Final Hours of Superheros Issues 1-3

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Just another reminder that there’s only a few hours left in the first 3 issues of the Superhero Event!  So collect those last minute Freeze Rays, Pie Bombs or Carbon Rods & unlock what you can before time runs out!


When does time run out?  0800 GMT (4am EDT) Tuesday 3/24…so in just under 8hrs from now.

What happens when time runs out? This will be completely different than then start of Issues 2 and 3….previous issues will not carry over.  So this means that once issue 4 starts, issues 1-3 and their prizes will be closed off.  So be sure to earn those final Freeze Rays (or Carbon Rods/Pie Bombs) before time runs out!

Should you save Criminals/Felons?  From what we can tell….EVERYTHING will disappear once Issue 4 starts.  However, if you have nothing to lose by saving them…save them.

Will Crafting End?  Yes.  Crafting will end once Issue 4 starts…so collect what you’d like before time runs out!

What items will leave the store?  Once Issue 4 starts the Tar Pits and the Fruit Bat Signal will leave the store.  So if you’re thinking about picking up either of those do so before Issue 4 starts.

What happens with Issue 4?  We’ll have to wait and see….

What do you think Issue 4 will bring?  Are you ready for Issues 1-3 to be over?  Have you collected all the prizes?  Which items have you picked up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


81 responses to “Final Hours of Superheros Issues 1-3

  1. I’m upset I could have built 1 each of the two apartment complexes but was saving in case of 4th phase. I wish I had read this sooner…

  2. anyone complete the event without spending doughnuts? it seemed impossible to get 61,500 freeze-guns 20 at a time. I had a high leveled HQ, which was supposed to “increase currency and hands of justice” or whatever it said, yet it was still on 20 freeze-guns per criminal. the pie bombs used to go up with the HQ level.

    • It’s entirely possible…just log in frequently and you can complete it. And by frequently I mean every 3-4 hrs to clear Criminals

    • I completed it without using donuts and had a day to spare also got 3 donuts as a prize I play twice a day have roughly 40 neighbours I visit daily

  3. I set my alarm to get what I could craft and unfortunately my sleeping mind turned it off. I distinctly remember getting up and swiping the alarm cancel and going back to sleep. I was one phone short for a building so that one was out but I could have got the two that didn’t need phones. Well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be as the collector’s quest buildings look kind of tiny (at least the two I have do). While bummed, not really too bummed.

  4. I already crafted what I needed this time, so I didn’t think it was necessary to craft the same Building more than once (extra Buildings take up too much space in my Springfield) except for two Phone Booths ….

    4th (and final Chapter) is going on 🙂

  5. It stinks that everything ended from the previous issues. Wanted to get The Collider but I was still about 15k freeze rays away. Didn’t get to craft the zenith apartments and store because it took so long to get handcuffs and capes. Oh well I’ll just have to get the prizes from issue 4 before they disappear too.

  6. I’m sad there isn’t carry over. I was out of town this weekend, so I missed a lot of progress. I was seriously about 100 freeze rays from the last prize. 🙁

  7. I was about 20,000 short of the final prize, and several handcuffs and capes short of crafting the zenith city times building.. Would have completed if handcuffs dropped every time from defeating felons, but I got one every 2 to 4 times I fully defeated a felon (all 3 hearts gone). With them spawning only 1 every 8 hrs and then taking 12hrs minimum to defeat only to then *maybe* drop handcuffs it proved too hard to complete. Thought I had plenty of time as there was another week of the event to go and no countdown timer for the crafting. Bit of a shame really as I thought based on how the other episodes ended I’d have time to carry over. I feel now like they just ripped the last pages out of my comic book! No idea how the story ended.

  8. Cameron Humphreys

    Oh darn, was about 10 donuts away from getting the collider, woke up too late to finish the collection 🙁

  9. I’ve just been in my game as it changed over. It looks like it will be wicked but as you look like you have build something before it really kicks in, I’ll not spoil anything. But you can now see the 3 prizes.

  10. I’ve really struggled this event, despite playing 2 to 3 times a day and even purchasing the super hero pass, I’ve only just unlocked super Jeb.

    • How many neighbors do you have?

      • I have 51 neighbours, but due to my work hours and personal life I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit them every day which is why I bought the pass. I’m still impressed I got as far as I did though.

  11. Thought I was being clever. Set my alarm to get up an hr before reset. That means I could get my last 2 cuffs and craft another building before reset. So what happened….log in start tapping and can’t see felons, just assume they’ve seperate again. See handcuffs dropping. … go to click crafting and nope not there. Freeze rays haven’t increased Cape not increased and no cuffs, no felons. Checked the time 50 mins to go….click to release new felon…..He disappears too 🙁
    take it that the reset starts happening sooner 🙁

  12. Cleared enough this morning to get a final batch of donuts. I’m now ready and waiting for the changeover 🙂

  13. 20 minutes to go till the next phase!! Looking forward to that!! It is 12:40 am here in Washington state, So Bring on the Next Chapter!!! 🌲🌷💐🌹🌻😄

  14. I got one of everything except for The Collider. I’m about 5000 Freezerays short. I lost about a day and a half’s worth of progress when my game “restarted” and I got started a little late. Looking forward to seeing issue 4 just a bit bummed that the Collider isn’t happening this time around. Maybe they’ll bring him back at some point in the future.

  15. I’m staying up for the release of Issue 4. In the meantime I have successfully hidden 28 phone booths around my Springfield.

  16. I wonder what they have up their sleeve for the next event

  17. Mmmm, telephone booths…

  18. I wish there was a way that you could transfer extra ray guns or other collectible objects you have to others. It’s such a waste having a ton of things that do you no good that other players need. Just sayin’. This event has been awesome though. My favorite so far.

  19. Will the collider’s second 24 hour quest get aborted when part 4 starts? I completed the first 4 hour quest to pet the villian’s pet already.

  20. I’m starting to get excited, only 2.5hrs to go 🙂

    Changeover happens at 6pm my local time, couldn’t be more perfect. I have 3 alarms set for 5:55pm just incase I get distracted 😉

  21. Well, I have 298 knife sets, 65 capes, 26 handcuffs, and 1465 telephones after crafting one of everything, (and a bunch of phone booths…). Gotta say, can’t wait for this event to end. I’ll be sad to see all the free donuts go, but this event has been exhausting!

  22. I want Clobber Girl (a skin for Lisa).

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