Math Of Earning Pie Bombs

Hey there Superheroes!!

Issue 2 of the new Superheroes Event has just begun and wondering if you are doing it right. If you are doing all you can to get those Pie Bombs as quickly as you can. Well this post is here to help you get an idea of how to get the most out of your daily game interactions.

ico_super15_piebomb_lg criminalclown_front_walk_image_4 reportcrime

To begin, all the information is very similar as in past events. The more time you spend in your game, the more chances you have at Pie Bomb Earning Actions. The more Neighbors you visit daily, along with you just playing daily… will all contribute to YOUR individual results. 

Now for the Breakdown…


criminalclown_front_walk_image_4 criminalclown_victory_pose_image_4 clowncriminal

You will start collecting Pie Bombs fairly quickly once you complete Issue 1 and your game swaps out to Issue 2 content. Then you will able to start Capturing Clown Wig Criminals in your own town and getting Pie Bombs from them. (You may also still have a few stragglers from the previous Criminals, no worries…once you switch over all the Event Currency switches to Pie Bombs too.)

Again, the Spawn Rate is a bit vague on just how many per Spawn, but we do at least know the following:

1 Criminal every 5 mins in your town
30 MAX allowed in your town at a time

Now there IS a Bank listed, but in the past we found this was sketchy and unreliable, so for player sake… I will not fully rely on it. 

So let’s take a look at what YOU can earn in your town from just the Criminals alone. Every 2 1/2 hrs you will MAX out based on the 1 every 5 mins Criminal Spawn. To make it simpler, I will show a few options At just the 2hr mark. Also as in past events, if you wait a lil bit in your town… it seems the Criminals will eventually come to where YOU are in the game.

Visit your town every 2 hours to get 24 Criminals giving 18 Pie Bombs each equals a Payout of 432 Pie Bombs every 2 hours.


432 Pie Bombs x 4 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 1728
432 Pie Bombs x 5 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 2160
432 Pie Bombs x 6 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 2592
432 Pie Bombs x 7 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 3024
432 Pie Bombs x 8 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 3456

So as you can see, even just a minimal visit to your town every day can still yield you quite a few Pie Bombs and hit that daily average really quickly. The daily average to shoot for right now is 3929. (See the Issue 2 Calendar HERE.)

There is also an added incentive. Once you get all Issue 2 Pie Bombs (55000), you will given the option to continue to collect Pie Bombs and get the chance at those 3 Donut Mystery Boxes containing 1 2 or 3 donuts.  Each additional 4000 Pie Bombs you earn  past the 55000 will unlock the chance. If you don’t get 3 right away, a retry will cost $150,000 Each so make sure you’re ready if needed. This will continue until Issue 2 and the new Event Currency is launched in your game. (See more info on the Calendar.)

Once The Collector is unlocked, there is also a Crafting element tossed in the mix. You will start to see MORE than just Arbitrarium dropped from tapping on Criminals. More on this in the post about the Collector. Lock Pick Criminal Tap Springfield


PIE BOMBS FROM SUPER SQUAD HQsuperiorsquadhq_menu

To quickly recap…in Death of a Hero Part 3, you can build the Super Squad HQ. Now it will NOT start to make Carbon Rods right away. (See Upgrade Post for more details.) You will need to start collecting a few Criminals first and unlock the Arbitrarium from Issue 1 Prizes with 400 Carbon Rods, which as you can see above should not take you too long.Arbitrarium

Once the Arbitrarium is obtained, Criminals will start to drop it randomly too when they are tapped. As soon as you get just 4 of them, you can upgrade your HQ to Level 1 and start earning Carbon Rods from it.

Now that you are in Issue 2, you should have leveled up a few times on the HQ and be getting higher and higher payouts of …now… Pie Bombs.

Let’s look at a few options. I will only go up a few upgrade levels to give you an idea of how many you can get daily at even the lowest levels.

Level 5: 75 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
75 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 225
75 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 300
75 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 375

Level 6: 85 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
85 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 255
85 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 340
85 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 425

Level 7: 95 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
95 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 285
95 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 380
95 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 475

Level 8: 105 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
105 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 315
105 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 420
105 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 525

Level 9: 115 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
115 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 345
115 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 460
115 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 575

Level 10: 125 Pie Bombs every 4hrs
125 Pie Bombs x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 375
125 Pie Bombs x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 500
125 Pie Bombs x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 625

The more you level up, the more payout you will get. The more times you visit, the more you will get from collecting on the HQ. Just keep capturing those Criminals to get the Pie Bombs and you will get Arbitrarium too. Then you can Level Up your Super Squad HQ.

Another cool thing about the HQ is when you Level Up, your “tapping” area is expanded. This means you will get MORE Criminals in one tap as it will create a “ring” that will span out further than your tapping finger and Capture any Criminals within that radius ring. Making it so if you have 2 or more Criminals in a close range, you will get them all with one tap.

Once The Collector is unlocked, there is also a Crafting element tossed in the mix. You will start to see MORE than just Pie Bombs dropped from the Super Squad HQ when you collect on it.  More on this in the post about the Collector. Cape Super Squad HQ Payout Springfield



If you just show up daily in your town, you will be rewarded with the Event Currency for doing so via the Daily Play Combo. Each day you go into your town, you will get a higher payout until Day 5, then it will restart.

ico_super15_piebombspack1Day 1: 10 Extra Pie Bombs
ico_super15_piebombspack2Day 2: 20 Extra Pie Bombs
Pie Bombs Daily Reward 3Day 3: 50 Extra Pie Bombs
Pie Bombs Daily Reward 4Day 4: 100 Extra Pie Bombs
ico_super15_piebombspack5Day 5: 250 Extra Pie Bombs

Just make sure you visit at least once every 24hrs and you will get the Daily Rewards.



To recap, while collecting Carbon Rods for the game, you will reach 7000 and unlock Burns State Prison in the Issue 1 Prizes.montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu

This is another way to get some Pie Bombs. First, you will need to release a Felon. (For complete details, see the Burns State Prison Post.) You will get 1 every 8hrs, so release them as soon as one spawns at the Prison so you can send Characters to defeat them as much as possible. Having MORE is a good thing as you can only send ONE Character to get rid of ONE Felon at a time.lieutenant

Once you launch into Issue 2, each time you send a Character to get rid of a Felon, you will get a payout of Pie Bombs for completing the task. Right now every 4 hours. (Every 3 with Spider Pig.) The payout will depend how many “hits” the Felon has taken and how many hearts he has left.

Let’s take a look at just a basic attempt at the Felons with Fall Out Boy and Pie Man. Then one with Spider Pig. Again, it works best if you have at least TWO Felons running around for them to attack. The more the better.

falloutboy_practice_his_moves_active_right_image_7 homer_pieman_fight_boss_active_right_image_7

Fall Out Boy & Pie Man 
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Pie Bombs (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 50 Pie Bombs
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Carbon Rods (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 150 Pie Bombs
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Carbon Rods (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 300 Pie Bombs



Collector (once unlocked)
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Pie Bombs (every 4hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 25 Pie Bombs
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Pie Bombs (every 4hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 75 Pie Bombs
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Pie Bombs (every 4hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 150 Pie Bombs


plopper attack

Spider Pig 
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 25 Pie Bombs
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 75 Pie Bombs
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 150 Pie Bombs


Now for an extra Character that ONLY seasoned TSTO players will have access to for now as he is NOT currently available in the game. He was released originally for an Episode Tie-In in early 2013. 

Fruit Batman Punch Criminal 2

Fruit Batman
Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 25 Pie Bombs
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 75 Pie Bombs
Felon at 1 Heart
150 Pie Bombs (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 150 Pie Bombs

As you can see, having Spider Pig & Fruit Batman will get you more Pie Bombs with less time spent in the game. The more Felons, the more chances at getting rid of them and getting more Pie Bombs so release them from the Prison as soon as they are ready.

Once The Collector is unlocked, there is also a Crafting option tossed in the mix. You will start to see MORE than just Pie Bombs dropped from Felons. More on this in the post about the Collector. Handcuff Felon Defeated Springfield


Now you have a basic idea of how to get Pie Bombs from just playing daily. Now for more extras that will add to your Pie Bombs Totals. (See the complete Neighbor Visit Breakdown Post HERE.)



As with previous events, you can visit your neighbors to get help with the Event Currency. Issue 2 is Pie Bombs. Now, just like any other time, you will be limited on actions as you visit Neighbors. The following is the Breakdown of your Neighbor Visit Actions.

(This will NOT start til the HQ is built and you get to New Hero Rises Part 2 during the questline in Issue 1.)

Criminal 90 Daily Actions on Capture Criminals x 3 Pie Bombs per Criminal = 270 Pie Bombs Daily. (Notice the Neighbor Criminal image remains the same.)

reportcrime300 Daily Actions (you may be able to keep going after 100 Neighbors) x 1 Pie Bombs per Red Telephone = 300 Pie Bombs Daily (Once you unlock The Collector, you will also notice other items dropping from Reporting Crimes to Craft his items. More on this in another post on The Collector.)Red Telephone Neighbor Visit 1

The less Neighbors you have, the less Pie Bombs you will get from the Red Telephones.

This is just from visiting neighbors, but do not stop there. If you have your FP at the MAX, you can also get that additional random FREE Donut from continuing to Capture Criminals. The amounts vary daily on what you get. The more you visit and more neighbors you have the better the odds.




If you want even MORE from your Capturing Criminals in Neighbors towns, you can invest 90 Donuts in the Superior Squad Membership and double your Criminal Pie Bomb Payout.

So instead of 270 Pie Bombs a day from 90 Criminal Captures Actions you can earn 540 Pie Bombs daily from Criminal Captures. (See the Should I Buy Post on it HERE.)



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

This event is very Neighbor involved as well. When you go to a Neighbors town or they to yours and tap on that Red Telephone, it initiates the “Report Criminal” action. The one tapping on the Red Telephone gets 1 Pie Bomb for doing so and the one having their Building tapped on get an alert a Crime has been reported in their town and to hurry to respond. Radiactive Man's Signal

Now how does the payout work on the Radioactive Signal? Well as soon as the Building is tapped and the Signal launched a countdown begins. How long it takes for YOU to clear that Radioactive Signal will impact what payout YOU get. It breaks down as follows…

Signal first appears up to 3hrs 59mins = 4 Pie Bombs per Signal
4hrs to 7hrs 59mins = 3 Pie Bombs per Signal
8hrs to 11hrs 59mins= 2 Pie Bombs per Signal
12 hrs to 15hrs 59mins= 1 Pie Bomb per Signal

So as you can see, the sooner you clear those Signals the higher Pie Bomb payout you will get from each one. Clear them as fast as you can and as often as you can to allow your Neighbors visiting something to Report a Crime on. If you don’t clear them, your Neighbor will see no Red Telephone and have nothing to tap on Building wise.

(It is also really cool as it activates the animation on the building tapped.)

Need MORE Neighbors? Go to our Add Friends threads to MAX out your Neighbors. 



After Completing New Hero Rises Part 2, you will notice that the More tasks you complete throughout the event will start to unlock Event Currency Tasks.

Here are a few of those Characters tasks.

homer_pieman_victory_pose_left_image_4Pie Man: Punish Wrongdoers, 8hrs, 20 Pie Bombs

falloutboy_victory_pose_right_image_4Fall Out Boy: Practice His Moves, 4hrs, 10 Pie Bombs

unlock_plopperpigSpider Pig: Do Whatever a Spider Can, 8hrs, 30 Pie Bombs

unlock_petroleusrexPetroleus Rex: Terrorize Springfield, 8hrs, 30 Pie Bombs

krusty_clownface_fight_boss_active_image_4Clownface: Check Krusty-Brand Merchandise, 4hrs, 10 Pie Bombs


Again, these won’t appear until you unlock them via questlines.

So there you have it. MANY ways to hit the targets for the Personal Prizes in Issue 2. YOU just need to put in the time and effort. It may seem like you can’t keep up as first, but as you continue to unlock more and more and get further along, it will get easier and easier.

Where are YOU on the Pie Bombs count? What items have YOU won so far from the Personal Prizes? How is your Criminal and Felon capturing going? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.


63 responses to “Math Of Earning Pie Bombs

  1. I just got the collecter about 1 hour ago. I am a bit behind and i only have 1 donut. My headquarters is at level 14, and im at level 16. Is there anything i can do to catch up? I also want plopper and bartman (plopper espicially) but only have 1 donut. So js there a way i can get donuts faster too? Im not really good at earning donuts! And i am slowat earning money so getting task done is hard for me.

    • Your answer is pretty much this post you are commenting on. MAX out Neighbors and visit them as well as your town as much as you can.

    • If you only have 1 donut right now and you want Plopper, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have to buy the donuts you need, since I don’t think there’s any possible way to earn that many donuts in time without spending some real-life money. (The best you could hope for is to win the 100 donuts with a $.99 Golden Scratch-R, but that’s a bit of a long shot. But, for $9.99, Plopper can be yours, with an extra 32 donuts left over (or 33, if you count the one you already have).

      • Speaking of lucky scratch-R’s i was just randomly buying one, and got jackpot, anyway, straight away i bought plopper, as it was 3 days after he came out.

  2. Berkeley Jeremiah

    Bunny, I believe you wrote a post a week or so back detailing issue 1 and collecting the carbon rods. In that post you mentioned a trick, I believe it was holding down the right mystery box, in order to figure out which of the 3 mystery donut boxes holds the 3 donuts. Would you please expand on that for me? I remember when I read it originally I had a rough idea of what you meant, but I wasn’t confident. Right now I’m about 500 pie bombs away from 59,000, and I’d like to try it out. Please let me know, thanks!

  3. I already had the fruit batman costume and he seems to have disappeared during this update 🙁

  4. I’ve got 61 criminals at ones in my Springfield today .

  5. When it comes to pie bomb payouts that reward differently than carbon rod payouts, I notice that we got 15 rods per crimenal in our town and now we get 18 pie bombs per afro-ed crimenal. Aside from this change, are there any others? Thanks!

  6. When visiting neighbours, I get pies from phones, but they do not show up when I hit the criminals, don’t know if I amgetting the pies any one else notice this is has happened since the beginning of this last issue, my crimes do not have a clown hat on as they do in the game thanks for your help

  7. Got the bank a couple hours ago. I’m so excited that I’m actually getting the prizes-thanks to you guys i finally have more/active friends.
    Love the blog! Super helpful and fun.

    One question about vandalism: how does it affect the person you do it to besides the building having graffiti on it?

  8. I got the bank earlier today. I’m excited about the collector stuff coming soon. I should have it in 2 more days at the rate I’m playing.
    I wish there was a way to upgrade the prison to get more felons.
    It seems as if EA has really tweaked a lot of the events based on what players have liked.

  9. I now have the bank in my town so I’m happily working towards getting the Collector!

  10. If component collection for the crafting aspect doesn’t need to wait for issue 3 to unlock, as long as we have earned The Collector, then that’s a good motivation to hurry pie collection now. (If the prospect of free donuts isn’t enough.) Even though we don’t have the full guide to the event crafting, if it’s true to form we will have to pick and choose the items we want to craft no matter what, so starting to collect components soonest is a good idea.

  11. I wish we could put the Arbitrarium in our towns as decorations.

    I also wish they added Fruit Batman! I started playing Halloween 2013 so I don’t have him 🙁

  12. At the moment I only have 11854, so I’m very close to getting the first prize. I think I’m doing okay, I just want to get all done as soon as possible. Totally an over-achiever hahaha.

  13. By the way guys, did you see this?
    Evidence that tells us where Springfield is, or more pertinently, where it isn’t.

  14. I’ve read somewhere that Bartman won’t be available as a prize but he is likely to be available. Any idea how much he’s going to cost? I’d hate to have to give up my amateur status and go pro just to get him.

  15. Has anyone else had issues adding any new friends via origin ID, i keep getting an error saying failed to send friend invite!

    • Make sure you are on the latest update in the app store. They have been sending patches for neighbor issues. If that doesn’t help, you may need to look at other things.

  16. I still can’t figure out how to have more than two felons on the loose at a time. Has anyone else had more than two, without having taken advantage of the little “exploit” that existed at the beginning of the prison release (which I didn’t read about until it was too late to do)?

    • It depends how “on top” you are with them. If you’re right there all the time, they won’t pile up. My test game I don’t use often has 4 running round. And only a few less than 3 hearts.

      It’s all in game play.

    • What exploit was that? I fear I’ve missed some fun glitch. 🙁

      • I don’t remember the exact details (because when I read about it, it was too late for me to do it), but it had something to do with doing a hard close right when you got the dialog that released the first felon. Then, when you restarted the game, it would repeat the dialog and release another felon (or something like that). I think some people got a stack of felons to start out with that way.

        (I find it amusing that Swype often thinks I mean to type “feelings” when I’m trying to type “felons”…. It leads to some very funny sentences (especially considering the context) before I fix them for “publication.”)

        • Ah. I missed out on it, too. No biggie, since I did fine on finishing Issue 1 and scoring freebies.

          And that’s a funny autocorrect!

  17. Just got a notification that there is an update at the Play Store…

  18. I’ve already gotten over 8,000 pies in the first day of playing issue two. I’m glad because I managed to get four bonus payouts from the carbon rods and I’m hoping for a repeat this issue.

    I am really enjoying this event. I love the theme and the characters released with it. I love the new theme music and the way my town looks more comic-booky. I even love how the task book looks like a comic. And I’m not even into comics IRL. Great event! (Still hoping Radioactive Man makes a comeback, though).

  19. I know this doesn’t belong here, but since this is the most recent conversation, I thought I’d pose it here. I have a play store update for TSTO show up this morning. Anyone know what this is for? The update doesn’t really say. It talks about the snow melting, which happened before Valentine’s and Stonecutters redux.

  20. You mentioned near the top, “There is a Bank mentioned…” — I assume you don’t mean the Bank Building prize that unlocks in this Issue… but a “bank” to accumulate criminals generating every 5 mins, beyond the 30 at one time limit?
    I think it must be the case — if you’re certain only 30 criminals can exist walking around in your town at any one time — then only a bank would explain how I managed to tap 60 criminals first thing this morning, spanning about 6 minutes of game play time.

  21. The key that I see is simply logging in as often as you can & clear out your town:

    1. Criminals
    2. Use Heroes/Villains – first on Felons, then tasks
    3. Reported Crimes

  22. I know you guys get this all the time, but you are amazing. The work that you must of put into this is crazy. Have you ever considered setting up a PayPal donation thing? I would like to show my appreciation and donating a few dollars is the only way that I can think of to do it.

    • Considering. We keep being asked about one. I just do not want to make our readers feel they HAVE to pay us. Making it all about money is not what we are about. We like helping. Get great enjoyment out of it. But we also know many of our readers have kind giving hearts like us, so we are finding a way. 😉

      You are always welcome to write to us. I myself love getting letters. 😉

  23. Why does your picture of Spider Pig have stalks of celery coming out from his behind?

  24. I got over 8500 pie bombs in the first 24 hours of Issue 2. Now over 10.000. Looking forward to get the Collector and start crafting.

  25. I’ve noticed that since issue 2 started, the criminals no longer congregate towards your current location. Has anyone else noticed this?

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