Last Day for Superheros Issues 1-3

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that today’s the last full day for Issues 1-3 of the Superheros event.  Any prizes not earned by 0800 GMT (0400am EST) tomorrow (3/24) will not be earned.


This will be completely different than then start of Issues 2 and 3….previous issues will not carry over.  So this means that once issue 4 starts, issues 1-3 and their prizes will be closed off.  So be sure to earn those final Freeze Rays (or Carbon Rods/Pie Bombs) before time runs out!


Also, according the the Collector instructions, ALL Crafting/collecting will end tomorrow as well.  So make sure you craft those last minute Apartments, Lofts, Store Fronts etc before time runs out!


There are also a couple of items that will leave the store tomorrow…

So if you’re thinking about purchasing the following:

tarpits_menuTar Pits

FruitbatsignalFruit Bat Signal

Make sure you do so before tomorrow.

Note: Bartman, Fruit-Bat-Man, Wrecked Brown House & Spider Pig will all be available until Issue 4 ends on March 31st.  

So what will happen when Issue 4 hits?  Honestly, no one knows for sure.  There’s some speculation information in the files but no official information has been released yet.  So we’ll have to wait and see what happens….

What do you think Issue 4 will bring?  Are you ready for Issues 1-3 to be over?  Have you collected all the prizes?  Which items have you picked up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

132 responses to “Last Day for Superheros Issues 1-3

  1. It figures, I missed coming here yesterday and therefore missed this posting. It was a busy day, I didn’t even have a chance to turn on my computer. So I didn’t realize that the crafting of items was going to end. I thought it would continue through “Issue 4” otherwise I would had crafted dozens of phone booths and stored them because I had the supplies for them, but I was saving it until last. I was using the supplies first for money producing buildings. It’s not that much of a biggie though. I had put a 2 or 3 phone booths already in my town. I had multiples already of each building except the store front which I only made one of and didn’t see the need for more. Also it’s not like we don’t already have a phone booth available to purchase anyway.

  2. I totally missed the fact that everything will disappear from crafting buildings at the end of chapter 3. I had two buildings I could have crafted now gone … Damn

  3. I agree with Karon!

    This long time Tapper gets stuck with millions of Simpsons Cash earned playing daily for months on end with nothing to spend it on (seems with each new Level – and I am cycling through Level 50 for the third time – there is never enough new Freemium content of interest from EA). I don’t get why we can only expand our land in one direction (will this get changed soon?).

    I will admit the Hero Vilains Event has been fun (the game needed something brand new for 2015), noobs got a chance at some Saint Patrick’s Day items from previous years (who knows what will pop up in time for Easter – hopefully it won’t be crummy decor again (ugh!).

  4. S mentioned earlier about returning items being available to new players for donuts. That’s fine by me, but I sometimes wonder if EA are counting on players buying coveted items for donuts, & forgetting longer term players with billions of in game cash to spare? Yes; I can & do level up & earn donuts by spending the game cash, but the lack of things to buy with in game cash for a long term player is becoming somewhat stale.
    I’m just thinking that apart from “Aspirationals” some higher priced items for older / long term players might be nice! (just as a nod to your longevity & perseverance with TSTO) Land also would be helpful! Every new event or level up brings large buildings that have to be cramped together due to lack of space!
    My main town was formed in the first week of TSTO. There are even a few items I recall buying or winning that I can’t now work out where/when they arrived. Does anyone know about the giant cricket / locust thing? Or the gorilla sled dog team? I’ve those & a few other items I’ve not seen in my 80 odd neighbour towns, so was wondering from whence they came. Anyone else have them & know their provenance?

  5. How long will issue four last?

  6. I have over 115 Ray guns added to the left side of screen! Is there something I’m suppose to do with those, or it shows the total I’ve collected in the game?? I have used the Ray guns to collect as I have gone along in game!! Mahalo🌴😄

  7. Cool new score when the latest update hit!

  8. Looks like the tar pits got extended in the store with the update, for those people still on the fence about buying it.

    • Never mind, I must be losing it…. I could have swore there was seven days on it right after the update. Oh well, sorry for wasting your time and there is no need to post this if you don’t want.

      • It might have changed. I thought that earlier today, the only current thing expiring today was the Fruit-bat Man Signal.

  9. I’ve enjoyed it and have everything so far but the tar sands I’m not sure it’s worth it. Few more hours to decide tho! In one way I’ll be glad for this to end so I stop accidentally tapping legs, Louie, father Shawn, and anyone else in black lol

  10. I’ve really enjoyed this event, as this is the first event since I started playing a year ago as a freemium player I have been able to obtain all the prizes and more than required zenith city items just with normal everyday play. Thank you EA!! And thank you Addicts team, you guys are fabulous.
    Can’t wait to see what Issue 4 brings!

  11. How do you view the character collections? I don’t see where radioactive man is that everyone is talking about?

  12. Do you think felons will disappear too or is it worth keeping a couple alive?

    • I think something else entirely will replace everything. But if you wanna try it, it couldn’t hurt.

    • As I’ve already crafted all the things I could reasonably make in time, more handcuffs don’t really matter, so I’m letting a few felons build up. Not really going to cost me anything if they are lost.

  13. Anyone else notice their posts missing? I just lost 2 i wrote in the last 45mins. “btw, there was nothing distasteful or trolling in them, so why?”

  14. Did I say something wrong, my last comment is still in moderation.

    • Every comment goes into moderation. While i’d like to say we instantly approve everything…we’re real people with lives. And we all work in addition to running this blog. So sometimes it takes a little bit longer to approve something…patience 😉

  15. My game crashes every time I try to visit my neighbors now… I’m finished with issue 3 but I wont’ collect enough freeze rays to get the bonus doughnuts with the crash.. I’ve deleted and reloaded the game twice… help!!

    • Is it your neighbor’s screen or visiting specific neighbors?

      • It happens while trying to visit neighbors, krustyland, or sometimes while in my own Springfield.

        • Could be a memory issue. Try hard closing other apps you may have running while playing. Unfortunately crashing is usually a device specific issue, not necessarily a game issue. It usually has something to do with the memory left on your device.

    • This has been happening to me too for about a week. It has also started to crash regularly in my town. I have also deleted and re-installed twice. I play on an ipad mini. Rebooting helps.

    • Try rebooting your device (instead of reloading the game). Since this event started, I’ve had to do that every other day or so on my Nexus 7 LTE 2013.

  16. I managed to craft
    5 apartments,
    one store front
    23 telephone booths
    Zenith times buliding

    And hopefully one more apartment and more telephones at end of day.
    ‘Twas fun!!!

  17. Well, update just dropped. Blue rivers and Radioactive Man is now under the Superheros collection.

  18. Hmm… I really hope Issue 3 hasn’t already gone. It said I had over 10hrs left. :-/ I was just visiting friends and it jumped out to start downloading 4 updates…

  19. Yeah. just got a game update at 2:30 eastern. Music HAS changed.

    BTW, just realized you guys also blog for the Family Guy game. I have been playing for about 5 months. Loving the Star Trek. You guys ARE BUSY FOLK! Kudos!

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