2/26 In Game Update: Radstation Air Fortress

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Looks like we got ourselves a little weekend offer update in TSTO…


Once you log into your games you’ll see this popup..

rad1 rad2

You can purchse the Radstation Air Fortress for 225 Donuts.



The base of the Radstation is 4×4, and it will float over your town.  It is animated and does come with a small questline.

Of course we’ll have a full Should I Buy breakdown on this up soon…but for now the deal expires on Tuesday 3/3/15 at 0800 GMT (3am EST).

What do you think of the Radstation Air Fortress?  Will you be purchasing it?  Thoughts on how it looks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


126 responses to “2/26 In Game Update: Radstation Air Fortress

  1. Help! I’m on the collector pt 3. I’ve been tapping on the criminals and it’s stuck on 4/5. I’ve tapped at least 20 more criminals & it won’t budge. Any ideas?
    Thanks Gailyn aka gpikky

  2. ****, they got 4 of my doughnuts, and i was working so hard to have enough for bartman, those 4 might screw that whole plan up. check your confirm spend after update, the one time i didnt they got me.

  3. This update triggered the Mindy and homer Valentine’s quest in my game, anyone else? Maybe this time homer will cheat on Marge..

  4. I’m wondering why I’m seeing so many comments on hoarding a felon? What does it mean? I’m @ 23,000. I want to know what’s the best way to ensure I get all the prizes. Also how long do we have? Is it over once once issue 3 comes. Thanks

    • It just means they are releasing as many as they can at a time just before the next event currency kicks in, so then when it switches over, they will have better odds of getting to the next prizes faster. But honestly… daily tapping will help you get there quickly.

  5. I actually think this is really cool and I would consider buying it because it can go over the water… but I don’t want to spend actual cash to get donuts to be able to get this one.
    I am on the fence. I don’t have many premium items, and perhaps a premium character would be a better edition

  6. Just a thought. It would be nice to have a featur that would allow you to contact your neighbors and tell them to clear the board.

    Don’t you just hate it when you visit the town and you can’t collect the rewards because they have not cleared it. And you can’t collect from krusty land as well.

    I have /had some neighbors that either stopped playing or could,be having technical difficulty. And this is the reason they have not visited their own town. I at least try to give them the benefit of the doubt before I remove them as neighbors, by checking the last play date.

    That way I don’t have to feel guilty for deleating them if they are truly still trying to play the game. I’m just saying.

    Anyone else feel this way?

    • I know just how you feel. Like you, I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but in the end, if it becomes a habit, I delete them and replace them.

  7. Between a 5% bonus, $$, xp , a completionist and Addict, my choice has been made LOL!! Bye bye 225 and hello Radstation!!! 😉

  8. Not that the fortress is very very big, and in my opinion, very very ugly.

    It’s so big I basically had to put it in the water as it just covered up way too much in town.
    I really wish they added more water tiles.

  9. I just noticed that it has a 5% money and xp boost, this makes me feel a lot better about spending those donuts.

  10. Is there any news on if they’ll re release fruit batman? I’m not sure when they released him, but I’ve not seen him ever. I missed Halloween 2012 but I think the game wasn’t on android then.

  11. My game now opens with the HQ in the centre. Same thing when I visit my neighbours.

  12. Gil should’ve introduced this while wearing a superhero costume

  13. I have enough donuts but meh… And it’s too big

  14. Been reading comments about leaving felons with one heart so as to have “credit” for buying next stuff. So they can be cashed in for the craft stuff. OK I get that but do you just let them roam around with that symbol over their head or do you store them in the cardboard box inventory? Cheers guys ☓

  15. I picked up the Radstarion. You are able to place it over the water portion of your town.

  16. I bet Radioactive Man is a hidden part of the station (like Kodos was an invisible component of the ray gun thingy in the Halloween event). Superheroes coming back from the dead is such a common trope, they’re sure to spoof it–regardless of whether RM is somehow added as a permanent character. Besides, a standalone building for that price is absurd. Makes me think there’s something else to it.

    That’s my guess, anyway. Still not sure I want to spend that many donuts…

  17. I notice in this last update, the opening position of the town has moved from being the centre, to whatever your location is of the Superior Squad HQ, similar to what was done in the Christmas event with the elf gate.

  18. Aww…I thought Radioactive Man came with this.. seems not …and I don’t see a quest either (?)Oh well…really want him and Bartman:) I just put the fortress by the chocolate one (which is by the HQ). cheers & have fun!:’P

  19. If anyone wants to see the Radstation Air Fortress in action, and none of your friends seem to have it in their town when visiting, I found someone with it on youtube. Just search Radstation Air Fortress tapped out.

  20. I know this isn’t the place at all but I had one of those lil glitches in my game and all my plum trees turned into Jebediah statues….. but the were all wrapped in toilet paper…TPd …. never saw that one before haha ..Just curious was it a decoration from a post event….

    • TP was part of the Halloween Event 2012. It was silly. It’s funny how old items will pop up in glitches. Let me know when you see the eggs that go with egging and TPing a neighbors house. Lol

  21. Why offer such a shirt time, expensive item that will only go with your themed superhero city. I’m ahead on schedule but still can’t craft the Zenith city stuff. And I already saw it in a friends. Supper cool but I of course will wait to hear more

  22. Way too expensive for me, holding onto donuts for now.

  23. Whoa! That thing is HUGE! And really cool looking! (I checked it out in a neighbor’s town). But it’s too pricey for me, and I don’t really have a place for it. Guess I’ll just be visiting it at the neighboreeno’s.

  24. This update triggered the When Worlds Collide storyline in my B game (level 23, have not leveled up recently). Is this just a glitch? I already have a lot of things going on in that game, in addition to this awesome current event.

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