Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2015: Easter Fools

Hey Howdy Hey Egg Hunting Tappers!

It’s Easter in Springfield!  And I’ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised that EA decided to release a Mini Easter Event in town.  Sure most of the items are reruns from last year, but not an Egg box in sight!  Plus, they’ve released a funny little questline to go with the event!

So now that we’ve got an all new questline, you know what that means right?  Time for an all new Turbo Tappin’!

As we mentioned in the Easter rundown Ned and Homer get things started with a lesson in all things Easter.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s get to Tappin’ with the quick walkthrough for Easter Fools!


Easter Fools Pt. 1
Ned starts

Make Ned Teach Homer About Easter– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Pretend to Listen– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Easter Fools Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Play the Blues– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Easter Fools Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Springfielders Shop for Good Friday Sales– x6, Send 6 Springfielders.  8hrs. Earns $275, 70xp non-premium, $420, 105xp premium

Easter Fools Pt. 4
Ned starts

Make Lisa Watch Easter Films– 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Ned Watch Easter Films– 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Easter Fools Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Krusty Prepare for Passover– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Homer Think About Converting to Judaism– 8hrs, Earns $275,70xp

And that my friends completes the short little main walkthrough for the Easter Event!  Not overwhelmingly long, but still fun.  If you run it from start to finish, without using donuts, it’ll take you approx 1 day and 10 hrs to complete.

Now a little “heads up”…there’s another questline I’m seeing that’s not supposed to start until Easter Sunday (4/5).  It looks like this questline may award some premium currency.  So you’ll want to make sure to log into TSTO on Sunday so you don’t miss out!  Of course it’s not verified in game just yet, so be sure to check us out on Sunday.  We’ll be sure to post the questline if/when it hits.

What are your thoughts on the little Easter Event?  Any items you were glad to pick up?  Any you were sad to not see come back? Thoughts on the questline?  Did you find it funny?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

187 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2015: Easter Fools

  1. fairiesnboots

    Just got the BHL (so excited!). I thought he had a quest associated with him triggered by Homer but I can’t get it to start. Is that not true if you win him in the mystery box?


  2. If EA meant to get me to spend donuts – they succeeded! I already had Squeaky Voiced Teen and Kearny but I didn’t have Blue Haired Lawyer, a Tire Fire or a Lard Lad.

    Overall, for a net of 308 donuts (broke into the Xmax gift cards) I got
    6 Channel Six vans (worth 240 donuts, added 12% bonus)
    Tire Fire (worth 40 donuts, added 2%)
    7 Itchy and Scratchy Billboards (worth 280 donuts, added 7%)
    3×30 donuts
    4×10 donuts
    So that’s a 20% increase in my bonus for a net of 178 donuts

    PLUS I got:
    Blue Haired Lawyer (worth 90 donuts)
    4 Lard Lads (worth 440 donuts though I never would have bought 4)

    Plus I got (and didn’t really want more of)
    4 ‘Ondas
    6 Minnow Ponds
    6 Bomb Shelters
    7 Kalosh Karts

    49 boxes bought in all I think, and 23 were the meh decorations, but more than half gave me bonus decorations or a building and a character.

    Sprinkle me happy!

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    • I started yesterday with under 30 donuts, with mystery boxes I won about 20 more and spent em all. Got blue hair lawyer and tire fire and an I&S billboard too, plus 3 boxes with crap. Overall super happy. I have 1 don’t let but I want blocko store so I might have to actually spend real money but whatever.

      Username ihateswine


  3. How has everyone been doing with the Mystery boxes? So far I’ve gotten the Lemon Tree, Blue-Haired Lawyer, Kearney, Minnow Pond, 10 extra donuts, Channel 6 News Van, and Lard Lad being my freebie and favorite. I hope to have one more ’round at it.


    • I bought 4 boxes, 1) Tire Fire, which I’ve wanted for a while
      2) krabkalash stand… I already have one next to my skyscraper..
      3) 10 donuts (i was only gonna buy three boxes, but free donuts…)
      4) blue haired Lawyer. He and Homer are currently hatching plans.

      Not bad for 18 donuts.


  4. Yes the new Mystery Box costing 6 donuts offers Premium awards, not all the time (Blue Haired Attorney, 10 donuts, Fallout Shelter, Lard Lad Donuts, Kebab Cart, Fallout Shelter) but I’m thankful EA is offering something (new affordable that can reward you with Premium characters, decor, or buildings.

    That is about all I can appreciate for Easter 2015 on TSTO (rumor or not, if EA is offering free donuts on Easter? Good luck logging into the game! I predict a lot of network connection problems and plenty of irritated Tappers!)

    Yay new Mystery Box !
    Boo Easter 2015 !
    (Not convinced Easter quest is worth your time, prove me wrong EA)


  5. Wow I spent 32 donuts overall on mystery boxes and won blue hair lawyer, tire fire , lard lad, Kearney, and news van…really all I wanted I had ol squeak boy from before….I got 40 free donuts to to help reduce overall cost too…also 2 minnow pond, 1 klav, 1 honda, and 1 bomb shelter for a total of 12 mysties for 72 pinkies…I’m loving my luck on these new boxes…


  6. I got the tire fire in my free box-sweet. Although I wasn’t sure where to put this, but this Easter update is reeking havoc on my game. I get quarter to half way at best through setting my Springfielders to tasks and my game kicks me out. I’ve tried force stop, uninstall/reinstall, nothing seems to work. I really don’t want to have to contact EA again for some weird problem nobody’s ever heard of or can recreate. Any advice besides contact EA?


    • You’ve done all the basic troubleshooting….so contacting EA is the next best step.

      Seems odd though because there wasn’t much with the Easter update, just store content. Usually bigger updates with lots of content/changes to your town specifically (like snow at Christmas) cause issues..


    • @Megan — did you install any new apps around the same time? Also, while you mentioned force stopping the app, did you fully power your device off and back on. Sometimes they just need that.


  7. Bangles Dupree

    Although I miss squishing bunnies, I am doing great in this event so far. Very happy to be able to buy some businesses, ponds and fences with game cash. In my free mystery box I got a bomb shelter. Today I decided to try again. I got Channel 6 van, Blue Haired Lawyer, another bomb shelter, and another news van. Pretty good for 24 donuts!


  8. First post, but a long time lurker here…

    Just wanted to share my mystery box experience, as a 100% freemium player since I started in Oct 2013, I was delighted to get Kearney as my first free box gift, and figured it was worth throwing down some donuts to see what else I could get. I only had 40 to play with after picking up Brandine at Valentine’s, so my six boxes produced –

    1. Billboard
    2. _ONDA
    3. Bomb shelter (was getting very nervous now…)
    4. Khlav Kalash Stand (….)
    5. Blue Haired Lawyer (Phew!!!)
    6. Another billboard.

    I was hoping to pick up 30 donuts to either keep buying boxes or take no loss in premium currency after getting the two premium characters I was missing, but it didn’t go my way. Very pleased overall though and looking forward to seeing what the five day boxes produce with altered odds.

    Thanks for all you do!


  9. I won Chalmers’ ‘onda from the free box and a minnow pond from the one I wasted six donuts on. 😦 Every one I get in game is either a gazebo, hedge, or 250 money. I’ve only ever won ONE good prize in the squeaky voiced teen. I’m not wasting any more money on these as I just seem to have no luck on them. 😦


  10. ScratchedUpAcura

    First post here. Great site guys and I appreciate all the work.

    In case anyone is interested in what you might get in the Mystery Boxes, I just happened to track what I got below so I figured I’d post it. I bought the Mystery Box 54 times for a loss of 64 donuts but the Blue Haired Lawyer alone costs 90, so perhaps not a bad return on investment if you have some donuts to play around (had 200+ at the start). For me, you’ll see that there was a greater likelihood of getting 30 donuts earlier on and then getting 30 donuts every 8 tries.

    #1: Tire Fire; #2: Minnow pond; #3: 30 donuts

    #4: Blue haired lawyer; #5: Bomb shelter; #6: 30 donuts

    #7: Khlav Kalash stand; #8: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #9: I&S Billboard; #10: Minnow pond; #11: 10 donuts

    #12: Channel 6 News Van; #13: Bomb shelter; #14: 30 donuts

    #15: Khlav Kalash stand; #16: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #17: I&S Billboard; #18: Minnow pond; #19: 10 donuts

    #20: Channel 6 News Van; #21: Bomb shelter; #22: 30 donuts

    #23: Khlav Kalash stand; #24: Bomb shelter; #25: I&S Billboard; #26: Minnow pond; #27: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #28: Channel 6 News Van; #29: Minnow pond; #30: 30 donuts

    #31: Lad Lad Donuts; #32: Bomb shelter; #33: I&S Billboard; #34: Khlav Kalash stand; #35: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #36: Channel 6 News Van; #37: Minnow pond; #38: 30 donuts

    #39: Lad Lad Donuts; #40: Bomb shelter; #41: I&S Billboard; #42: Khlav Kalash stand; #43: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #44: Channel 6 News Van;
    #45: Minnow pond; #46: 30 donuts

    #47: Lad Lad Donuts; #48: Bomb shelter; #49: I&S Billboard; #50: Khlav Kalash stand; #51: Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA; #52: Channel 6 News Van; #53: Minnow pond; #54: 30 donuts

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      • I posted my list elsewhere and won’t repeat it here, but I do notice the same kind of pattern — but with a different order than I had. I’d sure like to see more examples where players list the order they get stuff, including the low-value stuff.


      • ScratchedUpAcura

        Thank you!


      • ScratchedUpAcura

        etamni – Yes, after you cycle through a few times and get all the available premium characters, it seems like they give stuff out in a bit of a set pattern. I recorded the sequence since I was curious if the stuff I got was random or not. Not sure if that pattern will hold if I continue to buy the mystery box though. Also, the nice thing is that I gained 20% bonus from all the items acquired. I was considering spending 30 donuts to get the jet engine bike (2% bonus) but 64 donuts for 20% is much, much better. I don’t mind getting the same stuff since I can spread them out in my Springfield. 🙂


    • And, come the apocalypse, you’re all set for bomb shelters lol! 😉


    • I got
      Itchy and Scratchy billboard (freebie box)
      Squeaky voice teen
      Minnow pond
      Lard lad donuts
      Channel 6 van
      30 donuts
      Bomb shelter
      Khlav kalash
      Blue haired lawyer

      Totally worth it.


  11. I won BHL and I only spent the 6 donuts for the mystery box. I want going to buy it but I bit the bullet after seeing that others were getting good items


  12. Is there a limit on the number of mystery box tries? I tapped on it about 7 times and now it’s gone! Does it go once you have all the items?

    Also I could be wrong, but I had about 39 blue houses in storage and after selling about a dozen of them, they disappeared too…although I could be convinced in my excitement I sold 39, but I swear that was not the case.

    Anyway, other than the daily prizes, does the mystery box disappear at some point? I only ask as I see some people having tried a dozen times or more (versus my 7). I’d happily chew up my 100’s remaining donuts on this stuff – such a great deal!


  13. So funny – I sent all of my characters on thei overnight “check out Good Friday deals” task, except poor Lisa, who doesn’t have that task and is sitting in church all alone.


  14. After all of these positive reports I had to try my luck.
    #1: Onda
    #2: Minnow pond
    #3: Blue Haired Lawyer!


  15. I bought 16 mystery boxes (96 donuts -10 donuts I won in a box) and got about 550 donuts worth of stuff. Got blue hair lawyer, Kearney, tire yard, news van, 3 billboards, 2 lard lad donuts, and finally after 8 months of playing my precious lemon tree! I recommend anyone who doesn’t have these things and wants them takes the chance.


  16. For some reason I had two different mystery boxes and I got the news van in both? I placed them and they’re fine I just thought it was weird that I got the same prize.


  17. Had this pop up: Celebrate Easter the old-old-old-old-fashioned way — with an Easter Island God! Available for a limited time!


  18. I miss collecting eggs and bunnies. Those bunnies were a hoot last year.

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  19. Aww, I thought it was going to be a full event!

    So the only new item so far is the Easter Island God?


  20. I too have had the same happen. Try to send someone on a task & the box disappears.


  21. Didn’t somebody – I think it was Ned – say to Lisa “but you’re going to have an egg hunt”? I’m hoping there will be an egg hunt on Easter, just not to intense of one.


  22. love the mystery boxes! In the free one I got Kearney, then I decided to buy some (I have nearly 100 donuts) and the second I got a minnow pond, third I got the news van and fourth I got the lawyer! Not too bad


  23. I’ve joined to the game at the Musk Who Fell To Earth Promotional, the afterwards making my first visit to the site, and made some neighbors, and leveled up, got the first little event at Valentine’s day, got Sidekick Milhouse, and another freemium things, then I’ve been faced the first Full event, with the Superheroes event, and I played it until Issue 2,then I had to send my device to repair center (because I’ve clumsily killed the motherboard of the device) and after a week, I’ve got it back, but it was too late for Issue 3, but luckily got The Collector, and some days after, Monumental Battle has launched, and I’ve was the first guy who has gotten the Radioactive Man Statue, based on my friend ring.
    Since I got Sidekick Milhouse, I am noticed that it was became a premium character, then started fighting with the Statue, got Rad Mobile, then Kane Manor, then got Radioactive Man, and in the middle of the event, I got some stuff from St. Patrick’s day event, and made the Squidport, and then I’ve got Krustyland, and now there is this Easter day event, and now at Level 23.
    If you want visit my Springfield,: thegamer1404 🙂


  24. How long is the mini event going to last?


  25. Have these new boxes got better odds? Like a lot of people I got Kearney, then SVT, then blue haired lawyer. In the 4th I got 30 donuts. Bought a few more with those donuts and got a further 40 out the 5 boxes I bought.


    • Things are a little more adjusted. Very good chance you’ll get BHL or SVT if you don’t already have them


    • Thanks for posting this. I didn’t try the box until I read this. Figured the box would yield a bush or fence again. But now I’ve gotten two lard lads, itchy and scratchy billboards, and other great stuff. Thanks again.


  26. Disregard last message… Had stopped playing for six months, not used to the current format, found the mystery box


  27. Anyone else missing the mystery box? Since I opened my free one this morning I can not find it to purchase.


    • Is Mr. Burns free?


    • Click on the store, then click the right arrow, then click on the golden Homer statue (top row?) and you may need to slide the items left or right to see it. The icon will look like Burns holding a box and the price (right now) will be 6 donuts. It should have a “New” tag below it, as well.


  28. I lucked out so much. I took a risk on spending my donuts on the mystery box because Kearny was my first prize! So I thought, why not spend all of the donuts I had anyways because I really wanted Squeaky Teen. MY SECOND PRIZE WAS SQUEAKY TEEN! So then I was like, let me just spend the rest because I have only 6 donuts left and guess what? I got the blue haired lawyer! This was awesssssommmmr mystery box!!

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  29. Thank God, there are no eggbaskets to collect/swap!


  30. yellowbrai913

    Looking forward to the “should I buy” post on Hugs & Shary. Despite all my tapping last Easter I never got them. I’d really like them, but are they worth the donuts?


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