Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 3…Clownface

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the first Issue of the Superhero Event, you’ll see action (SPOILER Radioactive Man dies..), crime & pie!  Lots and lots of pie!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 1 you’re tasked with collecting Carbon Rods to unlock each prize!  The Third (and final) Issue 1 prize awarded at 18,500 Carbon Rods is Clownface. A different kind of Super Villain, that will dominate the story-line from issue 1 into issue 2.


So let’s take a closer look at this clown inside a clown..and just while you’ll need him to move onto Issue 2.

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve collected 18,500 Carbon Rods you’ll automatically be awarded Clownface and you’ll see this message popup:

2015-02-19 02.09.34

Clownface is a skin for Krusty the Clown.  And once awarded it will automatically be placed in your inventory.  So remember you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve him.

2015-02-19 02.09.38

Once you’ve unlocked Clownface some dialogue will start up immediately from Krusty:

Origin Story Pt. 1

Krusty: Hey-hey, kids!  Who’s up for a naughty “Knock-Knock?!”  I’ll do both parts ’cause last time the audience was cryin’ so much they couldn’t respond….
Who’s There?…
Reach Level 7 and Build the Krusty Burger
Make Krusty Wear the Clownface Outfit- This will require Krusty to be free.  So if he’s on a task you’ll have to wait until his free to complete.

2015-02-19 02.11.49 2015-02-19 02.11.55


Origin Story Pt. 2
Clownface starts

Clownface: Huh?  Whah?  Who am I?!….besides another version of a terrible clown?
Bart: You’re not Krusty the Clown!
Clownface: You’re right.  I’m different.  Like I’ve been seltzered in the face with a Mind Control Ray.  Hoy-hoy, kids!  I’m Clownface the Clown!  As Krusty I steal the show with my yucks!  As Clownface, forget stealing the show with yucks!  I’m out to steal bucks! I’m less about show business and more about snow business! And by snow I mean ice.  And by ice I mean diamonds.  And by diamonds I mean…well, I mean diamonds! By using fake TV show diamonds…I can dupe the world of its real gems!
Make Clownface Swap Real Diamond With a Fake- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp
Clownface:  Kids, don’t try this at home!  Why?  ‘Cause it’s my deal!  That’s why!

The what happens?  Well you’ll have to wait until Issue 2 to find out…

2015-02-19 02.14.52

But as you can see…Clownface is an important part of the story-line & will be needed for the start of Issue 2.

So What Can I Make Clownface Do?
Right now he doesn’t have a whole lot of tasks unlocked, as most of his questline will come with Issue 2.  However, he does have a few tasks he can do…unfortunately none of them earn event currency at the moment.  But here’s a look at what he can do until Issue 2 Unlocks:

krusty_clownface_victory_pose_image_4                krusty_clownface_fight_boss_active_image_4

Task Length Earns
Collect Royalty Check 1hr $70, 17xp
Relax Like a One Percenter 6hrs $350, 90xp
Film a Scene for his Show 8hrs $275, 70xp

Currently he has 3 more tasks that are locked…and will require a quest that will trigger once you reach Issue 2.  Note: You may not see those 3 tasks listed…if not it’s because they require a premium building.  But know that as soon as Issue 2 hits you will get more quests/tasks for him. 

So for now…don’t stress about the locked tasks.  They’ll unlock when Issue 2 hits…as more questline progresses.

AFTER you unlock Issue 2 here’s what Clownface’s tasks will look like:

Task Length Earns
Collect Royalty Check 1hr $70, 17xp
Check Krusty-Brand Merchandize 4hrs 10 Event Currency
Relax Like a One Percenter 6hrs $350, 90xp
Film a Scene for His Show 8hrs $275, 70xp
Plan a Convoluted Heist 12hrs $420, 100xp
Rob the Bank 24hrs $600, 150xp

So that my friends is the full breakdown of Clownface!

What do you think of Clownface?  Have you unlocked him yet?  Thoughts on the dialogue so far?  What do you think will happen with Issue 2 hits?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

63 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 1, Prize 3…Clownface

  1. I still have the superhero outfit tasks, but there’s no option for clownface to steal the diamond.

    same with comic book guy duck and cover, I have the outfits, but there’s no option for them to do the action, and it’s not locked further down the list.
    I checked the quest wants me to do the action, and it does.

    I haven’t gotten round to bart yet to see if I have the same problem with that, as I have his superhero outfit too.

  2. I unlocked Clownface and started the quests. Everything seems fine, and I’m well into Issue 2 now. But it still shows Clownface as being locked (even though he isn’t and I have him fighting felons). Doesn’t seem to effect the game, but would still like to see him unlocked in the trophy list! 😀

  3. I unlocked the Krusty Clownface outfit, but it’s not in my inventory. I deleted & reinstalled the app and it’s still not there 🙁 does anyone know how I contact EA to see if they can fix it?


  4. Greetings fellow tappers!
    Does anyone know what the rest of Clownface’s quests are for issue 2?
    After collecting enough pie bombs to build the Bank of Springfield and have Clownface rob it for 24 hours, it’s done?

    I’ve timed all my characters to be free to trigger more but nothing happened? I thought Pie man or Fallout Boy would have noticed the bank got robbed. How do you not notice a 24 hour bank robbery?

    Oh well, working on collecting the Collector. Finally, a well deserved skin for CBG!

  5. can clown face fight the felons? If so, why wont mine work.?What do I need to do to get him to fight felons?

  6. Can anyone please help?!

    Unlocked Clown Face yesterday (finally) it came up with the usual screen, that the costume was in my inventory. I installed the costume and the first part of the quest line came up to make Clown Face “swap real diamonds” for 16 seconds, I put him on, but the game blacked out and now there’s no costume or quest line for him!
    I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game, reloaded origin, reset my Iphone (which is how I play) but still nothing.
    Any suggestion please?

    • Uh oh! Double check your inventory to make sure it’s not still there….if it’s not then check your prize list. Ensure he’s still ticked off as getting him. If it shows you earned him and it’s no where to be found, it’s time to contact EA and let them know what happened. They’ll be able to go in and restore him for you.

  7. I unlocked Clownface and decided to wait on sending him on his task (he was still busy doing something else anyway) as I didn’t want to start issue 2 immediately since it said that if you collect 3000 extra carbon rods you got free doughnuts. However, I’m now sat at very very nearly 23,000 carbon rods and have yet to see a pop up or anything giving the free doughnuts. I was about 40 short of the 21500 that should have been needed earlier today, then when I went back in there was a forced update so I had to do the update. When I went back in, I had plenty of criminals to tap so quickly went above and beyond the 3000 extra mark. So what gives? Shouldn’t I have had that little pop up by now? Was hoping to get enough doughnuts through bonuses by the end of the event to get Spider Pig.

  8. No tasks highlighted but all but the quest that needs the bank are available now. I think your right, I just need to unlock the bank. Must have done the others in my last “blackout”. Still the quest to unlock the bank should be there. Hopefully it triggers when I have enough pies.
    Thanks again Bunny, I’ll leave you be now 😆

  9. I have a random one for Willie to do something but that’s been there for ages.
    I think there was one yesterday to unlock the first prize in issue 2, can’t remember what it was but its not there now.

    • Tap on Krusty and make sure he is in the Clownface costume and tell me if any of his tasks are still highlighted.

      It may be you just are not quite there yet and already cleared what you need before the Bank unlocks.

  10. Has the Clownface quest line restarted yet? I’m still not getting anything.

  11. Got Clownface yesterday and looking forward to the next quests.

    I actually just noticed my criminals started dropping pie bombs instead of carbon rods, and they all have rainbow afros now! It was an exciting discovery. No new quests yet, though.

  12. If i send some characters to fight felony’s before the update hits, when I resume the game in the morning, will it convert to the next currency?

  13. Ok I’m still fairly new to this & need some clarification, if you please. When Issue 2 starts if I haven’t earned enough carbon rods for Clownface will I lose my chance to get him? I know with other events that seemed to be the case. Thanks!

  14. Will the carbon rods we have accumulated convert over to pie bombs when Issue 2 unlocks, or will we be starting from zero?

  15. Is Krusty’s Mansion a premium building?

  16. The game not telling me that there was an update and allowing me to play without it, has me playign a bit of a catchup.. hopefully i dont miss out on anything.

    • I’m in the same boat, I’m guessing the crime alerts started appearing about two days before the update downloaded 🙁

      I’m consoling myself by remembering that I managed to finish the Xmas update even with all of EA’s issues so catching up should be a cake walk!

  17. Looking forward to more Clownface with Issue 2 tomorrow, but I hope I don’t have any nightmares about him tonight just because he’s rattling around in my brain right now! 😉

  18. Wee reminder: Don’t put your characters on long-term tasks this evening, since Issue II will be kicking in, overnight presumably.

    Personally, I’m going to forgo neighbor visiting today, too, for just that reason.

  19. This Tapper unlocked Clownface over the weekend
    The little task was lol worthy (doesn’t earn you carbon rods)
    Will wait for Tuesday February 24 to see how Clownface initiates ISSUE 2 😉

  20. Any reason why my clownface missions aren’t triggering? Thanks


    Just a quick question:

    Is there any pop-up when all the burglars are tapped? I know in previous events there would be a message notifying that your town has been cleared for now…just wondering cuz I have a fairly large town and it’s driving me crazy wondering if there are still burglars wandering around/rods that can be collected.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Nope, no message. At least not one that i’ve seen…

      • Alissa,
        We all keep wondering if there’s a pop-up or alert when you’ve captured all the criminals in your town… Well, I think I’ve figured it out!
        I play with my volume off, but I turned it on when I got the crap silo so I could hear what sounds SP and the silo came with. That’s when I noticed it, and I’ve checked a few times over the last 2 days, and it seems to be consistent to me. Ready? Here we go:
        When there are criminals remaining loose in your Springfield, the siren “alarm” will go off in ONE minute intervals. If you watch the time and 2 minutes passes with NO alarm sounding, you have collected all criminals in your Springfield, and the alarm will not sound again until another criminal appears (5 min from the time the last one appeared). You can test this quickly in a 10 minute span, but I think that HAS to be it. I can’t see why that would only happen in my town, that just doesn’t make sense!
        Do you or one of the other addicts want to put the theory to the test in your games and see if that really IS what’s happening?
        In a nutshell, it’s an alarm at one minute intervals when you have criminals on the loose, and then at 5 minute intervals (only when a new one is released.) Does that make sense, or am I not explaining properly?
        I hope I was explaining it at least somewhat coherently, lol, and that if the Addicts crew tests it out, it works. I think a LOT of people will be relieved there’s at least SOMETHING, even if it IS a pain in the butt instead of a nice, simple pop-up. (Ahem, EA, ahem.)
        I hope this turns out to be helpful! Thanks for all you folks do. 🙂

        • Wasn’t the case for me at all. Sirens went off every 5 mins regardless for me. Empty or full. I just think they did not put a “all clear” due to they spawn so fast. So no need to tell you no more.

    • don’t quote me here but i think the very last criminal in your town pays out more carbon rods than the others. i’m working off the assumption of one rod per criminal, with the very last one paying two rods.

  22. Just some things I would have liked to have seen: Clownface should have just been the first prize of the next issue, but then again it does build up some suspense and anticipation for issue two.Also, would have been cool to have a tie-in to Krustyland. Maybe Clownface’s Hideout with accompanying quest. Still, I’m having a blast with this event.

  23. I just unlocked clown face and was wondering if I should wait the 11 hours to collect from the remainder of my friends list so I can get a jump on the next phase. I think I remember you saying there’s a different item to collect then rods so I may just keep clearing my town for now.

    • It is a different currency. Up to you if you want to keep collecting. Figure you’ll still be in good shape to collect tomorrow from neighbors, based on the time. What you don’t want to do is collect just an hr or so before the new phase hits (unless you really need the rods).

  24. ARGH! I hit 3,000 additional carbon rods, and picked a single donut. Of course it puts it into the “buy additional chances” automatically and I chose “done” but fat fingered it into paying $50,000 for two donuts. I wish there was a little more room. Tough to do this on a small phone.

  25. Maudlin Monarch.

    I don’t get the knock-knock joke.

  26. Got it today. WOO!

  27. I’ve duly unlocked Clownface and am anxiously awaiting Issue 2. Odd question, would you happen to know if the unlock will happen exactly when the countdown timer ends, or will there be a delay of sorts?

    In my region, it technically unlocks at 2am (fortunately, I’m up that late), but I’m wondering if this will require a download (which can mean delays) or if everything is already stored in-game and I’ll just suddenly have access to it.

    Thanks again for the site. I’ve only just started visiting, but I sure wish I’d known about you guys when I started.

  28. Where does Relax like a one percenter happen? It’s not even locked for me.

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