Superheroes Event Glitches & Issues Updated

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by to just give you a lil info on things we are seeing pop up in the comments. Items that you may be wondering on or concerned for. As usual, here to help all we can. 😉


There are a few key questions/concerns we are seeing over and over in the game that we wanted to bring attention to. Let’s dive in…

(I had created this post BEFORE the Update hit, so I made changes to reflect what the Update had impacted as well.)


Krustyland Ticket Exchange

As in previous Events with the Sideshow You Balloon Pop, it seems that EA has disabled another item in Krustyland during this Event. You are no longer able to exchange your Krustyland Tickets for in game cash. I spoke with EA on this and they did confirm it being worked on. 

An update from EA on 2/26 helped to restore the ability to use this feature, so make sure you are fully up to date in your game to have the ability back.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance



Pie Man and Felon

While tossing his pies to take away hearts from a Felon, Pie Man seems to not want to go on anymore. In my game, he follows one for a bit but then seems to find a nice lil spot to stop and just toss pies there. The Felon continues on around town and I still get credit for the fight, but it is just funny how he falls behind. I have seen this with a few other Heroes too.

My suggestion is this, do not worry if they separate. As long as you still get credit for the fight and that Heart dropped off the Felon… then just keep on going. If you are NOT getting credit for the fight (I just tap on the Felon icon when its done and it completes it for me) then please notify EA right away of the issue.

FYI… I spoke to EA about this issue and they are well aware of it and working on it. Those NOT getting credit are extremely rare, the rest… just an image thing so no game impact.



We are getting some reports the sound has changed. Mine is still going off. What are YOUR results?

A silly thought of a feature added to alert us is becoming a bit too much for many players. That blasted Siren going off.

The main things I did to prevent it is I disabled ALL Notifications and turned SFX Volume all the way down from the game. This can be found in any menu by tapping on the Cogwheel Icon in the upper right corner. (This is where you also can turn the Confirm Donut Spend to ON.)Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume

Depending on your device, mine has an Applications Manager that I can go to the TSTO App and disable Notifications for the App from my device too. Notifications 4

Finally, on my device…. I have separate options for Volume Settings. I turned them ALL to OFF on anything other than the phone ringing. Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-25 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-11-54 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-21-44 Screenshot_2015-02-19-14-22-11

Now we COULD take this a step further and light up the forums to ask EA to disable it further, just let me know and I will start a link to do so. 😉



The new update on 2/26 that brought the Radstation Air Fortress also made a few other changes. Some just simple wording swap outs, but this is something that may help YOU out when visiting Neighbors

In the lower Left hand corner of your Main Neighbor Screen, you will see a running total of your current Event Currency amount (Pie Bombs for Issue 2). Right at the end of that count will be an italic lil i. Tap on it. Daily Neighbor Actions Icon

Daily Actions Icon

If you have the Super Squad Membership that doubles your payout for Neighbor Acrtions, you will see your Neighbor Actions at 6 Event Currency Each (Double Pie Bombs in Issue 2). You will also see how many of the 90 Actions you have left. Daily Neighbor Actions Membership

If you did not opt for the Super Squad Membership, you will see the regular payout of 3 Event Currency (Pie Bombs in Issue 2). You will also see the amount you have left out of the 90 Actions too. Daily Neighbor Actions Non Membership

This should really help you in monitoring just how many visits you have left before those Criminal taps turn into just cash & XP instead of Event Currency.


There you go, hopefully some answers to those frequent questions we keep seeing. Did this answer your questions? Help you out? Do you like the Actions countdown? Let us know.


170 responses to “Superheroes Event Glitches & Issues Updated

  1. I just got TP’d on a bunch of my trees. Assuming its a nice little glitch. Bring it back. pretty cool.

  2. My game updated but I can’t do anything with my furniture shop

  3. Twice in the last day 8 have logged in to have the timer still be full on someone attacking a felon. Once it was the collector. The other time bartman. Others attacking felons at the same time were ok.

  4. Hello, I just got a glitch where jebidiah were Tped (toilet papered on)and it looked awesome, when will this show for all?

  5. I am now on building level 20 and I notice since level 18 that the robbers are now only giving out no more then 20 Freeze ray guns at a time, after you tap them. And that amount they give out are not increasing.

  6. CentralCali559

    Have you guys noticed the game crashes so much more. I noticed it yesterday. I can visit maybe 5 neighbors before it crashes. I clicked on the itchy scratcher and it crashes. So frustrating!!!

    • Try some of the basic troubleshooting for crashing. It is usually a memory drain issue. Most of the time… TOO much going on in your game. Try storing some items you do not use like decorations. Keep characters on tasks inside anytime you possibly can. Store away NPCs. Make sure your device has a strong signal and memory available for the app to use. Also, kill all other apps running in the background so ONLY TSTO is running on your device.

  7. Has anyone else built any of the zenith city items only to have them gone when you lived in later?

  8. Tawanda Harton

    I am not getting accurate credit when i report crimes in friends neighborhoods. What do I do?

  9. Sandra Dennison

    I have the same problem as blackjackucula. All this time, I thought I must be doing something wrong. I do not get capes or arbitrarium. None! I get everything else. I called ea and the man said that there will have to be an update but not to expect it in the next few days. I find it frustrating as I put a lot of time I should be doing something else into this game. I did comment on it here before (I think the 7th and again on the 8th) however, I cannot find the second comment to see what your answer was. I am thinking I should call them again to see if they are working on it.

  10. blackjackucla

    Hi. I have a game-breaking glitch that hopefully someone has a solution to. I never get any arbitrarium drops or cape drops. I know they’re random but I literally mean never… zero… zilch. When I click on my Superior Squad HQ there’s no upgrade menu. It just shows time remaining until there’s cash. I finished all of Issue 1, right now I’m at about 47,000 pies in Issue 2. When reading the walkthrough I never got the Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 2 task which asks you to upgrade the HQ to level 5. I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstalling. I’ve tried putting the HQ in inventory and placing it again. Without capes I’ll never get two of the Zenith Buildings. Any suggestions would be appreciated :). Thanks!

    • The cape collection is triggered by the Collectors questline. If you have the Collector and started his questline, built Botanical Gardens, then you will start Material Collection.

      If no troubleshooting is triggering this, you will need to contact EA for more help.

      • blackjackucla

        Thanks, Bunny. I have the Collector and I’ve built the Botanical Gardens. I’m getting lockpicks, handcuffs, and phones but no capes. Since the capes depend on the HQ and it seems I’m also having a glitch with the HQ being unable to upgrade and no arbitrarium I wonder if the two are related. I’ll contact EA and post what I find out in case anyone else has the same problem.

        • Next question… did you update your game from the app market? There was a patch sent last week to many games iOS and Android alike. Make sure you check there too and are on the latest version.

      • Hi again, Bunny. Yes I had updated the app. I just spoke with EA and they couldn’t help either. They seemed to do something behind the scenes and asked me to restart the app. That didn’t work. Then they asked me to delete the app and reinstall but it didn’t help either. When I click on the Superior Squad HQ there’s still no upgrade menu. No arbitrarium and still no capes :(. I wonder if my game save on their server is corrupt somehow but I don’t know enough about how their tech works to even begin to guess how. I guess I’m out of luck for this event since if they can’t fix it no one can. Hopefully future events go more smoothly for me. Thank you for the suggestions and trying to help. I really appreciate it 🙂

      • I’ll contact EA again about rolling it back. If it takes me too far back though I guess I’ll have to live with it since I’m very close to getting Dr. Colossus. Thanks, Bunny. Hope you have a great day 🙂

  11. my push notifications are off. i keep getting that crazy siren. i turned off everything recommended and I still get homer saying “push notification” everytime “a crime is reported” super annoying.

  12. OMG….I just put my phone down and my daughter bought 2 extra doughnuts for $150k on the bonus spin when you get to 4000 pies…is there anything i can do to get this back? Crying…..

  13. Seems I’m having a glitch with Artie Ziff and Marge. They were set to 24hrs, propose to marge, and it’s been 3 days and every day when the time runs out, it just resets and goes back to 24hrs left. I tried to spend donuts (24 of them) to rush it and it did nothing. Confirm spend donuts came up, I said yes and it didn’t take any from total and they still had same amout if time left.

    • Try storing Moe’s (note it’ll store Moe too, so if he’s on a task it’ll cancel it out) and replacing it. Then try the task again…that should reset it.

  14. Hello. I think i found a glitch in the game.
    I already got Dr Colossus. The last two times when I hit exactly 4000 pie bombs, I was offered two chances to get free donuts = 6 free donuts. It only appears to work when I hit exactly 4000…the other few times when I went over 4000, I was only given one chance.
    Has anyone else noticed this glitch?

    • It’s 1 chance per time…you can purchase another chance for in game cash. But you can only choose 1 each time…each box has 1, 2 or 3 donuts in it. Exact same thing as Bonus Level Up.

      • I got 2 chances twice, but only when I got exactly 4000…not 4001, 4002, etc.

        To get exactly 4000, I kept hitting criminals until I was just under 4000, then I visited friends towns to report crimes(1 pie each), until I have exactly 4000, then I return to my springfield and I got 2 chances at free donuts instead of just 1 free chance.
        Try it and see if it works for you.

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