How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition Issue 2

Hey there Hoppereenos.

We now have a 2nd Issue of the Superheroes Event in full swing adding even MORE fun to our silly lil game. What changes will come with Issue 2? Let’s take a look.

First off, the basics. Both YOU and YOUR neighbor need to be in full swing of the Superheroes Event for this to go correctly. That means the Headquarters built….

…and you can see when you go to the main Neighbor screen that their Carbon Rod amount is MORE than zero.Neighbor Main Screen Carbon Rod Count

You also want to make sure you have initiated the questline to the point it tells you to go visit Neighbors. This should start the Actions for you. This is in New Hero Rises Part 2.

That means they are in the Superheroes Event and most likely to have buildings to Report Criminals and Criminals to Capture. If they are NOT in the Event fully, it will limit what YOU can tap on and also cause issues of Vandalism (more info below).

So I suggest taking a look at your MAIN Neighbor screen first to make sure both of you are on the same page when visiting until they all finish updating. Until then, you could be wasting your visits. Yes, there are still people not updated. If they still are not, you may want to think at this point of taking down their name and replacing them for the Event, then add them back later. Or just remove them all together. Your choice.


Now on to the basics of visiting your neighbors. These will be VERY similar to those in Issue 1.

The breakdown for this event is as follows…

Criminal 90 Actions to Capture Criminals (about 30 Visits): 3 Criminals per town with a payout of 3 Carbon Rods per Criminal.  (This Criminals Appearance has not changed to the Clown Wig, but will still put out the new Currency for Issue 2.)

reportcrimeUnlimited Actions to Report Crimes: 3 Buildings per town with a payout of 1 Carbon Rod per Building. I was able to keep going through all 100 of my neighbors. (Add more Neighbors to your town HERE).

Criminals will show up all over the town, including the Boardwalk if there are not many roads. So just take a quick scan for them. As in past Events, they also tend to creep to where you are in the town if you wait a bit.Criminals on Boardwalk

Buildings and locations that are not already tapped but can be tapped will show the Red Telephone. If they are blank with nothing on them, it is very likely your Neighbor has not cleared the Radioactive Signals just yet on their end. Try again later.

Neighbors Town




This is something that has been long going on in the game and a pretty cool way to earn some Free Donuts from just tapping through Neighbors.

First off, you need to make sure your Friend Point (FP) Level is at MAX. MAX Friendship Point Level 14

If you are at MAX FP Level, as you make your way PAST the 90 Neighbor Daily Actions on the Criminals, do not stop there. Keep tapping the Criminals. Depending on how many Neighbors you have, you can get anywhere from 1 up to 6 (which is most I got in one day) Free Donuts. Not bad for just tapping on through. You need to clear the Buildings for Game Currency anyway, so just keep on tapping Criminals at the same time too.

You may have already got a Free Donut or two and not even noticed. Just to give you an idea, I took a Screenshot of a Free Donut I got today during my daily visits (got 3 total). As you can see in the pic, it is a bit hidden and if you move through quickly it is very easy to miss.Free Donut Neighbor Visit

Again, these will ONLY come from Criminal taps and ONLY after you clear the Daily 90 Actions AND are at the MAX FP Level in your game. (Since updating to latest in app store, I am getting them during 90 actions too.)



There is a new element added to the Neighbor Visits in Issue 2 that comes once you unlock The Collector and Craft his first item, the Botanical Garden. (The Collector Part 3). You will then start to notice objects popping out of the Buildings you are tapping with the Red Telephone on them. So Reporting a Crime just became more helpful in the Event.


A Red Telephone will pop out along with the Pie Bombs here and there at random. These will be needed for The Collectors items, so it is a good idea to tap all the Buildings you can in every Neighbors towns until you can’t tap anymore for 24hrs. The extra items will come in great handy. Another reason to keep on tapping away.

Again, this will NOT appear until the Collector is unlocked and you got past his questline… The Collector Part 3. More details and information on this will be in the Collector Post. 




If you purchase the Superior Squad Membership for 90 donuts, you will get double the payout on CRIMINALS ONLY. So 90 actions at 3 Pie Bombs per Criminal turn into 6 Pie Bombs per Criminal.



Money Stack Icon

If you are only seeing a payout of $$$ & XP or nothing at all when you tap a Criminal, it means you have already used up your 90 actions for the day and have to wait until your 24hrs resets. Or they have not updated to New Hero Rises Part 2. Once it resets, you will be able to go back in and start over. Same for questline.

Best thing to do while hopping in n out of Neighbors, is just pay attention how many Captures and Reports you have left as you Visit. If it is ZERO, then you are done with your Actions for the day. Capture and Report CountsSo watch for both issues. You ran out of 90 Actions and those NOT updated towns.



While you are visiting your Neighbors, you will see the Red Telephones on many buildings. Once tapped, the Radioactive Signal will show…Radiactive Man's Signal 1

…and your Neighbor will be alerted that you have just Reported a Crime. Reported Crime

To add even MORE fun to the game, any animation the Building has that you tapped will come alive. This is a GREAT chance to get to see all those dormant ones in action again. So have fun tapping away and look for ones you may have not been able to see animation on in a while and bring them alive. Like the Guinea Pig Rescue or my fav… Bad Dream House.Bad Dream House Animated



This is where it is CRITICAL you make sure you Neighbor is updated.

If they are fully into the Event and collecting Carbon Rods, then you can tap on ANY building that has a Red Telephone on it and it will act just as a normal building tap. They will see the Spotlight on the Building in their town and can clear it for Carbon Rods. Vandalism will not happen.Non Vandalised Springfield Elementary

If your Neighbor is NOT fully updated and NOT collection Carbon Rods, the tap on the Red Telephone on the Vandalism Buildings will result in them actually being Vandalized and seeing the Broom and graffiti on their end.Clean Graffiti Tagged Spray Paint

So if you both are updated, Vandalism will NOT be an issue this Event. 🙂



Like mentioned above, YOU will be alerted that your Neighbor has Reported Crime in your town. You will then have Radioactive Signals on the Buildings they Reported a Crime at. Reported Crime



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

Now the tricky part, the faster you respond to the Reported Crime the more payout you get from it. Here is what we found in our testing.


Start Payout: 4 Pie Bombs
-4hrs: 3 Pie Bombs
-4hrs: 2 Pie Bombs
-4hrs: 1 Pie Bomb

So as you can see, you will get MORE Pie Bombs the quicker you clear those Radioactive Signals off your Buildings. Every 4hrs you wait to clear it, the amount you get will drop.



No. The two are completely separate. Collect away. During this event you can continue to collect money from any building in your town. Your Neighbor will be able to tap regardless if there is $$ or not. The ONLY thing that will not allow them to tap is the Radioactive Signal on a Building. So clear those as fast as you can to leave places for them to tap.Radiactive Man's Signal 1


There you have the basics of Visiting Neighbors and clearing their taps in your town. Want to know more about what YOU can do daily to earn the Pie Bombs Faster? Check out our Math Post on it all.

What do you think of this Issue 2 Neighbor Visits? Are you getting a lot of Pie Bombs? Lol. Let us know.


69 responses to “How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition Issue 2

  1. Thanks , sounds straight forward until you get to the , ….

    “Log into origin” screen which requires your email then password , …great how do I get round this one , my wife also plays and if I log on on the email it might say wrong password as it already recognises her playing on an origin account , …. Or it might displace her with me .

    Set up another email account I hear you say , great idea how .?

    • From your game…go do the friends icon (bart and milhouse) when you’re on the screen that shows Other Springfield click on the handshake in the bottom right. You’ll then see an option for Origin in the box that pops up. Click on that and it’ll allow you to create an account and link it to your existing (unlinked, not your wife’s) game.

  2. Ok , I get the H.Q. Now , but ….. I’d like an account but how do I transfer what I’ve got now to an account .?

    , or do I set one up to then find I’ve got to start again having lost a years work and level 49 ?

    • Just setup an origin ID through the game. When you go the the friends screen, and tap on the handshake you’ll see an option for Origin. Just tap on that and create an account. It’ll link your existing game to that account

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the ability to exchange tickets in Krustyland has gone down at the same time this event launched? I had just reached 30,000 tickets and the gate is no longer showing the exchange box when tapped. Similar glitch to the non-functioning Side Show You at Christmas?

  4. Turns out this is a play store issue. Tried everything I could find on the web, but I couldn’t update any apps. Eventually found that if I updated all in the play store, it would work. Just wont update any individual apps. Crisis averted for the moment …

  5. ****We could use some friends we are new. Thankss.
    Mahalo -FrostE

  6. Shouldn’t there be a way to find out what level my real life friends’ HQ are? You know… for bragging rights. 😉

  7. I am starting to think of unfriending people because their towns are terribly filled with radioactive signals.

    So far, I have been very lenient and only unfriended people who haven’t logged in for 6 days or more.

    What period do you allow for leniency?

    • That’s personal choice. If you don’t really want them gone…you can always take down their name and try again later to add them back.

  8. My comment below should have read as …..
    What’s the point of the H.Q. .and going through levels ? What changes ?

  9. All very good info , but I play anonymously and have just 1 friend ….. The game default one .

    I have 2 questions as I’ve been following for ages .
    Firstly , what’s the point of the ha and power levels , … Nothing ever seems to change .?
    Secondly , I never really thought of logging on and creating an account as I didn’t think I would get hooked. … But I’m on level 49 and would like to create an account by transferring to one without losing everything I have , …… How ?


    • HA? Can you be more specific? Do you mean the FP and XP Levels?

      As for an account, pretty simple. Can get to it right from your Neighbor area.

      • I’m guessing “ha” was meant to be “hq,” right? If so, just read the answer that Alissa posted to the question right above yours! 🙂

    • I suspect that “HA” was auto-corrected from something else…. 🙂

      @OneMore — You definitely want an account. There is no downside to it — no spam, no cost, no obligation, etc. The upside, besides being able to add neighbors, is that if something happens to your device, or you simply upgrade in the future to something better, your game will move over just by logging into your Origin account from within the TSTO app. (Just be sure you can remember your password or keep it in a safe place as you won’t need it every day.)

    • Hi, One More.
      The best piece of advice I got here was to log in with Origin. I wanted to play anonymously, just on general principles. Then one day my game crashed after a thunderstorm. I went back to the very opening screen of the game. I thought I had lost everything, but because I had an Origin account I could restore it all. Happy tapping!

      • Just to add on, for anyone else else might be reading this (since it looks like the OP has already decided to go ahead and set up an Origin account)… You can still remain anonymous with an Origin account, since all that ever shows up anywhere is your Origin handle and no one can see anything about you at all, or message you, or anything.

        Having an Origin account means being able to add neighbors (crucial for success in this game), move from device to device while still maintaining your same game, and, as Bangles said, being able to restore your game, in the event that something goes horribly wrong. (I’m not even sure whether EA can help you much, in case of a problem, without it.)

  10. I don’t know what happened but EA has slowed down the criminals in our towns. I had no problems zipping thru stage 1 in about 3 days. Now I’m getting hardly any criminals iny town. Makes me wonder if they seen how fast players were clearing and slowed them down. Maybe a little nudge to buy the membership card…hmmm. I’m sticking to my guns. No membership card for me. I can spend 90 sprinkles a lot better than that. Hope everyone else is having better luck! Happy tapping!

    • Make sure you have your device updated to the latest upgrade in the app store. Outside that, it will depend on YOUR frequency that you visit your town. They still spawn the same, but if you are in there all the time now clearing them… you won’t see as many as they are not stacking up.

      • Thanks Bunny. I think you are right. I find myself in there a lot checking things, lol. Never even thought about the fact that I’m not giving them time to build up. 😊

  11. Oh no….Crafting? D=
    Is it going to work the same way it did during Halloween? Because that whole set up just seemed really confusing to me and was part of why I lost interest in the event. I’m hoping the same won’t happen this time around…

    • It is going pretty simple n quick for me. Items are easy to obtain. Not a HUGE amount of requested things to collect. Seems to work better. Same…but better.

  12. My game has frozen me out till i do the update but the app store keeps telling me ‘the game already exists’ even after reinstalling. It’s really annoying because i started the event late and had almost caught up the two day shortfall i had! Has anyone else had this problem with google appstore?

    • Mine loaded up immediately. Try this… as long as you have your town saved to an Origin ID, this will go quickly.

      Go to your device app manager and find TSTO. Clear cache/date, then uninstall the app, restart your device, go to the play store and reinstall the app. Allow it enough time to get it all. Then once it is done, try then to go back to your game.

  13. I am very pleased that they came up with a mechanism allowing you to still earn from friends who never visit their games — people I would normally have hidden I can still collect from by visiting since the criminals still roam. I hope they keep this mechanism in place for future events.

    As to the vandalism effects on those who don’t update, I can’t see anyone getting too upset about them. It’s not like the game makes it easy to know when your friends are getting hit with event-generated vandalism. It’s kind of the indirect cost the game designers impose for not updating.

  14. Just cleared out over 30 friends that had 0 rods. Guess it’s time to find some new friends!

    • It was a good time for me too…. Except that I kept one of them — she visits regularly, but her taps are still putting handshakes on buildings.

      • You’d think that, by now, she’s be wondering why your town is filled with multicolored-afro-wearing guys and realize that maybe there’s an event going ok lol!

  15. I particularly love the fact that I don’t have to leave buildings in my own Springfield untapped for neighbors so they can tap for me. That was a drag. I hope EA keeps that idea for future events.

  16. I was just wondering which action could wield donuts (I didn’t get any today) thanks for the info!

  17. I’m having a blast with this event! I started playing TSTO last year during the middle of the Stone Cutter event. This Superhero event is the best event since I stared playing. It has elements from most of the previous events that I have seen. I’m looking forward to the crafting part, though I’m a little confused by the Zenith City part. Is it going to be like Krustyland?

  18. Not mentioned in this article but worth repeating from your blog post on 2/23/2015: “Math Of Earning Carbon Rods”
    The Criminal Spawn Rate in your Springfield:
    * 1 Criminal every 5 mins in your town
    * 30 MAX allowed in your town at a time
    Every 2 1/2 hrs you will MAX out based on the 1 every 5 mins Criminal Spawn.

  19. Just logged in and was asked to update first. I’m already on the 2nd episode with over 8500 pies… Haven’t had any issues for a while on android.. Any ideas what the update is about?

    • Glitch/bug fix.

    • Update in your app market. It is glitch patches.

    • I have been trying to log in but keep getting the following messages “update available! Want! Want! Want! this update is required to continue” then when I hit update I get the message “unfortunately google play store has stopped”. I also use an android – anyone else unable to do the update?

      • Go directly to the App Market and download it from there. If you do not see it right away, restart your device and try again.

      • HI Bunny – I have gone directly to the app market about 5 times already and still can not get it to work – I have also restarted my tablet about 5 times too 🙁

        • Then go a step further. Locate the app in your applications manager on your device. Clear the cache/data on it then uninstall the app. Restart your device. Then go back to the App market and reinstall it again and try again to log in.

          May I also ask what device you are playing on?

      • HI Bunny – I am using a Motorola MZ601 – will try your next suggestion in about 8 hours – have to go to work now – thank you

  20. Haven’t gotten The Collector yet but excited about this crafting thing you speak of. This event just keeps getting better. By the way you can get doughnuts tapping Neighbors before the 90 actions. I had a pile of cash, XP, pie bombs with a doughnut on top. It was a beautiful sight

  21. It’s a crock of crap Bad Dream House doesn’t have a task for that animation. That’s gotta be the top 5 of best tapped out lights and sounds. El chemistri is awesome too. The museum of natural history really is stupid.

    Donuts are at a premium. I visit all 100 neighbors and am averaging 2 a day. 5 was the most I’ve gotten.

  22. About the free donuts from from visiting neighbors, is anyone reporting a reduction in donut drops? I built back up from @60 neighbors to the max last week to increase free donut production. (I couldn’t pass on Brandine and just about zeroed my freemium donut hoard.) Since adding all the new friends, I’ve visited all neighbors every day, and have gotten either one or zero donuts for the day. Am I just on a cold streak, or is anyone else bringing home fewer pink sprinkles since the start of the super event?

    • It will vary daily. 1 to 2 a day is the average norm.

    • I thought I’d noticed fewer donuts lately, too. I’ve had a lot more days without getting any since the event started than in the past. I figured it’s just the law of averages playing out. I’ve had sometimes that I’ve gotten as many as 6 donuts visiting neighbors, so a few days with zero is to be expected.

      But the bonus donuts were so easy to get, I didn’t feel too concerned about it.

      • I must have gotten spoiled by all of the free donuts on the table during the Halloween event. As a freemium player, I’ve managed to get a lot of the premium items I’ve wanted thanks to those freebies. Now I’m thinking I may need to take the plunge if the Amazon app store runs another anniversary sale at the beginning of March. Last year, all donuts came with a 50% rebate on the cost, and I barely hung on to my freemium card. This year, there is too much good stuff to be had in the premium aisle for me to pass up that deal.

      • This event has the potential to give loads of free donuts. I got 15 from phase 1. In phase 2 I’m on 13,300 pies after 36 hours, more than double the scheduled amount. Once I hit 55,000 I get a shot at 3 donuts every 4000 pies on top of the 55k. I reckon I should get more than 15 goes at it. That’s maybe 45 more free donuts. Sweet. And then there’s the 3rd and 4th parts to come…

      • An excellent point about free donuts for earning over the 3rd prize in each issue. I was on vacation with limited access when the event started, so I got Clownface but never made it to the bonus donuts in Issue 1. I was so jealous of a guy clearing his criminals and alarms every time I snaked past him in line at Space Mountain. No fun being a wifi player without access through my phone. Evil BlackBerry app store.

    • I’ve actually gotten more than average the last couple of days…. It’s all random and it’s not unusual to hit an occasional “dry spell.”

    • A little bit of conspiracy theory: is it possible that the free donut drop is related to how many years you’ve played, whether you are a freemium or premium, and how many active users are on the server?

      Well, I’m a freemium, played less than 1 year, level 49, 90+ neighbor, I usually gets 0 – 1 donuts. Only once or twice when no one was playing (right after vday 2015) that I got 3 donuts. Anyone with multiple test games have any insights?

      • Nope, don’t think so. I have the same stats as you and I’ve gotten more than 2 donuts many times (although 0-2 is most common). Just within the last week, I had two days on which I got 3 or 4 donuts.

        It really is random, ruled by the known odds.

  23. I cannot waste a single doughnut on speeding anything up!
    If Bart is a premium item and his price follows the pattern of recent skins, I should need at least another 40 doughnuts… wow that’s depressing.

    Oh, if it comes with a building… hrrrrrmmghmm
    That’s more depressing.

  24. “ONLY after you clear the Daily 90 Actions”

    I got one yesterday DURING the 90 actions. I think I’ve had a few, but yesterday I was paying particular attention.

    • That is cool. All event so far it has been AFTER the daily for me.

    • I can confirm this. It happened to me today and yesterday. On both occasions I didn’t even see the donuts when tapping through my neighbor’s town, but I heard Homer’s voice: “Mmm, premium currency!” Today I got a total of 4 donuts: 1 during the 90 actions and 3 after clearing the daily 90 actions.

      • Info is already updated in my post. After I updated…they started to drop DURING the 90 actions for me too. Already got 5 today so far. It’s a good day as I normally just get one or two. 😉

  25. My game has an app store update.. any ideas on what’s up?

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