Last Chance St. Patrick’s Day

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that St. Patrick’s Day is set to leave Springfield tomorrow morning (3/23).  So if there are any items you were thinking about getting be sure to pick them up now before they’re gone until next year!

Just a quick note for those of you still working on the questline…it will not leave your game tomorrow (only the items in the store).  You’ll have another month to complete the questline, as it won’t leave the game until late April.  

So just what will leave our games in the morning? Let’s take a look and remind ourselves of all the St. Patrick’s Day goodies…




Tom_O'Flanagan oflanaganspub_menuO’Flanagan’s Pub- $1,900.  5×4 in size (should be a 24hr Build)  Comes with Tom O’Flanagan.

Yupprechaun  Sham Rock Cafe Shamrock Cafe- 120 Donuts.  6×4 in size.  Comes with the Yupprechaun.  Yupprechaun will spit out cash every time you tap him.  Should I Buy on it here.


blarneycastleBlarney Castle- 115 Donuts.  Part of the Gil Deal.  Should I Buy here.



shamrocktopiary_menuShamrock Topiary- $10,000.  Improves Vanity

stpatricksleprechaunstatue_menuLeprechaun Statue- $25,000.  Improves Vanity

wishingwell_menu LeprechaunWishing Well- 150 Donuts. Comes with the Leprechaun.  4% Bonus on all cash and xp AND the Leprechaun will spit out cash every time you tap him.   Should I Buy here


greenbeerfountain_transimageGreen Beer Fountain- $5,000 (Can also go in Krustyland)

stackofbeer_transimageStack of Beer- 35 Donuts. 0.75% Bonus on all cash and XP.  This will unlock to purchase AFTER you’ve completed the O’Flan-again questline.  You’ll also be awarded one for FREE!

So my friends make your final St. Patrick’s Day purchases while you still can!  Remember the items will disappear from the store tomorrow (3/23) morning!

What did you think of the St. Patrick’s Day Update?  Any items you picked up?  Thoughts on the items offered this year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Last Chance St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I recently purchased Brandine and i’m up to the part in her quest “Birth Another Spuckler”. But in the O’Flan-again Pt6, she has to make moonshine. I’m not sure if the St. Paddy’s day quest will remain there for another 77 days, but would it even be worth it to try to stop her current quest to finish up the other? I’m not even sure that i could continue with the event if i did stop her.

  2. Like most others here, my St. Patrick’s Day items disapeared a couple of days ago, even the shamrock section in the build menu. Not really a problem as I did get most all I wanted from that holiday – except for the Stack of Beer. Unfortunately I’m still stuck between Brandine’s pregnancy and some doughnuts to get the free one, and it seems I can’t buy one with out finishing the St. Paddy quests… The ultimate Catch 22 going on here! Good to know the quest will still be good for a month! Thanks for that info!!!

  3. ALL St. Paddy’s Day items are gone for many days now!
    It’s sure fact. So I don’t know about “tomorrow will be gone” as mine are vanished for a long time now. Yes I checked every single menu, as there’s not much to check anyway. I don’t know what “Shamrock” is supposed to be.
    When it was on, there was a St Patrick tab on the menu next to “superheroes”. After it disappeared, onlt “superheroes remained, and checking every single item in the 3 menues at left won’t show any patrick items. Truth is ALL gone for a long time! And this is not only on my ipad, not only on my account!
    It feels bad to see comments “it’s there”!

    • emma(emurphy318)

      Mr Burns,
      ‘Shamrock’ is another word for 3 leaf clover, are you familiar with that?
      You have to go to your build menu and look for the yellow arrow on the left, I promise it really is there! Drag the yellow arrow and a whole new “drawer” will slide out with many tiles on it, like shortcuts kind of. This is where you would have found the Shamrock icon, up until yesterday. You can still use this drawer if you want to find a certain fence say, but don’t want to scroll through every single decoration to find it…
      Good luck!

  4. Its the 3rd time for me now that the whole St Pats questline is restarted…all my st pats items disappears and then re-appears with the questline restart.

    Anyone going through this well….at least I earn the beer stack twice now for my troubles 🙂

  5. Is the stack of beer decoration a permanent item?

  6. I just started part 7 and have 6 hrs left puts my end time at 3am Pacific. I understand that I’ll get 1 free beer but will the option to buy an additional one not be available unless I rush and end before midnight?

  7. Ea if your listening bring back brandine 🙂 she wants to have my babies

  8. People keep mentioning Easter like there will be an update but all I can think is “too soon” lol maybe next year.

  9. This Tapper was glad to buy some Green Beer Fountains for Krustyland (newbs obtaining the Pub & Tom O’Flannagan ? consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have to buy donuts for this).

    I didn’t see anything worth spending donuts for, or more Springfield money on, but Easter is coming soon ( and I hope EA has something new for Krustyland)’ 🙂

  10. I haven’t finished my quest line for this event but if I finish it after after the 23rd will I still get the stack of free beer? Or should I try to finish it before the time runs out?

  11. Thank you. You guys R awesome. That is all.

  12. Never mind….found them buried in the menu! Yay there’s still time!

  13. All of my St. Paddy’s Day items are gone and have been for a couple days?? I bought the Blarney Castle yesterday but the Café and the wishing well, the shamrock….all of the rest of the stuff was and is gone??

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