Superheros Takedown Has Arrived

Update 7pm EDT: If you’re just downloading both the App Store update and the Easter Update at the same time the Easter update will start up first.  However, get past the initial dialogue with Ned & Homer first and then get past the Gil Dialogue and the Mystery Box questline should start up.  However, now Mr. Burns MUST be free to trigger it.  It will no longer auto start.  So make sure Mr. B is free and you should see the ! to start it.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superheros Takedown is finally in our app stores…a day late but still a welcomed sign!  This download will remove the event from our games (however the Beach House, Bart Cave & Rad Station Air Fortress will remain, until they expire in about a week, 4/7).

Note: So far this is only live on iOS.  Will update when it hits others Update is now available on all platforms


So be sure to head over to your app store and download the removal….

There is one new change to the game…a refurbished Mystery Box!  Back with more details on this in a bit (just have to verify)…

In the meantime remember to reset your Confirm Donut Spend Button once you’ve downloaded the newest version AND be sure to go into your App Settings and turn off notifications again (if you want them off).  Mine were off, but then Homer said he better put on pants so I knew they needed to go back off (not ideal chatter for the workplace 😉 )

So now let’s get to those new details…

When you first start up TSTO after the takedown has been downloaded from the App Store you’ll see some dialogue popup between Mr. Burns & Smithers…

Mr. Burns: Mystery box sales are down again this month! How could something that once topped the charts every week fall so far out of favor with the public?
Smithers: Actually sir, that’s to be expected. People experienced the mystery box, they enjoyed it for a while, and now they’ve moved on.  Perhaps we could come up with something else to sell them — something new and original!
Mr. Burns: Yes yes, we’ll get to that. But first we have to do everything we can to keep them interested in spending money on the old thing!
Smithers: Really, sir? Wouldn’t it make more sense just to appreciate the mystery box for what it was and just remove it from the store? Let it die with dignity?
Mr. Burns: Die? With dignity? I intend to do neither of those things. And the mystery box won’t either!  Change the interface! Offer a promotion! Rebalance the economy! Inspire nostalgia! We need to try anything and everything we can to keep it afloat!
Smithers: I suppose we could offer a new set of prizes for the mystery box.
Mr. Burns: That’s a start… but I was hoping for something more superficial.
Smithers: A new icon?
Mr. Burns: Excellent.


Yes it’s a whole new look and feel to the Mystery Box…



And the first one is free….

The box will regularly cost 6 donuts:

And here’s a look at the new prizes they’ve added to the box:

First, some old items are still there.  The Lemon Tree is still there (as it’s the only way to get it!), Squeaky Voice Teen is still there, as are the options to get 10 and 30 donuts, Lard Lad Donuts is still there and of course the Tire Fire remains a Mystery Box prize.

But now here’s what they’ve added….

Blue Haired Lawyer 2Blue Haired Lawyer (worth 90 donuts)
kearneyKearney (worth 60 donuts)
channel6newsvanChannel 6 News Van (worth 40 donuts)
itchyscratchybillboard_menuItchy & Scratchy Billboard (worth 40 Donuts)
200px-Tapped_Out_Chalmer's_1979_ondaChalmer’s 1979 _ONDA (Worth $9,800)
100px-Tapped_Out_Bomb_ShelterBomb Shelter (worth $5,600)
minnowpondMinnow Pond (worth $4,500)
khlavkalashstand_menuKhlav Kalash Stand (worth $760)

A note of warning….remember a lot of the items are unique.  So if you already have BHL, Kearney, the Tire Fire or SVT you’re more likely to get one of the other prizes.  So be prepared for a Minnow Pond, Stand or something else.  

And just for a bit of reference…in my D game, where I’m at a low level (Level 11) and have nothing my first box awarded me 10 Donuts.

In my A game, where I’m at Level 50 and have at least 1 of Everything in the Box already my first box awarded me 30 donuts.

Now there are a few other changes as well..


First, you can now store the Radioactive Man Statue.  So if you’re sick of looking at it you can now tuck it away in storage!  (and I checked, so far nothing from Superheros can go in Krustyland)

Another new change is purchasing in game cash!  I know something we encourage you to NEVER do.  It’s not wise to spend donuts on in game currency.  Not when donuts are so hard to get (or you spend real cash on them) and in game currency is fairly easy to obtain (in comparison).  Nevertheless there are still some changes to purchasing in-game currency with donuts.  So let’s go over those now…

First it’s important to note that the higher the level you are the more cash you’ll get for your donuts.  Here’s the breakout at Level 50:

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_1 – $11,750 will cost you 9 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_2– $58,750 will cost you 30 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_3 – $141,000 will cost you 65 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_4 -$235,000 will cost you 100 donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_5 – $705,000 will cost you 285 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_6 – $1,410,000 will cost you 550 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_7 $2,820,000 will cost you 1,000 Donuts

Again this will vary depending on your level.  The above numbers reflect it if you’re on Level 50.  As you increase your level over level 9 you’ll start to increase the payout for each one.  I’m not going to get into to much detail with this because we honestly do not encourage you to do this in your games.  Do not spend donuts for in game cash…it’s just not worth it (at any level).

House Farm Changes (and General Price Changes)

There are also rumors floating around about EA limiting House Farmers.  For those of you that don’t know, House Farmers are people who have areas of there towns that are covered in houses.  It’s a way to earn more income or a way to make sure your neighbors always have something to tap.  Not sure about EA limiting the number of houses you can build, as I’m not a house farmer.  But I can tell you they have increased the pricing of houses.

Just as an example the Brown House…

The Simpsons Tapped Out Brown House

In my game it now costs $1100 for 1 Brown House.  Originally it was only $355.  It looks like the more you have the higher the pricing.  Here’s some examples from my game (and again i don’t house farm, I do have several of each type of house as part of my residential areas)

Again these are examples from my game.  Your pricing may differ…the original price however is what the house cost prior to the update.

purple housePurple House- Originally $1100, now $2750 (I have 4)

BLue houseBlue House- Originally $1800, now $5,000 (I have 4 in my game & 1 in inventory)

thesimpsonstappedoutpinkhousePink House- Originally $3400, now $4,800 (I have 2)

thesimpsonstappedoutwhitehouseWhite House- Originally $7,700, now $16,500 (I have 6)

Orange houseOrange House- Originally $24,500, now $28,000 (I have 1 in inventory)

And I currently have 5 (+2 in inventory) Brown Houses

So it looks like the more you have of a certain house the higher the price goes.  There’s also a notion that if you have a certain number of 1 type of house it will cap you and prevent you from buying more.  I tried this in my D game…i was able to continue building Brown Houses well into the 30s.  However…the pricing did cap on the Brown House once I built 25 homes.  And the cap was $17,300.

So I think it’s safe to say…yes they’ve added some higher pricing elements to the game, but no there’s no cap on the number of houses you can build.  There is however a cap on the pricing increase.  And it looks like around 25 of the same house built the pricing will stabilize and no longer increase.

Hopefully that housing info makes sense, I’ll try to get more details and play around with the caps when I can.

For now that’s in on the new info for this Takedown update!  Enjoy your free Mystery Box and I hope you all get loads of premium goodies! 🙂

What do you think of the Mystery Box?  What item did you win with the free one?  Thoughts on the new housing price scale?  How about the ability to store the Radioactive Man Statue, have you stored it already?  Will you be using donuts to buy cash?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

499 responses to “Superheros Takedown Has Arrived

  1. Can we no longer earn Buddhas from mystery boxes? And if so, does that mean it is no longer possible to get Moleman as a freemium player?

    Not that I’m complaining about the change. Just got Kearney, and I got the blue-haired lawyer about a month ago. Missing out on one character to get two other ones is a pretty good deal. I hope they add more prices to the mystery box in the future, even if it takes another 3 (or was it 4?) years before they do.

  2. Alright, I am a long time hardcore gamer, i love the simpsons so started playing this, and I have worked for video game companies. Due to my knowledge of AI, coding, systems, and game design I thought I would help out people on this:

    1. People giving percentages seem to be correct overall, after analzying all comments on all the major tsto websites I see a consistency.

    2. The reason some people say that the stats don’t add up or don’t seem to be making sense each time is that you have to remember algorithms, conditions, and variables exist within the code too, not just statistics.

    3. Thus, MY understanding without going into percentages and math much:

    Let’s say lard lad donuts is 2% chance, lets call our player Jim. Jim buys three boxes, and gets 3 lard lad donuts in a row.
    This is due to the “prize behind the curtains” problem in statistics class. Every time you open one, the probability is independent of the other boxes. Thus, even though it seems odd, it still is bound to happen.

    In saying this, the algorithm seems to be that there are 5 unique items and two or three other premiums. Every time you don’t get a premium, a variable or condition is created to raise the percentage of you getting one those next.
    It seems every fourth you WILL get a premium. If you already have a premium, its place is taken by a donut box, AND the percentage of getting a premium you DON’T have seems to also go up that you will get it. BUT in statistics this does not mean you will, just that you are more likely to get them, hence, 3 lard lads in a row effect.

    In conclusion, this has made me believe (in my opinion) that they will end this event and go back to old boxes or remove the high probability rates for prizes at the end of the month.
    Hope this helps.

    • I have verified this as of April 26th today. I am bartmanfan, I waited to get my last free mystery box, got a pond, bought 2nd and got pond, bought 3rd and got klav kalash, bought 4th and got Kearny! Keary was the last unique I needed too. I could have gotten Lard Lad Donuts as probability was high for that but as that is not a unique it makes me believe that is why i received Kearny, quitting while ahead now as I don’t mind not having Lard Lad Donuts.

    • May 2nd, Odd turn of events, supposedly this will not be expiring. o_O now I don’t know what to believe, but the percentages still work. The problem now is, if they are too good, most will get these premium characters quickly, so how will they sell any more? maybe switch out characters, etc?

  3. I can’t find the mystery box to purchase… does mr burns have to be free for it to be in the store?

    • No, it’s the very first item in the premium store menu

    • I have the same problem, since yesterday i can’t find the mystery box in the store 🙁 I really want to open couple of these boxes…

      • Hmm in my game it’s right there under the premium menu. I go to the store, expand the tabs, tap on the Premium one (Homer Buddha icon) scroll to the very first item listed and it’s right there. If you’re not seeing it I would suggest contacting EA and letting them know it’s missing in your game.

  4. is anyone having trouble with the mystery box no longer available since the Monroe update. I can’t find the Mystery Box anywhere. Please help!

    • Premium store menu…first item listed (to the left)

      • Its not. I’ve scoured the entire menu. The mystery box has disappeared. I called EA and the rep told me that others have complained and that they are working on fixing the issue. This happened to me wihen I did the Monroe update. The EA rep gave me 15 donuts to make up for the inconvienance.

        • Hmm in my game it’s right there under the premium menu. I go to the store, expand the tabs, tap on the Premium one (Homer Buddha icon) scroll to the very first item listed and it’s right there.

  5. From the free mystery box, I got the itchy and scratchy billboard, not to shabby as I would never spend donuts on that!

    I was delighted to recieve from my daily player end of the week mystery box, the blue haired lawyer!

    Also, I guess Krusty can’t walk Mr Teenie any more?

  6. May have partly posted in error.
    In freemium game-
    Got 4 donuts today visiting friends
    Spent 6-Bought box for minnow pond
    spent-6 Bought another box -30 donuts
    So, (after agreeing with myself not to get more than 4 more boxes), bought another box- LARD LAD!
    So, earned 34 today, spent 18 of them, up 16 for the day, plus a lard lad!!!
    Last go round with the box, (day of intro) I spent what they gave us (30?) with intro to box- I got Kearney, blue haired lawyer and one other character, 2 billboards and 10 more donuts, I think.
    The box hs been good to me!

  7. Has anyone noticed Blue Haired Lawyer’s quest starts on part 2 and misses part 1? Mine completely missed Homer getting brain freeze from a squishee

    So far enjoying the new mystery box, I have received from 5 boxes:

    Chalmer’s Honda (free box)
    Tire Fire (weekly play box)
    Khav khalash Stand
    10 Donuts
    Blue Haired Lawyer
    And I spent 18 donuts to get the last 3 cause I got Addicted!

    • I just remembered that part 1 happened when BHL was introduced as to the game and didn’t require you to have BHL

  8. I’ve been lucky with the new boxes. First free box: Blue Haired Lawyer, Bought an additional one and got Tire Fire.

    Then few days later my Second free box (weekly bonus): 30 donuts. Which I used to buy 5 more boxes: Billboard, Lard Lad, News Van, Lemon Tree & finally a minnow pond.

    I think the only premium price I still need is Kearney (bought the Teen ages ago before I knew he was in the box), so I’m done buying boxes, just going to hope for a bit more luck.

  9. Mr. Auto Correct

    I had received four revised mystery boxes. Here’s what I received in order:

    | Daily Play Mystery Box (free!)-
    Tire Fire (worth 40 donuts)
    | Free Mystery Box (promotion-free)-
    Channel 6 News Van (worth 40 donuts)
    | Mystery Box (bought with donuts)-
    Chalmers’ 1979 _ONDA (worth $9,800)
    | Second Daily Play Mystery Box (free)-
    Kearney (worth 60 donuts)!

    Wow! I got a deal! I won 140 donuts and 9,800 virtual dollars worth of stuff and got it all by simply playing daily and using 6/20 of my Easter donuts!

  10. Total Freemium player, and I have to say this revised mystery box has been a very nice addition for me (and a tad addicting too). So for a cost of 22 of my previously saved donuts I was able to get in no particular order: Blue-Haired Laywer, Kearney, Tire Fire, Lard Lad, 4 Channel 6 News Vans, 4 Itchy and Scratchy Billboards, 5 Bomb Shelters, 4 Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDAs, 5 Khlav Kalash Stands, and 6 Minnow Ponds.

    • Actually according to your post you spent 228 donuts. Not 22. It would be beyond awesome get all those goodies for a low low price of 22

  11. I finally decided to get another mystery box after getting an onda in the last one, and gosh darn it I got a lard lad which i’d purchased for regular price months ago. Aaaaaarrrggghhh! Now I’m scared to try for the BHL.

  12. As a house farmer I can confirm that the cost of a single blue house has shot up from $1800 to $216,000 each.

    I think this is unfair.

  13. awesomezone888

    I used my free Easter Donuts to get:
    1. 10 donuts
    2. Kearney
    3. Itchy and Scratchy billboard
    4. minow pond
    5. Blue Haired Lawyer
    I got 190 donuts worth of stuff for free! 😄

  14. I noticed pattern with this box. If You have all unique items from this box You should start getting items in order like this:
    3 shrot items (Chalmer’s or Minnow Pond or Khlav or Lard Lad)
    Channel 6
    30 Donuts

    3 shrot items
    Channel 6
    10 Donuts

    3 shrot items
    Channel 6
    30 Donuts

    3 shrot items
    Channel 6
    30 Donuts

    and so on.
    26 Trials
    From 67 donuts to 1 I won 2x 30 Donuts, 3x 10 Donuts, 4x Channel 6 (worth 40 Donuts), 2 Itchy (worth 40 Donuts).
    So basically for 66 Donuts I got 10% Bonus which usually cost 150 Donuts (5x Jet Engine Bike).
    This assume You have all unique items, but If You not have them Your winnings should be much more better than this, so is highly recommended to bought this box until You got all unique prizes (also I got Blue-Haired Lawyer in my first free Box, worth 90 Donuts!!).

    • 1)
      3 shrot items (Chalmer’s or Minnow Pond or Khlav or Lard Lad)
      Channel 6
      30 Donuts

      3 shrot items
      Channel 6
      10 Donuts

      3 shrot items
      Channel 6
      30 Donuts

      3 shrot items
      Channel 6
      10 Donuts


  15. pinballinggrrl


    Free mystery box was a minnow pond. :/

    Bought one: Lard Lad!

    Bought two: Tire fire!

    Bought three: Itchy and Scratchy billboard!

    Bought four: _ONDA. :/

    Five is a bomb shelter. :/ Maybe it’s time to stop… nah.

    • pinballinggrrl

      And I’m glad I didn’t stop! Six was the Blue-Haired Lawyer, and seven was another billboard (this one I’m sticking in Krustyland).

      Down to 2 donuts, but I think it was worth it.

  16. i had only 5 donuts to start with then after the easter event i had 25 donuts
    in no particular order i got-

    5 day bonus-minnow pond
    free-minnow pond
    blue haired lawyer(90d)
    news van(40d)
    30 donuts
    news van
    news van
    lard lad donuts(110d)
    tire fire(40d)
    30 donuts
    khlav kush stand 2x
    minnow pond 2x
    bomb bunker
    chalmer ONDA got 3x sold 2
    minnow ponds got 2x sold 2
    khlav kalash cart got 2x sold 1

    so for only 12 donuts!!!!!!
    i got 110(lard lad) + 90(BHL) + 60(Kearny) + 3×40(3xnews vans) + 40(tire fire) + 40(billboard) + 30(free donuts) + 30(free donuts) + 5000$( from selling all the extra items)

    =550 donuts + 5000$ don’t believe me well ad me anvithpabba1 and check for yourselves

    for just 12 donuts spent and i have 2 donuts left over woohooo!!!!

    • and i got a lemon tree (wohooooo!!!!! only available in mystery box its around my colorful picket fences)

      and the total is 520 donuts(sorry my mistake)

      add me “anvithpabba1” i will add ur request always

      • and i got a squeky voiced teen from my second 5 day bonus

        and hans moleman from my first homer budda

        i am soo happy i took th erisk now i wont for quite a while


  17. Dear Fellow TSTO Addicts,

    “I am looking at all reliable sources and am deciding to look for a list of revised mystery box odds.

    Here’s my incomplete version:

    Squeaky-Voiced Teen- 14.9% Chance
    Kearney- 14.9% Chance
    Blue-Haired Lawyer- 14.9% Chance

    Yep. All three premium characters have a 14.9% chance of finding one in a mystery box. In other words, you should already have a premium character from the box or will soon.
    I’ll be back. Keep an eye on the comments section of this post.”

    Ann Onnymous:
    99.5% Addict, 0.5% Human

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