Should I Spend Donuts On Petroleus Rex & the Tar Pits?

Hey Howdy Hey Crime Stopping Tappers!

It’s Superhero time in Springfield!  And all Superheroes need a Super Villain to defend the city against!  Nothing says Super Villain quite like a dinosaur like character that squirts gasoline all over town with his gas pump hands, right?  Now I know many of you are trying to decide if this gas slinging dino is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to help you decide what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add P-Rex to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this Super Villian to YOUR Springfield!

unlock_petroleusrex tarpits_menu 

Building/Decoration: Springfield Tar Pits
Petroleus Rex (P-Rex)
Donut Price:
175 Donuts
$150, 13xp/8hrs
Consumerism +10

-Premium character earns 50% more cash and XP on all Jobs
-His 8hr task earns Superhero Event Currency
-Some hilarious outdoor animations…including his Terrorize Springfield task

-Will not help attack Felons, only his 8hr task will help generate more Event currency (he’s a bad guy, remember?)
-Obscure character
-The Tar Pits is HUGE

Final Thoughts
This isn’t a bad buy, but it is on the pricey end of things.  He is voiced, will help earn game currency & comes with a questline…but he’s still an obscure Simpsons’ character.  As a premium leaning, this is one I’m leaning towards passing on.  I just don’t think the price warrants the character…even if he does have 1 event currency task.  Right now I’m 80-20 in the passing on category.

Honestly, save your donuts on this one.  He’s way over priced for who he is/what he does (if you think about it Manjula (WAY more recognizable) is only 160 donuts.).  I just don’t think his tasks and the building are worth the 175 donuts. Save your donuts for later in the event…trust me you’ll be glad you did!

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I’m leaning heavily on passing on PRex.   However, whatever you decide remember this is a limited-time item and will disappear when the event ends.  So make sure you make your final decision before March 24th or he’ll disappear from the store!

Petroleus Rex’s Permanent Tasks:

petroleusrex_victory_pose_image_5 petroleusrex_terrorize_springfield_active_image_4 petroleusrex_do_research_active_image_6

Task Length  Earns Requires
Buy Throat Lozenge 1hr $105,26xp Kwik-E-Mart
Watch the Opera 4hrs $260,70xp Clamphitheater/Brown House
Terrorize Springfield 8hrs 8 Event Currency Outdoor
Refuel 12hrs $600, 150xp Tar Pits
Do Research 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Outdoor

What are your thoughts on PRex?  Did you make the purchase or are you waiting?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed the Tar Pits in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

63 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On Petroleus Rex & the Tar Pits?

  1. Must…remain…freemium…player!

    EA is really testing me out here. Really tempted to buy this guy and the pig, yet only have 75 donuts.

  2. It’s a dinosaur! Enough said … take my (many) donuts!

  3. How do you get Bartman?

  4. On a side note, is there a maximum XP threshold value? At moment XP would increase each time you Max out on the bar. I am wondering would there be a cap somewhere and what is this value.

  5. Passed on this; the donut price is ridiculous.

  6. I bought him right away. He just looked too cool to pass up. THEN, I saw his outdoor tasks and was extremely glad I got him. He’s very entertaining, obscure or not. 🙂

  7. I passed, I’m content with just Plopper. ^_^

  8. Love the Do Research look, but this is took expensive for me…too many more basic Springfield things/characters I want first.

    I’ll definitely keep an eye out for him in my neighbours’ towns, though, so I can enjoy his animations for free! 🙂

  9. Ores is my second favourite after spider pig! Very glad I got him.

  10. Hey guys. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Plopper looks AMAZING, but so does Bartman. ******** I’m not sure if this is true, but I’m torn between the two. Any opinions as of what I should do?

  11. As my other obsession & love is fossil hunting I bought as soon as it became available. In all my hunting I have to find any dino bones, but now I have a whole Dino in my town! Not to mention my personal tar pit, only problem when I look at it, I wonder what’s in there! I never gave this but a 2nd thought! I love it!

  12. I bought him!
    Now i am waiting for another Springfield to blow up when he meets either Brandine, Hank or Wolfcastle with their guns and flame throwers LOL

  13. For me it was a heck yes, buy! (For my premium game, of course.) I love Rex’s outdoor tasks, and the great thing is all three of his best animations are all long-term tasks. I think he’s awesome.

  14. Great character! Instant buy for me. He also has a 24 hour task to resurrect Radioactive Man. Radioactive Man is not resurrected at the end of the task but Petroleus Rex must then terrorize Springfield while he his biding his time waiting for his true adversary to come back. I’m not sure if/when Radioactive Man will be resurrected…time will tell, I suppose. However, the dialogue is hilarious and this character definitely adds a lot of fun to the game!

  15. As a Los Angeles native, I love the Tar Pits, but I have sworn not to spend more money on this game and only have 50 donuts right now. If I somehow double them, I will get the pig.

  16. When I initially saw Petroleus Rex in the store I was leaning toward passing too, but when I saw how awesome he looked rampaging through a neighbor’s town spraying gasoline everywhere I instantly changed my mind.

    When buying a premium item I always do as Bunny suggests and ask myself if I will be glad I bought this months from now…the answer for P-Rex is a definite ‘YES!’ 🙂

  17. I will give credit to EA for a very fun (new) Quest
    There is a good mix of freemium and premium
    Some characters seem like they are worth the donuts ( if you are into buying donuts to spend)
    This character and building doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere

  18. Definitely buy Petroleus Rex, he is working on a way to revive Radioactive Man. As a former environmental scientist, Rex Bernstein is your best shot at bringing our hero home.

  19. Obscure yes. But the coolness factor outweighs it. Love the look of the tar pits and the outdoor tasks. Goes well with Kodos, Kang, Number 51 and the Space Mutant if you have an mutant/alien thing going in your town!

  20. However, the crazy cat lady is now 180 donuts!

  21. I’m still on the fence about Petroleum Rex. I’ll wait with my decision till issue 2 comes out, to see which premium item will be on sale.
    (I bought Plopper the Pig)

  22. I think tar pits are cool so this was a must buy for me. Overpriced? Yes. But so far his quest line is hilarious so I’m not complaining! Definitely take a pass though if you didn’t immediately think “I’ve gotta have it!” because it’s a lot of donuts and you just kniw there is going to be a lot more cool stuff coming!

  23. If you have donuts, BUY THIS CHARACTER. The tar pits are a ‘meh’ building, but after this event, I will be having him on his 8 hour and 24 hour task. The first time I saw him “Do Research” I laughed out loud for a solid minute!

  24. Crazy Cat Lady is 180 donuts in my game and I am level 49 with a 4 1/2 star town.

  25. If you don’t have the Clamphitheatre he’ll watch opera in the brown house instead.

  26. I kind of like this one. The Tar Pits fit in nicely along side the Knowledgeum, Museum, Super Collider and Observatory. My own personal Smithsonian. 🙂

    • My plans exactly! I’m going to arrange all of my ‘-seums’ into a little group together somewhere in my town. I didn’t know anything about the character but the moment I saw him in the store I just had to get him!

  27. Umm I’m not certain about passing on this one, the EA forum at this link: suggests that in part 2 I think it said, it is required as part of the questline to unlock Bartman. Which is one I would want for my set also, unless that information is wrong.

    • Sorry the above link does not seem to work when clicked on. I found it at the EA forums as a walkthrough for this event.

    • It’s possible, but doubtful. First of all, that would be the first time they require you to buy a premium character to unlock another character. Second of all I just looked at Bartman’s entire questline and there’s nothing that indicates Prex is a trigger or even involved.

      Of course…it’s worth keeping an eye on but I do doubt that’s the case.

      • True, and I agree, its just what I read, and not even certain if the information was from EA or a player speculation. On the flipside, Bart is “free” to unlock, doesn’t necessarily mean a costume is. I’m quite new to the game however so not really sure how things have been in the past.

  28. I DO want him, but he is a bit pricey…but I think I’ll wait to see what else rolls out…since he’s here to stay until the 24th next month, I’m thinking I’ve got time…I waited almost to the end to get King Winter to be sure that I wanted him….and I ended up getting him before he was gone. I’ve become kind of a completist, with the exception of things like the Shadow Knight and Truckosaurus…but I bought Equalia and Krusty’s Mansion, and if they bring back the solid gold house, I’m getting that too.
    I just say: wait and see. There’s more than enough carbon rod generating things in the game right now. I’d only get him for how cool he and the tar pits look.

  29. Thanks for the review. I will be saving my donuts on this one. I am hoping they release some more items during the event that fit in better with my Springfield.

  30. This one isn’t calling to me, so I think I’ll pass. Although having seen the images above I’m slightly tempted just by the ‘Do research’ task – he looks great in his lab coat and specs! 🙂

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