siren.

  15. There’s a little glitch with a Homer fighting the felon. If you notice sometimes he is throwing pie and his felon is nowhere near him. Anyone else experienced that?

    • Occasionally this happens. Is it still counting down as it’s supposed to? Or is the task resetting itself?

      • This is a funny glitch. Homer switches between his normal attire and super hero costume while throwing pies at anyone who crosses his path. The task does finish properly and the countdown still works. I haven’t noticed any money disappearing or the task resetting itself.

  16. Something happened to me twice with the felons. I sent SpiderPig after one and left immediately after and I come back a few minutes later and he is just starting it. Same with Homer, except that was last night and he is just now going… is this happening to anyone else?

    • It seems to be going around a little bit. Try storing your prison and replacing it (warning this will reset the timer so any felons currently being created will reset and it may cause felons currently in your town to vanish)

      If that still doesn’t work, try contacting EA and let them know what’s going on with your game. They’ll be able to further troubleshoot it.

      • Thanks. I stored it and brought it out again and it seems to be fixed. But now I send them to attack first to make sure they reach the felon and actually start so when I log out it was started.

  17. Fruit-bat man also takes 3hrs to defeat the felon like Spider-pig.

  18. Spider-Pig, AKA Plopper, is awesome! I just bought him this weekend and him attacking the felons is one of the best quest’s EVER!

  19. My pieman has been fighting a felon for 13 hours and his 4 hour timer hasn’t counted down at all 🙁
    Anyone else with this problem?

  20. “If you exit the game during the dialogue that appears after the first Felon spawns, when you re-log a second will have spawned. You can get more by letting the dialogue advance one more and exit the game and re-log. It can be done up to 5 felons, the limit of Felons in your town at the same time.” from Wikisimpsons

  21. I currently have 4 felons with 1 heart each that I was saving for issue 2. Do you think that once the currency changes over to pies that the last heart will pay out in pies or rods? Hope that makes sense! As always thank you for this awesome blog – you guys Rock!

    • As long as you’re on Issue 2, and have completed issue 1, it should pay out Pies. That’s what happened with unopened gift bags during halloween

  22. Bunny will the math post be up today?

  23. Hi

    A slight amendment needs to be made regarding this excellent post; Fruit Bat Man also takes 3 hours, not 4, to attack a felon. 🙂

  24. How many donuts do you get for super bonus? And can you get the super bonus without the special card?

  25. Too bad they don’t have sidekick Milhouse helping out also. Lol. I love seeing a felon being chased by a pig, a spider-pig to be exact.

  26. I would say: save felons for the next issue if you’re able to reach the 3000 bonus carbon rods without them, but fight them if you need those 25/75/150 carbon rods to reach your 3000 goal. Also, note that you can get 3 donuts for each 3000 rods, so you could aim at 2×3000=6000 rods, but you won’t manage it solely with felons!

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