Addicts Question Corner: Issue 4, Questions & Quick Tips

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Issue 4 is upon us and it’s a epic boss fight!  Who doesn’t love a good boss fight?  It’s the perfect ending to an awesome event!

The cool thing about Issue 4 is…it’s unlike anything we’ve seen for this event so far!  It’s completely different than the past 3 issues and it’s not frequent tapper centric!  Issue 4 is completely doable for the occasional tapper…as long as you can log onto TSTO at least a couple of times a day (to reset tasks).

So, with a whole new Issue launching you guys have TONS of questions!  And while we’re always around to answer any questions you may have in the comments I thought one central place for the most commonly asked questions (and some quick tips for the event) would benefit everyone.  So it’s time for another Addicts Question Corner!


Let’s start things off for those of you experiencing glitches….

My Entire Event Reset!  I’m Back at the Beginning & don’t see anything for Issue 1.  What do I do?!
We’re starting to see this trend a bit in the comments.  It seems several of you have had this happen…and it’s awful!  Here’s a few basic troubleshooting steps to try…
-hard close and restart your device.  Then restart TSTO.  See if that helps.
-If not try a full uninstall/reinstall of TSTO.  (restart your device after you uninstall)
-If that still doesn’t work then it’s time to contact EA.  You can contact EA a couple of different ways.  We ALWAYS recommend trying to get a Call Me Option to trigger…as usually the phone reps are much better than the chat reps (provided you can get a phone rep not located overseas).  When filling out the contact form put in that you’re missing an item…often times that will help trigger it and technically you are missing an item.
Additionally, someone has started a thread over on the EA Help Forums for this issue.  So you can head over there and add a Me Too to the issue…the more players that “light up” the issue the better it is for everyone…


Criminals Are Not Appearing for Me, What do I Do?!
So Criminals will not start spawning until after you’ve completed the first hero fight against the Statue.  (after you’ve sent the first 5 heroes to attack it)  You’ll then see some dialogue popup from Fallout Boy talking about the statue being magic & Radioactive Man hating magic.  After that some dialogue will auto-start from Fallout Boy telling you to tap Criminals.  You’ll then get a popup saying Tap 30 Criminals.  At this point Criminals should start spawning in your game.  You can tap the Do It button next to Tap 30 Criminals and that should bring you right to where some are.
Note: Also try going to Krustyland (or visiting a neighbor) and coming back to your Springfield.  Often that helps clear something that’s stuck.
IF you’ve done all of this and they’re still not spawning (even after clicking the do it button) try the basic troubleshooting listed about.  If they still aren’t spawning it’s time to contact EA.  Again we always recommend triggering the call option if possible.
Additionally another thread has been started on the EA Help forums for this issue.  So light it up! 🙂


So now let’s talk about the non-glitch related questions…

I Only Have 4 Characters, Can I Still Complete This?
Absolutely!  The tasks run from 3-4hrs, so if you have less than the 5 heroes it takes to defeat the Statue just simply send someone twice.  So instead of it taking you 4hrs to defeat it, it will take you 8.  Still completely doable.  Just remember to try and log onto your game when those 4hrs are up (or as close to that time period as you can get) so you don’t lose valuable time.


Where Are Moog, Ice Princess Martin & Sexy Stupid Flanders From?  Can I Buy them now?
These are skins from events of TSTO past and currently not available in the game.  So no, unfortunately you cannot get them now.
Moog was a free skin for Moe from Halloween 2014.
Ice Princess Martin was a free skin for Martin from Christmas 2014.
Stupid Sexy Flanders was a premium skin for Flanders from Christmas 2014.


I’m Having a Hard Time Finding Criminals, Is there An Easier Way?
Absolutely!  When the task pops up you’re going to see the option in blue for Do It.  Just tap on that and it will take you to where the Criminals can do this as often as you need to until you hit the 30.

2015-03-24 18.41.49

What’s a Good Pace For Me To Be Playing This To Get Everything In Time?
There are 5 levels and just under 7 days to play this phase (Ends March 31st).  Try to complete 1 level (defeat) per day and you’re golden.  Do more than that…even better!  For example most of you should be able to get the Rad Mobile today (2 defeats) just because the first two parts are simple.
So just play on a pace to get at least one defeated Level/day and you’ll get everything in time!
Level 1 should be completed by end of day on 3/24
Level 2 Should be completed by the end of the day on 3/25
*Awarded Rad Mobile
Level 3 Should be completed by the end of the day on 3/26
*Awarded Kane Manor
Level 4 Should be completed by the end of the day on 3/27
Level 5 Should be completed by the end of the day on 3/28
*Awarded Radioactive Man


What Order Do I Need to Complete the Tasks in?
Here’s the quick breakdown:
Level 1- 5 Heroes to attack  (try to complete by the end of the day on 3/24)
Level 2- Clear 30 Criminals
-Send 5 Heroes to attack (try to complete by the end of the day on 3/25)
Level 3- Clear 30 Criminals
-Send Fallout Boy to Research the Statue (12hrs)
-Send 5 Heroes to attack the Statue
(try to complete by the end of the day on 3/26)
Level 4- Clear 30 Criminals
-Send 5 Heroes to attack the Statue
(try to complete by the end of the day on 3/27)
Level 5- Send Fallout Boy to Meditate (12hrs)
-Send Fallout Boy to Deal the Final Blow (8hrs)
(Try to complete by the end of the day on 3/28)

The tasks will appear via questline in that order.  Remember you cannot jump ahead with this, so you’re not able to complete a task out of order.  The questline will guide you through what to do and when.


What Happens to the Statue When I’ve Defeated it?
The statue will remain in Springfield and you’ll get the option to change it’s appearance.  If you tap on the statue it’ll show you a toggle screen, where you can choose which version of the statue you’d like to display in your town.  You can go with the original…non-glowing version (you know the one you purchased in the store)..or any of the glowing versions that were shown while you were defeating them (see list above for images).  So you can choose which statue version you’d like in Springfield…


Currently the Statue can only go in Springfield…


Do I Still Need my Prison?
No, you can store the Burns State Prison if you’d like as it no longer spawns Felons.


What Are the Friend Actions for Issue 4?
There are no friend actions for Issue 4.  Friend visits have returned to normal, where you take the $ signs over their buildings (or other icons) and get money or FP (if applicable).  In return they’ll receive a handshake in their Springfield when they return.
Be sure to leave items in your town for your neighbors to tap, as now you must have buildings available for tapping (unlike before).
WARNING Vandalism is back!  So be careful who you tag if you’re on the no vandalize list.

Handshake Tab


Ok my super tapping friends…looks like this complete your most commonly asked questions (so far) about Issue 4.  Hopefully this information will help you all out!

What do you think of Issue 4 so far?  How far are you right now?  Are you experiencing any of the glitches?  Any questions we haven’t addressed here? Thoughts on the dialogue so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

212 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Issue 4, Questions & Quick Tips

  1. After Radioactive Man flew around and relaxed in his normal look, does anything else happen or is Radioactive Man in civil the last we see from this event? 🙂

  2. Does anyone else have the glitch of not getting Radioactive Man? I finished the last task of delivering the final blow and was tasked to place Kane Manor. I did and 8 hours later, still nothing. I saw the scene where Radioactive Man busts out of the statue, but I still don’t have the character!

  3. How does one get rid of the statue all together? If the landscaping were completed, it would be one thing, but to ever have it in a state of partial completion, where can I put it? I am looking for ways to hide the nasty parts behind other buildings since I cannot store ii or sell it. Will nuking Springfield get it into inventory?

    • Right now it cannot be stored, even if you nuke Springfield. You’ll have to wait until the event is over and then they should reenable the storage option.

  4. Although it is nice that we now get 3x cash when clicking on neighbours, the loss of random donuts is frustrating. Do you think that they will be returning?

    • Random donuts are NOT gone. You still can get them regardless. It is just the 3 donut box bonus after collecting that isnt in play now for the event as you are not collecting anymore.

  5. Are there any bonus donut levels after Radioactive Man is earned or is the level completely over? Thanks.

    • You aren’t collecting anything at all in this Issue, just fighting the Statue really. So there is nothing to gain towards or have a bonus after to gain towards.

      In short, just the last 3 prizes and that’s it. 🙂

  6. i want an mp3 of the song that plays when i tap Kane Manor.

  7. im a newbish player. started a month ago and now at lvl 30. anywho, now that neighbor tapping is back to normal, can i ask what the proper way is for ensuring that my neighbors have something to tap when they visit me?

    i know that when im visiting them, i should pick out buildings that have the longest timers, and NOT to vandalize.

    however in my town, I regularly check in every hour to grab income/money and am afraid that leaves nothing for my neighbors.

    do i just need to leave it uncollected? and just click those that have the handshake icons? (not sure what the handshakes mean tho)

    thanks for reading and for any insight you can tell me. OR you can just point me to an already existing thread about it and i can go find out for myself. (i did try using the search function but didnt find it, im poor with keyword searches lol) 🙂

    • Uncollected is the best. However, when you’re new it’s hard because you need the money. I can tell you that neighbors won’t visit you as often now and if you need the money, take it. They’ll always be a Kwik-E-Mart, Simpson house or Brown house for them to tap. If you’re going in that frequently the quick turn around houses will be clear for them.

    • In my town I have a whole street made where it’s buildings I don’t collect on unless I have to clear friend taps. I have a bunch of gulp-n-blows (12), Krispy burgers (17), kwik-e-mart (13), and brown houses (25). Having a bunch of them helps my star rating, and ensures I’ll always have something for friends to tap.

  8. Just checking, hoping this will not effect the game play of the event any, but the Manor just finished building and Fallout Boy is in the tower meditating still. I know he usually has a dialogue when a new prize has been won/built but that hasn’t occurred as of yet for the Manor. I’m certain he will notice it when the 12 hour task is done, but that shouldn’t effect the “final blow” quest I hope? Wouldn’t want to have to do the 12 hour task over again.

  9. I think they lowered the completion time for fallout boys 12 research task. Just logged on and he was already done after 6 hrs.

  10. oic sorry Alissa

  11. This last part is pretty cool I wish the whole layout of Superheroes was like this . Maybe they will do this for other events.

    See ya bye , Shine on you Crazy Diamond .

  12. Not an Issue 4, but a current issue.
    As I s-l-o-w-l-y expand into Krustyland, I concentrate on Springfield, I play the Pop the Balloon game, and I wonder…..

    Does anyone know if popping the “other” balloons would REALLY deliver a different result? Maybe the randomizer has predetermined what 3 prizes you will receive, regardless of which balloon you pop. A sort of “keep the yokels happy by making them THINK that they have a choice!”

    Until I know, I will ponder before each tap.


      • Thank you for the link, however…..
        It simply details the odds of getting various denominations of tickets. Odds are that you will get a low level, and the game may determine what level you will receive, most likely a low level, PRIOR to tapping.
        As in…
        First tap will be a 10
        Second tap will be a 5
        Third tap will be a 25
        Regardless of which balloon is tapped.
        Call me a sceptic.

        • It’s random and will vary per player. Those are the exact odds listed for the game. How you take them is your choice, but it’s the info you requested. 🙂

      • My wife often tells me that my sense of humor can be too oblique for others to appreciate. Sorry if I offended.

        I still question if, ONCE GENERATED (by indicating it is primed to be tapped), the results are pre determined regardless of what is tapped, or which order they are tapped. No need to berate one’s self ” if only I had tapped a different balloon.”

        I am a cynic.

  13. I’ve read this article a few times, and either I’m blind, or I’m still not seeing the reference images of the statue, mentioned in the “see list above for images” part of the article.

  14. For my part, I wish EA would issue a ‘thieves’ den’ (the abandoned warehouse??) so that we could have these criminals haunting Springfield on a permanent basis. They could even allow 8 dollars for tapping on one like for a leprechaun. The code is all written, so it would be cheap enough to do.

  15. Any updates on the issue with Brandine and the St Pats story line??

    • Some players are reporting that EA had a meeting and they’ll give you donut compensation now because of the issue. I know it’s working for some, not sure if it’s still in play

  16. Just went onto my game to clear the handshakes and noticed on some buildings there were two handshakes. I had to click twice to clear them and got money each time, just wondered if this was a new thing, or some kind of glitch. Has anyone else seen this? 😊

    • Stacked handshakes. It happens if a neighbor clears a building and the timer resets before you clear the handshake. Then another neighbor can go in and clear that building for you. So you’ll get double payout.

  17. Arrgh! I sent my superheroes to defeat the statue this morning to complete level 3 and when I went back to check their progress they were all working on the tasks I assigned them while Fallout Boy was researching the statue. I know I am ahead of the timeline but still, it’s frustrating.

  18. This topic may not be the right place to post this but….you know what I think would be cool? The ability to enter a house or building to complete tasks. For example, enter Moe’s tavern to see everyone drinking or have other tasks inside the buildings that you could see or even interact with. I realize that the logistics of data storage and bandwidth could be a problem, but it would still be cool. And we are all about the cool!

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