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Where Did THAT Come From – Easter Island God

Easter! Island!

On a site with a resident Bunny… this is the time of year when one of us starts hopping around like crazy. I’ll give you one clue that it’s not the fuzzball or writer in Crocs. EA hooked us all up by bringing back loads of stuff from last year’s event. Added to that was a new item courtesy of poor old Gil and a mishap with a shipping container. Of course, I’m referring to the Easter Island God offered for 100 donuts. Alissa already popped by with a Should I Buy for this item, but our coverage isn’t complete until one of us let’s you know just where this comes from. Let’s take a look…

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Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2015: Easter Fools

Hey Howdy Hey Egg Hunting Tappers!

It’s Easter in Springfield!  And I’ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised that EA decided to release a Mini Easter Event in town.  Sure most of the items are reruns from last year, but not an Egg box in sight!  Plus, they’ve released a funny little questline to go with the event!

So now that we’ve got an all new questline, you know what that means right?  Time for an all new Turbo Tappin’!

As we mentioned in the Easter rundown Ned and Homer get things started with a lesson in all things Easter.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s get to Tappin’ with the quick walkthrough for Easter Fools!


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It’s Easter in Springfield!

Update 9pm EDT: An update just hit…this is a patch restoring the Beach House, Bartman’s Cave & the Radstation Air Fortress for purchase.  Remember you’ll have until April 7th to purchase these items…

Update 7pm EDT: If you’re just downloading both the App Store update and the Easter Update at the same time the Easter update will start up first.  However, get past the initial dialogue with Ned & Homer first and then get past the Gil Dialogue and the Mystery Box questline should start up.  However, now Mr. Burns MUST be free to trigger it.  It will no longer auto start.  So make sure Mr. B is free and you should see the ! to start it.

Update: It appears this update has pulled the ability to purchase the Beach House…it’s not listed in the store.  It should be there.  Will contact EA once I leave work to see what’s going on with it.
Also, a report from a lovely Tapper, AnothrAddict, Brandine’s quest with Valentine’s Day has been skipped over.  Here’s their comment: “Heads up For those who didn’t complete the st paddys quest b/c of brandine….it skipped over her today and moved on to part 7. Yay I was waiting to end of event before I sped her birth (so weird to say) so now I can spend doughnuts on new mystery box and/or Easter stuff.” I have no way to verify this myself so if it’s working for you now please let us know.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As a special update inside an update today….EASTER HAS HIT OUR GAMES!  Ok well a mini Easter Event anyway.

2015-04-01 19.53.07

Gotta love those updates inside of updates…just when I was ready to wind my day down they pull me back in! 😉

Anywho things will get started with Flanders and some auto start dialogue.  Back with more details in a bit..just as soon as I find more Red Bull.. Continue reading