Issue 4 Is Finally Here!

Update 3/24 10:30 am: A lot of questions about what happens to the statue after you’ve defeated it.  It does remain in your Springfield..and you’ve got some options with it.  I’ve updated the post below with more details (right by the images for each level)….

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Well it’s finally that time…Issue 4 is live!

The update should have downloaded for you yesterday afternoon..if it did this should start right up for you.  However, if you didn’t download the latest update (in game nothing in the store) the files will have to download for you before Issue 4 can start up.

2015-03-11 14.08.06

So now that Issue 4 is here let’s sort through the speculation and get to what’s in this Issue!

Fallout Boy will get things started (Should auto-start) and require you to build the Radioactive Man Statue.  It’ll cost you $1,000 and takes 4hrs to build…

Back with more details in a bit More details below the fold

First thing’s first…the only new item you’ll find in your store initially is the statue.

constructionsite_00_transimage Radioactive Man Statue- $1,000, 4hr Build Improves Obedience

After you’ve built this some more dialogue from Fallout Boy will popup…your screen will shake, dialgoue, more shaking, dialogue (it’s actually pretty cool).  And then…..your Radioactive Man statue will start to glow!



At this point the “Boss Fight” begins!  You’ll have to send Heroes to attack! BUT it’s pretty cool cause there’s now a TON of heroes you can send, not just the ones that have been active throughout this event.  Here’s a list of who you can send to attack (and your first task is to attack, 5 times):

Ice Princess Martin- 4hrs to complete
Bartman- 3hrs to Complete
The Collector- 4hrs to Complete
Fallout Boy- 4hrs to Complete
Pieman- 4hrs to Complete
Clownface- 4hrs to Complete
Fruit-Bat-Man- 3hrs to Complete
Plopper- 3hrs to Complete
Moog Moe- 4hrs to Complete
Sidekick Milhouse- 3hrs to Complete
Stupid Sexy Flanders- 3hrs to Complete

Once they’re there to attack the Statue will become animated.  It’s pretty cool actually his hand will come down and his head will turn to the side.  Also, certain characters will state on the statue area and preform their attack animation..

Note: Sidekick Milhouse is back!  You can purchase him in the store for 35 donuts…which means for those that already have him he’s now a premium character with premium payouts!



Criminals are back!  You’ll see ALL three varieties of Criminals walking around your town.  This time however they will not popout any items.  Tapping and clearing them is part of defeating the boss.  So I STRONGLY suggest you wait until the questline tells you to pop them to do so.

Note: You won’t see the Criminals until the questline dictates that you tap them.  So if you don’t see them right away don’t freak out.  They won’t show until Fallout Boy tells you to tap them.

So now what’s next?  

2015-03-24 08.06.40

Well there are 5 battles with the statue you must complete in order to get all of the prizes.  (we’ll get to the prizes in a minute)

You’ll have to send a number of Heroes to attack the statue in order to defeat it each time.  In addition you’ll have a variety of tasks to do as well….

constructionsite_01_transimage Level 1- 5 Heroes to attack

constructionsite_02_transimage Level 2- Clear 30 Criminals, Send 5 Heroes to attack

constructionsite_03_transimage Level 3- Clear 30 Criminals, Send Fallout Boy to Research the Statue (12hrs), Send 5 Heroes to attack the Statue

constructionsite_04_transimageLevel 4- Clear 30 Criminals, Send 5 Heroes to attack the Statue

constructionsite_05_transimageLevel 5- Send Fallout Boy to Meditate (12hrs), Send Fallout Boy to Deal the Final Blow (8hrs)


Update 3/24 10:30am EDT:
Note: Something I completely missed at 4am…once you’ve completely defeated the “Boss” the statue will remain in Springfield looking like it does under the completed list.  HOWEVER…if you tap on the statue it’ll show you a toggle screen, where you can choose which version of the statue you’d like to display in your town.  You can go with the original…non-glowing version (you know the one you purchased in the store)..or any of the glowing versions that were shown while you were defeating them (see list above for images).  So you can choose which statue version you’d like in Springfield…


Once you’ve completely destroyed the Statue this video will play…WARNING it contains a Spoiler…


This time prizes are a little different to earn.  You’ll earn them when you defeat the statue.  Each prize takes a couple more defeats.  Here’s the breakdown:

radmobileRad Mobile- 2 Statue Defeats

kanemanor_transimageKane Manor- 3 Statue Defeats (Earns $150, 13xp/8hrs.  9×9, 8hr Build)

unlock_radioactivemanRadioactive Man- 5 Statue Defeats (Completely destroyed).  He does come with a full set of tasks…including flying.

And that my friends is it!  The complete details (at least for now) of Issue 4…the Final Battle!

REMEMBER…Event Ends March 31st.  

Thoughts on Issue 4?  What do you think of the prizes?  How about the ways you earn them?  Thoughts on who can defeat the statue?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


418 responses to “Issue 4 Is Finally Here!

  1. I noticed one of my neighbours has the beach house. Am I missing something or is it possibility a hack?

  2. Well this was a great event. Got everything Cept the floating base.

    Too pricey and not enough cool factor.

    Since there’s a mission for fight for future conflict it doesn’t take a genius to know they are gonna have additions to this super hero event.

    Ea is pretty predictable so that task should be a dead give away.

    My favorite hero for future fights will either be plopper or fruit batman. Bartmans ok but mr burns in a bat suit feebly punching ppl is funny.

    Can’t wait to see what Easter will bring as well. Also I’m sure ea will offer some more stuff near end of this event. Minor stuff maybe but still worth a look. Happy tapping n hope all got radioactive man. L8t3r

  3. Apologies if you’ve answered this somewhere…working on about 3 hours sleep and bust don’t have the energy to do my usual “due diligence”…

    So, I’ve made it to the point where I now have Radioactive Man and I wanted to store that big, ugly statue, but the game won’t let me. Is that because RM is doing his “epilogue” task, so the event isn’t really fully completed? Would I finally be able to store the statue once he’s done, 24 hours from now?

    • Won’t know til its over. Will have to wait and see what the end of this event brings.

      • Okay, thanks. I just figured you would have finished your RM 24-hour task by now (since I know you tend to rush everything with donuts so you can write about it for us) and, therefore, would know. So, I’m guessing that it isn’t storable at that point, but that it might be after the official event end date.

        Too bad, since I have something else planned for the space it’s currently occupying…

    • initially i was like you, and didn’t think there was any place for that radioactive man statue in my town. however, my bro (gotta give credit where credit is due) quickly recognized that if you placed it behind/adjacent/near the springfield wax museum, not only do the colors match up well, but it gives the impression of a new exhibit currently under construction at the museum. and suddenly, that statue no longer seems like an eyesore in my town, despite using the last form of it (would only use that or the first form).

      the other reason not to store the statue is that you will lose out on the awesome 10 hour “train for future conflict” task that all your superheroes can participate in. at least for a little while, i’ll be running that task virtually nonstop.

  4. Do you know if we will be able to store the radioactive man statue after the event finishes. It doesn’t give money or any benefit as far as I can see so as I am still growing my town, I really don’t have the space for it just now.

  5. missed the first three issues… so mad!!!

  6. The music when Kane Manor is tapped is too good.

  7. Will the attacks on the statue be permanent tasks? Please say yes

  8. How wonderful – just as the last section starts, with a six day limit, it goes away, and apparently, according to EA, it wont be back for “days”, so what about all teh Doughnuts i have spent, will i get them back, well, no, apparently they will make a decision, soon, sorry, but i paid real money and spent them on your game that you have broken, you have a legal duty to refund my doughnuts/money, no amount of ignoring my request will stop that from being done, REALLY NOT HAPPY

  9. I’m at level 4 now and it is making me sad… The statue looks so pitiful with his reaction… It makes me almost doesn’t want to continue with the mission… 🙁

  10. When defeating the criminals, rather than search your town you can do this.

    Open the quest where the screen shows you 0/30, click the button to do it and the game will move the screen to the next criminal in your town.

  11. I was wishing for Uncle Herb to be the end boss and the person who was the master mine for all the comic book events. Since the homer car came available For 82 donuts. It would be great time for uncle herb to get his sweet revenge against Homer Simpson in a surprise part 5!

  12. I wish we could buy apts and store fronts. I saved items up in case needed them in issue 4.

  13. Now I somewhat regret not buying the Stupid Sexy Flanders skin when it was available (was it December?). As that is the only ‘premium’ character I’m missing out of the heroes that can fight the statue task in 3 hours. I have 4 heroes that will do it in 3 hours, but since there needs to be a minimum of 5 heroes to defeat it, after the 4 finish in 3 hours, I have to wait until the 5th hero finishes an hour later. Stupid Sexy Flanders would had solved that for me. Grr… Stupid Flanders!

  14. Hi, I’m having some issues and wondered if anyone else is experiencing anything similar. I defeated the first statue level and fallout boy began to talk about the criminals returning when I accidentally tapped my phone’s power button and locked my phone. I unlocked it and tried to resume the game but when I got back into my Springfield, fallout boy never started talking again. In the radioactive man statue next to “send heroes to attack the statue” it just says “done.” I can not send any heroes to attack it anymore. There is no icon in the task list that is issue 4 related, just my bartman task. There are no criminals at all to tap in my town. As far as I can see there is no way to advance this quest. I’ve signed out of and back into origin, I’ve hard closed the game and restarted it- nothing worked. What’s going on, had this happened to anyone else?

  15. TheWackyWombat

    Just unlocked Radioactive man and I have to say, I loved the entire event. The best part is how they ended it, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another superhero event later 😀

  16. I’ll admit- I’m a bit disappointed that this final phase no longer has the social/interacting with friends incentive offered in the other phases. Events with friends are fun! My town certainly becomes quieter when it is the off-times between event happenings. I’ve got some great friends/regulars, but I also made the unfortunate error of choosing a username ending in U- which means unless people do things the way I do and head backwards 50% of the time, and forwards 50% of the time on my list, I get a big drop in activity overall

  17. A couple of clarifications for the post.

    Criminals do not spawn until the quest to defeat them begins. Once that quest item is complete, criminals disappeared from my Springfield again. They reappeared only after the second quest to tap them queued them up. So you don’t have to hold off tapping them as advised, they don’t exist until it’s time to tap them. (It’s great to see the rainbow ‘fros again!)

    Also, sending more than 5 attackers for the boss fight doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. As soon as the 5th attacker is done, all remaining attackers are cleared.

    I’m through two rounds and that’s the behavior I’m seeing.

  18. Of course I would get a full time job the day issue 4 starts lol. But it looks like I’ll still have plenty of time to finish before it ends!

  19. must be nice

  20. My only suggestion would be to make more land available to put all of the stuff we have got in this event. I sure don’t want to rearrange my town that I have been building for three years.

    • they just gave us another strip of land at the end of january… it was 5 months before that for the previous land expansion (came with clash of clones event), and then a whole 10 months before THAT when they released more land with the halloween 2013 event. it’s probably wishful thinking that they would cut the time in half again before releasing another strip of land, but who knows i guess…

  21. I got the car earlier in my phone. The game glitched and gave me a second one when I logged in to my tablet.

  22. I actually had a feeling that our heroes were going to be needed for tasks for issue 4. Although Plopper doesn’t have any animation tasks for fighting the statue.

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